Tfw former Holla Forumstard

Who /contrarian/ here?

What are you talking about? I checked the Holla Forums front page just now and it looks crazier than ever.

Being just a contrarian won't cut it on a commie board. You are leeches on anything that formulates a positive political proposal.

He means 4chan Holla Forums most likely. 4chan as a whole has become normalfag central.


Says who?

Stay. Our memes are danker and we have catgirls. Nazbols, your time has come.

From someone who mostly just lurks both: your memes are shit, like, close to 100%

Come for the catgirls, stay for the Marxist indoctrination

We're to intelligent for memes here.

that is the gayest thing I have ever heard, and I've heard the culture club live

nazbol posting on cuckchan is fun because it triggers the libertarian "nationalist" burgers.


I agree, a thousand different variants of pepe and trump memes is way better

you'll be in much better company here OP, sayonara

You just got memed on.


Good the longer you stay the more you will agree with us


They are indeed insanely bad. In fact, we barely even have any, unless you consider crap like photoshopping Bordiga's face unto everything a meme.

The EU is under socialism policies.
The US was and is opposing a change in their socialism policies.
China practices political communism but tolerates a market to gain wealth.

If you truly want to be contrarian you should practice either monarchy or fascism.

Nigga please lurk for 5 minutes before posting.

Here we see the fagfish in its natural habitat. The fishing hook gleams in the sun, not having been thrown into the lake yet. Without a worm applied, the bait is incredibly weak, yet the fagfish jumps up and hooks itself regardless.

literally what?



tbh i've never liked catgirls.
it's an autismal mix of sexism and anti-consumerism.

If we've got so many Holla Forums refugees shitting up the board, can BO build a wall and make Holla Forums pay for it?

Pointing out the unfunny bait before some spastic anarkid starts replying.

No no, I mean I'm an autistic anti-consumerist sexist. The problem, insofar as there is one, lies with me.


This means you are a huge faggot

We've had so many of these threads I'm convinced it's just one guy on Holla Forums pretending to be dozens of Holla Forumsyps.

yes clearly you are the real threat here

oh boy it's the meme master again he always is so funny and original lol

obvious b8

take your meds

no u

wew, your 'memes' are cancer. Also you actually said 'danker', just stop.

This is a plus point tbf

i want her to talk condecending to me while she squats and pisses all over my nazi memorablia marking it as her territory

so you're 13 yearsold I see

Holla Forums just has more people thus more meme makers
you know if you give enough monkeys typewriters

i disagree

politely disagreeing? where do you think you are?!??!

whoops here you go