Studying the Right

SJWs aren't on our side. They will criticize you for being on the right if you don't support their personal specific type of idpol.
Reactionaries on the right see us all as "left" though. They get ever bolder in response to the vicious rhetoric shouted at them from people who signal left, primarily classcuck SJW.

In today's study there is a video.
So it talks about "white guilt" and specifically discusses immigration.
How do you respond to this in a cool and rational manner?
How do you convince a righty that a socialist is not necessarily attacking them as individuals or their way of life?
How do you convince them to work with you instead of getting into a rage because you are left and they see you and the SJW as the same side?

πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€whiteπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ guilt

You can't hide that whisky breath mick!

Just a random thought, but who is paying these motherfuckers? This is a very high production video, but the narrator is obviously batshit insane.

We already know SJW are shit, we just need an strategy to push them away

Ehh…An Hobbyist with enough time and high quality stock footage/images could do it in Adobe Premiere or something. You see ISIS using the same sort of editing this video has too.

It seems to appeal to emotion. I also am not sorry for slaves rising up and killing their exploiters.

Let the strong eat the weak. Correct?

you won't convince anyone these days
the age of people having opinions they might be willing to change are gone

That seems unlikely.

getting caught up in this shit is obviously counterintuitive and white guilt is BS because it makes most PoC uncomfortable that white people are acting like pussies around them, but let's not start admonishing every fight for personal rights because we want to sway the right over. if someone we're trying to convert is wrapped up in humans vs orcs, they're not /ourguy/ because they don't want to unite the prole, only some of them

We want to unite them all, how?

Short answer, we don't. It is absolutely ideal, but there will always be some spooked classcucks who oppose the revolution. The important thing is trying to unite as much of the working class as we possibly can, and winning. After socialism is the new status quo, the reactionary proles and their descendants will come around.

Fuck, if I know. The white nationalists have to figure out that they keep getting fucked by porky and not immigrants. The die hard SJWs read to attack everyone have to realize that the reason they are getting fucked is because of porky and not individuals within the groups that have been socialized by capitalism to kill or hurt or deny them of rights. I know that's what needs to be done, but the way it's done is hard to see. Accelerationists believe that Trump being the very visual figurehead of porky will sway the right to us when he doesn't turn out well. I don't think that'll happen. In four years, he won't get reelected and the alt-right will just blame the establishment for everything because the establishment has already started blocking his lunatic policies.

You really can't. At that point their using their overt hostility to their advantage and they're not in an actual argument. The left being too polite is what got in this shit state of discussion. You're letting them go around you and create an an argument on different terms.

Many on the right are working class as are many on the left. Ignoring them is not only not ideal but counterproductive. It is what got Trump into office, the ignored majority.

That is an interesting thought.
Whether or not Trump is seen as a success will not matter because the Status Quo will be blamed anyway.
This gives so many opportunities for anarchist philosophy to be spread and supported.


I agree, I'm just pointing out that were not going to unite every single worker behind socialism.

A valid point.
I still think it will be worth a try.

Then you can apply to the Missionary Inclusive Salvation Committee afetr the revolution. In the meantime, how much longer will we be waiting for the rest of the inclusively blessed?

Be like Bernie, who would have won the general election easily because he focuses on his solutions without being distracted by horseshit idpol. He also doesn't use theory, and speaks to justice which appeals far more to reactionary traditionalists. The right has been trained to defend capitalism from everything where some time ago Usury was almost universally seen as a crime in christian nations.

There is common ground, but for every person here there's 1000 socialists whose front line is feminism and white shaming. We lose by default thanks to them.


By understanding that they are not bad people for having racist/bigoted/… opinions, by being patient, polite, understanding, and by steering every whiff of idpol in the conversation towards class-issues.

It worked for Bernie, it can work for you.

I tell them I broadly agree with the fact that people shouldn't feel shame over bad things their ancestors did. I say that I share a dream that people should be judged on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin or their genitals.

What a disgusting film clip, by the way. It's one thing to not be a self-hating, but this veers right over into open bigotry, painting nonwhites as savages.

In the first ten seconds.
Is this true now? Was this ever true? I live in the UK, and I don't remember ever seeing anyone say this.

Oh really? People don't criticize the cult around one of the most bloodthirsty warlords in history or the fact that Mongolia still practices kidnappings into forced marriages?

I'd tell him to shut the fuck up. What the fuck is he even on about. The Crusades and Slavery? why are they so fundamental to a belief system? Reparations are off the table. You ought to be more concerned that you're one medical emergency away from a bankruptcy, or that 43% of children in america will be born into near poverty.

Do you lose by default though? I doubt theres 1000 IDpol idiots who just slacktivise for every rational person.

Demographic shifts make it appear to be true. It is a large fear for the righties.

Very good lads, thank you.

Retard, SJWs can often be on our side because we say we are progressive because we dont care about gays, transgender because idpol is a capitalist tool of division just like racism.

In other words we are pro lgbt and against racism which is what they also believe in but we insert more logic in there by reminding them it is a dividing tactic

But you are probably a Holla Forumstard scared af and needs to feel closer to Holla Forumstards than "leftists"

please stop

I'd probably reply by saying I am not one bit sorry for the grillions that Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot had slain.

Anyone who considers Holla Forums and right wing retards better than the current "left" are morons Holla Forumstards or converted Holla Forumstards who dont want to ditch their idiotic "ideology"

Try again.

t. liberal
Both are equally shitty but liberals are actively subverting leftists. If the neo-liberal establishment was btfo we wouldn't even have to dismantle these spooked faggots.

That would not unite.

I'm not sure anyone has made that claim here. Perhaps you have not even read the OP before your assumptions colored your vision and you sperged out?

My god, the pro-EU ideology is strong with this one

Please go in depth in your criticism, thank you.

You don't tbqh. Who the fuck paid for this animation?
I thought {{{πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€[[[they]]]πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€}}} were hoarding all the money and all the power?
Fucking retards.

>we the Europeans

he could be suggesting they are equally bad to be fair.

This may seem like a strange thing to see but I think our salvation may lie in out edging the far right, to become seemingly more "evil" and "dark".

This. I've always thought the same. You don't get angry people to join you by giving free hugs.