Did your parents/grandparents partake in any revolutionary act Holla Forums? what are their stories?

Did your parents/grandparents partake in any revolutionary act Holla Forums? what are their stories?

My grandpa participated in the Algerian revolution, he was eventually arrested by the french and tortured for 3 years and was never the same after, he couldn't recognize his children when they went to pick him up and has suffered memory loss since then.

My father participated in anti-colonialist revolts in both Morocco and Algeria.

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Didn't think that one through, did they?

Great-grandad was an union activist who fought Fascism both at our local italian community and in Italy as a conscript in 1944. Mom and dad were generic 70's radicals who became conservatives when they had families, which sucks but they have some cool stories about the military government.

Didn't think that one through, did they

they were bourgy as fuck

You're missing a lot of nuances.

The people who kicked fought the french were killed or jailed, even after the independance by the stat, Algeria was taken over by "The oujda clan" which are mostly thinkers or low ranking officials who ran off to Morocco during the fights. even now Algeria is run by the Army, and the heads of the army are all ex-french military and France has a strong hold on Algeria.

What you're alluding to is what happened in the late 80s-90s when the socialist model adopted by the stat failed and the Islamists won the elections but the socialists didn't give up the power so the salafists ran off to the mountains and waged guerilla war on the government but mostly civilians.

Didn't think that one through, did they?

American revolutionary war
Texas revolutionary war

lol nope. My forebears were all either Slavic peasants or WASP classcucks

My grandfather and a few friends went to a "Bund" rally in Milwaukee in 1938. For those who don't know, the "Bund" movement was the literal American pro-Nazi movement. So, my grandfather and his friends went to protest and tell them they were full of shit.

Well, the Nazis didn't like that, so, outnumbering my grandfather and his friends, started getting physical. Shouldn't have fucked with principled Irishmen. They held their own until police broke it up…and arrested my grandfather and his friends.

Later, on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal(at the time), a picture was printed of the five of them in court for assault charges, and the fact that they were cleared because ACTUAL FUCKING NAZIS. It's a big point of pride in my family.

So…when I hear people trying to justify physically assaulting political opponents today, claiming they're "Nazis", I get really fucking pissed off. My family punched actual Nazis right here, in this country. Conservative/libertarian/alt-right/whatever douchebags are just that: douchebags. Not Nazis. You can tell the difference because they're not throwing punches. Nazis throw punches because they want to dominate the fucking world and kill everyone they dislike.

Now I see some of you actually suggesting you throw the first punch. Guess what? That means you're far more like Nazis than a bunch of Trump supporters. If that's the way you're thinking, you're the danger to this country. Frankly, I'd love to punch every one of you idiots who risk actually empowering anti-semitic, racist, woman hateric numbskulls…but I'm not a fascist, so I won't do that.

Don't be fascists, and especially don't be fascists while falsely labeling your opponents that. It's Orwellian in its absurdity.

My great grandfather was from Portugal and went into Spain to fight against the fascists. Didn't work out. My other side was from France and he was a part of the free french, but that's hardly revolutionary.

Nobody asked for the lecture

Nice ghost story, Prince Nazi Puncher the 3rd :^)


Great grandfather fought in the red army before coming to the United States.

My great grandfather bombed the actual nazis, and I think it's OK to punch people for advocating ethnic cleansing

Why did he go to america?

one of my ancestors was conscripted by the rebels in the american revolutionary war, got captured and switched sides to get out of jail and got free land in nova scotia after the war was lost


You still needed it

I don't think he was a committed communist, he just really hated the Czar.

My grandfather's father fought and was killed on the spanish civil war, and a lot of my family members fled to russia.

Almost all of my family was actively part of right-wing militias in the United States, Germany, and Poland. They also aided in overthrowing several fash and gummiebear groups by direct force.

Gee look: dumbshits who still can't tell actual Nazis from mouthy dumbshits.

