Have you ever destroyed something in rage over a video game Holla Forums?

Have you ever destroyed something in rage over a video game Holla Forums?

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No but I have destroyed something because it was shit. Still shouldn't have though even though it was garbage.

What was it?

the only time i've ever broken something was after a three hour mario kart 8 session playing against you fucks. i got robbed at the very end of the race like six times in a row, punched a hole in my wall, and never loaded the game up again

No, if a game is shit and pissing me off I'll uninstall it in rage. I don't break shit because I'm not an impotent manchild.

I once destroyed my own website over some juggalo bitch in the shower who played hot and cold with me.

yes user, my life

Kinda. This was a couple of decades ago, and I've behaved myself ever since.

My dignity.

I also hit my wall with a baseball bat once because of the same issue.
I still yell and scream whenever I can't gitgud at a game to this day


My chance at a social or sex life. Why?

Sure is poor in here.


Mario vs. Expand Dong Gameboy
And some gamecube game I scratched up on purpose in anger. Can't recall

Good thing I grew up.

no because I'm not retarded

I throw my headphones like the autist I am sometimes if I get very pissed at fightan, and I've done so more times than I can count, it's a miracle the things have lasted as long as they have

I got really fucking salty playing Splatoon 2 that I slammed my fist so hard into the arm of my couch that it shattered the arm. My roommate thought I needed to go to a doctor, but I was fine.


You are truly sub-human garbage if you smash your own shit because of bideogaems

My old ODST 360 controller, while playing battlefield 3
Best controller I've ever used, wish I could have gotten it fixed

Good job Agitated. Now go take a shower.


I don't even want to remember the pure rage you get during a tantrum.
Even worse when someone tells you to calm you down by mocking. "Stop crying over a fucking video game."


I don't do it, maybe hit my foot stool a couple of times after some really intense PvP in DS, but I used to have a friend that would smash anything. And it wasn't even about losing. If he hit the wrong button or even just died because he sucks he would take the keyboard with both hands and smash it on the ground. One time I beat him 14 times in a row at Mario Kart Double Dash and he finally lost it and pulled the controller out and started swinging it at me like a flail.

My dick

No because I'm not subhuman.

Holy shit, is this that ginger who smashed his controller over mario64 and megamanX? How has he not killed himself yet?

No, we’re not toddlers.

I'll never get tired of this one.

FF12 CD. It was wrong I know, but I was young and prone to violence.

Never. I just bite myself if I absolutely need an emergency outlet, like I do with any rage not related to games.

I don't hurt anyone, destroy anything I own, it's a godly placebo and my skin will literally heal just fine.

No, I am not a nigger.


He also got swatted on Steam once.

Strangely Caleb isn't even close to the most pathetic speedrunner, since he is pretty ripped. Chibi is still more pathetic since he gets literal autismbux.

I'm still convinced this is faked.

Why the hell would I break my own shit?

Because it pissed you off

I shoved a N64 controller up my ass once.

Only you control your emotions, your possessions didn't make you mad, you chose to become mad. Anyone who does this needs to work on their self control.

I think the angriest I've ever gotten playing video games is when I experience very narrow losses in Splatoon 2 and usually then caused by my dumbass teammates.

I only put down the controller and hit my fist into my leg while cursing and explaining my loss to myself for a bit though.

I've never broken anything because my dad told me if I did when I was little he'd beat my ass I kinda just REEEEE a little bit

No, worst I get is frustrated at rhythm games where I just barely don't make the mark to clear a song. I don't smash or hit anything though, damn

you guys are like babies.

muh dick

You have to be at least 18 years of age to post on Holla Forums.


This. These threads reek of non-whites and their behavior. I just picture obese Mexican kids obsessed with wrestling getting really angry at Madden and Stone Cold stunning their Xbox One in a fit of rage.

Last thing I broke was a mouse when I was 14 or so.
It stopped as I got more expensive stuff, now all I do is refrain or hit the desk.

It was a long time ago. I don't even remember how long ago, but I've gotten much better when I started realizing my feelings were irrational.

No, and you should resolve your own anger issues before attempting to become a stream whore.



Did you see the video in the OP? That guy's a ginger

aww man. come on.

Busted a window that was right next to me on accident thinking it was a wall and I was just gonna close-fist hit with the bottom of my fist.



Shit thread about shitty manchildren with anger management issues, OP. What made you interested in this particular topic?

