Female """"""""comedians"""""""

Female """"""""comedians"""""""

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>>135722263have sex incel unironically

Imagine being such and incel you can't appreciate people like Tina Fey and Sarah Silverman lmao


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>>135722263>incel detected

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lmao incel

youtube.com/watch?v=Yh0yAwSynZYI never get tired of this. It's so good.

gibs buff gf pls

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The people calling you an Incel

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white knight seething real as fuck ITT

>>135722443I can't imagine how much simping had to occur through this woman's life that made her think she was funny.

>>135722263if some guy shouted that at a woman, she, the other women in the crowd, and the other men, would gang up on that one guy and shame him. Possibly kick him out

>>135722529how is he supposed to live in that house when the lake lives in it

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>>135722443She has a YouTube channel and all her videos have comments disabled because of this gig. Bet she deletes any Twitter comments too kek

>>135722516OW porn is so retarded. She literally looks like Shrek in-game.

>>135722557t. incel

>>135722755haha yeah look at this ugly bitch

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>>135722443based joe

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>>135722291Sarah Silverman is fucking awful.

>>135722516>>135722755>>135722823>blackedfags getting btfo in booru comments

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>>135722890F I L T E R E D

>>135722557really good facebook meme friend

>>135722817Sorry. I'm not into fat chicks

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No such thing. Women physically cannot understand comedy.

>>135722939>Mugshots of aNtifa trannies>Facebook memeKys

>>135722823>mfw shad never drew a proper series of pinups of her>no view of her toned ass in all it's glory>all other 2D porn of her just sucks

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>>135722263its pretty funny most of them only get on stage by sucking dick

>>135722291Who now

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>>135722263t. autist too afraid to try stand-up himselfdo some sets and you'll find the women who are also around your city are actually decent

>>135722263who hurt you?

>>135722709holy fucking based

>leftypol realized their old tactics weren't having an effect>now actually sits around and coordinates which thread to brigadeI know 5/8 of you are men claiming to be women but you don't need to come to the defense of female """""comedians."""""

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>>135723009Tell us a joke and if it’s funny I’ll believe you

>>135722516>that profoundly manly physique

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women are fun to laugh atbut not when they want you to

>>135723103Sneed's Feed and Seed formerly Chuck's

based brazilian

>>135722291The funniest thing Sarah Silverman ever did was poop her pants and have Norm McDonald tell her she smelled like shit the entire time she gave him a ride to the airport. Also this blowing up in her face and her merely pretending to be stupid.

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>ITTCrazy how trannies monitor Holla Forums looking for wrongthink

>>135722817Have sex and dilate

>>135722557That's some good meth

>>135722529>white boyis a racial insult.


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>>135722288Tits or gtfo unironically

joan rivers was funny. watch her early stuff.

>>135724717>Tits or gtfoGeriatric incel detected

>reminder to who's calling you a "incel" itt

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W*men were the absolute biggest mistake to ever plague the human race, which in itself was the biggest mistake in all of history

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>>135724874whats chapotraphouse.........

>>135724874But that's a picture of Holla Forums

>>135725545you're right, Holla Forums is full of leftist trannies shilling biden right now.

>>135722263What does 'sociopath irony' mean?

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>>135722263everyone in this thread is seething saying "DURR INCEL" but you're right. women arent anywhere near as funny as guys, and its scientifically proven.

>>135722557that's because all they did was fuck each other in their commune.

>>135724874>happy young peopleok... ? uhhh... what's your point? yikes..

>>135722288All sex that isn't for making children is Ironic though

>incels have sex, with a woman like me

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> youtu.be/70d22_haOiUMiddle school teacher who has a joke about how she wanted to fuck one of her 8th grade boys. Imagine if a man said this he would be cancelled

>>135722288How do you have sex ironically?

>>135725896I've met funny quick witted girls that know how to demean and degrade others with proper banter but they weren't attractive bimbo types. As far as stand-up comedy you're right.


