What are some good leftist characters in shows/movies?

What are some good leftist characters in shows/movies?

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Wolfie from Citizen Smith.

What a cute picture :3

Misty is a total leftist too.

Who could forget the episode where she seized the means of production?

Why do you think leftists are fucking garbage?

Revy from black lagoon

She's crazy though.
Benny is the best self-insert character on le illegalist boat.

Revy is a nearly an American Libertarian Party member.


That guy on kids on the slope which was a literal commie.

I never understood this.
Amon was cast as a bad guy but there was lierally nothing really wrong with what he was doing. He was lying about being a bender, which made so sense, but he literally did nothing wrong. I feel like the writers are bunch of delusional capitalists who accidentally wrote a real libertarian left character.

Me neither.

That Russian mouse from My life as a teenage robot in that one episode.

I feel the same about Zaheer, even if he's more of an anarkiddy.

I could see her being a nazbol

She claimed the right to be lazy.


Moko is super spooked though. She keeps trying to live up to the hegemonic ideology instead of fully actualizing her already-existing resistance to the ruling class.


Forgot pic

Greedy elves deserved it for hoarding all the Rings of Power to themselves instead of sharing the product of the work with the one who performed it.

Is Black Lagoon worth watching? What's it about?

t. not weeb

I think that's the case with a lot of characters. They know there's issues but keep missing the mark.

Mercenaries in a boat shoot things. Worth watching if you can take Rock being a complete faggot all the time.

Wrong (you).

So they went full dyke on her?

Did they? I haven't read in a while, but she always seemed like the sort of person who'd screw anyone who gave her genuine attention.

Not yet, just yuri undertones

Gendo Ikari.

The most dangerous man in the world of One Piece.
Since he is written by Oda, he could even be a genuine communist and/or anarchist.


NGE is the epitome of pseudo-intellectualism.

He's literally a fascist.

they just wanted to not be wage-slaves ;_;

t-thanks satan


Zaheer was an anarchist


Lelouch Lamperouge.

Awesome clip.

Dmitri a.k.a. Comrade 9.

Snufkin's is pretty explicitly despooked.

Darkness from Konosuba

Her outburst last (or the one before that?) episode was great but I still can't relate to her extreme form of masochism.

Gendo plays 4D chess spooking everyone else.
But in truth, he actually has no agenda aside simply being with his wife once again.

His son, instead, was offered the route of turning all of humanity into a collective (i guess more of a god-individual), and he rejected that option opting for each person to return to his individual form (eventually).
I guess that makes Shinji an individualist.
But the other option was also sorta individualistic.
I don't know what that makes Shinji (inb4 lel a little bitch witty response i'm so funny please give me a you).

Shes always putting the group first before herself, even if her lewdness gets in the way.

Shes our gal.

It makes him a stupid cunt.

I am somewhat masochistic but I think her portrayal of masochism is a bit over the top, even for a parody show.

Well yeah, that's what i just said.

Kazuma would be a better pick for this thread. If you've read the novels you should notice how much of a "classcuck" she is.

That makes no sense.
Kazuma wants to be Kirito.
He thinks he's smart (and compared to everyone else in the show, he is, just because everyone is an utter complete idiot), and wants to trick his way into a position of influence.
Possibly, scoring enough cash to essentially return to his NEET lifestyle, but in the fantasy word.
There's nothing leftist about him.
He wishes to be Kirito, or a shut in NEET, and the reason why he can't is because of the aim of the anime itself (and thuse the universe making sure shit doesn't go right for him).

All wrong. The correct choice is Megumin.

She wasn't exploding undead porky castle because she wanted to specifically fuck him over, she was just exploding it because exploding shit is fun.
That doesn't make her lefist, or rather, it makes her the most vapid and retarded type of leftist you can possibly imagine.
It's simpler to just see her for what she is: someone that likes blowing shit up.

I said it because she's poor and hates nobility.

Lisa Simpson

Could he be considered one? I know Moorcock tried to an anarchist message and was one of the few leftists among fantasy writers.

tried to convey*

Well…yeah, i guess.

I really want to know how a fucking noble who's perfectly okay with nobles being a thing can be considered even remotely leftist

I swear you people just post in these threads characters you like rather than something that actually makes sense


pretty leftist tbh

no, really?

Hah, fuck off with that shit.
Do you really think there aren't people that just want to fuck shit up for the sake of fucking shit up on Holla Forums too? (hell, that's half the motivation of why they do the shit they've been doing for years)
If that's all you think it takes to be leftist, then perhaps you should reconsider your own political affiliation.

don't you EVER take my shitposts seriously fuckboy


Well, actually, when you put it like that.

She's still poor. All the money she gets from quests is sent to her family, the poorest in the entire village.

No rules, bro! Anarchy lives!

Rance is Stirnerite as fuck.

"All the cute girls in the world are my property!"
^ Actual quote in one of his games

She's getting there.

