Open borders = bad

what did Bernie Sanders mean by this?

see vid

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He's right.
Open boarders only makes sense in the context of a globalized socialist/communist world.
Open boarders under capitalism it's suicide.

Right now, open borders only means cheaper manpower.

"Open borders" means you get to enter the country without citizenship status and work for lower wages and no benefits. It also means the porkies can move their money to any tax haven they want.

"No borders" is what communists want. It means world communism or even world socialism has been achieved, and there's no more bourgeois competition, so there's no point in protectionism.



That means he's hiding his power level, of course.

people who advocate open borders for muh accelerationism deserve to be shot. They're all some fucking labor aristocrat who doesn't have to worry about unskilled migrants taking their job, or having it automated.

The only thing wrong about open borders is that it makes right-wingers stronger

t. Karl Marx

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join or form a syndicate then

In fact, I would not be surprised if right wing governments made borders more lax while trying their voters the opposite, to fully take advantage of immigration politically.
Then blame the left as a hidden conspiracy to snuggle migrants in when the number of migrants keeps increasing

No socialist state has had open borders, for good reason

then again, Engels did say this, which I never quite understood

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He's right, however the material conditions are turning against "free trade." Because of increasing automation, there's no reason to go across the planet for cheaper labor.

typical socdem reactionary
hmmmm seems like Holla Forums likes accelerationism when it hurts brown people

From what I gathered from what he was saying is that he doesn't want Open Borders in the sense that you can be a citizen of another country, come into the US, and then work there for lower because you aren't protected under the laws of the US constitution. The UN would have to stop being a piece of shit and draft laws for international workers for this to be viable. Meanwhile, assimilating undocumented immigrants who are already in our country into citizens allows them to be paid the same as other citizens in our country and for there not to be a disproportionate amount of people from other countries being hired just because they're cheap labor. The people in the comments section of that video saying they see a little donald trump in him because of this are complete idiots

How can one man be so fucking based? Bernie even sees right through mass immigration as a tool for the capitalist class to squash the native working class.


tbh I think he's right, so long as nation states exist. Now one thing I couldn't tell there was whether he was saying that as it stands, we can't get rid of nation states (which is true) or that we should not get rid of nation states (which is at least much more contentious). If he's saying the former then he's absolutely right

yes, pretty much. marx is smarter than u

Marx also said to not be dogmatic.

nearly came when I found this quote to piss in the face of the libertarian crowd with.

keynes and protectionism have nothing to do with each other

Good he's finally coming to his senses


In case you haven't noticed, the most powerful country in the world uses a Keynesian system.

His Bancor/International Clearing Union proposal would have greatly increased state interference in international trade by design. Even Breton Woods (though not really following his proposals) coincided with balance-of-trade focused measures.
Libertarians tend not to like the idea of making it very very difficult for rich people to get their money out of your country.

not true keynesianism.
(Which I suppose is Post-Keynesianism. Truthfully I'm just a grumpy bastard who wants the postwar consensus back.)

How so?

any leftist agitating for mass immigration needs to be dumped in mogadishu

t. social fascist betrayer of the global working class

Socdems truly are babbys first critique of capitalism

How in the fuck do you figure?

not really, i just don't want migration into my neighbourhood

this response is typical of a person haven't read Keynes, and all his information about Keynes comes from right-wing talking points.

I'm assuming you mean the present US.
New Keynesianism is to Keynesianism as Social Democracy is to socialism, if that makes sense. That is to say, it isn't, it's the fluffy version of something else - neoclassical economics.
It has some common heritage, but that's about it.
In a more simplified sense (my love of that postwar consensus period) full employment isn't a primary goal of economic policy again, infrastructure investment seems to be lacking, and so on.

The bancor would certainly make it much more inconvenient to move money around. Breton Woods certainly seems to have done the job to a reasonable degree, and that was a pretty shit system designed to fall apart from the day it was built.
In the modern age, where we could go full Orwell and track each individual unit if necessary…
Now, you've still got all the problems of capitalism domestically, and you've still got some degree of international exploitation. It'd just be a slightly tidier way of doing things.

The US military is a giant jobs program. Even more people working in the "private sector" work for companies who depend on government contracts.

No, I mean, what would constitute True Keynesianism, then?

I'm not sure if you want me to run off policy proposals, or what. It was mostly just a reference to "not true X" putting it in such blunt terms, since the neoclassical synthesis is a compromise with something explicitly not Keynesian. I couldn't exactly articulate a perfect object myself.

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ergo he's infallible? You're dumber than shit

Although since you note the US military as a jobs program, I'll dig up some history from the dying days of the postwar consensus:–Hawkins_Full_Employment_Act
The government is authorized to (but never acted on the ability) create jobs programs, with a specific target of 3% - but has never acted on this. Unemployment stands at just under 5%, and has done for a long time. (The lowest recently, a cursory google suggests, was 3.8% in August 2000.)

Now whether this is the mystical true Keynes is highly debatable, but the 3% target figure is very interesting. The government has the power, but not the will, to bring it about.


I love our military. We need to rebuild our military and make it great again. No one loves our military more than me. I'm the most militaristic person you'll ever meet. We can create a lot of jobs with the military.

t. Donald Trump

Feel free to explain why Trump is bad in the context of this video

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No, increasing automation has made porky more desperate than ever for free trade. Automation isn't complete, and is proceding at about the same rate it always was. Workers learned to extract a piece of the pie (less than half, but still a piece) created by automation. Free trade allows for porky to threaten any kind of organized labor with simply moving the job out of the country and keep wages flat.

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No surprise, SocDems are basically fascists

You cannot be leftist if you are against open borders and free movement of peoples.

I'm not, and you can't be leftist while having absolutely no regard for the proletariat's conditions which would suffer under such a massive reserve of labor.

That was back in 2015.

Sanders was better back then. He got cucked by the Democrats.

Well, at least Jim Webb jumped the ship.