Why do these fucks have the most punchable faces?

Why do these fucks have the most punchable faces?

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Anti-semite much?

Richard Spencer's face is just as punchable.

He has the eyes of a dead fish. As Voltaire prayed "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous" and God gave all the bourgs a punchable face and personality disorders.

It's because they are closet homos. 99/100 times I can tell if someone is gay just by looking at their face, I am 100% certain that the homo "gene" is linked with genes that make up your face.


Lips too. He's got a bit of the Innsmouth Look rockin out.

wow sounds fascinating please tell everybody more about this exciting new paradigm of thinking, Reginald.

just ignore them or point out the contradictions inherant in their ideology like we do and you'll fit in fine, newfag.


Hes a jew.
A huge part of Trump`s team are jews.
You`re actually hating him for JEWISH features.
And no theres nothing fucking wrong with how he talks or looks.

Rato and Shkreli have punchable faces too and they are not jews.

he looks slightly crosseyed. something very unsettling about his eyes anyway

This fuck actually organizes American President`s "propaganda" policy.

Ted Cruz(Canadian-Cuban) is GOP politician who aligns with Trump, as far as i know hes not in any "power" position in Trump`s personal team.
Martin Shkreli(Albanian) has no power besides memeing on the internet.

damn he is smug

His face kind reminds me of mook.

A lot of them are very slippery, yes, and their culture is unbearable. But also this

but seriously, put mook's hair on his head and it's grown up mook.

is he jewish?

No, he's a just a mook

why's it matter?

Just wondering.

He has an odd look. What's his ethnicity?