Is being masochistic leftist?

Is being masochistic leftist?
Hate fucking stuff like that?

Nah, it's more of a thing for fascist proles loving to get classcucked.

Most Masochists and Subs I've met were posh "upper-middle-class" types (like Leopold himself) and Clients while proles are more likely to be Dom and Sadist Workers. But anyway, it's a coping mechanism for the emotionally damaged and these kinds of pain/power fetishes shouldn't exist. In a healthy socialist world they wouldn't.

Why are so many leftists so puritan?

No, it's just a fetish.

Though you have to be a sadist to be allowed into the Cheka.

Nice quads there!
I'm no puritan. I rock out to GG Allin, practice free love, have lots of kinky sex-worker friends and really like to read Sade and Bataille too. I just think BDSM impulse is a symptom of the real class inequality and power relations that exist in society.

It's another "everything bad ever stems from capatlism and not trying human mind ever" episode.

In full gommies subs will be workers who can't work as fast and will enjoy being used and abused by the masses for its the only thing they can do well.


Is this fbi, autism, or newfaggotry?

In my expereince quite a few women like being choked, spanked, and degraded during sex and this isn't exclusive to only upper class women. Out of the two "true" dommes I've met one was well off daughter of a rich dude and the other wasn't full porky but fairly comfortable. All ancedotal expereince, but how do we know that BDSM preferences aren't based upon factors other than socioeconomic? It would guess there may be some biological factors or life expereinces that influence such tendencies thay wpuld occur just as kuch in socialism as it does in capitalism.

is there anything wrong with that?
I mean, I'm no puritan, I am bisexual and have casual sex and the like. but I like the idea of a monogamous relationship, having children and shit, being faithful and all that.
if anything the ruling ideology is the one pushing for liberal sacual attitudes


It's a problem if you're a faggot about it.

It's not hard finding a grill willing to fuck m8.

>shoot me, daddy

The large part why I was always leaning left is precisely because I'm a sadist. Interestingly, I also met my complete opposite, a submissive faggot who loves authoritarianism so much he would like to see compulsory draft and more authoritarian way of ruling the country, apparently his friends even jokingly call him a Nazi. His fantasies about being a soldier who licks boots, is forced to lick toilets and is used as a cumdumpster for the entire company possible make sense in such context

Why is bourgeois ideology suddenly okay when it involves sex?

Why is reactionary ideology suddenly okay when it involves sex?

That's a question for you to awnser.

because it's not feudal ideology :^)

Why insisting any stance about sexuality belong to a certain political ideology?

Sex is fun

Most sexual fetishes are the pathological result of the injustice and alienation of class society and will probably fade away under communism.

Communism will make femdom disappear?!?!

WTF i hate communism now…

Fade away, not disappear.

Sounds boring.

Love the word filter, keep it going guys

The reproductive aspects of sexuality have side effects that eventually become society's problem. I think some limits on quality and quantity of those byproducts are appropriate. But practice all you like.

Over a few generations. You've still got plenty of time.

I thought household economies were their own sphere, and such things as which partner leads and by how long a chain is something they would figure out amongst themselves, within broad parameters. More reading, I guess?

It's as all movements are. "Leftists", or Modern Leftists are utterly and truly self-hating people, same with the Nazis, the Liberals, the Conservatives, the Centrists and so on.

Eh I honestly wouldn't worry about it, femdom predates capitalism and is referenced in many ancient mythologies, as were many other fetishes. Ishtar was pretty much a dominatrix.

Femdom is terrible tho.

dunno if thats true. i have been into soft machocism since childhood.
don't know how i got it.
being to lazy to dome might be part off it tho

Don't you want your means of reproduction seized?

Not by a girl. It's probably subconscious sexism, but submissive men and dominant girls both turn me off immensely.

What gender are you?


Wierd. I find a little bit of dominance/aggressiveness hot as fuck. Who doesn't like getting pushed down and getting "forcefully" rode?

Hey, it's your loss

Most humans are fairly puritan. If anything, the left is less puritan than average.
For instance, I would take great pleasure in putting a wireless vibrator inside Akari, lovingly diapering her, and then taking her to the park to play all day.

nice spooks

I like it only if I imagine myself as a girl getting fucked by a man.

Do you want to be the little girl, user?