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first for headpats

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archive of previous webm thread archive.is/2LUNq

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why would you post that?

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What is more degenerate - Headpats or Handholding?

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consensual cuddling

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Why is voice done by cartoon squirrel?

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Because some people on Holla Forums say that Penny Arcade is not that bad, but this is one of deleted their episodes. I just want everyone to know that Penny Arcade is cancer.

because that dude is a fucking faggot and somehow thinks that voice lends him credibility
i would gladly pay someone to kill that fedora-tipping beta male

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Someone argued this before, by giving himself a squeaky voice it'll make audiences feel like they're being lectured by a cartoon and not a man with shit opinions.

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Belly rubs you say?

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Their suggestions are pretty gay, so here's my counter-proposal for dealing with thin-skinned people and their frail egos: In competitive matchmaking games, there should be a "Safe Zone" option, which, if enabled, directs the player when matchmaking to a wholly seperate queue filled only with other safe zoners. In their games everyone will be permanently muted both in text and voice, with pre-programmed messages being the only means of communication. Since MMRs losses are actually micro-agressions, everyone will have the same MMR no matter their performance. In this way, the babbies can play in their own mad Orwellian world, while sane individuals with the ability to make use of the mute button will be free of their whining. Isn't that the perfect solution?

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Well this isn't some secret or something like that, a lot of people are doing this. This is the same reason why we got these late night comedy shows. It's way easier to sell an idea by mixing it into comedy and shit like that.

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No one was even talking about MGs you faggot.

try and stop me

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get your shit together reflecting furfag

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I'm just calling you a faggot, what am I reflecting? Also nice webms nigger.

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btw monster girls are better in every way

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factually incorrect

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furfags are almost always homos.
Better hope I don't make you clean~

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Fury shit is not just normalfag tier, but sjw tier.

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Found the furfag.

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100% straight over here man.


What tipped you off?

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Thank you very much. Now I won't sleep well

Sure. Let's start with sucking my gun.

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I will do no sucking of your anything.

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You've been spending too much time online. Take a break with your volk.
Wew, I can't believe the trash who produces that actually thinks it will help normalize their mental illnesses.

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I wish these were real.

How is your political standing or was that unnecessary to ask?

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I am talking to you through an anonymous imageboard that was founded on free speech, is comprised of about 80% nazis, and had its largest user influx from gamergate, so you tell me bud.

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You better don't stand in our way on DOTR!
Ehhh… You wanna buy some bump?

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this is the future you chose

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I have a bunch of webms saved from way back that I named to something """funny""" but now I can't actually remember what the fuck any of them are anymore.

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Daily reminder

Here's the original

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Damn it wrong vid

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Why don't you fuck off back there and leave us alone then, pal?

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Protip: you can double-click them to play them on your personal computer before uploading them here!

I don't understand how anyone can call spending money on a luxury item and investment.

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Yeah but that's fucking boring.

Why would I do that?

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Journalists… brilliant. Have a bump(er)

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what the fuck was this?

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French or some niggers speaking french. Not sure if it makes a difference anymore

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Last Man.

some french toon I can't remember the name of. There was a thread on Holla Forums months back, might be one there right now.

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did reddit make that?
oh wait (((/monster/))) is reddit :^)

Not even spoilered. This is too lewd; blushes

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You know it doesn't really work when I can already see /monster/ highlighted through the spoiler.

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Choo choo.

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what movie?

This is proof the Le Pen v Macron election was fixed.

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Fuck I forgot how you can't play those game you get from ps plus if you don't have ps plus anymore. The Jewing from (((Sony))) is ridiculous.

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I wouldn't mind being run over by a cute flat chested train

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Blame that on codemonkey.

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This is now a train thread.

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species traitor, humans are better.

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Guess I'm gonna delay it again with this webm.

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I need the code for that, for research and information purposes.

Bird thread takeover.

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You son of a bitch. If he so much as looks at idolmaster again I will Samson Option the shit out of this earth

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For those who don't know.

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Sadly I don't know it myself.
Tell me if you find it - for educational purposes only of course…

What do you mean?

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I like birds
they're autistic, just like me

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It's still furry shit, no matter what you call it


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To live is to suffer

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You are like Hitler is not here to see you.

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Compared to the thin-skinned faggots that want their daddy company to stop the bad men who call you names on the fucking Internet? Go outside, you retard

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You liar

Attached: I_sit_here_to_smug_at_you.jpg (640x360 61.62 KB, 11M)

he would totally gas your furry ass if he was here to see this.

No. Neither me nor the furry homo

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If Hitler was around the need for 2d probably wouldn't be here.

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Hitler drew Disney fan art dude.
I don't think so

Not that I don't believe you, but I would very much like to see that.

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Reminder you cannot buy this video anymore because the two singers who made this song were busted for possession of drugs and Disney has killed any chances of this ever being commercially available again

Attached: On Your Mark cleaned upscaled 1080p 3.webm (1920x1080, 16M)

That's why pirates always have it the best and why buyfags are an absolute normalfag cancer.

Attached: On_Your_Mark(extreme_edition)[realmen].webm (360x198, 7.97M)

beautiful thx


Nice but the upscale doesn't look good. Are you the one who did it or was the source already like that?

