Do you agree with this image

do you agree with this image


idgaf who you are ,so long as you want to take up arms to oppose capitalism.And yeah man,fuck cops they are class traitors who uphold capitals power

awfully specific but sure, better than the alternative.

better than the opposite, i mean.

I agree, sonny boo

If somebody burglarized your house while you were gone, and the police came and figured out who it was, wouldn't you want them to be armed when they confront the person? The burglar could just shoot them if they were disarmed, and it would just mean the burglars win. Cops need guns in order to enforce the law.

Just hire the transwoman private security company.

my African american friend please.In socialism the proletariat are the ones who police,not a militarised capitalist policing force out there 'for the greater good'

not if the transwomen you're arming are as unstable as the ones I've met

second part is fine though

Why do you want to maintain a society with a proclivity for crime, such as burglary?

It sounds kinda stupid

That's why we want to disarm them.

Look at their flag and remember Freud.


We need regulations in order to have a just society. Things like innocent until proven guilty, or making sure committing a crime has a fit punishment ordered by a judge. If you had just random people out there dishing out vigilante justice for any target people gave them, many innocents would be killed (among other problems that could occur)


Are you a nazi or a liberal?

ASIF (Anarcho Surrealist Insurrectionary Feminist) Manifesto

Dangerous Spaces: Violent Resistance, Self-defense, and Insurrectional Struggle Against Gender

cool,so why do we need cops to do that?I,with a gun, can apprehend a known criminal which could them be brought forwards before a jury assembled of locals by our peers in which evidence is brought forth by both sides until the jury votes on the verdict.I'm not seeing where we need an armed opposition to workers interests,which is what the police are, involved in this?



TBH the only people I've seen use images like this have been bougies or cops.

why do so many on here hate cops? is it an american thing?

Change "trans women" for "everyone" and I'm on board

Is there a difference?

Perhaps, but the sentiment is correct. We should arm the left.

Stop misgendering men who decapitated their own dicks as something else. It's common courtesy.

Nazis are liberals on crack.

if cops shouldnt be armed, would you also suggest that citizens should not be armed either? cops are supposed to be citizens.
what if a citizen gets a gun and starts using it against innocent people? would you think this is a military issue?



Oh You're serious.



Tranny PMCs are peak ancapism

tfw no dick grill militia patrolling your neighborhood keeping you safe


If you disagree with that statement, you're not a leftist and need to fuck off this board

Get rid of the hammer&sickle and then yes. I'm not looking to overturn authoritarian capitalist hierarchy just to replace it with authoritarian socialist authority.
But yes, arm everybody and remove authority.

I dont want the mentally ill armed at all

Disarm them both



How can you be an anarchist? You'd need hierarchy to do that.

The fuck how do you think we disarm cops then

Shoot them because they are the violent enforcers of hierarchy.
Being trans does not make your hierarchical enforcer of things by nature. Unless a trans person got a job as a cop.

You are going to make this redditor have an autistic meltdown, it that what you want?


Then the community has taken a monopoly on violence over previously established police and…

well, do you fools know what a state is?

giv everywun gun ooga booga

nvm gotta remember mutualists are retarded

just be ancaps already

How is that a monopoly? "The community" is entirely meaningless because it could mean literally everyone in a 100 person village or 40,000 people from a 100,000 person city. Don't just call me names. In order to enforce who can and cannot personally own a thing, like a gun, you'd need coercive hierarchical power, which requires a state to be formed.


You ARE fuckin' retarded! That's exactly what you're doing to has been cops in this case!

More proof annihils are just ancaps with extra edge
The only alternative to minority rule is majority rule - either way somethings getting enforced somehow


What about no rulers you fucking tankie

We have no rulers in majority rule but established social expectations

Do you know nothing of anarchism?

Rising up against a hierarchy is not the same as murdering a comrade?
I don't understand what you mean.

No. The mentally ill should not be allowed to possess weapons.

No I don't want to be shot for using he instead of she or "dead naming" someone

Let's be honest here, trans women don't use guns.

Most trans women can be good allies and we'll protect their rights, but I'm not expecting a trans task force in the revolution.

Do you faggot?

