Endning Infant Circumcision

So, when is circumcision of baby boys going to end?

When we ban babies.

Once we kill all the jews

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Communism removes the profitability and probably the motivation for doctors to lie about it, so except for religious reasons, the best way to stop this I'd say is abolish the state and capitalism.

Uphold female circumcision, smash first world cultural chauvinism

Hey, if the ideology dies out, that'd be great

Cause being mutilated for religious reasons makes it okay…

Well, it was ruled to be illegal in Germany for example, but then several religious groups(including the Christians) recognized it as a precedent of the state putting the individual rights of children over the religious expression of their parents, so they lobbied the parliament until the created a law to explicitly legalize it.

I fucking hate religicucks

Never said that, it's just that communism wouldn't be able to immediately stop people's religious beliefs. Eventually maybe due to lack of necessity.

The religion that started this backwards barbaric ritual did it without a state or capitalism. It must be destroyed like all the other spooks.

a thread

Unless the "inerrant word of god" changes, I'm pretty sure people will still slice their baby's genitals up.
It'll take more than "maybe it will die out on its own" to stop the systematic cutting of children.

Americans/jews/muslims please leave.


Sure destroy religion but don't destroy all spooks. That's not fair. Spooks can be cool.

Stopping most of it is better than none of it.

How would you stop it? At the moment, it is perfectly legal to strap my son down and cut up his genitals if i wanted to. No one could punish me if I did this and it was found out later. A majority of people would applaud my actions and fight to make sure I wasn't punished even if something came about from my knife work.
I'm interested to know what could be changed about this situation.

The question is how to do it without earning the wrath of the religious world and stepping into authoritarianism. The answer is I don't know. I just know that a lot of it happens because of capitalism in north america.

Why on earth is religion supposed to be an exception to the fight against reactionary ideologies according to you?

Interesting. An honest answer. I appreciate it.

I've never met or heard of a feminist who had the belief that one form of circumcision is bad and the other is good. Even if you can find some raving lunatic that does it reflects more poorly on her than the movement.

If we stop circumcision then how am i going to make my baby dick stew? I need those baby dicks damnit!

I just can't imagine a full out war on religion would end well for anyone.

Of course not since it's an economic system. How about morality? Like respecting and protecting people's will?

Cutting a babies (or anyone else) dick without their consent IS AUTHORITARIANISM you fucking moron.

By cutting off the aggressors genitals and leaving them bleeding to death.

Popularity is irrelevant to whether something's true or good.

They're British. Of course they hate sex.

The notions of the foreskin as a sensory organ and as a part of another human's body don't play well with right-wing authoritarian societies like the sex-hating USA. The CDC thus gets away with recommending the amputation of a sensory organ by treating it with the same disrespect as a tumor.

When feminists give up their stranglehold on the dialog and let MRAs actually speak.


How did I end up so messed up???

This is one of those issues I would address if I were President but I'd leave it on the back burner till my second term

Why would you think feminism is being talked about?

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I actually think most feminists are against circumcision

I don't even know any bitchy radfems that believe this

i'm sorry OP but shouldn't you make this thread on a jewish board?
who the fuck is leftist and religious?

sage for thinly veiled cut vs uncut COINTELPRO spam

they tried to make it illegal here in sweden too.
some international jewish organization started to bitch about it and compared it to nuremberg laws.
i don't know why the laws didn't pass thought

I for one do not care that I'm missing some of my foreskin because I can still cum and American girls don't think my dick looks weird

Guess what group holds the power in the EU. IF it was some raghead group then all your women would get their genitals mutilated and no one would care.


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Female circumcision, yes

You're allowed to have that mindset so long as you don't force genital cutting on anyone else.

There are jewish boards?

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Just to be clear FGM is not female circumcision. Female circumcision is a hoodectomy. and mostly is done by porn stars. Changing a child' s body should be outlawed till they are old enough to decide on their own. No religious exemptions.

When we overthrow the capitalists

Just to be clear. FGM is not a single procedure but several different kinds and some of them include hoodectomy.

This should be forbidden by any secular socialist government just like any other instance of cosmetic mutilation of children. Any people who still feel like cutting off a part of their dicks can do so after they reach age of majority.

Why you are responding obvious answers in a bait thread, user?

Hoodectomy is least common.

In the US the biggest proponents are themselves circumcized men. Telling most of the population their dicks are messed up and not normal doesn't sit to well. Also learning that as a parent you made a shitty decision (or rather lack of one) for you're kid also fires up the cognitive dissonance. I think it's one of the biggest examples of abused stockholm syndrome on the planet.

To be fair, you would hate sex too if all people around you looked like the British do.

tell that to dysphoric people

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