Do you ever get terrified thinking of the future, Holla Forums?

I know I do. I have no job and no idea what to do with my life. I fear war and racism, and the return of fascism. I fear climate change and the chaos it'll unleash. I fear becoming homeless and starving.

This might come across as too bleak but I feel pretty hopeless right now.

Share your feels comrades.

I feel those feels bud. Jobless, broke, anxious all the time. I can't even get the muh privilege of a rejection, just no reply at all. Here I thought getting a Master's would actually help me to get a job, turns out I just fucked myself instead.

I'm an immigrant and I make 12 an hour where the Union guys get 50 an hour for the same work. Feels terrible man.

My grandmother, mother, and sisters live off the money I send back home, and it's terrible to think but I've been tempted frequently to cut them off completely

Not really. I don't feel paranoid. Or miserable. I feel somewhat content. I know what i want to do in the future, and I know who I want to help.

But I fear for others, of other movements which may alienate people from our side. Because I care. I care for all of you, and I want to make you happy. I want to promise fun, I want to promise laughter and a better life, working together in tandem. I want to support you and I wish that i could meet every single one of you and engage in top quality and bantz and discussion of theory. I wish I could pop open a beer and play vidya and listen to music with you lot. I wish I could go out to a pub or a restraunt or go and see a movie with each and everyone of you. But I know that because I'm in a different country to you, that might and never will be, and I will be limited to talking to you behind a screen or a microphone. I will never be able to embrace you as a comrade or shake your hands or clink a glass with you, as much as i wish i could.


Its hard to not give into hopelessness and sadness, but I do believe the world will shine the brighter. I do believe that we can build a better world, a more human world, a kinder world. It will be hard, but it can be done.

Keep persevering comrade, my best wishes and hopes to you.

I accepted long ago that earth would become Venus 2.0 before capitalism collapsed but that I would commit to my ideology anyways because it was the right thing to do. Everything is meaningless and feutial and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I've stopped worrying about the future when I truly realized that my life is finite and it'll end someday.

Automation will come and Universal Basic Income will be a necessity. Capitalism will be destroyed and USA will become 25 companies that run your entire life if you are still there for some reason.

Technology almost necessitates that socialism is coming, just need to live long enough

I think we will have a red dawn - i feel good about the future

It makes me feel good all over >.

I don't worry much but I do get angry. Finished uni this christmas and still haven't got a proper job so I work as a substitute kindergarten assistant when they need me. And considering the job market I am likely to go a year or so before I get a job.

And the housing market is 100% controlled by tandem of contractors and banks. Getting a decent house is extremely expensive, a new decent house is literally impossible for anyone but millionaires. All that is built for the "middle" class are low value, high price shithomes. No longer are plots of land prepared by the municipalities for citizens to buy and to contact contractors themselves. Properties go directly to contractors ONLY. And banks mediate the sales and issue the loans. And no one seems to understand why we've had a housing market crisis since the late 90s.

And the ultra liberal children of well paid professionals bitch and moan about how we need more immigrants, while the lower strata of the working class becomes more and more racist because the job markets gets more and more consolidated as a employers market. Right wing populists use racism and conservatism as smoke and mirrors to harvest votes from the working class, all the while they do everything they can to fuck the working class over. And liberals continue to vote for bleeding heart capitalists (socdems) AND right wing "liberal" parties who pretend they want to and can help people when all they do is putting a band aid on a gunshot wound. And everyone pretends the capitalist "left" are socialists and hate socialists because of them.

It's all a clusterfuck. It's time to start killing business owners and politicians.

H.P. Lovecraft felt that the most terrifying thing was that humanity was ultimately insignificant with respect to the universe.

To some extent I feel that the opposite is true. We may very well be alone in this universe, a rare instance in the eternal cycle of expansion and entropy where by mere chance life with the capabilities of rational thought was created, and by extension the chance of making something more of the universe, but instead we will kill ourselves because meek hedonists have allowed bolder hedonists to take control of the world, and ultimately kill us all because to them that is a more preferable alternative than surrendering control.

I feel you. Tons of student debt.

That's awful. Are you in America? Have you tried to talk to the union about joining?

I'm in a similar situation when it comes to job, have been out of work for over a year.. had to move back to my mother. It really wears you down, not being able to do anything productive with your days, and living of others. After a while you start feeling like the shit the anti NEET-lobby says you are.
I recently totally quit smoking and drinking, and started going to the gym. Running and lifting weights until I can't move a muscle. I'm not a big guy, but getting really tired like that really helps fending of depressive thoughts, and puts me in a mindset where change seems more possible.
Making the best of a bad situation, being a decent person, and helping others. Then perhaps people will listen, and we can build socialism some time in the future.

I agree with you. Thats the most terrifying thing. The feeling of approaching self inflicted doom that will destroy all of our past and future is paralyzing and thus self perpetuating.

