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le me being VERY sad


thx fam


i'm old

atleast im epic

I still haven't colored this, there is no one to talk too

I have some loyalty my man.

The stalker rush finally failed.

there was a cat on the roof at work and he's been there for like 2-3 days in the cold and rain but he won't jump down (10 feet maybe) and he ran away when I stood on a ladder at the edge of the roof

rip kitty



eh not even if I dont tell anyone?

what do u mean which one

What Stalker rush?

did he died

Ian's about to knockout peace thread fam

which trap

[the "wew" meme]

cya bro
nice havin u

you botches alot of sicial interactions

Die beanman

Just have to be careful not to be overly punishing I guess, but sometimes negative reinforcement is probably necessary

She asked me to list three things I could do. I know two of them were the same answer but worded differently - basically playing a game or doing something fun to get the kid's attention and stimulate positive feelings. I don't remember the third one.

So have u just been masturbating and posting here or what

what does my political view have to do with my mental age

bard pls

I'm probably going to sell my Akira cosplay

Asking for 100 wouldnt be too much if you get the jacket, pants, and boots

I paid like 300 for the whole thing lmao

lata brudda stay safe


Every time we played you did the same stalker timing attack.

so my answer was on the dot p much


see what they sell for used on ebay then undercut by 10 bucks

Cat's are literally like parachutes


Oh, no, not there. She still cannot defeat me.

I'm probably going to sell my Trump cosplay
Asking for a wall wouldnt be too much if you get the jacket, pants, and shoes
I paid like Atlantic city for the whole thing lmao

not too shabby

elaborate then

listen to music and wait to be loved

i lied


there ya go

Made me feel guilty about something, so I was compelled to commit felo de se.

nice furry theme
whats the i/o and the green z for?

when you die can I have you liver ?


you ever rub your face on your cat

its like that

Remove furry

remove penis 👌

I didn't look at the picture
Furry has degenerate connotations here.

What ban said
Gas furries


If you removed this guys penis I wouldn't wanna post him anymore.

Why would i look at furry trash



look at yourself :^)


FUCK THIS TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is neither furry nor trash
Good point
I love art

i gotta stop joking about the unbanning bebop rly doesnt like it


idk he was sitting on the edge meowing at people walking by for hours before my shift ended

you're liberal as fuck


I just saw Ian's doppelganger riding a bike.

you are making him question himself

so cat was ok


huh? furry? what do you mean? :|
it's just a pretty lady designer theme by artists such as Vince?

it uses a nice grayscale woven fabric as the tabs bar
whereas everything else is a stylish simple dark theme

I just saw Goggle's doppelganger riding my dick.

Maybe socially liberal on many key issues, but not fiscally, and I'm also pro-gun and pro death penalty (POPULATION CONTROL, anyone?)


It's likely for demographics purposes more than having an effect on the test.

Holy shit those options though

you're uch more liberal than you are not liberal

holy shit so fancy

yeah the woven fabric looks like fur

Haha very funny

that sounds kinda dirty

yeah but he's still trapped on roof and it's fuckin cold tonight

like in the 30s

and he's been there for days so no food maybe

Edgy much?

well he didn't actually look that much like you

the z is just quick access to deviant art i i want to grab rando pics of things elsewhere i unno

i/o is just like a submenu containing more folders of bookmarks i can access of even more subfolder bookmarks.

wuja pwese wepond

no i dont think so

pro death penalty what a fool


oh so he didn't jump down when you put the ladder
then where the fuck did he run to, the other side of the roof?

call aspca?????????

so much

a good admin questions himself often

What for?

idk about that

Save kitty!!!!


Why do you care? You're dead.

if you dont then you can't check yourself and you'll get all that epower to your head

yeah... been running this theme for over 6+ years
it's pretty solid.
like you know in those designer clothing brands sometimes use that super thick fibres to make jackets an stuff... and the texture is kinda like carpet... but the fibres are like quality? yeah...

quality stuff.

yeah. keepin a few good links here and there.
lots of access.

Good thing grim will never be admin

Not sure; I think older people are indeed more likely to be more conservative. That doesn't make conservatism any more right or more wrong, though

Then why did I vote Trump? Why would I be happy if Trump hung Hillary and Obongo where the world can see them?

Ultimately, politics is just a big game to me

I ruled that a positive term YEARS ago; get with the times.



