Mfw when gf is an ancap

Thanks Max. Thanks Sigmund. without you I would argue with her like a spooked and depraved retard

Tankie, ancap, what's the fucking difference?


only if getting laid will advance the cause of revolution

t. Nechayev


It is. Ideology is sublimation for not getting laid. Or getting laid in the wrong way.

It's the exact opposite. When the day of the revolution finally comes, I will have to take my girlfriend "to an expensive dinner", but in reality the taxi is stopping in the nearest gulag.



Of course there is a right way. The right way is whatever your pervertions dictates. The wrong way is doing it but not pleasing your desires/pervertions.

Guys, lets be real, ideology is a consequence of getting laid or not.

Why do you think Holla Forums is so edgy? It's quite simple, a bunch of sexually frustrated people trying to sublimate their impotence with violence and hate. It's as simple as that. I'm sorry if it hits a nerve for some of you, but we have to accept the truth.

Sex is bourgeois

nice b8

Don't forget to get in with her


U dum

She is a "good" ancap. She thinks under anarcho capitalism everyone would share their property.


Which part of being a tankie doesn't fit with my personal interests or my ego? I'm poor and I want my country be socialist at any costs


I think it's more that sexually frustrated people tend to see the world as something that is inherently broken and in need of getting fixed, and so they are attracted to radical thoughts promising topsy-turvy the society that keeps us, I MEAN THEM, from getting that sweet release.
Don't forget. The reactionaries have ideology to, and nothing is more important in the current ideology than getting laid.
This guy is sort of right, but I don't think we should make that our slogan.

make her read Stirner and call her your property

also post pics I want to see how a female ancap looks like. Must be truly malformed


no comments

I don't think she would like that
:( you are just jealous anyway

but I don't hate her in fact I love her with all my soul she is everything I have please don't show her this thread

I'm not jealous, I have a gf myself (which is socialist and therefore not retarded)

judging from how ancaps usually look and behave like I just assume that if a woman was drawn to it there must be something extremely wrong with her


The caps where a joke, and I obviously didn't mean the act of sex to be bourgeois, but that the value put on sexual encounters or "getting laid" as you put it, is a part of the bourgeois ideology. As they like to say "sex sells", and that is why bourgeois controlled television and movies are so obsessed with it.
You would see that I'm right if you weren't so high on endorphins and dopamins and all that other chemical stuff your ancap gf is making you produce.

Im a tankie egoist as well, OP
good work

t. flirting with socdem girl, but slowly tank-pilling her

OP is merely practicing Taqiya against unbelievers, as Marx intended. Carry on comrade

i shiggy diggy doo

Good to see someone who have transcended the spooks and are acting in legit self interest for once.


Post ancap nudes and we'll forgive you.

Stirnerite Tankie synthesis would be literally ideal

i support this tbh


This hypothetical relationship make me want to die

Good for you man, now the fact that you needed to make a thread from this bullshit is a sign that you're spooked on "getting laid makes me a winner".

tfw no need to lie about ur ideolgy cuz normies don't give a fuck about politics, only drinking, sex and being cool

Post pics of Ancap girl, I wanna see what they look like