Specifically how speedrunners seem to rage the hardest

The juxtaposition of kid friendly happy vidya and constant rage is just funny for some reason

It's because they just turned their 6 hour investment into literally nothing.

I get that they're mad, but this is nigger behavior. If you smash your shit out of rage, you're probably pretty fucked in the head generally. Not exactly high class individuals.

Storytime, faggot

Because anger is cathartic.

3 phones, a monitor, a keyboard, a tablet, five plates, a jar, two laptops, 3 walls, two doors, a doorframe, and two desks.


Only in this ass-backwards world. Also speedrunners are subhumans.


And here's the virtue signaling loser pretending having any emotion at all is bad.


When I was like 7 or 8, I had a really hard time beating Destroya(or whatever his name was) in Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters, so I tore his page out of the manual.

That is adorable.

This place isn't for normalfags. go back to reddit or 4chan.

She's cheating on you, moron.

You showed him.

I know that feeling user. Those are the same kind of people who would be bullshit if you did the same to them after finding them enraged over something you find trivial.

Yes, because most of the time its in a pretentious and lecturing tone of voice that makes you seem like just a big a faggot as the sperg raging. We all know its bad. We all hate getting mad. If getting mad was a good thing we would all be getting mad for our health.

We get mad because of things beyond our control whether its a bullshit mechanic in a game, your current skill level or just some troll who manages to get under your skin eventually you will get mad to a point where you snap, and when that happens we don't need a faggot chiming in with 'lol its just a game'. We all know its a game. We got immersed in it and now we need a break after getting to frustrated with it. Its obvious to both parties but you're just getting your kicks over someone else's misery by sitting on your high horse and giving a lecture. Probably to make up for a time in your life when it happened to you.


When I was 9 I was a stupid cunt that broke my Road Rash cd.

Only once that I recall. I was younger, maybe 10 or 11, and my little brother kept standing in front of the TV while I was playing playstation. I yanked the controller and the cord pulled the whole console down and it landed on the ground hitting the memory card. It cracked the casing of the card, but a little jiggling and it worked fine.


I never DESTROYED something before. But I'm pretty sure I got a dent in my head when I was little because when I got frustrated at vidya I bashed myself in the skull with the controller, or bit myself, or other shit. It's mostly phased out of my life now other than punching my leg pretty hard when I get pissy but it rarely escalates beyond that now, and I always viewed it as preferable to just screeching like a howler monkey as some people still do.

I mean, we were all stupid little autists like that once right?


The last time I had a fit of rage I put three people in the hospital.
I've learned to not get angry after that.

Nope, I am not an autistic faggot. If you rage over vidya for any reasons, you are doing it wrong.

I've always thought that speedrunning was something that unremarkable losers resorted to doing in order to feel like they accomplished something. These misfits play through a game over and over and over for thousands of hours doing the same exact shit, trying to incrementally decrease how long it takes to finish it. They take something that is supposed to be done for fun and enjoyment and turn it into a hellish, repetitive, and stressful act, and for what? 15 minutes of e-fame? Shit just seems so fucking pathetic, it's no wonder they sperg out like mongoloids when it doesn't go their way. Speedrunning is nigger tier behavior. Nice Fuhrer dubs.

One time I was playing animal crossing and I finally came across a scorpion. They are really rare so I got excited. I took out my net and slowly walked up to it. I swung my net a little too early and I missed the scorpion and then the scorpion made my character pass out.
I got so mad that yelled "FUDGE!" and then my mom beat me for swearing.


I generally hit things when I get angry, regardless of the circumstance.

I once punched an external harddrive, which have a metal case until it broke, I even smashed the disk on the inside and cut my hand on it.

This is a bully website

Combine that with streaming, which seems to attract people who are desperate for any kind of social validation, and you amass some pretty broken people.

Which romhack is that?

A lot of anons seems to think only about their shitty autistic present life, not even considering childhood. It can save you guys a lot of misplaced shame.
I've broken a lot of controllers in my home, half by pulling the cord in anger fits, or by accident stepping over those cords.
The count is 3 Genesis and 16 Playstation joysticks. Luckily no keyboards, those got wasted by use alone

Man, shit like this guy is why I don't play fighting games. I'd literally chimp the fuck out if I wasted 6 months in training mode, only to inevitably get beat OVER AND OVER online. No fucking point to bother, much better to watch. That way, I don't ever get the urge to break anything due to games.