>thought terminating pseudo self awarenessWhat does that even mean

>>135726259>51k likes, 2k dislikesLITERALLY HOW

I used to think the female comedian meme was, well, just a meme. Then I went to Vegas with my Mother/Sister and we caught a female comedian show and holy shit. First fucking joke. LITERALLY FIRST FUCKING JOKE. >muh VaginaSome fucking 10 minute monologue about how proud she is that she doesn't cook for her boyfriend (cue cheering) and if he's hungry he can eat HER VAGINA. (cue laughter)I ended up just going outside for a smoke with five other guys and we talked about who had the worst hotel room for nearly an hour.

>>135722529Imagine when she finds out about all the rich foreigners who own multiples houses in her country that they use for maybe 1-2 weeks of the year.

>>135722443>WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY SHOES AAAARGH??there's no way this isn't an ironic parody of female comedians

>>135722263You could literally condense that long-ass list to just>sex>female anatomy and how gross it isand it would be both more accurate and funny.

>>135726006So happy they kill themselves lol

>>135728114settle down psycho

>>135722263a woman directed american psycho and it's really funny, and kino

>>135728188Have children.

>>135728348you first

>>135728348>implying any woman would have kids with him

>>135728413>I wont have kids haha get owned incelBased retard have an upboat

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>>135728318yes the exception that proves the ruleit is also based on a book written by a mantry again

>>135728471>doesn't deny he's a foreveralonercheck and mate

>>135722263Just pretend it's funny so you can bang the girl, dummie.

>>135728505>thinking im the same posterRetard

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I like Iliza Schlesinger.I'm a girl btw

>>135728578The hormones must be fucking with his brain. A shame, really.

>>135728578>jump in the middle of an anonymous conversation and act like a retard>ha joke's on you, I'm not that retard! I'm a completely different retard!that's me told

>>135728637Shit clocks ticking for these retards someone I know has already caused 4 of these "trans" freaks to suicide I hope they can do more>>135728660Cope you smelly virgin lmao

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>>135722263I really want to like female comedians. I'm not sexist at all and I like women in almost every field of the arts but I just don't find them funny as comedians. Some of them are even great comedy actors and writers so I just don't get it.

>>135722263Why do men think stating that women aren't funny makes them funny?

We forget that they aren't just unfunny, they are completely uninteresting too. I spoke extensively to a woman for a couple years and I fucking swear that my brain started turning to mush. They just provide zero stimulation, they suck it out of you.

>>135724874Maybe it's because I've met far more of them, but for some reason I respect and like FtM trannies more than MtF. They just come across happier and more mentally stable. Perhaps if I met more MtF my opinion would change.

>>135728773>Why do men think stating that women aren't funny makes them funny?

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>>135722263so...you couldn't make your own comic, you had to coo-opt someone elses. Who can't meme again?????

I don’t hate women comedians. I find them pitiful.

>>135728817>Perhaps if I met more MtF my opinion would changenah. The attempt to appear "manly" requires one to hide your emotions and appear level-headed, so women pretending to be men are more likely to keep their shit locked up.

>>135724874buncha regular ass looking people, and some decent looking trannys

>>135728471Wtf, do they show cannabis use in anime now? Isn’t it, like, a gigantic taboo there?

>>135728746Men want to suppose that women are genetically predisposed toward being unfunny. But never consider the more reasonable explanation that men are genetically predisposed toward sexism.Men are simply adverse to women taking podium and speaking to the gathering. Because on some primal level it feels wrong. In an indescribable way, that conjures emotions without reason. A woman can take a man's material and deliver the same lines, and get less laughs. Simply for the fact that men don't respect women.And it's probably has to do with the whole alpha mentality. Where the *man* in charge speaks to the group. Not the betas and not the women or children.btw, this is the same reason why "tough guys" don't find comedy shows entertaining, and get pissed when the comedian addresses them. Because they feel like they're the alpha, and it pains them that another man is behind the podium. Worse, that the man is talking down to him. So they get salty as fuck.


>>135726209better jawline than me

>>135728851You cant meme thats who tard

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>>135728828I'm not a woman. Just asking a question. I've noticed a trend. And it's an odd trend.