If the lecture pissed you off, you were one of the people that needed to read it. You're welcome.

a uncle of mine was active in leftist movements here in iceland during the 50s and later moved to east germany where he studied art. He married a russian woman and had some kids with her but when he was moving back home to iceland he died in a accident on the harbour. My family now a lot of books in german and russian about socialist art and history that he left behind. I even found a book by stalin about leninism that he owned.

except him, pretty much everyone in my family is either conservative as fuck or social democrats.


Sadly I don't think so. Unless you count my great-grandfather who fought at El-Alamein.

My great great grandfather fought for the white guard during Finnish civil war.

Liberated my homeland form red fascists.

If we're counting ww2 veterans my granddad also fought at el alamein. After the war he was court marshalled and sent to prison for a few years because he shot and killed an SS officer POW who had tried to escape. Most people in my family treat it like its some kind of shameful skeleton in the closet, I think its pretty cool.

But beside that I think I'm the first person in my family to really take a particular interest in politics. Unless you count my uncle who was/is a punk and kind of an anarchist. He's mentioned getting into brawls with Nazi skinheads at gigs and one time he got arrested during a riot at Stonehenge.

Apparently this guy is my great great…grandfather.

Yeah, battle of cable street


Hail victory.

Family fought with reds in Finnish civil war. I'm told he was captured along with other red guards and set for execution but they bribed their way out. Left for Soviet Russia, later fought in Red Army.

Finland will be wiped off the map under world communism

also, my wifes grandpa was an anti-fascist and labor organizer in the US in the 30s and 40s, he enlisted and became a paratrooper and jumped on D-day. dude literally jumped out of airplanes to shoot nazis.

I have a political uncle who was an active member of Shining Path, he probably set off a couple of car bombs I dunno. He fled to Sweden and got political asylum there in '98 and I haven't heard much of him ever since.

He also cheated on my aunt, so I don't have the best of opinions of him.

Funny story, my grand pappy fought for Latvian independents after the first world war, then volunteered into the Latvian Legion during the second world war, where he blew up a few building in Leningrad.

My father fought in the Vietnam war dropped napalm on Viet Cong and Khmer Rouge.

Have to admit, pretty proud of that.

My grandfather fought in the Korean war.

For the south.

Nah, my grandparents were hippies turned Syndicalists.
There's a lot of Marxist literature at their house though, I've never had the balls or the time to pick it up.

so are you just another butthurt fascist balt?

How so, I thought you of all people would be happy a nation would defend itself against an imperialist superpower.


the USSR wasn't imperialist, and it certainly wasn't a superpower in 1918

The Latvian Legion were literal SS members too

And if you want nations defending themselves against imperialist superpowers, the Viet Cong actually were fighting an imperialist superpower, while your father attacked them

explain ukraine

ignore retarded tankies

Your right, those nations swallowed up by the Molotov Pact, total coincidence, Finnish Winter War never happened, and don't get me started on how Stalin never sent tanks and officers into China before WWII.

Cry some more, being a puppet state beats slavery.

What about Ukraine?

Anarchism is an error, one that was corrected.


see this post

That was only done due to the USSR trying to buy time before the inevitable fascist invasion. It knew it could not hold forever.

It did, and so what? Finland had a history of German collaboration and anti-communism.

What, helping out the communists? The horror.

Amusing, given your little nation would've been slaughtered and enslaved by the Germans


Truly fascinating how fascistic the Baltic States area. They will need extensive purges under socialism.

my communist grandpa was in ssnp, the most "viable" leftist organization in the levant at the time.

he fought against zionism


Didn't do much to capitalize on it than considering he begged for American supply's and his glorious Red Army got driven to Moscow in a matter of months.

Not to mention the Polish Soviet war of 1920 and the Baltic Wars of independents, both waged decades before Fascism even existed.

Reichskommissariat Ostland looked better to more people than being a communist state, that should tell you something.

dude holy shit,…. that killed so many frenchies… for freedom, like the most succeful slave revolt ever was that guy and toussiant l'overture


the USSR was playing catch up from the start. Lend Lease barely started until 1942, well into the Nazi invasion.

