I am at Chapter 10 and I feel like this game is never going to end, and that's just 6-7 hours into it

I am at Chapter 10 and I feel like this game is never going to end, and that's just 6-7 hours into it.
This game is like the final half of Resident Evil 4 a complete chore to finish. Does it get any better or have I been fooled into thinking this is worth playing?

All I gathered from when it was released was how it's mediocre. Dunno why everyone is shitting themselves over the sequel.

Fooled by whom`? The last time i checked everyone here considered it to be shit.

Isn't that just a case of "muh Shinji Mikami will make Not Resident Evil Great Again"

Very few people even know who Mikami is. If anything, the only reason anyone heard about this game was because of Bethesda spending untolds amounts of money viraling it with pewdiepie and the like.

It's only getting worse user. The game will turn into a glorified Call of Duty-ripoff in the later stages but with a twist, you got limited ammo.

Because the second fixed a lot of shit that was wrong with the first one. It's not scary but it's a fun stealth TPS.

You are better off playing a walking simulator like Outlast or Resident Evil 7.

there was this retard on Holla Forums here a few days ago shilling this game and shitting on Silent Hill 2 at the same time. Yes, such faggots exist.

What? It's hard to even consider them the same genre.

TEW had a lot of promise and started out pretty giod sans the tutorial scripted bullshit, but it quickly went to shit after that. TEW2 is a very different game and wasn't even directed by Mikami so it doesn't matter that the first one kinda sucked.

It's a piece of shit, I threw my copy to the trash.

It's like 30 hours to complete. They should of removed all the shitty action parts and made it pure horror.
Don't bother finishing the main game, but if you have the DLC play that. It's much better and much shorter.

Finished it last friday night

do you also consider far cry 3 to be a stealth fps? how about you don't put games in genres they don't belong in, you faggot. the stealth mechanics are as underwhelmingly simple as in every game they get tacked on nowadays.
thats the same bullshit as calling every game souls-like because it was real in your mind or something.

Nigger, third person shooter is defining enough that any person with a brain can read "stealth TPS" and figure this isn't exactly Thief and it's still by and large a fucking shooter. I didn't use that term because its a genre largely accepted by the community, I used it because it sums up the flow of the game. That's fucking it. You're the one being pissy and making this about genres.

I really like TEW as it leaves the player just as confused as Seb is as he flickers through locations nillywilly, sees horrors that would break lesser men, has no damn clue what is going on and can only focus on surviving in the moment. One of my favorite moments is when he suddenly says "Level with me, am I going crazy?" to the nurse midway through the game. The environments are Silent hill 3 tier too in terms of rust, grime and general disgustingness. The story too was pretty much laid out in front of you if you could just muster up the braincells to think about it.

The gameplay was fun and arcadey and made you feel like mcguyver when you had to think of the most efficient way to dispose of the enemies with limited resources. I don't see how people could think TEW was bad.

your wording makes it sound like stealth defines the game. it's does not. you're misusing established terms and i think thats bullshit. this is the reason why people are able to call far cry (just as an example, again) a shooter rpg, unopposed. just because it has a perk system. yet it has none of the defining things that an rpg would have.

well its pretty much one of those consoley games, I'd say its worth for the merit alone
the game is pretty long, and even then I watched the whole thing

the second one is leaps better and more fun, one thing about this game is that it doesn't take it self seriously
plus the story behind the games are indeed pretty fucking good

Loved it from beginning to end. But I was also 100% unspoiled and had no expectations.

Was a blast for me. Kinda the RE4 successor I was waiting for.

Loli feet and Duran Duran credits just sealed the deal.

This is the only good thing to come out of the sequel

I genuinely believe people become just too retarded to distinguish decent games from actual trash games. People also need their hype and memes.

The lack of blocking and awkward turn towards the audience makes it more hilarious for some reason.

ohhh this is about the second one

actually lolled

I was the one who made that thread, and you're a complete moron for not understanding the point. Maybe instead of running to a different thread and cry about it, you could have attempted to make an actual argument.


Not worth the disk space, not even scary. Puzzles are for simpletons, the mechanics are even worse. One DLC, Evil Within 2 is basically DLC.

I hope you pirated your copy but you're still wasting your time playing that shit.

this game has the most rudimentary form of stealth i've seen in a horror game. your creeping up on an enemy doesn't even work half the time.

Oh, shut the fuck up and don't play games that are far beyond your IQ level.

Embarrassing, even more so coming from someone who lacks basic reading comprehension and insists I was shilling TEW. I stand by what I said, you're a certified moron.

The Evil Within is a third-person survival horror series, while a stealth TPS would be something like the Splinter Cell sereis. Just because you can crouch walk and backstab enemies doesn't mean it's a stealth game.


What are Bioware-esque dialogue scenes doing in a horror game?

The plight of a modern "gamer"

I uninstalled this "game'' after 30 minutes as i simply could not stand my character dragging his ass like a grandmother and all the cinematic bullshit, the top offender being the sprint, where an adult police officer can run for entire ten feet before he keels over dead in his tracks like he's having a heart attack.
Fuck this garbage game.