I think its a massive problem that most of the educated classes in the west are either fully conscious of the problems but resigned or caught up in redicolous techo optimism or even cults like singularity bullshit.

What is your Master's in?

Im angry and sad that a genuine left will never arise in my home country and that I probably wont be able to move out if this shithole island. Fuck this garbage



I fear some kind of neocapitalism will rise despite 100% automation with communism being a better choice and possible. Even with UBI, everything is still the same with society making the same mistake over and over.

Yes, I'm terrified 24/7. Next item in the agenda is trying to self-medicate with dudedrugslmao. Dissociatives and LSD have a higher success rate than antidepressants.

As long as I fucking die, I'm happy.

H.P. lovecraft was also a race realist shut in autist. At least he directed his minds fucked up energy toward art though

I'm not too worried for me personally beyond no gf, I have a rad government job. But our civilization is doomed. If not nuclear fire, it will be the conventional climate wars that will ruin everything.

And of course I fear my own death.

What is so wrong with fascism tho? Doesnt it literally mean 'strong state'? Werent all communist regimes, especially the one under Stalin, essentially fascist as fuck??
Isnt welfare a form of fascism because the state is forcing people to pay up?

fascism makes an idol of the State, that's the problem; in stead of (even if only in theory) working to advance the cause of the people, it dictates that all energy be directed towards an alien spook, the State

states are instruments, and very useful ones as far as I am concerned, but should never be an end unto itself

Read a book, nigger.
USSR was state capitalism.
Socialism puts the MoP on the workers hands. Fascism is classcucked by "class colaboratiumm".

Philosophy. So well and truly useless. Great for reading theory. Hell, even great for education but I can't afford to get a teaching certificate or be unemployed for the time it would take to get one and find a teaching job. Shit's rough bruh

I simply adopted Stirnerism and realised that irrationally fearing the future was a spook I wasn't willing to maintain.
I am being 100% serious by the way.

I always wondered what goes trough the minds of art/philosophy/other bullshit majors heads whose daddies arent trillionaires. Like what were you thinking? You think that people studying for a doctor/engineer are having any fun? Are doing it out of a hobby? Some kind of special snowflake inclination?

Forget you majored in anything and become a doctor/engineer. Hobby is called hobby for a reason, it can be done after a job. It is for relaxing. For when you fucking retire. Philosophy is for when you have some sort of cash going on and are now looking for something to do other than cash. Why the fuck would you go for a hobby degree first??

I have a BSc. in Neuroscience and can't find a job either, unless I want to go into Med school which I didn't have the grades for. Fact is, most Univsersity degrees are pretty worthless except business, Comp. Sci. or engineering. Just nobody tells you that when you sign up.

tfw going for biology

this makes me wanna kill myself



MUTUAL AID and SOLIDARITY will save you.

Find a comrade. Start an affinity group.

even worse. Iceland

Live for NOW. Fuck thinking about the future, it doesn't exist yet.

I beg your pardon, friend?

The pain is real. TBH if you live in a bigger city it's probably not as bad but my shit town is pretty poor and I can't afford to move out.


Iceland is fucking beautiful, go innawoods and just relax in nature or take a hike.

well its fucking depressing as fuck atm. Dirty ass half melted snow, gross yellow grass, and miserable gray skies. Summer and the middle of winter are nice though.

A lot younger people, including me, feel a bit trapped here. Pretty much every one of my peers want to move either of this shitty town i live in or abroad.

Norway fag here, you can join us if you want iceland.

Eh, I'd still be a miserable fuck under communism. Happiness is too abstract a goal; let's stick with improving material conditions.

How naive.

Iceland is irrelevant. If socialist revolution comes to the major Western powers, you'll be swept along in the tide. If it doesn't, you'll never be able to accomplish anything on your own anyway. So really, being an Icelandic leftist is living the LeftCom dream, as there's legitimately no reason to ever do anything.

But at the same time, best place for democratic socialism and small scale political experiments. The pirate party is like the third largest party at this point.

All the time. The system will either make everyone a tool, or be destroyed, and it's highly unlikely that it might fall in on itself any time soon.

I'm not the guy you're arguing with, but I wouldn't deposit any hopes on the pirate parties. In anything that doesn't concern information or technology, they're as bougie as it gets.

I agree. I just figure that if a meme like the pirate party can gain traction, then electing real socialist party is not that farfetched.

I dunno man. Not to get too far into memetics, but socialism really is an old meme, with a immense informational and misinformational loads. Sometimes I think about pulling a Bookchin and just start using another name altogether.

they constantly talk about making the country more democratic which i guess i support. Its just that they never seem to specify what they exactly mean by that, which annoys me. One of the teachers in my school is now a MP for the pirates and talking to him just gave me the impression that they just sort of want to be edgy and anti-establishment. One of the main founders of the party is a self described 'anarchist' which is a fucking joke

Bookchin called his thing Communalism though, which just makes it sound like you're trying to say Communism but forgot how the word goes.