That got mixed in with the demise of the Russian Empire, so I can somewhat understand the caution some had towards the new Soviet state. But they were trying to spread revolution across the world, in line with Marxist ideology.

It tells me they're a deeply reactionary and nationalist bunch that get Russia and Communism mixed up, as all Eastern Europeans seem to do.

My great great grandfather apparently stole some horses from the tsar's stables, and then successfully sold them back to him before fleeing to America.
My great grandfather owned several paper mills

two of my great greart grandfathers fought under pancho villa, and one of them joined a planned uprising in the 1920s, got a looted mauser carbine from an amoury, he took the gun home.

Soviets spreading "revolution" across the world is no different than hamburgers spreading "Freedom" across the world.

My family fought in the great meme war of 2016.

Pic are my parents

The insurgency was funded and supported by Poland as a proxy

My father's side were basically Spanish peasants, but really progressive for their time and community.Uninvolved in politics, religious somewhat.Mostly decent, if outdated, beliefs.
My mother's side were bourgeois shit, politically connected lawyers/bureaucrats to the fascists.In particular, my grandmother was the fucktoy/trophy wife of another well connected lawyer, until she grew too much of an insufferable narcissistic bitch and got dumped for a more complacent fuckhole.

She then spent her life living off alimony, beating her children and poisoning their minds about their father with outrageous lies, while he payed for everything, education included, and provided them with recommendations and employment.

My father is an emasculated farmer boy who is a literal bastard, and despises his father for it, so he went 180º on his father beliefs and became full police pig with anger issues and a penchant for petty authority.

My mother is a narcissistic, toxic, victim-complex bitch in perpetual indignation at the worlds lack of respect for her imaginary merits, in faithful recreation of her mother.

Both of them hold to be "socialists" in name only.In reality they are small minded fools who flock to whoever currently validates their sad worldview. Currently liberals and IDPOL.Both of them are lonely sacks of shit ,repellant to everyone around them and tied to each other by their children first and their old age later.


You must be around 12 then, if those are your parents, did they give you permission to be here?

fuckoff Holla Forums

So your grandpa's a Nazi
Because he fought the Nazis at the rally
So it looks like
He's a Nazi

You know that's not true. The US exploits countries, kills people to put corrupt puppets in power and suppresses socialists and trade unionists. Just look at Latin America.

The Soviets weren't perfect but at least they tried to improve life expectancy, industry, healthcare, literacy, housing etc

fuckoff Holla Forums you are a giant faggot

My great-granddad fought against the Italians invading Ethiopia.

Grandfather was a major in South Vietnam, great grandfather was Viet Minh who fought against the French, other great grandfather was shot by the French. Great-great grandfather was a factory owner. Great-great-great grandfather was the mayor of a port-city.

Two leftist ancestors: one great-uncle who was a governor for a province in North Vietnam and my grandfather's brother who was also a major, but in North Vietnam.

worlds dumbest post

It's true, both are justified.

we have a viet grill tripfag, you two should meet.

You know that's not the whole truth either, i wouldn't look at Ethiopia, Eritrea, Cambodia, and Angola and say Communism/ Socialism helped in those country's. Especially considering Pol Pot wanted to reshape society from scratch.

You could also say the banana republics did a "good deed" by giving there people a modern industrial network.

All nations want to keep the powerful at the top, and they will hide behind silver linings.

That's not much to brag about considering they didn't abandon slavery until the Fascists took over.

Not an argument plz elaborate.


My maternal grandfather was a flak gunner for the German army and my paternal grandfather was a Luftwaffe pilot who was shot down over France. The Americans stitched him together on a hospital boat but he lost half of his lung. Died in his 70 because of smonking-induced lung cancer. I have pictures of him standing with his uniform in front of the airfield :^)

They didn't , they stopped the land redistribution which is what made North America prosperous and kept those countries's economies reliant on primary sector exports to this day. They kept them from industrializing and made them reliant on American consumer goods, not the other way around.
stop eating cold war propaganda.

I already have gf ty very much.

I meant back in the 10's and 20's, but your right.

Still I think you get my point.