Is Maoism the dumbest ideology...

Is Maoism the dumbest ideology? Every time I read a statement Maoism it's some tankie shit that makes you wonder what the fuck they're on or whether they even want communism at all, such as when they support Assad, or when Yuri Kochiyama supported Bin Laden, not to mention most of them basically worship Comrade Mao and his writings as if he was some sort og prophet who can do no wrong. Worst of all, they're poisoned with idpol. Some of them unironically defend nationalism, and one specific Maoist on plebbit said the Kurds don't have a right to self-determination.

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No, it's anarchism.

Triggered a Maoist already, I see.

Give me the quick rundown on maoism



yea, Maoism is pretty dumb muh backyard furnaces, students mob rule cultural revolution best day of my life
but so is anarchism muh hierarchy, mom you're oppressing me!

Mautists still better than Trots

Put the stupid in charge of everything
Make sure anyone smarter than me is dead
Liking literally anything that isn't progressive gets you lynched
Workers dont actually own anything

something tells me that there is more to maoism than this, why didn't the whole country collapse then

What's wrong with Trots?

you can read it all on wiki

t. rebel

I asked for a quick rundown

t.Stalinist in disguse

Trotsky, anti-Stalinism, and lack of moral character (entryism is cancer).

But in this case I'd guess - Kronstadt.

No, he isn't.

Could heem the fuck out of a tankie right about now

i just realized i like you, but for one reason, sometimes i forget how retarded some people can be and i get complacent that the world into populated with totally autistic people, then i read your posts and i get this huge weight lifted off my shoulders as i realize "oh, their are still abhorrently autistic people out their, and this is what one of the has to say"

Thanks Stalin stash.

This tbh if you support Stalinism you support the bourgeoisie but under a different name



Also op confirmed anti arab pro imperialist

Because it's generally just a ideology populated by teens who want to be more-radical-than-thou, and their obsession with peasants and "third world" countries conveniently places the revolutionary subject somewhere else - meaning that they can feel justified in doing nothing but post Assad or Xi Jinping memes while complaining about cishet white men.

Maoism (or third world MLs in general) as an actual movement was nothing but nationalism with red paint to get dat' USSR cash.

Mass Perspective
Mass Line
Protracted People's War
Cultural Revolution
Criticism & self-criticism
Also has some focus on anti-imperialism and decolonization

More info here:

And New Democracy

what the fuck are you talking about, was Mao a big fan of Khrushchev and soviet interference in other countries?

The whole point of Maoism is that it's a total doctrinal rejection of Stalinism and the Soviet model.

I'm not talking about Mao, I'm talking about Maoists. Tankies are some of the dumbest motherfuckers I've ever seen, they will support anything that even smells red, and they will probably model their ideology after the guy that looks the edgiest. I've seen tankies support Hoxha for fucks' sake.

What's wrong with the first pic? They're just looking at different perspective they can take.


Maoists always remind me of that spaz kid from school that thought they could do DBZ moves, I don't really know why. I also like how Maoist think they are smarter and better than the regular tankie but they literally say the same shit but hidden under a veneer of pseudo-intelligence by endlessly blabbing about muh dialectics

Anyway Bin Laden is based

Were you pretending to be retarded when you wrote this? The Kurdish movement, whether you think its good or not, is obviously nationalist. "self-determination of peoples" like the Kurds is a nationalist concept even if socialist internationalists appeal to it.

You haven't actually rejected nationalism yourself– you're just butthurt that not all of them support the nationalism of your special snowflake chosen people.

btw I actually dislike maoism and hate maoists pic unrelated


ment for

transhummus have a selfhatred for their own species, so one should be careful about throwing stones in glass houses

I'm not racist, I hate entire homo-sapiens-sapiens, not just white/black colored folks

This seems to be objectively true. All the major revolutions were done primarily by peasants, whilst the industrialized countries failed to ever turn left.

The term tankie has since developed to be exceedingly vague and refer to basically any sort of Soviet apologist.

never thought I'd say this but rn I'm the guy on the far right

naw, naw, it's just special dysphoria, nothing a bit of transgenic therapy can't cure

Maoists hate the soviet union though

Because Soviet Union went anti-Stalinist.

It's like your first day here.

It, quite literally, did

eurocentric first world "marxists" are cancer

While I think it still holds weight in certain parts of the third world, I think we're going to see similar trends develop from the unskilled working class in the first-world who are going to see the automation of their jobs within their lifetime. I like Maoism a lot, but I tend to reject that specific idea of his, as well as third world theory.

maybe post colonial theory is more your thing


Mao only pretended to support Stalin for pragmatic reasons though, he hated his guts and opposed him politically