Hello beautiful ladies!

Hello beautiful ladies!

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>seething femoids shriek

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>>137819980I think Abby Shapiro's whole schtick is pretty goofy but Its incredible how much power she has in sending future spinsters into complete apoplectic rage

>>137819980>we wear clothes for ourselvesHas there ever been a bigger cope?

>>137819715holy goddamm I love jew tits

>>137820053>we wear makeup for ourselves

Classic Shapiro

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I am neither beautiful nor a lady

>>137820051I don't what it is with modern liberal women and getting completely ass blasted about being told to dress modestly. It's not controversial.

>>137820129based faceblind autist

>>137820053If I wore clothes for myself I'd wear pyjamas all day

>>137819715What's with all the dislikes on her videos?


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>>137820261She buys up a ton of ads and apparently liberal women see them and get mad

>>137819715She’s so fucking ugly

>>137820153They HATE being told what to do in any situation. I blame weak fathers.

Do the libshit women seething about her even know that she's jewish? How do they justify their anti-semitism?

>>137820282>buying airtime online just to make roasties madIt’s amazing how based she is compared to her brother

>>137820329Liberals literally think jews are white

>>137820320Yeah so many of these girls have never had a man say no to them

>>137819715So fucking cringe

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>>137820342She's beautiful and patriotic, it makes the roasties seethe

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>>137819715let's just for the sake of argument hypothetically speaking here consider that she might have a nice little feminine penis

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>>137819715>rent free

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>>137820282nobody likes her because she is an annoying spoiled brat and her brother acts obnoxious too.

>>137820467She should do a sexy witch costume for halloween


>>137820467qt I’m not surprised twitter roasties hate America

>>137820467>She's beautiful and patriotic, it makes the roasties seethe

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>>137819715Hello giraffe jew

>>137820153telling a group of people how to dress is obviously going to be controversial user

>>137820500The people who don't like her are shitty liberal women who feel threatened

>>137820320>>137820421Yeah these women just need an angry abusive incel to take away their self esteem. That's the solution to this problem I've convinced myself exists


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>>137820586Imagine how ass blasted they're going to be when she has some beautiful babies with her husband, and they're all shriveled up crones bleating about star wars on twitter.

>>137820572It wouldn't be controversial in any other time period

>>137819980Abby is a bigger whore than any of these women. Her whole shtick is putting on the trad meme act for incels


>>137820282Where does the Shapiro family money come from?

>>137820620>mfw these youtube channels + Kaitlin Bennett made me realize who the real normies arekind of disappointing desu

>>137820620Doesn't matter, she's saying things that are true and roasties are flipping the fuck out over it

>>137820620>dressing traditionally is being a whore in 2020Thanks clown world

>>137820129face blind gamer

>>137820329because criticizing someone doesn't mean you're criticizing their ethnicity you psychotic retard lmao

How are those Jewish feet?

>>137820436>>137820453>>137820682>she knows

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>>137820669That's exactly what a nazi would say. Why are you so anti semitic?

>>137820669t. anti-semite

>>137820586her entire fanbase is just some guys from pol jerking off to her

>>137820616You would've been an incel in any other time period too

>>137820534Yeah they're such fucking ingrates

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>>137819715Do none of these Jews have any shame?

>>137820494Based Jenny.

>>137820712Inceldom is a modern phenomenon

>>137820700>her entire fanbase is just some guys from x jacking off to heryou could say that about any e-celeb

>>137820721>true patriots talk shit about their country 24/7 and actively work to destroy every traditional aspect about itThe liberal mind is truly fascinating

>>137820753Liberals hate the concept of country. They want nothing short of open borders.

>>137819715Reminder that you can see this chick's tits with a simple google search and they are fucking huge.

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>>137819715>I LOVE these shoes, they're so CLASSIC!>They make me feel like a CLASSIC LADY>I might wear them to the OPERA with my HUSBAND>wouldn't that just be CLASSICAbby is so cringe, absolutely basic YouTuber thot template with a generic "traditional" surface layer.

>>137820793She does actually do opera singing though.

>>137820793seethe more libshitroastie

>>137820793Still a thousand times better than any other female vlogger, at least she's promoting decent values

>>137820828>>137820832>>137820834This simping is off the charts.

>>137820500fact of the matter is no one has a problem with people not being modest and promoting that lifestyle, but as soon as someone is modest and promotes that lifestyle you have "progressives" bitch about it like they are the new moral police, let people do what they want you ignorant fuckwits.

>>137820852Seethe more

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>>137820778What do I google I use bing

>>137820852>Roasting this hard

>>137820721You know, they're right about native americans being put aside by the english colonizers

>>137820880>I save screencaps of negative comments on my Queen's videos

>>137819980"i wear clothes for myself, it just so happens that all the clothes i wear are the kind of clothes that make men aroused"

>>137820753America's full of flaws and shit, stop pretending it is like safe heaven

>>137819715Who are her pornstar lookalikes?

>>137820968Every country has flaws, doesn’t mean you have to talk shit about it all the time and claim you’re a “patriot” for pointing out shit we all learned in school ages ago and that every major corporation fucking discusses.

>>137820968Stunning and brave

>>137820834>decent values>nudes all over the internetlol>>137820973There are no lookalikes. Just find her own actual porn.

>>137820934No they're not, the British were a more powerful empire and they conquered the natives. Now america belongs to those of British descent, that's the way history works.

>>137820934>english colonizersWe can at least recognise the fact that America was divided up by multiple European nations? It's so disingenuous to say English colonisers.

Post your youtube gets

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>>137820968These people never have anything good to say about America

>>137819715Is this the succubus vampire overlord Alex Jones and Joe Rogan was ranting about?

Finding Abby Shapiro hot is a meme, right? She has the exact same face as her brother. It could be Ben in a wig and you couldn't tell the difference.If you want to fuck Abby you also want to fuck Ben.

>>137820778You can't, anything claimed to be her has been confirmed as a different chick.

>>137821055And if they do it’s always shit from the Civil Rights Movement or shitty modern culture.


>>137821065>implying you wouldn’t

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>>137821046fucking nice bro

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>>137821074Nice try, Ben. Go fuck your wife's dry vagina.

>>137819715>my Jewfu Honestly I think a relationship with her would work. Trad and cute.

>>137819715I support her

>>137820151You're beautiful to me, user. :3

>>137820151You are flawless

>>137820274That's not an eyeroll.

>>137821075Yeah the only things you can be proud of as an American today are>fighting da nazis>civil rights >fag acceptance>fast food


>>137819980Is "I wear clothes for myself" the female version of the "I lift for myself" meme?

>failed singer>Steals her brother's alt-right schtick>"Tee hee I'm soo trad" while she squeezes her fat Jew tits together>If lil Ben complains, she can expose all the times he peeped on her in the showerSure sounds uh, based

>>137821139You forgot going to the Moon pleb

>>137820117Unironically women wear makeup for other women.

>>137821191Unironically women have penises in 2020

>>137821179>Ben Shapiro>alt rightDo liberals really...?

>>137821191so they can be more attractive than other women, so they can attract more men than other women

>>137821181Not even that

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>>137819715>every video has more dislikes than likes>comments section is pure hatred>all from white womenThis says a lot about society. It’s amazing how genuinely hateful ‘liberals’ are. If Abby false flagged and played the anti Semitic card I wouldn’t even be mad. Those people are trash.