Then don't reply! Or better yet, shove a knife in your neck because we all know the only reason anyone comes to Holla Forums is to troll someone so THEY get mad so don't give me this high and mighty attitude you miserable misanthropes. FUCK OFF!

I'll admit, I did slightly damage a DS playing Order of Eccleia. Some of those bosses are tough.

That's not why I come here. I come here for the honest conversation and the laughs. Wow. You have issues, man.

And what threads have you made recently that got this many replies, huh? Tell us o judge of all quality.

You have issues if you think that exists here

People say what they think. No need to lie here. I'm scratching my balls right now. I have no reputation to uphold. I don't care what you people think.

Why are you trying to maintain a conversation if you think this place is troll?

Stacking irritation and frustration of possibly straight up unfair bullshit on top of the preexisting stress of literally everything else in life you want to escape with entertainment.

Your move, user.

I hope you at least wash those hands before typing. Or have a keyboard wipe. I don't care about you but I do care about mistreating hardware. Shaking my dick tbh.

Pleb taste.

But that's alright.

What does playing the game have to do with Krystal porn?

No, because I'm not an emotionally-driven child.

If a game keeps making me mad, chances are I'm either not good enough, and need to gitgud, or there's an issue with the game itself. Either one isn't worth getting mad enough to break something. I'll just take a break for a few hours or even just go play some other game to cool down, like some bullet hell or something.

you seriously can’t tell me you played star fox adventure without getting a raging hard on for krystal

I fap in bed and immediately go back to posting after making sure no jizz got on anything but the inside of my underwear.

Am I literally not supposed to do that?

Even as a kid I thought she was attractive like Lola from Space Jam, but I never had an urge to fap to her.

Sorry not all of us are furfag. >>>/ovens/

Even if you jerk it through your underwear, you're still bound to get SOME precum on your hands that leaks through.

And how the fuck can you sit there with jizzed-in boxers all night? Longest I can stand that is for about 5 or 10 minutes while basking in the afterglow, then I gotta shower.



I used to sperg out a bit when I'd lose at certain high-difficulty vidya. I'd hit a pillow or just yell "FUCK" as loud as I possibly could, or other childish shit like that.
One day I got so mad that punched my psp into another dimension. After calming down I did something I'd never really done before that point and did some self-reflection. I really thought about what I was feeling when I did that, because I for some reason wanted to understand why I did it. I remembered feeling like I hated the character in the game that killed me, and I wanted to hurt that character, and so I hit the psp like it was an effigy of that character or something. Some real tribal caveman ooga-booga bullshit level thinking.
I was so fucking self-humiliated that overnight I just started taking personal responsibility for all my bullshit. When I die in vidya now, I know that it's because I'm the piece of shit, not the game. Instead of raging and sperging, I just git gud now.

I still get frustrated or mad of course, but I just rewind through that shit and try to find the earliest point where I fucked up, and focus instead on not fucking up there again. My improvement rate has gotten much faster since then.


sock is better because its obviously more like cumming in the real thing.

how is a sock even remotely closer to the real thing? It's hardly any different than the tissue

If you really want a "the real thing" feel, go get an onahole modeled after a JAV actress's pussy

What kind of fucking microbrained child of a human being would break their own belongings over a video game?
Like you seriously have to have some sort of retard issue.

In my case, I was the son of a single mother. That pretty much tells you all you need to know. I unfortunately never had someone to beat the shit out of me when I acted like a piece of shit. It's a minor miracle that I figured a few of these lessons out on my own, but I'm still far from being the well-adjusted person I could have been if I'd had a proper traditional nuclear family.

I don't smell anything foul and I've been long aware the fabric seems to perfectly absorb it until it's time to change clothes. Thus I logically take advantage of that knowledge for convenience. Just don't fucking smell it.

Thanks for making me think of how Papa Love literally starts.

Sometimes I get so frustrated that my heart starts hurting like crazy and I have to jump on my bed and scream into a pillow. I use a 200 dollar keyboard, an 80 dollar mouse and a 500 dollar monitor so I can't break my own shit and I can't put another hole in the wall or I'll get kicked out of my apartment.

Get a fucking grip.

what now?

I wouldn't doubt that I have shitty genes, too, and of course the most important factor is always personal choice. Every time I acted like a faggot, it's because I was choosing to. It's not always easy to see from the inside, though.
Younger me didn't have any of the perspective I have now. It's been a journey.

