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What's your praxis? Would you join in revolution with a comrade even if he was a tankie? Read any good theory lately?

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been discussing the idea with some friends to create a consultory coop firm, that focuses on the creation of coops to compete againts bourgeoise firms

still in process tho

OK, real talk, Maoists got mediocre theory at best, but they got HELLA praxis.

Like a coop firm that consults on making coops? Is there a lot of interest in your area for that? I know in my area there is a shit ton of worker-ran machine shops.

I gotta say, Maoists are probably my second least favorite leftists. But you're right. Literally every lefist group I've been a part of had either mostly SocDems or Maoists as the head.

there are a lot of interest from entrepeneurs, but they want to form bourgy firms, we want to offer lower costs for consultory if they decide to engage in a cooperative mode

I guess preparing myself intellectually and physically for the revolution and dissuading others from doing counter-productive stupid shit for the sake of doing something "revolutionary"
Catalonia and Ukraine have shown enough times what the result of that is.
Markets without Capitalism, mainly so I can persuade ancaps and libertarians, and Industrial Society and Its Future.

united front is a meme by tankies to kill any non tankies once they take power and dissolve democracy,again. But more libertarian forms of socialism I would work with, so long as muh self decaying state is as small as possible and really does self decay

Greene, environmentally orientated an-com.


Read a bunch of shit the past two months and listening to David Graeber stuff the past week.

Good luck. It's hard to convince entrepeneurs that since a lot of them don't intend on actually working at the place, but instead rather manage it.

It's almost like they know we are better at fighting and mobilizing because our ideology encourages it and they use us and then throw us away after

Agitate with the intention of organizing. Currently targeting diassfected college students and guys who got their hours cut to 20 or less a week.

If I was reasonably sure it would succeed and he wouldn't kill me or sperg out with tankie autism.

Is Bookchin good?

pick one

He is good, especially as a historian of the movements he was in.

Bookchin is good because it's always beneficial to read criticism of lifestylism so you can convert people who beat up trash cans with some wellthought out arguements

trash cans deserved it tbh

Make trash cans afraid again

That is one tough trashcan.

If you pay attention to the end of the .gif, you'll see they start rolling it away. They were probably using it to build up a barricade, although they had a bit of fun with it.

Trashcans hide the real probelm of the later part of consumerism, trash generation

Trashcans, as zizek said, simply let us feel comfortable about doing "our part" but stop us from analyzying where does trash is actually diposed

Without trashcans, litter would be everywhere, qnd people would be forced to accept the consumerist cycle as a whole

What does everyone think of the growing libertarian/ancap movement in the US? Do you think it has potential to lead people to actual anarchism? I think so, considering I was one of them, and it's what lead me to anti-statism and I realized that anti-capitalism was the next logical step.

I think there's broadly two types of people who believe in it. The first group, which I think is the biggest, is people who abhor coercion and violence and who honestly think minimal state or stateless "capitalism" would inevitably lead to greater equality and freedom for everyone, "the free market will fix it", I feel like Ron Paul and his supporters exemplified this kind; I think they have a lot of potential for switching over to real anarchism, likely the freed market kind. The other type, which seems to be growing closer to the alt-right, is full of closet authoritarians who basically want to be petty kings over their property and believe in social darwinism through the actions of the "free" market, i.e. poor people deserve to be poor because they're dumb and lazy and rich people deserve to be rich because they're hardworking entrepreneurs. Both kinds tend to be inconsistent with their beliefs, sometimes being closer to the other kind on certain issues, but the ones who fully embrace the crypto-authoritarian, social darwinist aspect are obviously attracted to the alt-right and there seems little hope of converting them.

ancaps are basically either autists,like actually autistic people , or pedos. You'll never find a normal ancap over the age of 15 who isn't one of those groups. Most either realise it's retarded or they go full nazi

I actually think it reached it's peak in the middle of the Obama years and is now on the decline. The tea party got sacked pretty hard by their own party and the voters. The libertarians were pretty much seen as a joke this whole election cycle with mister Aleppo at the helm.

Some of the figureheads will remain but the majority of the movement and the momentum got swept into Trumpism and they will die on that rock. People are already getting tired of fringe movements around them and they have wedded themselves to forms of reactionary politics that will only get more unpopular as time goes on.

Soft leninist here
Reading proudhon at the moment, I enjoy his sarcasm.

No longer shall the workers feed from the trashcan of ideology


That type of unhelpful black and white thinking prevents you from actually realizing why people believe what they believe and how to persuade them otherwise.

Maybe the specific ideology, but I think the general feelings of "let people mind their own business" and "the free market is good" is becoming more ubiquitous.
I think that's definitely true. For some reason they're all drunken the koolaid that he's the promised messiah. I guess when they got someone anti-establishment and pro-business their hype filled in everything else.

Well that is the basic ideology of the Fukuyama paradigm, but I think that is also on the decline. Not as fast as libertarianism/ancapism is, because neoliberals are in power and they want it to work, but still people want other options now that doesn't necessarily mean they want our brand of socialism, but it does mean the failures of capitalism are coming back into peoples consciousness.

I cant wait until Trump inevitably goes down in flames and Stefan and Alex Jones have to make videos saying they never really were "that" into him. Along with all those other people who dipped into his popularity for short term gain. Don't let them escape the obvious racism, sexism and total hypocrisy of beliefs antithetical to their supposed puritan free market ideals.

I give the Paul's some credit in that they said they will fight against Trumps imperialism and other excesses.