I don't want to be

i'm also liberal and don't support clinton

I dont have much hate for obonga though
he's alright

Grim is currently the admin though.

Since when

y not

I was mod for a day, already got my 15 mins of fame

anyways.... i'm still surprised my mental age was 52

considering i just watched Markiplier get a mental age of only 7 years old.

well id say a good admin does nothing and i guess thats possibly a path to inaction so sure

ur making the govt into god

your mental age is that of a pet to me

a cute widdle pet that loves pats


nah you need to be able to step up the plate and right obvious wrongs when it counts

I wish I was a mod.

Its a shame Goggles bitches about me to Bebop.

... i'm senile ?


why did you betray goggles in the first place?

shut up grim
(my new catchphrase)

a little bit

its good

Why do you have beef with Goggles anyways Ban?


take off the fruit loops that shit will be A1

its ok

Is this a trick question or are just trying to act like you haven't had problems with him before ?

join the never gonna be a mod squad

maybe but id like to see this board without moderation anway

I want to know your exact reason
I have a bad memory


spam is no good


I want Mexicans OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But really, whether I'm "more liberal" than "not liberal" seems very le subjective. Depends on which issues you personally view as the most important and stuff. Pretty sure I'm not fiscally liberal at all, but fuck these labels that were invented for dividing plebs

I thought u wanted a thousand year reich

If ability to kill makes someone God, then practically everyone is God

Good point. You can have it.

kinda want a brutewurste' now...
with a side of perogies sour creme an bacon bits
an othe sides an toppings.

I'll have that irl
where it actually counts

it's mildly annoying.


woah sounds so french and fancy

I like escargot, its very rich and yummy

Luka is always talking about food

holy shit

But the fruit loops will give it the sweet fruity tastes to compliment the ramen and spaghettios


it can be destructively disruptive

I'm not gonna take the time to type it all out.

I would also not make my reasons public.

I need this in writing now.

Really wish grim would stfu
Made squash delete his dischord

were you in the squashcord/

do you even cook

did you ever mention them to me?


he was the reason it got deleted
squash personally made amends with me and invited me back in then scoots started shit and the other jumped in too

squash felt so bad he just deleted the thing

i like hearing why people don't like people

My penmanship is unsightly. I have reconsidered.


but at least it's a clear enemy unlike awful posters who corrupt the whole community!


I probably said something about him trying to make me not like some of my friends just because he didn't like them.

I said mean shit to luka once and it was all because goggles bitched at me until I did

like mordin level posters

i haven't had a snail before.
not even caviar, but i've had similar to caviar though, not in taste but in... origin? i guess.
cruise ship dinning is pretty nice tbh
made me feel like i was in that restaurant in the titanic or something lol


shut up idiot

Have you seen HxH? you can't say no to me.


did he actually delete that whole discord?

Luka has been on a cruise ship

how so

that vein looks like its gonna pop off his dick jesus

why is the cameraman apologizing, the dude should

wow thats fucked
wanna voice?

I never had caviar

you ever had steamed lobster?

I don't like X because Y!

X = [Insert name]
Y = [Insert Reason]

I have never seen it.

thats amazing
fuck squash lol

spill the beans then
get it out

This fucking nigga

Of course I do

Not sure. I know that site is kinda hardcore with its stuff though.

rulu bufz wen?

then dont go off with that shitty bait fago


An Islamic State in the middle east?

The government is just one very famous gang. :3

I only ever see Mexicans around where I live when I'm at a Mexican restaurant. This is how things should be

Or like how I would have to take his said on every little thing or else he wouldn't be my friend anymore

like fuck that guy

i'm sure hes manipulated me more than i'm aware of too

You pretty much explode

X = Bard
Y = X

I used to think mexico was where you went to get tacos

I was talking to an israel jew in the funhouse discord
and he's a pretty nice guy

then the nigga just steals her bag

god bless that black man

also hes like 15

Grim couldn't handle a roast because he is a pussy weak boy

You would not get the kidney, and I am dead already anyway.

He isn't

well they can only do that if they are accepted they degrade the posting culture to whatever degree theyre able. like how wish does

sure idk man im really weird rn and dont know what to say

how could you hate me?

I'm the most lovable person here

This would be a premature death though.