Go see a fucking doctor. No matter how full of rage I've ever gotten at any point in my life I've just had a headache and felt out of breath at worst afterwards.

My worst sin was breaking a wavebird over a game of Double Dash (god damn it I wish I still had that thing) but other than that I think the only thing I've destroyed was a chinkshit 360 controller that turned out to be less durable than a sofa cushion.

Hentai daughters find out their dad is fapping too much after temporarily splitting with his wife and want to fix that.

Isn't it kind of acceptable to destroy shitty third party controllers?

I don't feel bad about it at all; I bought it used and it was a shitty piece of shit to begin with.

No, it's never okay to lose control of yourself and chimp out on a piece of plastic over a game. Even if you put a lot of fucking time into it and wasted dozens of hours of your life for nothing, it's not okay.
If you were working on a project for work and were told a week in that it wasn't necessary anymore, you'd have lost 40 hours of work for nothing, but you'd be treated like a fucking lunatic if you reacted by fucking up the person who told you, or by completely trashing your work area.

It's absolutely okay to be upset, even angry at a game, but you should manage yourself like an adult and not violently break things when things don't go your way. I've seen threads here where people try to say "you bought it, it's your right to fuck up your hardware when you're upset", but that's fucking stupid. Learn to manage your emotions and cope with stress in a healthy way.


You can make the same argument for playing vidya. Basically the point is if you take things that are meant for entertainment to seriously you're going to look like a retard. There's nothing bad about speedrunning as a hobby. Going past that you're in some deep shit.

Literally every single time.


user, it literally says it right there.

Now that you mention it, I remember typing with my dick once without telling anyone. It even got 2 replies or so.

Do you believe consensual fighting between humans who hate each other should ever be legalized?


Speed running is one of the most pathetic and sad things people can do. His autistic fit is delicious. Maybe take a fucking walk and stop shooting bull semen into yourself, you roided fuck.

It's only pathetic if it's not done as a harmless hobby for improving and showing off acquired skill.

Also personal challenge.

When I was little I got very angry at something I can't even remember, not even related to video games, my mother had some porcelain figurines and what I did was lay them sideways, since I couldn't bring myself to break them my mom thought it was the cutest shit ever.

Anyone have the threadcap of the guy who smashed his PS1 in anger, and then some user mocks up a situation where his wife stuffs up on the cooking and he goes total apeshit.

I hope you were at least playing on hard difficulty when that happened. On normal difficulty there's no real excuse.

Breaking hardware because of some autistic tantrum is retarded. But defiling hardware with jizz hands and dick typing. That is something else. I'm almost impressed.

No because I don't have the mental capacity of a 2 year old.

My calm of mind and my nerves.


I smashed my old phone screen because it was glitchy as fuck and it was never working properly. And 2 of my friends also smashed similar phones for similar reason. Fucking old siemens phones, why cant they be like old nokia phones?

Buy a punch bag.
They aren't very expensive and are a lot more satisfying to hit.
You can also do it for a while energy day, train how to throw a real punch and not injure yourself or damage anything.
Seriously consider it.

Why are you bullying me?

The only thing I do when upset is squeeze the controller. I don't think I'm going to break it by squeezing it too hard, but the momment I notice what I'm doing I try to stop.

I want a punching bag, but I want the satisfying sounds of something breaking in it.

What's wrong with you milenials and wanting to break stuff?

You probably didn't even pay for anything you break.

people who were 10 in 2006 are now 21 years of age user.

No, because I'm White.

I once got extremely pissed when trying to replay Spyro 2 to 100%, trying to get some gems in a strong box. It required you to get a superspeed powerup and then parkour across a bunch of impossibly precise jumps to smash it (and mistiming any jumps resulted in losing the power up and having to start over). After nearly a half-hour trying to get it and failing literally hundreds of times, I ripped out the controller in a screaming rage and started smashing it into the screen by the cord over and over until it exploded into plastic shrapnel. It was extremely satisfying, and the screen of course was undamaged because it's a 20-year-old CRT.

After realizing, several hours later, that I could have just proceeded in the game until I got the headbash, and then backtracked to that level to get the box, getting the gems without requiring the precision jumps I ragequit the game altogether. I resolved to never again, for the rest of my life, play a game that a mere goddamned computer program could theoretically play better than a human (ie: any game where the only skill required is precise control inputs), and is bereft of creativity or individuality in the experience.