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I had to use a VIMEO source and upscale it/clean it, same as this

Attached: DAICON IV OPENING ANIMATION 2018.webm (746x542, 15.97M)


There's a fuhrer joke in there somewhere, I just know it.



Also this was another VIMEO source unless somebody can supply me with the raws

Attached: Chrono Trigger Ayla introduction remastered because square won't.webm (1920x1032, 12.5M)

what ugandan cartoon is this


If I need to upscale shit I find adding some sharpening and noise helps a bit

And of course, I dig around on reddit forums and I found a legit 1080p source of On your Mark

Attached: NOW YOU FUCKED UP.webm (1920x1080 1.53 MB, 7.14M)

Care to share it?

You mean like Neat Video which I own to clean up stuff like this?

Attached: ALF The Animated Series Intro.webm (952x720, 14.42M)

Daicon also has good quality as well.


I'm pretty sure most of the good anime sources are on nyaa for torrents.
For the upscale you should consider trying a different algorithm with -sws_flags like -sws_flags gauss

Attached: Desert Punk - 03.webm (448x336, 15.07M)

Or like this

Attached: Mr. Trololo original upload restored upscaled.webm (640x480, 11.66M)

Attached: Desert Punk - 04.webm (448x336, 15.62M)

Attached: AndroidPorn.webm (700x300, 5.05M)


There you go man

Attached: [HD] 日本ブレイク工業(Japan Break Industries) 社歌 EUROBEAT.ver.webm (1484x1080, 15.7M)

Attached: The Ballad of Todd Howard.webm (320x240 7.53 MB, 7.59M)

Damn. And Berserk is never going to finish either!


Attached: Winterfags.webm (640x360 6.79 MB, 6.15M)

Typically you can only upscale as good as the source is

Attached: Pacific Rim Batter up 60FPS.webm (1920x1080, 14.7M)

Attached: Hero Core Reallyjoel's Dad TAS in 1_18 by nitsuja.webm (490x360 3.89 MB, 11.14M)

Attached: Hardcore Henry High Brawl.webm (1248x676, 12.24M)

Attached: Hardcore Henry Bike Chase.webm (1248x676, 15.99M)

Attached: Nero.mp4 (510x422 4.5 MB, 1.19M)

Attached: Super Mario World - Athletic Theme Banjo & Guitar Duel ft. SongeLeReveur.webm (1352x1032 6.5 MB, 4.76M)

That is not quite correct. Different upscaling algorithms give different results and there are filters and dithering that can be used to remove that smudge effect, though I don't have much experience on it since I generally avoid doing upscales.

Attached: Desert Punk - 05.webm (448x336, 15.4M)

Attached: Goofy Goober Rock 2017.webm (1280x720, 15.98M)

Attached: Desert Punk - 06.webm (448x336, 15.91M)

Attached: The Privilege Bridge Rap.mp4 (1280x674, 8.21M)

I'm fairly new to it, but I've been following the guides which is basically Source + Filter + Output PNG + Waifu2X Caffe + Virtual Dub import + Second Filtering pass to remove any errant edges = Done

Attached: Adventure Time What am I to you.webm (1920x1080, 11.99M)

Attached: Overwatch Support Jam is in, Dive Jam is out.webm (1280x720, 13.35M)

what's the name of this walking simulator?

The day I get to use the line "his dance moves are impressive, but I'm in control" in context is the day when I have no more regrets.

Attached: Rap for the uninspired soul (this is not the actual name it's actually even worse than this).webm (640x360 5.05 MB, 7.76M)

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90% of the staff is old Ren & Stimpy Writers/Animators which is why Spongebob is always so amazing

Also I guess I should upload some game webms, cause vidya

Attached: Overwatch Supposed GM's beaten by QP Scrub.webm (1280x720, 15.95M)

did you mean to say Extra Credits? Or were they hosted on PA's site too? I can't remember. Neither can I remember when Penny Arcade was good.

Every single time.

Attached: 🐟.mp4 (1200x720, 4.81M)

It's amazing the power this song has

Attached: Overwatch Ra Ra Rasputin strikes again.webm (1280x720, 8.4M)

I meant how you start out good but you have to post such garbage fucking game. I would go into a fucking rant how you're just a nigger making webms out of a fucking disgusting garbage pile of a game but this is a webm thread. That is assuming you're making such garbage. TL;DR overwatch is a garbage game and so are you for reminding me about it

Attached: ( •̪ o •̪).mp4 (1280x720, 8.92M)

Are you the WebM police?

Attached: Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island commercial.webm (1280x720 5.44 MB, 3.85M)

Let's check out the quality of the thread so far

First hundred or so posts talking about furry, what is furry, who liked furry, making jokes hitler was a furry, fuckable monster girls


Attached: Dean walks away.webm (1920x800, 1.01M)

is this for real or he doing the Red Letter Media's VERY COOL thing?

Attached: ∞chan.mp4 (1280x720, 3.28M)

I'd prefer furry to overwatch.

Attached: e4868171e3d874816e838d4af49912f38003b71496a11b1f5b401a68cf9400f9.mp4 (240x320, 327.34K)

I need this fucking song.