>>135728915thats a whole lotta assumptions

>>135728936why do you think anybody wants to be funny?Its just a fact of life, never met a genuinely funny woman, all female comedians are bad.Why pretend otherwise?

>>135722263whats the original that triggered this incel?

>>135724748Yeah, jew broads are a definite exception to the rule.>t. knows a funny jew broadIf we're talking stand up tho, I've never seen a funny female stand up, but I kinda hate stand up

>>135728907it's fakelike your penis

>>135728947It's really not. You just figure this out by observing male behavior. Men have to learn how to respect women. Otherwise, they treat women as property.Even guys who *think* they don't have a sexist bone in their body, will still be casually prejudiced. Just like how people who learned not to hate black people, still have unconscious biases against them.

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>>135728915>But never consider the more reasonable explanation that menmaybe more reasonable to your indoctrinated ass lmao

>>135722557are these the statue puller-downers?

>>135728970Well people make these kinds of threads in order to be funny.And they make similar comments on videos as a way to be funny.The newest variation the joke goes like this: "The F in the Women stands for Funny". And then that comment gets a bunch of replies of laughing emojis and a thousand likes.

>>135722557I hate incels not because they are awfully wrong, but because their personality types are cringe. Simple as. If you're an incel with charisma you'd be fine.

>>135729013>You just figure this out by observing male behavior.lmao

i have actually laughed at a few female comedians. Not all of them make "muh period" jokes. Just like not all male comedians make "muh penis" jokes.

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>>135729039for real.

>>135723007it's always the ones that screech the loudest

>>135729055Indoctrinated to what? All of my entertainment has been male-oriented since forever.My teen years were spent listening to the likes of Tom Leykis, Howard Stern, and Loveline.

>>135729076uhm.....dilate? x3

>>135726287by ironically sticking your dick in a pussy?


>>135729116Judging by the way you worded that, you might have some experience with dilating.Now stop being a closeted homo and learn to play the game of life.


>>135726287like the haha posters but irl

>>135722263I stayed up till 4am to defend women on 4chan because I snipped off my balls

>>135729115>Indoctrinated to what?lmao>>135729151imagine thinking you "observing male behavior" and seeing what you want to see is at all a worthwhile response. You are simply addicted to having victimhood status like most simple-minded white women today.

>>135729150cope troon

>>135729151you mad af my good bitch

>>135729177The people who do the opposite are technically the same. The only good decision here is to be neutral.

>>135729180I never claimed any victimhood. I'm not even a woman.And I'm also the same user you just LMAO'd too. So answer my question. Indoctrinated to what?

>>135729189>troonIs that some kind of new discord meme? Anyways stop being a fucking snowflake victim and grow a pair.

>>135729226>Indoctrinated to what?twitter mob politics of course.

>>135729203Oh look, Tekashi 69 joined the thread.

>>135728878You could definitely be right about that. I have some FtM I consider friends or acquaintances but they all are somewhat inscrutable. MtF wear their mental illness on their sleeve.

>>135722636Based post, user. Underrated.

>>135729226>>135729239btw you are 100% a woman, it's clear as day by the way you post. either that or a tranny

>>135729137lel, sometimes i think they're just embarrassed that they are sexually attracted to trannies.

>>135722529>not owning multiple houses in different parts of the country / world.

>>135729239How so? What is mobbish by observing men and how they behave? Because my ideas don't jive with yours?

>>135729228>the entirety of this post yikes

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>>135729313Don't wanna be alpha? Suit yourself.


>>135728773It'.s funny because it's true, faggot

>>135729076>incel with charismaExamples of based incels with charisma? There must be some out there.

>>135729307believing that white men are always inherently sexist and racist no matter what they do or say, yeah definitely never heard that one from the twitter mob before.

>>135722288Identify 3 funny women and link their best work, chad

>>135729332notice how you don't deny it, lmao

>>135729357>implying you would be honest if you did find them funny

>>135729341I would imagine any incel that becomes one on his own volition and is unaware of the community at large. Because it's the actual communities that strip these individuals off their God given gifts.