I actually have no idea how Rance rules the places he conquers.
All i know is that he wants the pussy.
All of the pussy, all the time.
But aside from that i don't really know much about his actions towards the people working under him.
He owns a slave and he treats her like shit but he seems to be able to restrain himself from going too far, i suppose that's something.

Also his main theme is a sped-up version of the DDR anthem.

(But this is mostly because TADA is a history buff.)

He's very lucky. Seriously, that's the in-universe explanation. He just wants to fuck every cute chick in the world and it just so happens that he accidentally saved the world along the way.

Oh, also he lacks a level limit because he's literally a glitch in the system.

Kinda like Gengis Khan.

He's very lucky. Seriously, that's the in-universe explanation. He just wants to fuck every cute chick in the world and it just so happens that he accidentally saved the world along the way.

Rance is incredibly insecure and sucks hard at showing/receiving affection; basically, he's a tsundere. Whenever people think they're a couple he desperately tries to assert dominance, usually by hitting Sill, and makes up excuses whenever he's helping Sill or other people.

Sill also serves as Rance's morality figure and whether knowingly or not, he restrains himself when she's around (which is almost always).



what's this shit called?

Everyone that plays it ends up loving it for the gameplay.
It's actually not that popular as a porn game, it has a fanbase that's big compared to other porn games specifically because it has really good gameplay.

Sengoku Rance.

…I have some research to do

Those screenshot are from Rance VI though.

I actually love the plot, backstories, character development and dialogues in the series.
Played all the translated games, from Rance I to Sengoku Rance, and I don't regret it one bit.

This should help you: pastebin.com/agSi5e63

Since it wasn't specific to anime.

Yeah, i guess that's true.


Spoilers? Does he destroy her hymen?

Of course.

Tbh i would have rejected instrumentality too. That kind of collectove was a hellscape

orange juice communism doesn't sound too bad tbh

NGE doesn't really have political connotations.
Anno used to be a shrink.

The instrumentality collective was simply one giant metaphor for the pipe dreams of a young, immature child into the possibility of a deus ex machina that would solve all the problems in the world and eliminate all differences among human beings.

Shinji chooses individuality because he grows up as a person and learns to respect individual human beings in their positives, and their flaws, and finally sees people for the complex multilayered bundles of experiences, emotions and inner workings that they are instead of black and white oversemplifications that he saw them as before, while putting himself "above them" or seeing himself as "more virtuous", typical of still incomplete, immature kids going trough their angsty period.

All of NGE is "grow the fuck up you goddamn otaku retard: the anime".
Obviously one COULD insert political connotations to the whole collective-individual thing but it's sorta forcing shit where it wasn't designed to accomodate it.


Extending NGE to political meme ends up looking stupid most of the time.

There is heavy reference to early christian mythology *cough fantasies of Holla Forumsack tier savior syndrome cough* (not sure if it's gnosticism or Kabbalah) but NGE itself is about growing up and director has made his message clear in several interviews.

She just came out and said it "The Communists won after all."

Thought Sengoku's gameplay was fairly miserable. Feels more like an administrative exercise than anything fun. Calculate what the lowest amount of soldiers needed to attack is, so you have some left for the second action, and also a bunch for the inevitable counter-attacks. Constantly worrying about optimal resource allocation is hardly my idea of fun.

He's probably a ruler in the same sense as Alexander the Great; leave all the local power structures intact and let them run the place as long as they call you "my lord."

Then SRPGs aren't for you.
Only three Rance games are SRPGs (Kichikuou Rance, Sengoku Rance, Rance IX), the rest are dungeon crawler ADV/RPGs plus one roulette/dice RPG.

Mehrunes Dagon is the Daedric Prince of Change and Revolution as well as Destruction. I bet he'd have an avid Lefty following if he existed.

the true ancom

The dude

isn't the dude some kind of Anarchist/Nihilist?

He's living the FALC my man

kys u autist

I will break you


Pic related

That was the Kraftwerk parody kidnappers.
The Dude was just a counterculture burn-out, and oddly, a little up tight compared to his hotheaded rightwing friend, Walter.

He does mention occupying administrative buildings in college and being part of the "Seattle 7."

When he gets picked up by the Malibu police he demands the speak to some high profile lawyers. I didn't recognize the names though, I'm guessing they were involved with civil rights or Abbie Hoffman or something. Does anyone know?


Shes a commie rich girl

Darkness is a liberal you retard. She's fine with nobles as long as they're "nice".

The entire family in pic related are survivalist, quasi-anprim far leftists. The movie doesn't really talk about leftism any, mostly just a critique of consumerist, uneducated, spooked American society with a few jokes about the family's radical beliefs. It's a pretty funny movie.

Reminder that he literally did nothing wrong and the "humans" are the bad guys.


Solid Snake is basically a Stirnerfag