Literally samefagging

Without capitalist hierarchy there is no need to do anything to one time police - with capitalist hierarchy there is no reason to arm trannys before anyone

use your brain

Here's your you

maybe read books and not memes

Ancom making another absolute abhorrent post

Proudhon is pappy and all but the OG3 are better


The cops are not a race?
I don't want to army only a niche group of people, I want to army everyone against aggression from capitalist hierarchy.

fucking wew lad

Proudhon is the OG you faglord

Yeah, pretty much.

Thank you.

The very definition you cited proved you wrong.

Proudhons the father, Bakunin, Kropotkin and Goldman are the OGs

There's a reason mutualism was dead on arrival

Only if those trans women are lefties

You're just nitpicking semantics to dodge what you were asserting before.
Fighting the violent hierarchical "protectors" of private property is not a genocide.
Everyone arming themselves to fight their oppressors does not make them a state.
Creating a basis where only certain people can't have a gun needs a state.

uh… I just jumped in this thread and made one (1) post

I'm , the two posters before me are reactonaries

Because retards like you fell for the marxists fairytale of planned production, and look where it got us

Most trans women are capitalists, seeing as their new gender requires 20K tits and constant medication. In the event of revolution they'd transition back due to lack of horse pee.

dumb terf


First of all,there is no ethical consumption under capitalism,you don't have to be a fucking monk to be a socialist.Secondly,how does their gender transition in anyway oppose socialism?They spend money on it sure but that doesn't make them non class conscious proletariat.Thirdly,capitalists own the means of production,how many Trans people are even capitalists?they may fund capitalism,but so do you by literally existing within a capitalist society and participating in the market. Forthly,your point about the lack of female hormones come the revolution due to a lack of supply in no way makes them not revolutionary and not trans.
this is some of the most obvious Holla Forums I have seen,please fuck off.It's not even the transphobia that flags you,'cause we have a lot of anti LGBT socialists here, it's the fact you clearly have no idea what a capitalist is

Yes Yes Yes!

Can we be more specific and say class conscious transwomen?
There in fact classcucked right wing transwomen who exist


are you suggesting we use some kind of sharpened rock tool to cut things?And even worse than that use tools to create a fire to cook?

More or less. Just don't stop with trans women.

>not giving J Barg a fuck ton of guns

Death to porky.

Worst case we keep female porkies alive to harvest their estrogen

I've never thought about where they get the hormones from they take it from humans? or,like insulin, do they take it from an animal that has a very similar hormone to humans? or do they make it in a lab?

It's just synthesized in a lab as far as I'm aware. The horse piss meme is because a drug old school trannies used to take, when trans healthcare was even worse than it is now, called Premarin is made using pregnant mare urine.

Only class conscious proletarian trans women.

Has the world gone to shit or have I just become more aware?

This. Our justice system would literally turn into the tumblr tribunal.

then the people who are being opposed by this would fight back against an unjust hierarchy.If you unironically agree with a nazi you need to gulag yourself.Not to mention this is all supposed after the revolution,we aren't handing out guns to SJWs and telling them to kill white cis men

I accept all your points, but the trans movement is not communist in character or demographic.

This is just a part of the SJW mentality that everyone who is a victim-class individual is 'revolutionary'.


The police are professionals which we invest a lot of time and resources into training, making them highly efficient at the job they perform, and able to withstand the immense psychological pressure that comes with it.
I'd rather have a group of highly trained professionals handling dicey situations.

Then you're a servile authoritarian.

I base my assessment on the body of the post and not the flag attached to it. There is a lot to disagree with when it comes to Nazis but I don't see any of it in his post.


dude thats just idpol.all identites of race,sexuality,gender,whatever the fuck are our comrades weather you like what they want to do with their bodies or who they want to fuck they oppose capitalism they oppose liberalism,they want communism then they're one of us

Start using an amateurs to police and see how many accidental deaths and miscarriages of justice result.

like that doesn't happen with the current police force

No, it's a valid point. You have to train their replacement or you'll end up with brutal thugs.

Of course it does, there will always be mistakes and corruption, but it happens a lot less than it would without a trained professional police force and justice system.

Then you are a liberal. A cynic understands that who's saying something says much more than the words that are said.

