Porky is scared


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How does this org hold up against other commie orgs?

it's a wing of the democrats with ironic brooklyn hipster characteristics

So it's just basically reformist?

every god damn time

What a cuck

Didn't know the latest Chrome update included a Porky-to-English translator

It's a big-tent socialist org, so quality can vary.

Ah, this is what I worried would be the case.

Are there any not shit Socialist/Communist orgs left in the good 'ol USA?

for them



I hope Bruenig writes a response that's just like, "Capitalism Is Bad." Maybe he's already done so

That's what they want, none of these people want democratic workers ownership of the means of production, none of these people have read theory and this Bernie is a radical leftist, these people water down real socialists and are the main thing holding us back from conversing with the real proletariat and not yuppies.They're liberals not comrades

have you even been on their site?

Uh, but my boss explicitly told me he wasn't sleeping with my wife

ole porky is scared eehehehehehehehehhheheheh

a huge percentage of America's best scientists basically have to go work on Silicon Valley and develop advanced consumer tracking and advertising techniques, or go to Wall Street and create new algorithms for high-frequency trading. In case this idiot was not aware, brains are what create innovation, not capital or profit motives. Sure, Google is a nice thing to have, but the modern tech companies aren't exactly Bell Labs.

Many scientists would do their jobs for a low salary as long as they had some semblance of job security and benefits and there weren't hundreds of PhDs for one tenure-track professorship. If the US wants innovation they should start a new Apollo program, not try to get Google to Disrupt (tm) More.

There's no brakes on the accelerationism train baby!

I know about DSA, they're alright as an organisation but this influx of liberals is just idpol and not socialist

Depends on the chapter, some are basically hives of straight up revolutionary socialists, others are as describe. The actually stance of the organization itself is explicitly socialist though, and usually doesn't get too involved in electoral politics beyond more local stuff (support for Sanders being the notable exception recently).


The americans have aparently only now discovered social-democracy, and are calling it socialism.

Waiting for Phil Greaves and Red Kahina to claim that this absolutely proves Jacobin and DSA are CIA shills.

Yeah porky is getting worried.


Trudieboy is trying to appease the working class instead. It was posted on reddit and look at the comments. reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/5upxl5/its_time_to_pay_a_living_wage_to_pay_your_taxes/

Lumpenledditors everywhere basically regurgitating, "We're capitalists, and that's just the way it is."

is Phil a schizo? He seems so paranoid that literally everybody is a CIA operative and out to get us. Or is this just what happens to your brain when you go full tankie?

Phil seems based TBH, from what I have read.

I am not too familiar with Red Kahina.

nigga wat? He is full tankie mode

Literally nothing wrong with being a Tankie. Never apologize for the Soviet Union.

Seriously though, what is there to worth apologizing about when it comes to the Soviet Union era?

Only Trotskyites kvetch about the SU being bad.

And I was happy for a second.

Operation Barbarossa :^)

Which is funny as shit because Trotsky helped building it by being just as "tankie" as everbody else

Unlike Stalin, Trotsky was a competent military leader.

Can somebody cutpaste the entire article? I was going to do it, but I can't get onto page 2 using Google Cache
(When I find the people who decided to put in an anti-adblocker, add that quote of the day thing and paginate articles, I will make Pol Pot look like a fucking Social Democrat.)

NSA/GCHQ note: The preceding post was satire.

I'm a confuse

There is more to winning a war than just being a dashing commander, after all it was Stalins military infrastructure and doctrine that saved the day in the end.

hyg fam


Well there's the whole thing where they abolished the soviets and repressed any attempt at actually achieving socialism.

But besides that, they're cool.

Stalin's purges almost crippled the armed forces beyond repair

You mispelled Tukhachevsky's.

part 2


Thanks a bunch, user.
Interestingly part 2 seems to work if you click "continue" in the first link, but if you try to open it in a new tab it redirects you.

wait, so this whole socialism thing isn't a repressive state capitalist regime that are practically fascists? It's actually about putting the workers in power of their own lives and own labour? Wow,who knew?

Socialism is competing with alterantive right wing politics for adherents. Lots of blacks and hispanics will be drawn to socialism, but I'm afraid whites will always be drawn towards fascism as its the only system that directly panders to them.

In short: whites have less revolutionary potential due to their bias towards porky economics systems which are veiled attempts at constructing racial caste systems

I would like to remind this illiterate liberal hack that Schumpeter, of all people, argued for large government owned firms in a book, unironically, titled Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy.

the DSA is probably whiter than Holla Forums kek
Holla Forums is all mulattoes arguing over who is whiter


Wait, I thought it was actually about ethics in game journalism

What's this deeply triggering and problematic ethnic division about mate? More whites are liberals who oppose fascism than those who want it

what word was this filtered from again?

