Really gets your neurons firing

Really gets your neurons firing.

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Bannon's only been in office for like two fuckin weeks

Those are some insanely low standards.

How many people are actually retarded enough to look at this and decide that, yeah Bannon is actually pretty alright since he isn't the literal leader of Isis

I mean, he's working on the first two, and he'd like to do that fourth one but with muslims.

wtf i love banon now

pure demagoguery

I can picture a fat lard on a sofa somewhere in bumfuckington nodding to this.

wtf i hate bannon now

Wtf I love bagdadi now

You made me laugh, thank you comrade.

"Listen, Bannon isn't as bad as Islamic terrorists, so he must be an okay guy!"



Who's bannon?

I'm a reactionary now


Top kek

Trips of kek

this is going into my damning with faint praise scrapbook

wtf I love Maoism now


Fox """"news"""""

Wait, is this even real? Is faux news actually comparing Bannon to the Daesh guy and being like "well, see, we're not as bad as a bloodthirsty bunch funded by the Saudis that wants to make the 7th century great again"?

On what fucking planet exactly do the 'murricans who produce and consume this drivel even live? Might just as well watch the DPRK's news at that rate, they should be less biased than this.

This Baghdadi guy has a work ethic I can appreciate.



Some would disagree.

i agree with fox news, that bannon guy needs to up his game.

btw this is why fox news did this:



leftists are incapable of understanding humor: the thread

I dunno it made me laugh

Kill both

Holy shit, why are Fox news even allowed to be considered news reporting?

well yeah I guess bannon didn't start a caliphate, not a bad guy after all

I guess that's the far right in a nutshell

it isn't, fox news literally calls itself an "entertainment company".
which is the reason why they are not allowed to air in canada under the misleading name Fox News, and I presume they rejected the idea of changing their name to Faux News.

also this. the thread seems to be filled with people on the mental level of a Holla Forumstard. maybe they're all paid shills working for democrats?

most comments are alright tho

πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€Fox News anchor Bill O'ReillyπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

not yet