Police only need to be armed if they're protecting "order," that is, the unfair power relations between classes. It's telling that you won't imagine any other sort of police force than the paramilitary variety.

if you oppose an armed self policing proletariat,1 you haven't read marx so fuck off and read marx,2 you're a liberal,3 please fuck off to either Holla Forums or reddit

Call me whatever you want if it helps.
The fact is there is always someone willing to go further, neglect to have an armed, trained paramilitary police force, and military for that matter, and other groups will arm and will project their power.

100% only trannies should have guns.

cisgendered people should be disarmed and our military should be entirely made up of trannies.

that's why we need an armed proletariat,who can then shoot those fuckers if they try anything

And will certain members of this proletariat be trained specialists who handle emergency calls and patrol the streets? Or will it be a clusterfuck of volunteer firefighter types?

Then you cut them to size, officer.

everybody will have training,it's such a strawman to think we'd be giving guns to any motherfucker who asked nicely.It will be part of you basic education starting at around age 14

You're so invested in preserving the current mode of paramilitary policing that you have to be on porky's payroll.

So a bunch of jacks of all trades instead of people who hone their skills daily through performance of duty and training?
There are only so many hours in a day user.

mate,humans can learn a variety of skills, handling a fucking gun doesn't take 5 year course and a dissertation in theoretical physics.Also that saying goes "a jack of all trades is a master of none,but better than a master of one" you are so obviously a spooked liberal or COINTELPRO

More like muh real world applicable skills. And shill accusations are Holla Forums tier.

There is a lot more to police work than handling guns. Profiling, elicitation, a trained eye for attention to detail…
Not everyone is even inclined to perform the duties effectively, others seem like they were born for it.

This is rather arousing.

Only if you're imposing your will on an uncooperative, hostile population, which you are.
>>>Holla Forums

most of which lead to no conviction or a false conviction.Most crime would be eliminated in socialism as people have no need to rob or steal

So you think that there will be zero unrest or crime magically? How naive.

which an armed proletariat would deal with.and if it's the proletariat who are angry then there is a reason and so they should be armed to oppose the reason they are angry

I think there will be a much lower level of it when people aren't being intensely robbed by outsiders, as liberalism does. Officer Friendly, especially an Officer Friendly that lives in the same town, would have a lot more influence in defusing conflicts than some over-armed cyborg. Wouldn't you agree? Do you not see the problem with the authoritarianism inherent in professional policing, or do you just prefer it?

he's a spooked liberal or COINTELPRO.all he is doing is repeating the shit he's been told for years to uphold police brutality and the capitalist force to keep us down

I agree with the top half and disagree with the bottom half.

Are you some kind of retarded pacifist?

Anyone who violently resists workers revolution needs to be violently put down, cops included. Any cop that peacefully surrenders to the revolution and stops being a cop will obviously be spared.

Violent resistance to our revolution can only be crushed with violence, it's not rocket science.

disarming of gov is never going to happen

idpol get out

I mean, I'd appreciate the free rifle, but there's plenty of cis folks and trans men who should have guns. Really, we should be redistributing the means of revolution to everyone.

fucking this. bumping the thread just to bump this post

That post could very well be Anarcho-Capitalist.


That many mentally ill people all being given access to firearms all at once is a v good idea if you want lots of bodies and free organs to donate.

they'd probably off themselves than fire on friendlies,and that's up to them they control their own body

That's what I was implying, they would all kill themselves and their ex-bf's and shit. They wouldn't harm anybody else, they don't have the aggression or sperging capabilities of an incel male.

I know 2 trannys who are comrades. They're down to overthrow capitalism with the rest of us and ain't afraid to shoot anybody in the way. Incel males are probably just gonna off themselves as well tbh,and that's if they even go outside to get a gun. Most incels are reactionaries who we would kill in the revolution

Lol @ retards claiming tranny is a mental illness. You arrive at being tranny from completely logical means.

"My life would simply be objectively better if I were the opposite gender."

Prove to me what is actually illogical about this conclusion without shifting goalposts and you'll prove me wrong. Pro tip: You cannot.