>>135729344*White* men? Why are you bringing race into this? You're supposedly a man. I figured you would be more rational than this. And yet you reveal that you're emotional over an imagined racial issue.

>>135729357Sarah SilvermanLena DunhamAmy Schumer

>>135729386>Why are you bringing race into this?>>135729013>Just like how people who learned not to hate black people,lmao

>>135724874>>reminder to who's calling you a "tranny" itt

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>>135729079But penis joke are funny of you enter the mindset

>>135722443Made it exactly 7 seconds and tapped out

>>135729372I'm not a woman. Not a tranny. Not even gay.I'm a straight(XY) man.


>>135729413>hey gurls looks like the incels are here

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>>135728915I read your first paragraph and thought that makes a lot of sense, you're probably right. But then I read >And it's probably has to do with the whole alpha mentality. Where the *man* in charge speaks to the group.and I'm not sure that's true. I'm a brit and the style of comedy I like doesn't focus on the alpha bragging of his success, it focuses on the beta poking fun at his failure. A lot of the people I find funniest IRL are people who failed in life and are legitimately miserable. I find humour in the power of someone to own and take account for their own failure, so if you could find something in there that accounts for women being unfunny, I'd be interested to hear.

>>135729421you can say the same for vagina jokes. since im a guy, im just not going to relate to them as much, but thats fine, i dont have to, its not for me.

>>135723009Bruhhh even most comedians accept that women are fundamentally less funny on average. Stop lying to yourself.

>>135729413All fine young men.

>>135729413Unironically good looking dudes

>>135729413>>135729458>saving pictures of random weirdos to spam at each other in lieu of an argumentyou realize you're both mentally ill faggots, right?

>>135726415Theres less of them, the fact that you even feel the need to point her out speaks volumes

>>135729406ok, I'll take blame for the confusion. But that all it is, a confusion. I wasn't saying that white people are inherently racist. Or rather, I wasn't singling white people out. I only gave one example among many. I think *Everyone* has an unconscious bias when it comes to people who are different than them.So now what?

>>135729525That goes against internet rhetoric my dude. You can't call a spade a spade, didn't you hear? You HAVE to pick a side.

>>135729458usually in a group this big of trannies there's at least one that i find attractive. but not here.

>>135722288Fuck you and fuck your goddamn sex.

>>135729525>muh horseshoe theoryiq pleb detected

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>>135729450Saying that men are genetically predisposed to disrespect female speakers, isn't a political topic. It's an explanation as to why that user doesn't find women funny.

>>135722443im watching this, this might be the most intensely british thing i have ever seen, is this english? She is clearly an amateur, so you should try watching an amateur comedian. Look for a black or mexican one so you wont be biased since he shares your sex, but not your race. 2:12 in. wow, not a single laugh from me, is it this easy to be a comedian? i should try it. Oh wait, comedy is ded now because women dont want to be sexually assaulted and black people dont want white people to pretend to be them with black makeup. 4min and not a single laugh. pretty bad, maybe she will get better someday.


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>>135722263Imagine getting so mad some slut rejected you you made a wojak edit A FUCKING WOJAK EDIT about her. WOW DUDE WOW get....A KIFE!

>>135729490half of them shot up a school

>>135729551listen, you either want all blacks enslaved, or else you definitely want to suck black sock and eat their cum. Thats just how it is!


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>>135728915Nahhh nigga, you ever show up to a party with your girlfriend and the only people who have arrived are chicks? The conversation is not funny, all you have to do is interact with women, or listen to them interact with each other. Most of them aren’t funny at all. FFS just look at Tik tok and how popular it is.

>>135722288It's never been about sex. This is a personality trait that no amount of sex can fix. Unironically it's because people nowadays are too molly coddled and spoiled and lived too lavish a lifestyle so they developed different problems than the ones their ancestors did.Virginity in itself is not a root of many problems.

>>135729413Looks like your average supporter of communism


>>135729661>Most of them aren’t funny at all.most people in general are not funny. whats your point?

>>135729737omg this! this so much!