Not a grave you should choose to die on

Attached: Shake your groove thing Surround sound over headphones 12MB.webm (1280x720, 12M)

I don't know exactly when the shift started, but their podcast is a pretty good example of the change in mentality, where the first run of it which is called the first season on the website ran from 2006 to 2009 and talked about bullshit/controversies like in game targeted advertising, review manipulation, microtransactions, and other events that were happening around that time. Honestly if you listen to them it's impressive how much shit that's happening now that they predicted around a decade ago. But then dickwolves happened and then they did a (((kickstarter))) to bring it back and now it's pretty much an extension of the news posts and is combined dad talk with discussing which modern trendy hip video game Destiny 2 they're playing and are generally much more mellow/callous. A lot of it could be attributed to the dickwolf thing but just in general getting older and having kids tends to make people much more susceptible to modern trends/cancer.
But seriously that first run of recordings is really, really good for general insight into the industry around the 2007 era and is also entertaining to listen to.

Attached: EVERYBODY'S.mp4 (480x360, 7.27M)

Attached: TENG Interpreter.webm (1980x1114 7.98 MB, 6.13M)

I would prefer endless furry and vore webms before I would prefer the cancer casual shit that is overwatch.

Attached: Ace Combat Zero - The Belkan War PlayStation 2 Trailer -.webm (480x360, 9.64M)

I'll only post the one.

Attached: furryfetisharenashooter.webm (320x240, 7.12M)

Extra Credits is what happens when people with little to no understanding of the common core of gaming, IE - The Gamer and instead think they can dictate what does and doesn't work from within the industry just based on "What they feel the industry does right" turned them into a bunch of corporate soulless SJW cucks who backed anything the lefties were screaming about because they were the ones who were at the time manipulating the industry

They got ditched by PA because PA staff is "Old school" gamers who find this shit to be nonsense, and ExC got yanked because ExC tried to start dictating what should and shouldn't be shown on PA

Think of it like Channel Awesome, where instead of rejecting the SJW's they embraced them and it promptly killed their website

Vs. PA which ejected all the SJW retards at the speed of an overpowered railgun, telling cucks like ExC/Ben Cuckhura to hit the road when they started trying to tamper with the PA site as a whole

Attached: Bobs Burger Erin Humiston fan art contest 60FPS.webm (1920x1080 2.7 MB, 6.14M)

Attached: I WANT TO HUB AND TENDERLY LUB X.webm (640x360 6.6 MB, 4.8M)

That was not a request.

Attached: Tsukimonogatari OP.webm (848x480, 11.91M)

Attached: ITS A SECRET Supersized.webm (1920x1080 6.23 MB, 532.95K)

Attached: A simple traffic stop becomes a life sentence.webm (1067x600, 9.08M)

Attached: Never Change Japan.webm (360x360 7.29 MB, 2.77M)

Attached: SenranASMR.png (720x480 5.84 MB, 7.66M)

you choose a Hill to die on
as in Hank Hill
Hank Hill who sells propane and propane accessories

Attached: bwah.webm (480x360, 7.01M)

What a blast from the past.

Attached: over 20lbs of feels.png (5000x5000, 363.34K)

Attached: Tetris Smackdown.mp4 (320x236, 15.71M)

Oh fuck you got me.

we doing a retro themed webm thread again?
sure, why not?
Yetzt gehts los!

Attached: german kid.webm (320x240, 11.43M)

Fuck, I thought that cop was going to murder the guy based on the filename.

The German kid was just acting the whole time, though.

< Anita and her ilk use Japanese games to demonstrate how sexist American games are and American game companies
< Japan's "No Fucks Given" attitude is used to justify American companies not hiring qualified white, male applicants and instead hiring unqualified female and/or minority applicants
< somehow my whole generation is brainwashed into listening and believing feminist's intellectual dishonesty

Sure, I can help us all accept our deaths with open arms if that's what you want

Attached: Black Out - Video Games 2x res.webm (588x480, 7.99M)

why don't you post numa numa while you're at it.

Attached: YTP The Wawaw and Other Tales of Rosenry.mp4 (480x360, 6.75M)

you know I never really found out whether or not this was real, but I'd like to keep a mystery for myself

well since you asked so nicely, enjoy the audio compression rate you have probably repressed from your memory

Attached: numa numa.webm (480x360 6.18 MB, 9.56M)

I don't know for sure either, but I'm pretty sure it's staged

Attached: Cirno gets a 6.webm (540x360 2.47 MB, 4.62M)

Attached: DotA.webm (320x240, 3.4M)

It was probably some Holla Forumstard back in the day and he said it was fake to hide his autism

If we're gonna talk about old memes, does anyone remember that green llama thing with the dumb face? I can't find any videos of it anymore.

Attached: success beetle.mp4 (852x480, 991.98K)

It was fake, he had a lot of youtube videos like that. He had one where he played poker with his plush thingies and he stabbed them because "they were beating him". If you watch the video you can also see that he is not playing unreal tournament. I was playing UT online back in the days, and it takes ages to boot your computer, let alone find a game. And even if you ignore all these things, who do you think recorded him? You think his parents just set their webcam to record 24/7 hoping they'll catch something funny?

It's possible he only had to turn on his monitor, so that's about 10 seconds, and if he played UT that much he probably knew exactly where the icon was and could find it blindfolded I know I did with some games. Set up Start menu shortcuts so I could launch a game before turning on the monitor. The game does load very fast for those days, I'll give you that.
I think his parents set up a camera for an intervention about his behaviour. Plug it in, hide it under some crap, tape over the little red light e voila. I know I'm making useless excuses, but that's what was going on through my head when I first saw it.

