Just finished season 1 and holy shit this show is brilliant...

Just finished season 1 and holy shit this show is brilliant. Went into it expecting a soulless cash grab and ended up with something that rivals the original movie.

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>>138788438Yeah, I didn't expect it to be so good.How did they avoid being trite and stupid?

The tournament was just like my Japanese animes. I like seeing people who can actually pull off the fights in live-action.

>>138788438It's cringe kino. I appreciate the 80's style of not taking everything too serious and just having fun with it.

Finished season 2 last night. Pretty good except for the High School Musical drama. Worried that season 3 is involved with Netflix though.

This show and the movie make me miss my Sensei. I live in a small village and didn't do karate, but a guy opened a small Japanese Jujutsu dojo in our village community centre and he was a really cool dude who taught me a bunch of awesome stuff. Sadly after a year he got a bad injury and had to close down and eventually moved away.Dude was the closest thing to a real life mentor I've ever had.

>>138788776YOU'RE CRINGE

>>138788438Tanner Buchanan is relentlessly handsome.

>>138788618I'm guessing youtube isn't part of the hollywood circlejerk so they were more loose with what they allowed.


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>>138788618I’m sure very few women were involved in creative decision making

>>138788817apparently it was already finished before the deal wrapped up

>>138788967Manlet Val Kilmer

>>138788967There is no way he's not related to Travolta.

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Why did Karate phase out sleeveless gi? It looks so much better.


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>>138788988>>138788438Just wait for season 3 when Netflix fully pozzes it

>>138789372Reminds me of Ed Skrein. And Tory's actress looks like Mia Sara.

>>138789419YouTube already filmed S3, it's in the can. S4 however is totally up for grabs.

>>138789419Netflix generally just throw blank checks at productions and let them do whatever they want. They just tend to go out of their way to choose the faggiest most pozzed people to work with. It shouldn’t be a problem with something that has already established themselves like this.

name one thing hawk did wrong

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>>138789556vandalize, steal.

>>138789608t. weakling with mercy

Coors makes alcoholism look cool. I remember in episodes of It's Always Sunny they would notably not be drinking Coors if they were getting really drunk

Will she be in season 4 now that it's blown up in Netflix

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Literally me

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>>138789556He was practically brainwashed by Kreese. Everyone treats him like shit though, even before Kresse was around.

>>138789556I'm not a Hawkfag like the rest of you. But I will say it was based that after his fight with Miguel in the woods, they showed up to the dojo and Miguel tried to apologize and Hawk was like,>"Fuck that! We were enemies for one day. But we're Cobra Kai for life!"#BestBudsAlso, when Miguel was hurt, Hawk was by his side already planning his revenge on the evil Miyagi-Dojo. No mercy.


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>>138789556Forgot the part about power and responsibility.Got a tattoo.Got a tattoo of a girlfriend's name.Didn't pursue a threesome.

> that rivals the original movieBut the original movie is shit.

>>138788438finished seasson 2 today, best revival kino ever. Ready for seasson 3 and worried for Netflix shitting the bed

>>138789764t. faggot zoomer

>>138789688I think that's the main appeal.Johnny is a character not often portrayed well, or at least sympathetically.He's very well written & acted.

>>138789742LMAO that part was amazing

>>138789764Zoomers get out!

>>138788438Will Yasmine train with Johnny and get revenge on Aisha?


>>138788438Honestly it has no right to be as good as it is. Specially for a fucking youtube production...

The guy who played kreese has aged really well. Dudes in his mid 70s

>>138789764You cant argue cultural impact though. It was huge. (Born in 1991)


>>138789783Back then when watched this shit for the first time I realize why should Icare for this wimpy wop faggot kid?I already watched Rocky, the superior film.Karate kid was just a PG version of Rocky

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>History repeats itself in the Miguel vs Robby fight I haven't been that hype in ages

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>>138789909Dude, I didn't watch it initially because how COULD it be good. The show has so much heart. Surprised at the quality writing. It confuses me.

>>138789505except that this came out of Youtube Red, yes, even upcoming season 3.netflix didn't throw the money until three seasons were complete.

I like how all the characters aren’t good or bad. Its honestly a really cheesy power rangers show but it’s got soul.

S3 - Quest for a spine

>>138789909i agree. this shit is kino in its own right

>>138790025Im surprised netflix didn’t have a hand in the [lesbians]spoiler[/lesbians]

>>138790133That was a 30 second inconsequential scene. If Netflix were in charge, lesbians would be the focus of 7 outta 10 episodes.

>>138790133They did Hawk dirty. Can't blame him for becoming a hothead.

Wish I could find a compilation of all Johnny's QUIETs.