I missed two autos and a Q




I love u

ur always weird

Dont get baited m8 lol

Hey do you have a pic of Ban btw?
I need new fap material

Its where you go to get kidnapped

i dont think hes a sychoath

of course, went on a casual trip from san fran to catalina? and then once the cruise was over, i went to paramount and disneyland and what's that other stodio motion pictures place oh universal, and went to newport walked on a peir walked up close to my first ever sea bird just casually standing on the dock not afriad of humans.
then rode around hollywood... but i never got to see the actuall star boulivard in person, rip.
but uh... it was a good vacation for sure.

i've had plenty of seafood... i prolly had lobster or crab or other fish or shrimps...
so many different dishes.


*hufs* i like lulu

i want to fuck stocking while panty watches

how did you afford that?


i know people.

you literally do nothing here

for animus maybe
maybe btw this reminded me pls post stocking now and forever shes cool

Then u have let ur guard down and u will never recover from the impending loss of blueberries

lmao Mordin do you have that autistic thing where everytime they say your name you get notified via email or whatever?

COOL IT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

he is my favorite little jew
but he's not actually jewish he says :/

I only have one anime girl avatar at a time. There's something else I could mention here but I don't want to post spoilers

I was thinking more be the leader of a team of engineers lol

yeah that shit shouldn't fly
a relationship, even friendships should have both sides meet somewhere around the middle
its ok to have friends not in common

is he 17 or 18

wish huh
how does she do this

how you gonna call people pussy when you can't even handle life irl

I do
but I'm not sharing
he's ma pal

I havent had ramen or lobster in a while
I think ill have ramen tomm :o

Does spoilers still post? I havent seen them in weeks or months

he posted a couple weeks ago

Neither do you or anyone else?

whats wrong with mordin

Does he look like nymph?

all these D flashers

internet is still a free country
anyone can post

he looks like a skatergirl

unlike you I interact with the community

You just kind of float around and never talk about anything

you're just
Like a fly on the wall




Not sure why you'd single me out, I do what literally everyone else does on here.

He's ethnically jewish, though?

I guess teaching is just a temporary job for you, then. I don't really know what I'll eventually want to do

He was here a few weeks ago at least

what, spoilers for your posting future? do you plan things for posting?? le wtf????????????????????????????
also what im saying is stop posting tenshi entirely and post stocking instead

xhe makes people think it's acceptable to be a fucking gay flirty snoozefest! cupcake too he "
"e=flirts" in the most annoying and talks about el oh el look how gay i am! constantly it needs to stop fuck those guys and people who buy into that bullshit!

you don't
you interact with maybe 5 people

grim talks to nearly everybody

erio talks to almost everybody
I can keep going but you're not like us

This show is pretty entertaining.

Why would one want to socialize with everyone?

What now?


Face it grim, you cant handle a roasting. You can dish it but you cant take it.
Call me when you have your big boy pants.

/end conversation

hes right about the community thing

you tend to appear in darwins harem, and around him in thread

idk if thats on purpose

yeah ofc
you didn't know?
im going to move in 2w to work for a private research company
ultimately I want to work for the DOD and make terminator-level shit


Also he has this private discord that has like 10 people in it where he bitches about his problems.

It triggers me that he plays the victim just so he can get pitty from people and i'm sure he doesn't tell them the full story.

basically people whose only discernible character trait is being a fag need to go!

you can say anything on the internet scoots

/ending your post is pretty pathetic

I never knew

is it overheating?~

ramen simple and alright. lotsa noodlyness

i fondly remember having some glace au four, omelet à la norvégienne.

but it's not like i miss it.

My Flash is on: Q
and my heal is on: E

name names

and god damn williamsberg class posters!

I'm in the goggles discord and basically all that happens is a meme gets posted every week or maybe less
it's dead set city

idk what that means

He's like an unsalted cracker

Bland and something you don't want in your mouth
His voice sounds weird too

So answer me this Grim
Is he cute?

answering yes makes you kinda gay btw

goggles is a scam this is obvious


I don't really talk to people here.

I just show up, throw some sarcastic quips on people and then leave.

I said see you latergirl

There are plenty of people here that do not interact with everyone. MOST PEOPLE do not interact with everyone on here. They mostly talk to the same clique of people.

Like everyone that isn't on here 24/7 generally just talks to a few people they know.

That is the best way to operate.

so many scam artists

I figured you where based on how you rushed to his aid all the time.