Attached: I'm too young to die.webm (640x360, 10.71M)

well at least kemono has some good vanilla in it.

lost it at fucking legend birb

Attached: 1414974028900.png (171x278, 92.55K)

Attached: Code_Talker_V.webm (853x480, 10.75M)

Attached: SRW OG MD - Daizengar - Tatsumaki Zankantou Ikkitousen.webm (1024x576, 15.55M)

Attached: Sonic_Mania's_PC_Launch_in_a_Nutshell.webm (853x480 3.43 MB, 6.68M)

Attached: SOX.webm (750x850 7.8 MB, 806.56K)

Attached: Behind_the_scenes_with_Bioware_sound_design.webm (856x480, 2.76M)

Attached: 4am threads(1).webm (852x480 1.06 MB, 5.34M)

Lastman, a french cartoon prequel to a french comic of the same name which has a video game called Lastfight which is based on a game in the comic.

Attached: AVRIL & MONTHAYE - Fire.webm (640x360, 9.57M)

Please stop user.

Attached: congratulations.webm (854x480, 2.85M)

Just kill yourself now, friendo.

it's real. his channel is full of this shit

Attached: soygasm.webm (600x336, 2.84M)

The Cromartie dub a rare case of being different but decent in its own right. You should check it out.

I understand why this was soundless, but it could use something like that generic music you hear in every soy filled video


Attached: 11.99.gif (500x299, 968.11K)

I gave it a chance and I still prefered the sub. I did the same thing with Cowboy Bebop, FMA, and other shit that people claimed the dub was good, but they were all shit, including Cromartie. Dubs suck either use subs or man up and learn the language.

Attached: Gensokyo,Past and Present Flower Land.webm (640x360, 6.6M)

absolute state of 4cuck

fund it! more mountains please

Attached: $1.mp4 (1280x720, 592.03K)

I've seen both. The dub is genuinely funny and well-done. It's a second level of enjoyment. Why enjoy something one time when you can do it twice and get a different experience?

made a quick webm from something in the last thread

Attached: minus8.webm (640x360, 2.99M)

It reminds me of the time there was a bot that just tweeted fuck and every word possible
it went through thousands of tweets until it got to nigger and then liberals got upset.

yeah that was Tay, the bot microsoft put out then the SJW's got a hold of it and corrupted the one perfect thing we had

Nah it was a different one,it wasn't the sentient one

Now post the one with music.

ur mums a minus8

No Tay was different, this bot was designed to just say "Fuck *word*" forever, it got nuked by Twitter for saying Fuck Niggers.

Bucket did it better.

How much you wanna bet it said fuck white or fuck whites and there was roaring applause from the same people that reported it for saying niggers

Stop posting this you egomaniac, it's not impressive. When I see you post this webm of yourself, all I can think to is my self-absorbed narcissist friend who'd do the exact same thing. He'd take his totally average game-play (In an already extremely casual game) and drop some upbeat music (ie: Fucking space jam remixes) and he'd overlay them and upload it to YouTube as if anyone was supposed to give a fuck. Then he'd go message us and say "holy shit dude look at this play". It exposed his complete lack of self awareness to us, not understanding that he was exactly average and that his overlayed music was a cynical and desperate grab for attention. I'm not friends with him anymore.

Threads are natural and organic, I post something, someone responds in disagreement and so on. That doesn't make you shitting it up any further with your crappy gameplay a positive.

Attached: flyin bamboo.webm (640x360, 10.36M)

It said Fuck Jews once and nothing happened to it.

Attached: 👺.mp4 (1280x720, 3.87M)

I wonder if there's an archive of it,really curious if it was offended niggers or just retarded lefties



Attached: NICE.webm (640x360, 293.55K)

Oh god damn it, what's the song used in that first webm? I recognize it but can't think of the name.

You'll remember user just wait. Everything comes to those who wait.

Attached: It's Happening.webm (640x360, 2.78M)

Attached: Miss_Matsushita's_Keyboard_Dragon.mp4 (854x480, 7.78M)

God damn it, user! I'm dying here! I feel like it's from a zombie movie, but I'm not sure!

Attached: 2e6ac789551aaef8a1e779bdc4d83ae234b10ce64cb40631990757ce8a6146e7.png (1500x800, 873.41K)

Attached: How to make Kramer-bbK5NY7g9tI.webm (1264x522 2 MB, 9.36M)

I just fucking remembered what it is

That's it! Thanks much, lad. Glad to know I wasn't fucking developing dementia when thinking it was from a zambo movie.

Attached: 1289316611188.jpg (854x467, 40.11K)

28 Days Later

Attached: 28_Days_Later_Soundtrack_-_In_The_House_In_A_Heartbeat_by_John_Murphy.webm (640x360, 6.07M)

Checked. APpreciate the assist.

Attached: 1423813484129.gif (400x225, 465.84K)

Hey, guise, remember her?

Attached: 456.webm (400x400, 67.17K)


Real niggas know.