Holla Forums and transphobes completely BTFO

Its illogical because they aren't biologically women/men and are missing the organic components necessary to be men/women. they are men and women dressing like the opposite sex and having sex with the same sex, so effeminate/masculine gays/lesbians. There's nothing particularly wrong with being homosexual other than the diseases it is more likely to spread and the lack of reproductive viability/proper sex organs for copulating without risk of long term injury or infection

I wouldn't kill idiot NEET incels just because they say racist shit on Holla Forums. Don't be a psychopath user

that's not what gender dyspysphoria is.It is a neurological condition where your brain doesn't accept the sex your body is so you wish to change it and identify as the opposite. Most people who say trannys are mentally ill are just being edgy though tbh and considering we are on a chan they more than likely want to fuck trannys,I know I do.

Just telling them "no you are what you are stop trying to be what you think feels like the real you" doesn't make gender dysphoria go away.Then again you'll probably say it does despite what professional psychologists say

Incel NEETs are welcome,like 80% of leftypol is an incel NEET and I'd be happy to fight along side them, but the wider demographic tend to be reactionary

no not even close, there's a lot but not more than half (I refuse to believe it)
their gender and sex aren't the same thing, keep your terms consistent. When I say tranny or trap I mean a transexual or someone about to transition or who has. Not someone who likes to dress up like a woman for fun. These people have committed to the role fully, which doesn't make them women or men but does make them insane. Committing to any abstract role that doesn't come natural to you is a sign of mental illness. If I started acting like I was a super social person constantly I would absolutely be mentally ill, i hate socializing for the most part and this won't change ever. They're not biologically women/men, they're acting like they are and taking drugs so they can feel even more in their roles. That's it. That doesn't mean a trap can't be pretty, fuckable for some, deserving of a modicum of respect and obviously allowed to pursue their interests. But, I'm never going to acknolwedge they are biologically the opposite sex. they're women in terms of gender, but male biologically and it won't change at all unless they could somehow generate a womb and change the structure of their brains, skulls, pelvis', and femurs.

lab grown uterus isn't star trek technology,it exists now.But yeah I know they'll always fundamentally be a human with an XY chromosome pairing and not XX(I know you can have abnormalities but across the board mostly males are XY and females XX)

Nig we have complete gene rewriting in under five years and you think we can't change genetic sex in an instant? Gtfo here.

should be mosin nagants. more disciplined shooters use less ammo and are more effective.
tranny sniper brigade when?

synthetized from a lab. trannies aren't even the reason they produce the stuff. it's primary market is mainly menopausal women.

Ok? I don't really get the point of this. Trannies are bio males and mentally ill. Now what? I don't see how this affects any real conditions

Trans woman Pavlichenko when?

Pretty ironic for someone full of guilt by association idpol to preach innocent after proven guilty, don'cha think? The concepts of justice don't exactly add up to each other historically nor does dishing out justice from the community by the community members themselves make it any more arbitrary than reserving the muh privilege for dishing out justice to judges and cops.

Also, nice job on dodging my question entirely. If you support capitalism and be a pro-capitalist, keep in mind you're supporting a system with proclivity for burglary and crime, because you're supporting a system of social immobility where crime does pay.

Although to be accurate: like a lot of people here, I don't want to disarm cops as much as I want to abolish them in practice.

The case for homosexual acceptance is wrong IMO - but its a case that can be made logically and ethically. It simply postulates that sexual behavior is an artifact of whatever idiosyncrasies and desires will most please individual people.

In contrast, transgenderism is a bizarre metaphysical and religious claim at base. It suggests that somehow matter is configured "wrongly". Or that people are animated by some sort of dualistic spirit that is deposited incorrectly in a physical body.

The very definition of "transgendered" identity in other words smacks of insanity and delusion in a way that homosexuality doesn't.

You mean better living standards and transformation of society from an agrarian to an industrialized one whereas your market solution wastes colossal amounts of shit? That it, marketcuck?

im all for disarming cops, since they're class traitors

I however am against arming mentally ill individuals

it is peak bourgeoisie idealism, the notion that your material sex doesn't somehow "align" with your "inner sex", a complete fabrication that doesn't exist

don't try to argue this here though, since most people are uneducated liberals that will just throw buzzwords and liberal jargon at you until you run out of patience and give up