Have fun with that

I won't name names because I know goggles is gonna go on a witch hunt trying to find out who even told me about it.

the only people who know who you are are the people who posted here when you used to

Baked alaska, a fine dinning treat.
we even had palate cleansers after each dish~

like darwin is a scam artist too

go away!

Goggles is a creep and a bogan loser
Fuck that guy

I told him about it. ;3

My vessel is a serious matter.

Then you can use it to EXECUTE the world

Why'd you get rid of your subject field? :3

well cups the gayest dude I know
like I bet he does the hand flick and everything
and he's really fucked up with the degradation thing

you could filter him
only people attracted by that are squid




thats true

but your level of interaction is even lower than that, and the sarcastic quips dont help
not saying I dont welcome you
just saying it puts a bad light on you


You do you

This is my own opinion and what I have against you

I can understand the jump to that conclusionm based on my actions but all my goggles possting is memery.

I am about as attached to goggles as I am to you
we dont really interact ever outside threads
or even in threads much

feel how you want based on the actions
but what I said is a simple fact

Darwin told me everything !

so why not pick the one that's clearly best

filters are for even bigger buttfuck freaks than cupcake so thats a no-go i just want all gays to die theyre so annoying jesus christ


Bruh is there even anyone new that has showed up in the last 2 years and still posts?



The reason I don't post much is because I am mostly occupied with other stuff, but so are a lot of other people. There are plenty of people on here who only visit occasionally, I don't see why this would be a reason to dislike me any more than other people. Surely there would be something else.

You can have it back


Your experience is very similar to mine when I was not on good terms with Clockwork.

Examples you vague pricks!!!!

its been a long time though most of the fine details are lots on me.
i even lost track of my passport, lol
not like it's any use anymore... outdated prolly a few years back.
at least i learned fine dining and basic etiquette off-hand from generally observing.
i'm thankful for having went on that vacation. memorable life event.

when did ban "turn" on goggles or whatever btw

Do you know I've posted as her before, mostly just when I was really new? Her last name is Anarchy and she's an angel, so she was just foreshadowing for the Angel of Lawlessness. I've decided this retroactively

They darent, theyll get edumped

if you'll think back the only time I interfered between you and goggles is before you gave me your reasons for disliking them

I will normall do that to anybody I see picking someone out of the mill unless I know their reasons

I want a cute asian to triangle choke me

Ask Alexis


yes thats why im telling u to post her again. quite the sophomore slump. stocking is a ten and tenshi is a meh, tho ur edits are p cool

no ty

But you made up with them and I probably won't.

You should mind your own business and assume you don't know all of the context.

megas xlr

you sound quite aggrivated
I don't appreciate the attitude

le pls respond

You're not the internet police.

Mind your own business.

There is no "Tenshi"; only XUL



Grim and Bard are trying to explain it to you

But I think you need the dumbed down version so you can understand why it is you aren't really liked

It's cause you're shit


I am just validating what you are saying.


You're crazy and paranoid

It's funny seeing from an outer perspective what I was like so long ago
maybe you can get over it too
It didn't take me more than a few years

Sluts get touchy when you call out their slutness
No winder mordin and ban ate triggered

the fact that wish is popular and mordin isnt is frankly disgusting !

I'm fine with you
should find out from bard

were you on a cruise or what

in the animu community
just to name in thread

oh wow
mordins ok in my book

as for ban
I can't say

wish is popular because vagina

at least wish has a personality

He'd know lmfao

have you ever had to make infographics to keep track of all your memes

Oh yeah i'm sure I wanna be just like you.

you must know best


youre such a fucking dip bard!

tenshi is beautiful

So only people i actually know off.

Not surprised.

you're acting exactly like me right now

'you associate with this person so obviously you're the devil'

Bitches need 2 know their place

My memes are inside of me; I just make edits to inflict them on others

Sci is trash, he doesn't get to rate others

yea i do the same thing

What do you use to make your edits anyways
they're pretty good


im the animus tastemaker
in two or three years you'll all be where i am now

Ban is just the American version of Goggles tbh


worst post all night!


Fuck yourself

? ? ?

You defended them and I wasn't wrong about that.

You where in his server and I wasn't wrong about that.

you can associate with whoever you want dude but I never said you where bestfriends with him.

I just assumed he gave you some kind of sob story.

I just want you to stop trying interjecting yourself into my problems when you aren't even remotely involved.

nah hes pretty chill when you get to know him

although the counter-betrayal shit could use some work


never change inga

Mordin, ban, goggles, desu

They're all the same.