Attached: mindwar.mp4 (640x360, 6.99M)

?ohw 18554541

Waste of dubs

hahaha am olefagets now amirite hehehe xDDD

This fucking meme never affected me because I was on Chromium when it spreads around :^)

Attached: 12 shots, enough to kill anything that's moe.webm (640x360, 6.71M)

What are you talking about, Chromium got fucked up too, if I remember correctly. I was using that in Debian at the time. But honestly, I'm just digging through my webm folder to post shit I haven't seen in a while. Oldfag status is more pathetic than cool anyway.

Attached: 856.webm (720x480, 1.87M)

Please don't remind me.

Attached: No one's around to help..mp4 (1280x720, 10.05M)

Attached: 908.webm (1024x422, 7.94M)

Just kiss already!

Attached: Gin.webm (1280x720, 2.51M)

Attached: innawoods adventures.webm (640x360, 4.18M)

Wait what? I remember opening that shit on chromium and it didn't crash.

Because every faggots kept going 'hi am olefag :DDD', but yeah, you're right.

Attached: 6 million flavors.webm (320x240, 3.56M)

Attached: Edge.webm (640x360, 1007.68K)

Source on the show?

Attached: Nippon Meido.webm (1280x720, 11.92M)

Attached: Chinese.webm (360x460, 1.72M)


Attached: eat_your_food_you_fucking_rifle.webm (720x480, 7.4M)

Attached: Remove Worst Waifu.webm (720x480, 3.97M)

Attached: k goes fishing.webm (852x480, 3.34M)

Attached: Kitty Scritcher.webm (480x480, 2.5M)

I forgot

I fucking hate you.

Attached: BigBossFightsTheSorrow.webm (480x480, 349.81K)

Attached: 6Bwq.webm (480x320, 4.17M)

Attached: sneekybreekireload.webm (640x360, 11.77M)

Attached: Various_One_Handed_Pistol_Shooting_Techniques.webm (360x270, 3.44M)

I can top that on horribleness.

Attached: 0210000962fbe6b091e751685ae21be906905620fc6a6c9f814d1d3a31f44475.mp4 (1280x720, 13.64M)

Attached: hotline_iwojima.webm (640x480 3.72 MB, 2.48M)

Attached: Women.webm (720x720, 586.01K)

Attached: 1105.webm (202x360, 5.53M)

the voice isn't nasally enough, it ruins my immersion.

you need to do it using a pornstar who smokes a pack a day.

Attached: AK.webm (1280x720, 9.81M)

But that's her voice?

Attached: Incense.webm (640x334, 460.32K)

Attached: idol han.webm (1280x720, 1.2M)

it's a deepfake.

That's the pornstar's voice, not Anita's.

Attached: dreams.webm (600x450, 4.92M)

irregardless, it's close enough.

Attached: Water.webm (720x720, 712.75K)

Attached: Synchronicity.webm (1280x720, 1.96M)

This reminds me of the video for Drinkin' Boys.

Casca just regained her memories.

Attached: mack the knife.webm (1280x528, 15.98M)

They say it's not gay if you say no homo or if you've been a grunt. I do both for double coverage

He did it better imo. Enjoyed it more too.

Attached: Mother.webm (640x800, 665.67K)

Attached: 面妖ろ~でぃんぐがやってきた!-sm13917848.mp4 (640x360, 11.77M)


lel had to fix my retardedation

You wash them out with cold water and you call poison control. You don't need instructions on this. Or you shouldn't, anyway.

I've exposed you. What now lelsman?

Attached: D.webm (390x108 605.32 KB, 14.25K)

Attached: Sweden.webm (180x320, 533.64K)


Attached: 1234.mp4 (400x226, 1.7M)

It gets worse.

Attached: Current Year 3.webm (392x360, 4.25M)

Attached: 1279.mp4 (480x360, 888.07K)

Attached: Kid.webm (480x480, 1.32M)

Attached: 335d4a8b3b0fb7b41248e0bf826ea56e980c4a6424e11beccf0734291edada85.jpg (648x433, 78.16K)

Attached: Bait.webm (512x384, 411.28K)

Attached: 1381.webm (640x480, 3.7M)

Attached: Dance 2.webm (480x480 3.93 MB, 475.34K)

Attached: saria's ragtime jazz.webm (480x360, 5.04M)

She's using hgh or something similar. Dumb bitch is ruining her body. Either that or she's been pregnant. Either way, her abdomen looks distended.

Attached: 1414.webm (640x480, 5.78M)

Is this bait? Of course both are furry. Otherwise you could just keep a small part of her arm clear skinned and all it MG.

That's muscle mass user.

Attached: Tewi.webm (360x360 2.71 MB, 550.79K)

Attached: 1438.webm (854x480, 7.6M)

Attached: NIPPON NO.webm (1280x720, 1.82M)

That's pretty good.

Attached: String Quartet Dragon Quest - Endless World.mp4 (640x480, 14.16M)

I'm going to agree with the other user on this one, Abs generally don't poke out that way through normal training. Either that or shes pregnant or holding in a shit or something.

Attached: kai-greene-hgh-gut.jpg (763x431, 59.61K)

Yes, there's no doubt about that, but muscle bellies come from hgh affecting intestines and giving you a bloated look, no matter how lean you get. It takes work, no doubt about it, but it isn't aesthetic. I prefer bodybuilders like Frank Zane.

Attached: 717677_0[1].jpg (869x869 36.59 KB, 61.96K)

I dislike hgh as well, as it turns you to look like an abomination if you go too far, but I just doubt she's using it. I think she's just breathing in hard because she's doing heavy sets.