>>138789556he stole a medal of honorpretty sure thats a felony

Did Tommy have brain cancer? If so, does that mean Miyagi basically had a hand in killing him?

>>138788438My normie best friend sent me YouTube vids of this. If you enjoyed this, you have been brainwashed by kikes.

>>138790408Yes. He had brain cancer for 30 years.

>>138789681God I hope so

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>>138790064Kek. I just got this. I thought you meant that Miyagi-Do was "weak" and needed to grow a pair.


>>138789681I'm not sure there will be a s4, and wasn't she semi-confirmed to not be "in the showrunners' ideas"?

>>138790020>>138790115I honestly expected nothing more than a low budget cashgrab but the dramatic elements legitimately work by themselves. Granted i probably would not have given it a chance if it wasn´t for the Karate kid nostalgia because i usually pass from contemporary dramas but i think in this case the idea works even for newcomers that know jack shit about Karate Kid because the story they created work both as a legit continuation of Karate kid and by itself.

>>138789556Stole a MoH.

>>138788438tried episode 1 yesterday and couldn't get through it


Miguel is dead

>>138789556Got moon tattoo

>>138789556Was a Jew

>>138789025>putting the teenage titty monster 2 tiers below the boring "milf"meme chart disregarded

>>138793654get through ep 2 and 3 first

>>138789025Moon should be above Hawk. She beat the shit out of him.

Fuck Demetri

>>138795512why? he’s literally a good portrayal of a 4channeler

>>138789556Got cucked by a dyke,any mans Nightmare

Kinda wish that Mean Girl blonde from S1 was still around.

what was the point of this scene

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>>138788726The fighting gets generally better in season 2, now that the main cast has had more time to train. Macchio still stands out as someone who quite literally can't do karate though, just like the original movies. >>138789486Why do you think they delayed it user. Come on now, think. >>138789556Being Hawk isn't working out for him, but society was never going to keep letting him be Eli. He's not done working out who he is yet, but he's going to make it. Moon doesn't need to be a part of that. He needs to stop giving people power over him. >>138790207As long as Sam and Moon where the lesbian couple, and there was a lot of full frontal, unsimulated sexual contact between the two of them, that'd be kino and they could drop the karate plots as far as I'm concerned. >>138796639There are two points clearly visible user pls rewatch and get back to me.

>>138796639Sam’s tits

anyone else notice maccio's form? He looks like a skinnyfat guy with his slouched shoulders. I noticed it, and now I can't stop noticing every fucking time.I know they needed filler, but all I give a shit about is Johnny, Miguel, Kreese, and Daniel LaRusso, Miguel's relationship with his girlfriend. That's it, I don't give a single fuck about that black kid and his friend, the two 12 year olds, LaRusso's daughter, or Johnny's son. Or that stupid cunt tory, dumb fetal alcohol bitch. cut that god damn screen time christ.

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>>138798013but i want a tori gf...sorry am a waifu fag

>>138798013I appreciate that most of the filler is humor. I can enjoy stingray and the sub-plot with the two little kids becoming rivals because its mostly been funny. The black kid and friend I'm not invested in, but its gotten so little screen time I can live with it. LaRusso's son is pointless and Johnny's son I irrationally hate.Rory is the worst though. I just want Miguel to be happy with Sam, kid deserves it at this point.

I've been enjoying it. Seems like most conflicts could have been avoided had LaRussos not been such a self righteous faggot

>heh it's my dojo nowThis was dumb as fuck. Johnny's name is on all the business permits and licenses. You don't lose your business because some leathery boomer waltzes in and says he's the owner now.

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>>138798150Nah I also want Tory to sit on my face but let's not make these threads waifu faggotry

>>138798663>You don't lose your business because some leathery boomer waltzes in and says he's the owner now.Just wait till it happens to you bucko.

>>138798766Truly the entitlement generation.

>>138788438My doctor says I could be on the spectrum

>>138798809It was a handshake deal. Only Kreese had a firm handshake. If Johnny could have made eye contact and firmly grasped the landlord's hands he would have still had the dojo, but his hands where weak and his eyes were glazed over from staying up to late watching Iron Eagle and Jacking off. Now Kreese, the clean living man from a clean generation that he is (not to mention a war hero), has been living a clean healthy life on nothing but well done corned beef hash and red hot sanka. Johnny literally can't get up early enough in the morning to catch Kreese. Gen X never had a chance. >>138799053Well, get off it pronto, bucko. Just make healthy eye contact and give healthy hand shakes. You've got bootstraps, don't you spergy?

I'm just glad that goofy looking japanese mother fucker from the first season faded away