Why else would Darwin groom them)

who is inga btw?

you know, you're kind of a dick
It's no wonder theres an issue between you two

I don't really like you either if that's the kind of attitude you take when things dont go your way

maybe theres an underground hit here

i aint blac yo dawg

Ban is a dick, ngl

Like shit it would be different if I actually talked to him but I've said less than 50 words to goggles in the 5 years I've been here

best post all night

lol thx

Bye bye~♪

always rooting for you luka

you gonna filter me?

So basically your mind is full of fuck?

Photoshop. I put different images together and stuff a lot


You're the one who filters people.


Nah, I was just trying to b8 him
I kinda wanted to see if I could get him all buttflustered

I honestly don't know him at all
I know he likes Norms and I think he cuts himself

You forgot Lexi and Neru


It only SEEMS there is more than that because he likes you a lot and likes making conversation with you.

I've never actually gotten to use photoshop
I use gimp personally

Yeah neru. Not sure in lexi, after the whole transformation

thats me haha

red bull me on yourself

All the sluts like me
I got that magic e penis
but also I hate sluts

Wh-what about me bard sama

how many people do you cyber on a monthly basis?

It's either him or sci that keeps greeting me when i post.

If not for the the names i would not be able to know a difference.

that was p smart i respect it

Sci is the one with weird ass names.

I getcha.

probably sci
he's a desperate loser who can only get attention by talking to the 'new' people or people who arent here all the time

dude ilu btw

I meme heavy but I'm not in the game

About my seemingly sexist remark a few posts ago, I don't mean to imply that guys don't need to know their place as well. The place of both human sexes is beneath the heel of the BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you could mostly do the same things with gimp; not sure though.

What's wrong w/ u

no homo though right ?

Ngl its close to zero.once upon a time it used to be 5 on the reg owo


get the FUCK! 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

out of my sight!!!!11!!

but i mean damn man
I feel you there I kinda miss being a top tier slut back in the good old days too ;~;

If we actually ever get a new poster who actually mistakes me for a new poster pls don't spoil it.

Yeah man... one say, we'll slut it up xdddd

Hey Ban lemme see your face

I asked grim if you were cute and he didn't answer cause his homophobia wouldn't allow him to say yes cause that would make him feel gay but he know's youre a qt so he can't say no either

Revival? It just happens everyonce in a while. Everyone spews their shit all over each other and it all cancels itself out. It's beautiful what "lists" have become, isn't it?

-makes kissy lips at you before winking and sticking my tongue out- Hehe silly boys!

Aw man did I just miss it all. I'm way overdue on my smug asshole quota, looks like I could have gotten plenty in there without even knowing what the fuck is going on.

This wins post if the morning

more lists

squiddy boy

what do you mean

i'll leave my options open just in case, ykwim? but for now yea totally no homo my brother

do most old posters even recognize you?

dude idc what you say i fucking love lists

i'm gonna just to spite you


I loved doing my part in ruining lists.

Just stop by one day as Mordin [phone]

And just start cybering everyone and talking shit then leave without letting anyone know you arent Mordin

I used to do that so much back in the days
I saved so many avatar folders of posters too so it could look legit

yea yea v well memed
lists are cool tho

As a real newfag I can say that's highly unlikely.
You clearly know too people already.

Yes, that is I.

Fuck if i know

did i ever make one of those lists?

I can't remember.

I would rather not

Nice nice

People feeling entitled like normal.

what the fuck is up you sick cunt

I dont think so

You've really changed your personality alot sincecyou posted originally

hey do you have any really close friends who post(ed) here?

dude like i wanna get to know you ykwim??

If u just like lists for the sake of ordering and listing things then I think that's kind of literal le autism but I'm not a licensed internet psychologist or anything

Im gonna pass

What a shame.

I have a tripcode on my phone too.


lol but rly i do wish we were buds but you know i dont play games like that or have the confidence to steamchat whateva whateva and i can only funpost on your league now and then so it's hard. very hard. it's a hard life.


See now you're giving my a chance to interject, which probably isn't a good idea.

I've been playing some videogames
Finally feeling awake as the day is finally not like fifty billion degrees

Also did you just appropriate my fucking culture, cunt?

I want protoss buffs though

The closest would probably be grim.

We both have pics of each other IRL.

We played LoL a couple of times a long time ago.