Wait, what? Walls generally aren't a thing you can 'punch a hole in'. Do you live in a cardboard box?

Or you could have not tried to 100% the game before you even got through it once. My autistic brother does the same thing. He needs to do everything ASAP and if the game doesn't let him he gets discouraged and quits. Take it easy breh

webm or gtfo

People enjoy hearing things crack and shatter. They enjoy sounds of destruction.

And that kind of people are faggots who deserve nothing.

Go to the junkyard if you want to break stuff, or even take some trash and recycle it. Building is more satisfying.

Because that fap stained keyboard of yours stinks even through the screen.

Put your jizz encrusted boxer shorts in the punching bag along with your defiled keyboard and punch your shame into something less shameful.

Or I just clean them like everything else and not have to constantly use up a box of tissues every week or senselessly break something that still works.

I only want to break things that don't work. At that point, the only purpose they would serve once being stripped of anything usable is to be destroyed for our strange amusement.

Punched my PSP and cracked the screen because Terrell Owens kept dropping the ball in Madden 06
Didn't know that the CPU literally cheats on AllMadden difficulty

only mentally challenged get angry over such nonsense

t. 300 pounder

yes, ur moms pusy lmao


I grow tired of you niggers trying to fill this place with your inane bullshit


I don't think I've ever felt as angry as that because of videogames afterwards

he didn't make a fuss, he just started playing Diablo and didn't let me play

I never broke anything out of anger but i played so much vidya my analog stick on the 3ds broke off.
I then polished the sharp edges and turned it into a nub i still use to play.

Americans build their homes out of what is essentially balsa wood and paper mache.

you did nothing wrong, that kid was a fag and deserved to get hit

Back in the days controlling your emotions was considered a sin.

Fucking retards.

This isn't supposed to have a flag, I'm fucking angry.

No, as i am not a man child that does not know the value of money and hard days work to earn said money and buy stuff.

Only in america this could happen.

Do you have autism?

What a true game. Truly he has a dark soul™

These people disgust me. I can't understand people who let themselves get so worked up over a game. I'd expect that kind of behaviour from a child. And if it was my child I would beat them for being a little faggot.

He shouldn't of been angry, everything that happens in that game was intended by the developers.

No and I never did even though I am pretty assburger. I had burned some shit Mango for lulz if that counts.

That is not how it works here. First we start out with the initial topic then we spread it thin until we discover what kind of people get so mad over some video game that they break stuff.

Reminds me of that video of some buttmad boomer hacking up his son's PS4 and TV for Internet fame. Fun times.

I'm not saying that chimping out and destroying your shit should be illegal, I'm saying it's immature and stupid. People fighting is natural, and there are situations where it's okay to fight. Losing your temper and fucking somebody up for no reason other than you don't like them is stupid. Fighting and breaking shit because you lost your cool is stupid.

No. And I bet my losses in video games were more rage inducing than many.

Of course not, I was asking what you thought about that.

There is letting some steam off and there is being a bratty sperg. Where the fuck are the parents?

user, he is the parent. Hopefully not for much longer.

This, and we pay upwards of 400k for them to. I don't know why people put up with it.


I sperged out at a local melee tournament and ended up with an assault charge. Not my finest moment

drywall is pretty thin. even a noodle-wristed Holla Forums user can get through it pretty easy

.t poorfag

Drywall is fairly flimsy. Sheetrock is a bit tougher. But Murphy's Law dictates that if one punches a wall one will be a dumbfuck and hit the stud, breaking their hand. Like me.


You're not alone on that one user. Was a regular red brick wall though

No and anyone who has is a massive manchild who needed their ass beating early in life and did not receive that much needed lesson.

When I was little, yeah.
I wrecked like 2 gameboy color.
In total it was 3 but the third one was not my fault, I was had the beach and covered in a shirt and my mother moved the shirt but not the gameboy, who ended up having the screen basically melted.
I remember possibly breaking other stuff later on, in my 10-13, though at that point I was going through some hard shit at home between school, parents and whatever else so I don't really think it was only me being mad at vidya.

Yeah but you can vent it when it's appropriate and hopefully not when a camera is on you.

It's bad when you're smashing your own shit because you're throwing a childish tantrum, it's also *deeply* concerning for anyone around you that might hear or see it.