Attached: Russian Tranny.webm (640x360, 10.4M)

I understand bodybuilders apply tan and oil to make muscles look more defined for contests but i don't see the need for them to go as far as making themselves look like shriveled turds in the process. It isn't natty at all.

Attached: 1b6e728766875fb18861de5b267501cc.jpg (318x417, 25.52K)

They look like fucking freaks and the dark tanning spray tradition is just adding insult to injury.

because being white is racist.

Bodybuilding at those levels is all about looking more like a show animal than a person. Crazy shit.

It's a little too telling. Women don't have abs like that at all. In fact, it's very difficult for them to get lean at all.


That's kind of the goal.

Attached: 1531.webm (640x360, 2.9M)

I've met a few who have.

Attached: Cars.webm (640x640, 2.27M)

Attached: Gender.webm (854x480, 1.22M)

I miss you Billy.

Attached: FPxcul0Q_o.png (540x273, 240.88K)

Sure, but they don't have big bellies. Either she's been recently pregnant or she's using HGH.

On another note. I had every intention of playing this game and never got around to it. Anyone play it?

Attached: 1564.webm (640x480, 7.65M)

What a fucking retard, I blame poor reaction time.

sleep tight aniki, you were too natty for this world anyway

Attached: awaken my master.png (468x345, 226.43K)

Attached: 1437165946004.webm (360x240, 7.63M)

Doesn't seem big to me tbh.

He looked like an upper class idiot kid.

Attached: Deja V-.webm (1280x720, 2.99M)

I think it's the equivalent of 2 people blocking each other going in opposite directions and then awkwardly shifting in unison. Either way this is why I don't like fucking foot pedals where you go from 0 to 30 if you press it a quarter inch.

Attached: Angry_Cyclist_Firing_Fireworks_to_Downed_Scooter_-_GTA_San_Andreas_Real_Life.mp4 (400x224, 4.42M)

Does anyone have more liek dis?

Attached: Asian Camwhores And Funny Phrases.webm (426x240, 11.44M)

Not for people who type like faggots.

guy who made them (or at least the original) was named emptyhero, check his channel

Attached: Boot_to_the_Head.mp4 (320x240, 8.28M)

Attached: Protestors_who_block_the_road_getting_BTFO_compilation.mp4 (400x224, 9.14M)

Attached: 1658.webm (426x238, 7.67M)

Attached: Skirt.webm (1088x1088, 1.47M)

Because you don't have an obsession with constantly looking in the mirror and judging others and yourself.

Thanks. Nice trips.

Attached: Goose Fury.mp4 (480x360, 12.28M)



I take it you have self esteem issues user?

Attached: Bathroom.webm (264x480, 2.69M)

Attached: PROPANE NIGHTMARE.webm (1920x1080, 613.25K)

A lot.

Attached: 1694.webm (360x360, 1.44M)

I'd snap that motherfucker's neck and cook him for dinner.

Why the fuck is my audio going out of sync whenever I use Webm for Retards

I take it you have posting issues user?

Attached: eternal disdain.png (1200x788, 570.18K)

Post your best selfie without face. I'm curious now.

Unspoilered porn.

Attached: Masturbation.webm (360x640, 656.56K)

I swore I've seen this before

w-why is she using her fingernails to masturbate

No really go fuck yourself.

I only check digits if they're intended as a get or if they're quads or above.

Attached: Bunk beds.webm (480x848, 1.67M)

I really don't want to. I'm fucking fat right now.

>as long as you keep paying..

There's no point in posting content if you're going to act like a faggot and try to keep secrets instead of sharing. There's no point to it other than being a faggot. And your'e the only one that has to go fuck himself. I'll give as much sauce as I want.

Shes taken so many dicks she doesn't even feel it anymore probably. Like how you get calluses on your hands from working out, same concept but with dicks and pussies.

I doubt it, you're probably overthinking it and making it worse, but not like you'd believe me anyhow.

Attached: Sewer Fire.webm (460x258, 853.04K)


Attached: 1380606224682.jpg (200x200, 8.71K)

That's not a "rule" of the internet noglet, he asked if anyone else had more and someone answered him. Fuck off.

Attached: 1742.webm (960x540, 7.78M)

Sharing is fine. But why don't I just post this thread on reddit right now and see how fine it is then? The last thing EmptyHero needs is more normalfag attention who will try to be youtube hero's and remove more of his videos for being "offensive". So yea, continue being a nigger I guess. It's in your nature.

It's called Spoonfeeding. If you're to new to not know this term or uphold its reasoning there's no reason I have to take you seriously.


Australia is a big place and it should have more guns.

Attached: Australian_Airsoft_(idiots_run_our_countries).mp4 (1280x720, 2.7M)

I really don't care. Holla Forums is filled with redditards from r/thedonald anyway, and with the current subreddit bans more are bound to come this way. 8ch is not a secret club and being a faggot to your fellow anons isn't going to preserve anything. It just makes you look like an asshole.

He's not exactly obscure.

I agree, it also should have less chinks


Use ffmpeg user.

Attached: Tank_Cowboy_Bebop_Full_version.webm (480x360, 5.06M)

Attached: Flags.webm (640x360, 3.51M)

Bible black dub, I think. Not sure, actually.