>>135729682Sexual communism maybe.

>>135729682>>135729737Nice samefag faggot

>>135722291No one ever found Silverman to be funny they all pretended they did cause they wanted to fuck her. Norm Macdonald(had a farm!) was one of the few to kill jannies and trannies and fsm

>>135729479Being an "alpha" doesn't necessarily mean being the most aggressive or the most violent. It means being in charge. You're the leader. You're the person everyone looks to. You control the mood of the room, and thus the actions they take. Many leaders are leaders because they're charismatic and charming.The comedy club is something of a simulation of that. For a time, they assume the alpha role. And then use that time to make mockery of whatever they can think of.This is probably a less convincing opinion, but I find it to be true: But another reason a lot of women are considered unfunny, is that they always put a silver lining on their misery. Or always end the joke on a high note. Men will take a situation and surprise you with how worse it can get. Women will take a situation and have a pleasant surprise. There's always a parachute to their jokes, or a safety net. They don't commit fully to their own misery. The ones who do are the best.Tiffany Haddish talking about being in foster care. It's funny, because you don't know how dark foster care can get, until she surprises you with it.Same with Ms. Pat's stories about running drugs out of her living room. It gets really dark and miserable in a way that is personal and real.

>>135729773>t. one of the nerds in that photo


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>>135729458she cute

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>>135722291yeah these incels are just afraid of how bold and hilarious Tina Fey is youtube.com/watch?v=MJEAGd1bQuc

>>135729661Saying women are capable of being funny, is not the same as saying women are generally funny.Most men aren't funny either. Because this is their example of humor: >>135728773 And it's actually the recent dive into tik tok comments that made me think to write that post.

>>135729413literally every one of them is 100 times better than a tranny

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>>135729830good eye you picked one of the literal two biological females in that pic

>>135729458>>135729413This exchange proves you both right, desu.

>>135729525this was 4chan at one point when people would save thousands of stupid pics like a hoarder for no reason.

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>>135729782Take your meds dumb c*mmie

>>135729206No the good decision is not to argue about it, you can still hold the correct opinion

>>135729876>>135729782Also forgot pic

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>>135722263>sex and "my vagina" not appearing at least 5 times on that listfake


>>135723570Woa woa woaHold on a sec, why did it blow up in her face?

>>135722755when drawn by shadman yeahbut ow blender or sfm is toppest tier

>>135729905You talk like a ass hurt downy I mustve hit a nerve lmao

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>>135729929please kys

>>135729830This one's cuter

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>>135729546You ever realize how low IQ you are? Your assumptions are wrong and filled with resentment. If you're a man you're a pretty pathetic one. Comedy is mostly a man's game because they're the ones who people want to see. Both men and women. So now either you're gonna follow up with a "women are sexist too" kind of meme or you'll shut up for once in your life and just admit you're wrong, even if it's just to yourself.

>>135729375I would be because it would genuinely change my worldview on this topic. Some people can name 3, most would struggle to name 5 notable female comedians. Equally, most men would struggle to name 5 women they know personally that they consider to be funny.

>>135729876>>135729902>Using PhotoshopYou aren't convincing anyone scum>>135729924>look I said the word haha

>>135729951That kid looks like he'd be related to the Dunwich Horror.

>>135729392Amy schumer and Lena Dunham are not funny.

>>135729830>>135729973where 2 meet cute awkward nerdy girls if you're a chad?

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>>135729989cope chudcel

>>135722263>>135722291Margaret Cho's autobiographical hobo hookup blogpost bit and Silverman's "I'd kill Jesus again" gags are peak comedy and pure kino

Fuck incels, fuck feminists. Stop fighting and fill this shit.

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>>135729300this is gross projectionkeep it to yourself

>>135729989>>look I said the word hahaUnironically this. But seriously, stop being a faggot.

>>135730016At your college library

>>135723007Why not cancelled?