What's great about that is you know from experience of other games where your precision concentration breaks that he's gonna fuck up again at the same point and then you can predict to within seconds that he's going to do something else wrong immediately afterwards and then of course it's his destiny to fuck up totally from there on in.

Sperging when there's a camera in play is truly self destructive.

Why do they post these pics online?

They *must* be overwhelmingly proud of what fucking idiot assholes they are they wrecking THEIR OWN STUFF in their own houses in a fit of pique about some cunt half a world away.

There's something wrong in their heads that tells them this is something to share with other people, would you ever invite either of these niggers into your house knowing they do this kind of shit in their own?

I karate chopped some cheap 10$ headphones in half, but it wasn't even intentional.

I think social media culture has gone to the point everyone feels compelled to post something about themselves. Especially if something significant happened like a TV breaking (of their own fault).

Well at least the retarded ones make themselves obvious via it I suppose.

That is barbaric, this is why onaholes exist.


What is that HP bar ?

Why waste money on tissues and go through the bother of hiding evidence and all that shit?

when you get bullied so hard, because you're filthy kike, that you decide to slaughter just "90 millions russians so that 10 millions may see me smug".

man-childishness redefined

Twitch community made super aids

I destroyed all my discs in a rage when I got into a fight with my dad about me not wanting to go to church and him blaming video games on it. I wanted to prove him wrong and show him that it wasn't the video games. Took a screwdriver to every single disc and cracked them into little pieces. What I remember most through the haze of incoherent, adolescent rage was how surprisingly durable CDs and DVDs really were.

Long story short we never got into a fight about me not going to church ever again, and like a year later I discovered piracy and anime and mellowed the fuck out.

When I was a depressed teenager and still trying medications, I got the shits with my internet provider's bullshit and punched my monitor by accident when I meant to slam my fist on my desk. Not my finest moment but I've mellowed out and barely get mad anymore.

Just had to learn the hard way by replacing said monitor with hundreds of dollars.

If something can go wrong it will go wrong. Hence, hitting the stud and ending up with a hospital bill instead of a relatively inexpensive fix to the wall. Murphy's Law.

stabbed two monitors, one survived because it was a tank of a crt. two 360 controllers. at least 2 snes controllers.

care to elaborate user?

Actually getting physically abused early in life statistically leads to being a physical abuser and resorting to violence when angry

Why would you want a used onahole?

This is what I ask men who pay for whores

I guess it was a good thing that he broke his tv.

No because I'm not an autistic crybaby; going off that, why is throwing tantrums not only expected in the fighting game community, but turned into a spectacle? If I wanted someone to have a shitfit over videogames, I'd just watch an average speedrunner.

master race coming through

this has been my method for nearly a decade
does not work if you shoot a gargantuan load
t. knower


I've destroyed accounts before, not so much from rage but due to reaching a point of maximum burnout and being so fed up that full deletion of everything down to the account in some online game has to be done.

Not vidya but I once threw my boyfriend at the tv and broke it because I didn't like the Red Wedding on GoT.

i used to throw my controller at a couch a lot but then i was smart enough to figure out i should just punch a pillow instead.


Gotta keep your semen count high


I've had random shit happen to my controllers like I spilled beer on one when I passed out. I should have seperated my controller from the bottle when I fell asleep but I didn't, I shifted a blanket over & it spilled on the controller.
I've broken a lot of controllers over the years because somedays my anger gets to me really easily. I generally don't play video games on those days. Being stressed out all the time isn't fun.
I've had my moments where I put too much pressure on things but that's actually normal for me, I grip things too hard.


Female servant elf one
It's perfect.

Say no more, I have the exact perfect specimen, for you.

Get the fuck outta here Harry Potter.

I love Richard Scarry.

Your heretical ways will be your downfall.

my memories are vague but I recall smashing a Game Boy Color with a hammer due to been broken by the packing, my mum always moved a lot when I was young..



Terry A. Davis is absolutely correct. These people are niggercattle.

I never destroyed any hardware, but I have hurt myself. I used to punch myself repeatedly in the thighs until I got huge bruises. I stopped doing that shit since I grew up, though.

I actually think I did get a UTI from walking around in my shitty cum underwear, pissing hurt like hell. I just started drinking a lot of water and it went away, though.

boards like this one
t. mark

sega destroyed a franchise over a fangame that came out in august