Well at least you know you're defending this cancer.
No but that's no reason you have to advertise it to others. Doing your own research has been the basic fucking way of doing things here. The last thing we need is people filling in gaps of logic with their own provided sources.
Not contributing to the infestation of the site are assholes to you now. I detect loads of sound logic and reasoning here.
I bet you also don't vote because you think it didn't matter as well.

hey look. a jewish man. fancy that.

This is my only response to you. Tone down the autism.

Attached: 1844.webm (640x480, 4.53M)

Actually, Gkids has the entire Studio Ghibli catalogue now in the Americas. Disney just let all their legacy Ghibli works prior to "The Wind Rises" lapse.

user, cease your saucy ways. This doesn't help anything.

Attached: Dark.webm (640x360, 2.64M)

all jav porn with zero ass and titties in a fucking nutshell

Is it your first day on Holla Forums, 4cuck refugee? I understand the term, you clearly don't. It's meant as a way to negatively term people going out of their way to explain things that the requester could easily find themselves. It doesn't relate to sourcing extremely old one-off webms. Not every explanation is spoonfeeding.

Sourcing a webm is not advertisement, brainlet. He's already here.

Attached: PMD.webm (114x90, 13.6M)

I mean, it doesn't hurt, especially if it's something not found with a simple google search or iqdb. How the fuck was that user going to find the source of that vid? Either way, have some old but recent memes.

Attached: 1871.mp4 (960x544, 11.78M)

But it makes up for it in creative effort.

Attached: 1880.webm (427x240, 7.65M)

Well then, have a scary one in return.

Attached: Dark 2.webm (180x320, 3.22M)


Glad to know you conceded to my point then. Here's your (you) and so on.

It does actually. And it could have been figured out with a simple search. Hence a toddler could do it. Hence spoonfeeding. The fact is this shit wasn't allowed before and now it is apparently according to you.
It usually is however. Again, it's common to do your own fucking research before halting a thread to provide context. Emptyhero's pretty well known here because of his twitter posts. If you don't know about this you're essentially on grounds for being new or living under a rock.
And you want him to stay here? Nice job outing yourself dipshit. Continue being nigger #2.



No one knows. It was mysteriously mailed to one of the officers sisters houses.

Attached: Doll.webm (384x288, 545.26K)

So glad I sleep next to my rifle and carry a weapon. Bitch as ghost is getting ventilated.

Attached: 2027.webm (640x360, 6.37M)

just when I thought the news couldn't pull anything as retarded as the exploding van

wew, observable fact is fascism

that is so depressing, such a beautiful city reduced to a open air squatting area for sudanese niggers who lived no differently in the shithole they spawned from

Attached: creating_context.webm (426x240, 3.2M)

I heard bigfoot was holding the camera.

What are you talking about? Maple Snake killed three cops.

Is this a spoopy thread? I wish I had more spooky webms

Attached: mirror.jpg (750x755, 60.36K)

Makes me wish /x/ were still alive or not shit.

an all female power ranger squad

But ghosts are ventilated already!

Is that you Mr Paulide?

Yeah, I miss /x/ too. Unfortunately I don't got any new scary webms.

Attached: AHHH.webm (854x358, 346.5K)

7.62NATO, baby. It will send them straight back to hell.

Attached: 25646.jpg (800x452, 38.54K)


Attached: A Happy Windows User.webm (480x272, 3.68M)

You don't understand user. They're all holes already. Sadly, Supernatural is not a good repository of knowledge of the supernatural. I learned that the hard way myself.

Attached: Eurocucks.webm (640x360, 2.91M)

But 'merica round. Real fucking NATO.

Attached: 2162.webm (800x600, 7.92M)

Alright user, you've convinced me. You'll shoot that ghost dead. I believe you.

Attached: Rozy.webm (960x540, 1.97M)

Agreeing to disagree means both points are valid.
Keep outing yourself newfag.
It does if there's a discussion where everybody is familiar with the content.
Almost like you could have just acknowledged it was spoonfeeding and moved on.
Ah yea. fence shitter then.
How fucking new do you have to be to not know that you shouldn't even post here until you're well over a few years old on this site? You can be as nuetral as you like, it doesn't man I'm not going to call you retarded for defending it. And it also doesn't mean you have to stick up for people asking for info that a brain dead mouth breather could find. Also keep posting newfag.

Attached: What2.webm (1280x720, 951.47K)

What's with the boy in your webm?

she dead?

Needs an edit with Chris Hansons face poking around the corner at the end.

OD'd on self HRT.

Wow, rude!

Is that what was happening?

Attached: Blocks Your Path 2.webm (640x360, 360.03K)

Attached: rose.webm (1280x720, 3.18M)

Attached: 2237.webm (400x196, 4.29M)

so he/she/it isnt dead?

Yes Chris Hanson is behind that corner and he's attracting all the people who molested that child before a few of them make a break for it and try to destroy the evidence.

I just said he OD'd on self HRT. Read the thread.

Is that legit, holy shit


I figured it was a rape attempt gone bad.

What does this mean?

Attached: Lewd.webm (640x640, 575.05K)

The recording wasn't real CBS got tricked. He did kill three cops in Canadaland, though.


Either way Holy shit, I'm laughing they thought that was real

Attached: nice.jpg (388x333, 11.04K)

Japanese men are violent.