>>135729977>now either you're gonna follow up with a "women are sexist too" kind of memeOh I like how you took the obvious deduction that makes perfect sense, and labelled it as a "meme". I guess that makes it wrong now? Nah. It's still comes down to that primal instinct I mentioned before.I didn't think I had to include women before, because this thread is clearly made by men, and it's safe to assume that most of the replies, if not all of the replies, were made by men. So I made my point in relation to men.

>>135730042He's a leftist kinda impossible for him to not be a faggot

>>135730038>literally never stops talking about shemales>n-no I'm not obsessed with them, YOU are!ok user

>>135729980My mom is pretty funny. Not in a stand up kinda way though. Females just don't value humor as much as men do. At least not in themselves. I don't think it has anything to do with genetics or anything, it's just how it is. I guess it has to do with the group dynamic thing. Guys just like to fuck around most of the time, but a mixed group will probably be more about the guys trying to make the girls laugh than the opposite.

>He's a leftist kinda impossible for him to not be a faggot

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>>135730116wow a strawman thats cool

>>135730037This needs to be updated to the S word. I don't even want to type it out. Feels dirty.

>>135730037You don't fly so good?

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>>135730126Must've hit a nerve did I? kek

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>>135730126accurate statement and decent looking young man

>>135730028Cringe lmao>>135730042>>135730087>t.Lmao you faggot incels need to stop coping lmao

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>>135730133you brought them upyou mention them in almost every postwhat was inaccurate?do you even know what a strawman is?

>>135730195>do you even know what a strawman is?yes your previous post was one

>>135730188>leftshits seething beyond beliefholy shit lmao

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>>135729761Most men have some semblance of humour. They will participate in banter, exchange funny anecdotes, interject discussions with attempts at humour. Women seem to do all of this less, and then they also seem to laugh at extremely cringeworthy things. Pretty much every male I have met in my life around my age has had a style of trying to make others laugh, I have met countless women that have no such strategy.

>>135730218Looks like a pol poster false flaggingCOPE

>>135730218Post more of these>>135730269Seethe harder cuck

>>135722288>>135722291>>135722337All this tells me is that you're completely okay with this behavior. People don't have to be the sociopaths that Twitter and blue checkmarks condition them to be,

>>135730205alright pal enjoy your tranny folder

>>135730269>h-he's too ugly to be my comradeMmhmm sure leftyfag

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>>135729847I do not think women are incapable of humour, that would be ridiculous. But I do thing it is equally ridiculous to suggest that the sexes are equal on this count. Both anecdotally and based on the relative number of good professionals, men are funnier than women.

>>135730306I didn't post any

>>135722263Lol I saw that reddit thread.

>>135729851which part of my local government issues these permits?

>>135730121That’s exactly what I’m saying man, obviously women can be funny. But there are a lot more women with zero skills in this department than men, and the funniest men are funnier than the funniest women.

>>135730332Perhaps more men are funny. That's not an statement I would bet against. But I still think that our genetically ingrained resistance to female speakers, is a gigantic factor that contributes to lower impression of female comedians.

>>135730077All I see is a low IQ goalpost moving faggot. You first make the stupid assumption that men think comedy is somehow genetic, which is already a retarded strawman, double down on it by saying men are the ones genetically predisposed to not respecting women. You know, the "respect" gene. Well documented and totally not some bullshit a loser came up with. And then, you go as far to say that women are also genetically predisposed to not respect themselves. Of course, no science or critical thinking is offered to back up these stupid claims.Go suck dick, I promise you'll feel much better about it.

Women aren't funny

>>135730423Fair enough but comedy is inherently subjective, so I would argue that even if it is ingrained passive sexism that makes women objectively less funny to men, that does not invalidate the assertion that men are funnier than women. All laughter comes from a confusing place, and I don’t think that place needs to be egalitarian.

Only good thing Silverman has ever done, which is get punched in the face.youtu.be/9w6UUkkOmgo

>>135730155>read MarxIf only

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>>135730474>All I see is a low IQ goalpost moving faggot.All I see is someone making rathe eloquent "whataboutisms." Someone who is only mad that I'm singling out white men, and then when I concede and say that other races and women have the same biases, he still says that the idea is unacceptable. For no good reason, other than you want to try and get an ounce of flesh out of me before this conversation is over. Pathetic.Argue the points, and stop making petty personal attacks.I shouldn't have to sit here and explain simple idea that one men and women think differently. So while women also prefer male speakers, it's not in the same or equal manner that men prefer male speakers. These ideas can be easily surmised, given even a second of consideration of what I'm saying.


