Was Pinochet the only modern dictator who got away with it?

Was Pinochet the only modern dictator who got away with it?

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Define 'got away with it'. If you mean got away with being a dictator without being killed, then no. If you mean with his reputation intact, then still no, because nobody but edgy uninformed faggots think Pinoshit was anything but a criminal.

No, that happens all the time.

Pinochet is only one of the many CIA backed dictatorships in Latin America.
Vidal could've gone away with it, if he didn't bit off the hand that fed him and invaded the Falklands.
Same for Noriega.

Stroessner got away with it, he died of a stroke a free man.

and btw he wasn't even in power when the war started. it was a Junta that changed its members regularly.

Argentina was already in a bad relationship with Jimmy Carter's is government. they were actually leaning to the Soviet union. that's why the tankie party at some point supported the dictatorship.
bootlickers gonna lick boots, right?

In Chile it's not that unusual for people to think Pinochet was right.

Franco got away with it, he died of parkinsons aged 82.

It is.

It really is. Only the richest of the population have any reverence for him. Especially after his followers saved the country and the hatred for the US for helping install him came above the water.


I hope this is bait. Get out and read some history.


South Korean right wing dictator is still a live well. He's playing golf.

AnCaps are legitimately the only people on Earth who like Pinochet.

I thought he wasn't killed

He wasn't, that was a failure in language. What I meant was, he's one of MANY dictators who survived to retirement.


I remember that post, it was top notch

Was there a substantial amount of butthurt, or only a little buttering of it?

Well look at this I have an image like that.

cant remember actually

10 on the butthurt meter, you are.


Pinoshits on suicide watch!

Allende did crash the economy 1972-72 though.