I did not know an*ti white filters to deeply triggering and excellent

"problematic" kek

and that itself is filtered?damn, can we just get a list of the filters please? Its funny when it pisses of Holla Forums but it can hold back discussion some times

deeply triggering and problematic

holy shit your right this is great!

deeply excellent and excellent

engaging in deeply triggering and problematic behaviour

*Strasser = Asser
*irrelevant shiting = irrelevant shiting



I know the often used ones like those,and whit*e genocid*e but every so often you come across a rare one and look like an idiot

anuddah shoah


What was filtered?

hey look there's the guy who personally executed small children

why does whit*e genocid*e filter specifically to anuddah shoah?

because you're a newfag

wh*te genoc*de


dont h8 m80

Hey look, two posts made by a faggot!

No you can lurk more and stop posting retarded shit like everyone else here manages to do, snowflake.

more like tens of thousands, this is only a problem in the west afaik

I know what the word filters are and why they are there.I mean what does the Hebrew word for Holocaust have to do with the conspiracy that whites are going to be replaced by colonising immigrants have to do with one another?one is an organised mass killing and the other is just a demographics shift


I called you a fucking newfag for a reason, kindly stop posting and lurk more.

Better than them whining about not inheriting daddy's drug ring for 6 decades.

Wish someone had executed me as a small child tbh.

If Silicon Valley was a government program, it would have been cut long ago. Imagine the conservative and neoliberal outcry if there when that program got trillions in funding and used it to reproduce the same phone multiple times and apps on said phones that give you a shitty part time job.

What kind of an idiot is scared of the left in its current state? At this rate a "radical" leftist is more likely to believe in everyone's right to have their own personal pronouns than anything tangible.

The US loves government spending if the military is receiving the money. It would just be more defense-oriented.

They're radicalizing,user. A movement isn't built in a day.

Why live?

We're comin' bucko.

Yeah but at the end of the day we either need reformism to make capitalism less shit or accelerationism to get rid of it faster. It'll also help if we have power structures in place to be sure we replace it with socialism and not some neofuedalist ancap or 'third way' Holla Forumsack nonsense.





Its making fun of Holla Forums by comparing the to exactly what they say Jews are doing.

Got me fucked up

Why? I thought social democracy served to reinforce capitalism by making its abuses more tolerable?

They don't want to be taxed. Pretty simple.

I really want to see these people hang.

too good for them tbh


When people on this board can go on and say anyone from Iraq is probably not our ally and fall for Bush era propaganda all over again, and fall for anti-immigrant Othering

I think its fair to say western whites are not above criticism as they themselves present to the rest of the world population, as the world population.

Which is neither idpol nor denying it. It's just simply statement of fact that we live in a world where ethnic nationalism can be used without a population's knowing, when it hurts their own rights and the rights of future movements against the state and economy as it exists.

It's idpol the moment you make it about "Western whites".

Soon comrade


Your feelings do not end where self criticism begins. Your rejection is as suspicious as your accusation.

The deciding factor in how you react to capitalist propaganda is not the color of your skin, but the ideological framework you have grown up and live under.

It is disingenuous to voice criticism towards Western whites, when the color of their skin is only insofar relevant as it is utilized within the ideological framework of Western society to strengthen racist ideas – not only does it miss the point, it only further reinforces the underlying notion of identity politics, that grouping people by their respective manufactured identities (in this case the color of their skin), and using it as the main identifier of people, is an alright practice to do. Once you make it your focus, you have already lost. Furthermore it delivers an incomplete picture as well, since as I said the color of one's skin is not the actual source of discrimination/misinformation/whatever your respective issue is (you brought up the example of falling for Bush era propaganda), someone who is not white can very well be subject to the same criticism and that is the moment where again social conflict is created due to perpetuated ignorance.

Identity politics is not rejected for being a fundamentally untrue point of view or making strictly false observations, it is rejected because it is incomplete and through this can be utilized by the ruling class to hurt class consciousness and even worse, pervert those ideas which fall under the identity politics umbrella to the point where they become straight up harmful (white nationalism and so on).

No, it's not. It is neither saying any group is superior or inferior.

Engage in simple self criticism without being hurt. Stop being sensitive. Understand your individuality and the color of your skin, as you say, does not matter.

I'm not even white.

That doesn't matter.

tukachevsky got killed for being a trotskyite you stupid tank

But, it does? All you have been able to respond with is to tell me to engage in some form of "self-criticism" in response to me rejecting criticism towards Western whites for being simplified and ignorant.

Or what sort of self-criticism were you talking about?

No it doesn't, if it did it would be idpol.

That's not what I said and you fail to understand the simplistic notion any one ethnic group can fall for nationalism and the one in power tends to fall for it easier.

You can deny it, shut your ears, close your eyes, not be white, I really don't give a shit.

It's material fact. Ignoring it useless, and that's all your arguing. Ignore the idpol, let me criticize the idpol.

Trotsky > Stalin >>>>>>>>> Ayy LMao

Not mao's fault that sparrows and locusts are bourgeoisie imperialists