>>135730545Well being funny takes wit and cleverness and creativity. So by saying women aren't funny, you're diminishing their capacity to craft a joke. To mock someone based on your own tastes, doesn't seem right to me. Because it doesn't say anything about them, it only says something about yourself.It's like someone who fines their own farts delightful, and then mocking other people for their farts. That doesn't mean their farts are worse than yours. It just means you like the smell of your own farts.

>>135728922You're not a tranny and you got dubs, so you win anyway.


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>>135728773It's not supposed to make them funny, it's the truth, retard.

>>135729249tick tock

>>135729593it's a theory at best

>>135729989>photoshopit's literally just inspect element edit, you idiot

>>135730618working late eh chapo?

>>135730758But there is more to telling a joke than simply writing and regurgitating it to an audience. Stand up is performance art as much as joke writing, so running with the sexism argument, it is likely the difference in performance that the female comedian is giving rather than the viewer simply recognising that it is a female comedian. That is critique of the craft even if it comes from a biased place.

Maria Bamford is funny but I can't think of another woman I would want to listen to for longer than 5 minutes

>>135729680>Actually responds seriously instead of just enjoying the meme>Picrel is youStop.

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>>135722557keep projectingn incel

>>135730968I'm a big Rita Rudner fan.

>>135729640A kike?Whoa someone call the based department, user is almost based and redpilled and will need an application.


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>>135730949True, but again it comes down to her sex. The performance is rendered less funny, because the performer is a woman, not necessarily that she delivered it poorly. Perception goes a long way in how we think of someone's performance. Like, you know that one chart that gets posted every now and again, that shows the relationship between attractiveness ratings and personality ratings? It's a similar concept. The perception the audience has of the performer, alters the performance in their mind.Actually, here I found the chart.

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>Women can't be funn...youtu.be/vTd0crm1rt8

>>135731106uhm...hello, based dept?

>>135722557Choose your class!

>>135731127Except beautiful people are unironically more pleasant to be around, and vice versa.If you're a bitter asshole, you'll look like a bitter asshole.See: leftist retards.


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>>135731127While it is true that perception plays a large part, I think it is disingenuous to suggest that that is the only thing at play. It is also possible that environmental factors limit many women’s capacity for the “wit and cleverness” required to make people laugh. Women are treated differently, they play a different game socially and sexually to men across all cultures and groups. While I agree that inherent sexism plays a part (I certainly can see it in myself) I think that even isolating that factor, men would be considered more funny on average by both sexes.

>>135722291absolutely true brother, everyone should watch the Sarah Silverman Program and 30 Rock (uncensored version off pirate bay or some shit)

>>135722557incel has lost its meaning but there are funny shows/movies by women

>>135722557Top far right has the most style of them all, SLAY BEARDED MAN

i don't want sexi want to kill women

>tfw trans woman>always wanted to be a comedian>thought I had a really clever act worked out>would go on stage and tell lots of jokes about my vagina>but they'd be skewed due to it being a transgina>for example instead of 'I JUST HATE WHEN I'M ON A ROLLER COASTER AND MY VAGINA STARTS BLEEDING' I had a joke 'I JUST HATE WHEN I'M ON A ROLLER COASTER AND MY VAGINA STARTS LEAKING PUS'>or another one I saw a female comedian talking about how their vagina got really baggy after 4 kids>i try an entire routine about how my vagina got so baggy after surgery I had to dilate by putting my groceries in it>nobody laughed at the routine in any of the clubs I tried>at one of the clubs someone threw a meatball at me and said 'make yourself another penis, you might get funnier'>literally only got bottom surgery so I could launch my female comedian career

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All """"""""comedians""""""" tbqh