Whole week wanting to play games

This ends NOW
Recommend me good stuff.
All I have is a PC and a rooted phone without Google Services

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Fallout 4

Bad Rats

I recommend a tank of helium.

I've been trying to find something to play for like 3 weeks now. I'm desperate.

i'm currently playing:
and if i ever get bored of those i have
The games are there, if you don't feel like playing maybe it's you. I have no idea about games that came out recently, they're probably shit.

Pokemon Rom Hacks?

Gaia was pretty good, though a bit short.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

DMC3SE too if your willing to though some shit to fix it with the style switcher mod.

Bayonetta and other Platinum games like Metal Gear Rising or Transformers Devastation.


Turok 1 and 2 got remastered.
Turok 1 has a level editor and better mod support. They are still working on Turok 2's right now.

Open Alpha Unreal Tournament
Stuff on Fightcade

i think it's great


ABZU (creator of Journey)
Little Nightmares
Dragons Dogma
Alpha Protocol (great spy rpg where choices actually matter)
FUEL (with REFUELED mod)

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, since its halloween.

X-Com: UFO Defense or Terror From the Deep
Grim Dawn
Dead Space
Toukiden 2

Play something you fuck

Melty Blood.

The upgraded Spintires just came out.
It's pure offroad autism.

That shit is so tedious though. It's grindy as fuck, story is lame, lewds are basic moe shit you've seen a thousand times already. Play rance instead.

I will… I hope so…

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Play Brigador and fuck off.

It's time to stop.



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Hollow Knight is pretty kampfy if you're into Metroid.


as opposed to dying on the job or what?



Why, Bill?

Super Mario Odyssey is fun.


Clinton please, i live with my mom. I am too lazy to get a real job.



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Download a console's whole library in roms and play a random game.




Really might play some of them.

I'm downloading it right now. Don't think I will play it much but now that you mention it I kinda miss it and it wouldn't hurt. It's free and fast to download.
Worst case scenario I will just uninstall it.

I don't have the money to buy a switch.

Thanks for derailing my threadand bump locking it.

Which of these games is the fastest?
I only played DMC4, I could move around fast, but the enemies were all very slow and somewhat tanky.

god hand

Okay, here's your reply :^)

The thread isn't bumplocked.

good one


Insanity wolf?

Games of 2017 that are good
Hollow Knight
Persona 4 if you have a bloodbornemachine
The mummy demastered
nier automata
AM2R and Hyper Metroid
Pokemon uranium

Honestly, no excuse. You're a fucking newfag wanting to get spoonfed if you haven't been up to date with what is good or not. Holla Forums talks about games all the time. This is a testament you don't browse the board

Persona 5*

No, it's taken me a while but I've finally learned not to recommend anything good to anyone. The less people know about my favorite franchises, the less chance there is that they'll be revived, casualized and co-opted by roleplaying faggots on Tumblr with ask blogs who want to turn every major character into a high-functioning autistic transracial pansexual demi-femme..


To be honest, I did browse Holla Forumsbefore the exodus.
I couldn't update my computer and kept on playing indie games/old games and just stopped browsing Holla Forums because I couldn't play the games being discussed most of the times.
Recently I upgraded it and got back to Holla Forums(this time on fullchan since I've been mostly on Holla Forums for the last few years).
I've been lurking Holla Forums for at least a week right now as my "main board" and you guys mostly talk about the same PC games(most times about flops and such) or console games.
From your list, I already played Cuphead and Nier: Automata. I didn't finish Nier though, I hated 9S with a passion and gave up when I saw that I would have to play as him.
Going to Google the other games.

Fuck off


Well, what kind of itch are you trying to scratch, OP?
You want something blood pumping? maybe more like strategy? RPG?

How do I fix this?


God hand does have great enemies if your looking for aggressive ones.

There are some good one enemies in DMC4 like Blitz, but yeah most mostly enemies are just combo fodder. I would say DMC3 has better enemies.
Bayonetta's enemies can be aggressive but the game is built around Witch Time so they aren't that bad, but if you play on the hardest difficulty Or if you unlock Jeanne then Witch time is disabled, that should be more a challenge.
Platinum games for the most part have decent enemies that get faster on harder difficulties.

If you're looking for really good enemy variety then you're going to want to play Ninja Gaiden. Those enemies will fuck you up if you don't know what you're doing, but you're going to need a 360 for the best versions.

Nice dubs Bill.

16 bit emu and MAME.
Fallout1&2, Fallout NV.
Near Tomato.



McCain as a consolation prize

I'm looking for the good stuff. Don't care if waifu bait shit, fast paced, turn based, strategy, mmo or whatever.
I just want to part with old graphics. I do like that kind of stuff but I've been stuck with it for a long time I'm kind of fed up with it now that I got a better PC.


Fuck you, you piece of shit.

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Well, in all honesty I haven't played much more than grand strategy games lately.
If you're down to get a little autistic how about crusader kings 2? or maybe if you've already played that victoria 2, both of them have somewhat of a learning curve (CK2 is more beginner friendly) but I've spent quite a while with them.
just make sure not to pay a single cent for either.
Alternatively, if you've got a nice PC why not try emulating? The Wii has some nice hidden gems, the PS2's library has a lot of everything and supposedly there's a PS3 emulator that more or less* works! with certain games**.
and it's performance is still kind of all over the place

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of advice for eye candy, my computer has a grafix card made out of 2 toasters held together by electrical tape, saliva and good intentions.

It's been a while, good job!

I love my mom!



I can emulate Wii?
Not interested in emulating PS2 though.

play vidya everyday and don't wait around like a faggot

Don't worry, I didn't mean I was looking for strategy games. I'm looking for any games actually, just don't want to play old/indie games that much because I've been stuck with them for a long time.



Shoulda just bumrushed the 9S part so you could get to Route C. Trust me, you'd enjoy 9S a lot more when you see him suffering in utter agony

That and his route only takes, like, 30 minutes if you skip hard enough. You can go back later to do most all the sidequests as 2B