I think most people who start with Anarchism, start as center egoists without actually knowing who Stirner is. I know myself and many people I knew were very individualist and believed that as long as what someone was doing wasn't hurting anyone or myself, then so be it. Being bothered by anything else was a fault of myself that I need to address (a spook). And without knowing the harms of capitalism, a lot of anarchists who are petty bourgeoisie think capitalism is harmless, so being against it falls under one of these spooks. That is how the AnCap is born

Anarchkiddies are the dumbest fucking beings in existence.

You've never met any "Maoists" or "anti-imperialists" have you fam.

What if people want to form a state to achieve higher goals like a space program? Isn't stopping them oppression?

Fixing my own live before doing anything elss tbh educating myself till then.

No, left unity should only happen under a coherent political platform and thats impossible with tankies.

Listening to the 10h Bookchin lecture series about Urbanisation against Cities on youtube atm. Its not good entry level Bookchin though.

Anarchism is not against organisation. Atleast every sane anarchist direction.

t. Buttmad marxist

As long as organization doesn't have hierarchies then it's fine. Why doesn't anyone get that? Im almost positive it's not only Holla Forums people that say this stuff, but even people from here just don't bother to read anarchist theory

Heirachies have existed since the dawn of time. Even bumfuck African tribes have members with more power than others. Grow up kiddy.

That's why it's an ascension and not a descension. Anarchism isn't primitive, it's futurist. Marx himself plotted the change from feudalism to capitalism and capitalism to communism. Why not one step farther?

Also Ancient Greece had city-states with early forms of societies without hierarchies for a time

I've never looked at it that way before.
I never considered that perspective.
How could I have missed such an obvious truism?
What can bring a person to believe such foolish things as I?
How could I be bereft of such wisdom and insight?
I never fired my neurons in the direction of that thought process.

In other words it really made me think.

You're a fucking idiot. There has never been a successful anarchist society because it gets shut-down quick by other entities who wield actual power. Get past your teenager phase.

Stay cuckolded

How often do you blow your boss?

t. 18th century king


Again, heirachy has existed since the dawn of man. Anarchism is post-meme. All anarchkiddies whether they be ancoms, ancaps, ansyndicalists, etc are stupid as shit. Nobody likes you retards. Even Lenin hated you.

So you're from Holla Forums then? Because why would you be here if you didn't believe in the actual transition from capitalism to communism? That's one of Marx's main points

You finally made me do it, no one complain. Tomorrow I'm adopting a trip, my name will be "Greene not prim" I hate having to explain this over and over. Fuck Ted K.

You made me do this dudes. I didn't ask for this fate.

What I read

Gotta be Holla Forums because even tankies aren't this retarded. Holla Forums is obsessed with cucking, of course they love muh hierarchies

I'm here to laugh at anarchtards.


Tippity top kek.

Go to Somalia you meme.


I'll remember not everyone has the muh privilege of working in a cooperative next Mondays

Holla Forums here

Can I still be lowkey racist mysoginist in communism?

I guess closeted cucks wouldmstill exist under communism so yes

I don't care because you are cucked by the state with all the laws and authorities you have to obey anarchkiddke. :^)

Your utopian system won't eradicate hatred.

You could but you may be less inclined to hold on to your spooks though.


It will eradicate people like you tho

top wew


You are the same cuckmfrom the cuban thread right?

anarchy is the most retarded thing ideologs could came with, they form the closest movement who's managed into making a religion out of politics

You're a LARPing retard. Get over yourself. Anarchists are inexplicably stupid. By all means though, push it some more so your ideology is undermined even further.

Tell us where did the anarchist touched you, use this doll

all of you are fucking retards

t. post-left anarchy

Just reading and learning for now. Maybe someday there will be a organization I can join or even form myself. But for now to read, learn and prepare physically for a potential revolution is enough.

If a tankie revolution occurred and they actually placed the power in the hands of the people they say they would. Then yes. But I doubt many of them would actually do that.

I took the Bookchin pill. Communalisim seems absolutely based.

top kek, did you make those comics?

Crimethinc: "Your Politics are Boring as Fuck"

Post-Left Anarchism, forever

Depends on the type of ancap. If it's the dude weed lmao type like Adam Kokesh it's worth trying to convert.

But if it's the paleo/aut right/molyneux types, they deserve a bullet.

But you'll also find that a lot of far-left and far-right people in general are autistic. Normies tend to just go with the flow.

Stop having such a shitty ideology and change your flag than!

No I found them on one of the forbidden sites but it looks like it might have been made by someone from here

Not to be self-gratifying but you'll definitely find that far left people aren't usually as socially retarded as the far right because our victim complex targets large entities rather than individuals so we don't feel alienated by people. At least in my experience

The flow is definitely changing though, I know lots of normies who have become Socialists recently.

But Makhno did literally nothing but raid a bit whilst the Red Army won the war. And the only reason tankies were even able to get into power in Kekalonia is because your failure of an ideology refused to disband the bourgeois state and seize power for itself because apparently acknowledging that power is a thing that exists is anti-ideological.

Except my "failure of an ideology" has actually been put into effect how it was intended and Catalonia did better with it. Unlike the other members of the republicans, the CNT held control of land and politics and supplied 1/4th the troops. That wasn't enough for the powers that be and their allies were lackluster

There are more greenes than prims in the world, but because leftypol likes to make a meme out of every ideology only prims get acknowledged here for some reason.