I even bought him a birthday gift.

Even then tho it's not really that close.

Why not have buff protoss instead?

yeah, nah, it's cool I'm also a descendant of the dirty british empire

What are you into playing?

everyone has pics of grim irl...

okay thats cool tho

not for me

so then exactly what we are currently doing ?

I can handle it

Teran buffs when ?

How about you fucking kill yourself instead?

That wasnt me
but I mean
why not

buff dark templarXtemplar bara

Mordin, people will respect you more if you just tell them to eat your ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

terran needs to be gutted

They are harder to play than protoss though

NIgga so salty

they are like lee sin

when ur fat and fall down

no, you know, i just often like, finding myself questioning thee in te grit teee of my relationships, see. and it appears to me AND MAYBE IT'S JUST ME IDK but it appears to me we're not really on that level not even like we used to be back when zoe was in the mix as weird as that sounds. so idk im tentative to make steps like that brother but you know i love you from the bottom of my heart still

Oh no they're on to me fam

Lee sin isn't actually hard though people are just bad.

i could be wrong but that looks like it's supposed to be a jew nose

BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS !1!!11!!!!!

I was just gonna jack off to it

I still talk with Zoe all the time.

Oh shit I haven't heard from Limes in ages


yea i know i mean when zoe was on animus

it is

Glad blood chan offed themselves in that video


I was in the first animu thread limes visited

I know

he was at some anime expo and I told him to buy me a female dildo

That swedish guys for some reason is tied to suck foreign dick is kinda weird.


Blood-chan said I'd miss her when she left, but I don't



Limes doesn't like anyone here though.

Except for me c:

I thought I might but I most certain;y don't

Yeah nah you's a fuckan shitcunt, ay?

What am I into playing? Pretty much everything at some point or another.
What was I playing today? Mostly DoDonPachi. Hard shit. Also that afk/clicker game with the neat style people were talking about earlier.

Fine then, geeze, you were both pretty clearly getting mad over nothing and it was fairly obviously a problem caused entirely out of lack of communication rather than any legit reason to get mad at each other.

I don't actually even remember what protoss actually look like.

what an ass

why did i have to turn 18 ;_ ;;

I removed her many times in the past, but the fact that she was still doing the same lying shit and everything for so many years just caused me to get sick of it on a much deeper level eventually

I've been stuck on that fucking clicker game too
I didnt want to get roped in but it did its fucking magic

no but zoes like a loco type he's cool if you get to know him or if youre an idiot (that s me)

Who the hell tells somebody else that they will miss them?

That's like a free ticket to not being missed.

I also miss Crona, Aoi, and all those other poster dude
Its been so long since I talked to them

Then why don't you let me?

Also I can't find the pic of limes with the bonnet or tampon looking thing on his head
It was so lolz


Fun to fuck but personality wwise they have nothing to offer that can't be offered by other people here

dont know crona but i feel u on aoi tho

I beat it after going afk a few times, or stopping to play more dodonpachi. It felt like cheating but oh well, no way to avoid it. At least it ends.

Up to anything else?

I miss smiles, haikuus

haikus was UGH

I now execute people who lie routinely from my Steam contacts.

It definitely didn't make me more likely to miss her.

I farm better e-sluts now.

I kinda miss panda

But I said I didn't want to talk about it and he called me crazy and paranoid for saying things that I know are true.

Trying to take the high ground does kinda trigger me and when he just started name calling me I was done.

lol you can go to prison

I will get some #RARE LIMES

very angery swede

remember when he tried to ky on cam

Atleast they had energy and caused drama

I miss Waving user too

That nigga was my crush like wayyy back in the days
Those late night steam chats were what I lived for dude

lol get a load of this cuck

Tell him Soto said hi btw

why didnt he think i was worth the risk!! T~ T i hate myself

i see

Killing tonights wine
watching reviews on this model of guitar on youtube

I actually just ordered it today
very very excited for it
got to get stoned aat some point before bed but thats still a good 6 hours or so away eh
I've got that feeling that's like hungry but I'm already full up on food so gbetter not make myself sick I suposin

I'm incapable of that kind of shit anymore

Shut the FUCK!!!! up

aww that dude was a sweetheart
i didnt know he actually talked to people outside of thread


I will if I remember.

I think you creeped him out.

Get a load of this guy.