Attached: RyxF.webm (360x640, 709.24K)

They took it down, so make sure you make a backup.

Attached: 2491.webm (352x288, 7.11M)

This one is also no longer online.

Attached: 2614.webm (480x360, 9.58M)

Attached: Little Cloud.webm (1280x720, 1.13M)

It's true. It was just random violence. globalnews.ca/news/4059656/richmond-librarian-kicking/

He's the whitest Russian I've ever seen

I like the idea of a nice granny librarian politely asking some fat otaku what book he might be interested in, and him having a full mental breakdown in the span of an instant and flat kicking her across the room. Then in a panic he quickly waddles away like a scared autistic penguin because he realized he just kicked an old lady.

The Middle one is Aesthetic as fuck, the other two are freaks

Yeah, sounds about right

Attached: WHY ARE WE HERE.webm (480x360, 3.79M)

Oh that's fucking gay then

You might be suprised but it's from somewhere even worse than California
Yes the only place worse than Cali, Canada

fucking retards can't even sell themselves on it let alone others.

Goddamn it I finally found it. I knew I heard that song before.

Attached: random_montage.webm (1280x720, 16M)

He's right you're a faggot for posting garbage.

Do you have a modlist available for this

I totally didn't think of it that way when I first watched it, but that's pretty fucking funny.

Attached: Help Desk Girl.webm (640x360, 3.93M)

this is the only other mountain I got.

Attached: Dong mountain.webm (1920x846, 1.13M)

Not sure, heard it before. This is as close as I got.

Attached: Why the hell not.webm (480x360, 2.38M)

wew, cuckchan is that way pal

What's the point in posting that?

nigger that aint swedish

Those were the 80s. Frank Zane is like a Ferrari F40.

Seems to be Larkin Love

Holy shit, you niggers pushed this to 422 replies fast

Attached: DitzyFlama auf Twitter good morning everybody httpst.cocUdiZ.mp4 (640x360, 178.63K)

It's Kingdom Come Deliverance with the HUD disabled.

Attached: failed archery.mp4 (1280x720, 1.86M)

Do you know why you were arrested?
How can you not know why you were apprehended?
>sssssparkling or excellent
Is this your car?
Were you in this car just now?
And where were you sitting?
In the back, huh… Is this your weapon?
Who's is it then?
Did you know there was a weapon in the car?
Where were you headed?
Around Moscow?
Came to see Moscow?
Which landmarks have you visited so far?
Did you enjoy it?
Did you take a picture with a moonrover while you were there?
No way

I'm guessing this is just some mafia guy being arrested for doing gangster shit and the reporter is really pissed with him for one reason or another, egging him on with his bullshit story.

Attached: attention_whore.mp4 (324x360, 10.09M)

are they ever going to patch this? im running the latest IE available on windows xp and this shit still crashes me.

Attached: Yakuza 0 Kiryu vs MJ.mp4 (640x360, 11.79M)

I appreciate the enthusiasm, but there are limits, man
With how bloated they make web2.0 it's just not worth it

Attached: europol.webm (320x262, 2.61M)

holy fuck, is this what UK hospitals are like? they cram 3-4 people in a room? its like a fucking infirmary. i live in US and spent my fair share in hospitals. if youre there for a long stay you typically have your own room, and often have your own small bathroom. sometimes a private fridge but usually thats shared. the most crowded i've ever been was when i was in a pre-op room waiting for surgery and there was 2 beds in the room each with their own TV.

Attached: images.duckduckgo.com.jpg (1500x1000, 161.47K)

oh stop, its not that bad. you just get the bonzi buddy toolbar and then install the adblocking module and its not too bad.

Attached: Sleepy dog eats cookie.webm (1280x720 3.31 MB, 1.82M)

yeah haha and all that
I used an old ass XP laptop I found while dumpster diving because I couldn't afford anything else at the time and that was a painful experience. Not even PuppyLinux worked properly, it was slow as all hell. That was last year.

Just switch to GNU/Linux already. If you're going to use an operating system incompatible with most Windows software used today, you might as well preserve your freedom and get some neat alternatives. Install Debian or Ubuntu if you want to make sure to have some gaming compatibility.

Holy shit man, do you sit around snorting dry salmon row talking about how much you hate fun?

Sure project further and keep postng faggot.

He only has two posts, you stupid newfag.

And? Take some meds sperg.

Lol, you seem pretty mad.

Attached: 1853.webm (480x360, 936.14K)


why are all your webms numbered with 4 digits? Do you actually have 2k webms?

I'm viewing them on UMS, from a local server. They will display real names, but when linked for download so I can post them, they'll give me the number on the server. I have more webms locally, but I back them up. This server only has 934 webms and mp4s.

I do it this way because previews actually show up on UMS.

Attached: 871.webm (640x360, 6.74M)

Keep posting newfag.

I just moved the rest of the webms. Now I have 1856 webms.

And you'll file for bankruptcy after 2 nights stay. Honestly I've been thinking about taking a vacation to another country with decent medical care the next time I need to stay at a hospital. I would probably save more money going across shore and spending money on enjoying myself then if I went to a US hospital.

Attached: yes.mp4 (1280x720, 1.22M)

Nice shitskin you have there.

I would fuck it.

What's the sauce?

Attached: Away.webm (854x480, 1.78M)