I never really disliked Smiles overall but I was pretty happy that she got fucked over in the way that she did; it was a Satanic triumph

What do you mean? It's not hard; there's basically a limitless supply of them



oh i know i did lol


new time

What a cute girl.


He really was

Too bad he left and rarely ever comes back
He's never really on steam and I sorta never message him either


Don't forget you fucking Goggles 2.0

What about Bern?

He was a real grill too




Why do you expect them from me just because I made one? I vomit threads spontaneously


tell him to take me back

haikus does something I refer to as power posting

which isnt very hard to do
but Haikus was definately did it the most

All you have to do , right , if you want to

be the best power poster out there, right? :

are you listening? hehe :p

So, all you have to dooooo to be the


most bestest,, most AWESOMEST, most


power poster out there

(you're listening right? :P)

Is put spaces after every single line you type

okay? thats VERY important !!!!!!!


Then, okay, you have to type out what you

want to say in a VERY looooooOOOOooong

DRAWN OUT stream of consciousness kind

of thing :p


you have to LINK

EVERYBODY !!!! even if you want to talk

to them or not okay? :p

if you want to be a GOOD power poster
you have to talk to EVERYBODY
I hope this helped :3c
oh and also don't forget the long abnoxious
name and emoticons :p

I would like to be Goggles 3.0 instead.

Do it yourself instead.

Lol no


the bestest power posters will post


to ensure ATTENTION is brought to them

Good job with finding that excuse 2 attentionwhore really hard

does he really still lurk this muh fucka


You both did similar shit but I'm not going to turn this into a proxy argument, passive aggression like that is dumb. I just wanted to say that this seems like the pinnacle of pointlessness and either of you holding a grudge of this would be extra-retarded.

What are you up to anyway?

Sounds gay, what sort of wine?

Looks pretty noice. That said I'm not exactly the sort to be knowledgeable about instruments.
It's it like 3am in burgerland?

remember him trying to make people think he was a chick by posting "nudes".

Shit was wack.

I think he also was on the whole cutting himself thing that soto also was on.

Ariel was kinda weird.


Oh come on, you aren't that much different from him
You guys are kinda alike tbh

Those were the days fam

making WIZ cry

Ethy getting triggered

and countless tcs

I don't think he lurks at all anymore.

You trying to be neutral and above everything is retarded.

/steals some of your attention with fresh food.

We aren't even remotely the same.

Hey Elma didn't you cut yourself too?

Like what the fuck?

It already was a thing this is how animus osting was back on Holla Forums This is why people like Bern and Haikus were so huge. This is how I got relativeley popular back then and how the titants posted

a sweet white moscato but its;s still a bit dry compared to the moscato d'iasti I'm a fan of.

some sanish castillo san simon cheap bullshit
but It gets me a good buzz so I wont complain

are you drinking tonight?

Do you remember when everybody used to post like that? because I do

it was the express lane to being popular

that look for her is adorable

Oh gawd

No u

I cook fried potatoes all dayy
you can keep that thanks : /



I got drunk with Kon and like he dared me to cut myself so I get some old ass box cuter from my garage and start cutting myself on cam then Ariels does it and Elma too

It was so lit that day

I never knew cutting yourself didnt hurt but more like stings
the more you know

Im just trying to get you buttflustered

in that case quit trolling me

Tempted to start wall posting

that looks yummy

How am I doing that ?

You're not very good at this.

Are you good at anything ?

I can not think of what to type and get bad writers block and no emotional or sexual attachement

I told you I need to fill my smug asshole quota, didn't I?

That said I'm hardly afraid to pick sides on shit that doesn't involve me if I see it that way, I'm just speaking my mind, you told me to interject.

I really need to try more whites that aren't dry as fuck. All anybody I know irl likes is dry as fuck wines and I've never really bothered to experiment with wines.

Sounds good then. Cheap is better than nothing

Nah, I don't actually drink too often. I prefer not to make a habit of it.

"do it yourself instead"?? what do you expect me to do

half the time people will get hungry when you post food.

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I do not

yes she was

they sure are

Dry wine tastes like fucking ass
thank god I have a head and chest cold or I'd be above this pisswater

And that's an agreeable standpoint you have

I just turned 21 like a week back or something so I'm getting the most out of it but before that I had been on a few month kick without and a few months before that relapse

had me some terrible times with high proof liquors and a bad bottle of smirnoff one night

what got you away from that drinking kick?