Will you consider this?

"Karl Marx wrote about the 'reserve army of labour' - the pool of unemployed and underemployed workers whose existence poses a threat to employed workers and helps the bosses impose wage discipline. It seems that, today, immigration provides global capitalism with its reserve army."

If I phrase limiting immigration in Marxist terms will you consider it? socialistreview.org.uk/312/immigration-do-immigrants-lower-wages

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No. We need black migrants for socialism. Billions of them.

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+1 million non-white immigrants to ur hometown.

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Oh come on.. can we have a discussion about immigration without getting "spooky"?

Immigration benefits porky. You'd know that this is the majority opinion here if you'd lurk more.

I don't give a fuck about immigrants. If they come fine if they don't fine. Their presence or lack there of will change literally nothing.


giving porky an increased reserve army of the unemployed does change things.

If immigrants were unionised this wouldn't be a problem

They are imported to bust unions.


True this. The unions are really fucking up right now, with their insular nature. They should be recruiting wildly, to increase their power, and do something about the union-busting. Lower dues, more members.

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You don't get it. Porky imports in workers who speak a different language and have much lower "life style expectations" (willing to work cheap) because they are difficult to organize. This is how meat packing in the American Midwest went from being the second highest paying industrial job to the hell hole it is today.

Protect the workers. Close the borders.

And by including them in a union, and thus a social group, they will become more americanized, spoiled, wanting a new laptop…will then demand higher wages, etc
Include them, they won't dominate the discourse because they are newfags, then they get assimilated by the unions, and will adopt their way of thinking

Porky imported scabs 100 years ago and the unions back then were way stronger.

Anything but complete abolition of borders is a betrayal of the global working class. If you disagree you're a closeted red fascist. Everyone should come to the US or the EU seeking work, and if that means the lives of proles in the US get worse, they should start a worldwide revolution to overthrow capital, wage labor, the state, and money from below.

The world without borders is a trick from Porky. You organize.. he brings in fifty Somalis who are thrilled to have running water and electric light to under cut your wages,, and if you say something about it you're a Nazi racist who can be beaten in the street.

This is what is happening, absolutely.
But the global nature of Porky's power forces us to think beyond socialism in one country. The revolution doesn't have to be global all at once, but it cannot rest until it has the majority of workers on its side. Anything less is revisionist drivel, unscientific and utopian.


Enforcing borders is implicitly endorsing private property. If you have no private property, you have no capitalism. If you have no capitalism, the insane inequality and exploitation that compels large populations to move disappears.

Oh nevermind, I only read the first part before it went completely retarded.

Borders are shit, those that defend them are shit, and those that think the first world of somehow culpable as a whole add in need of punishment are shit.

Total faith in ideology. You many as well pray.

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so have your total faith in ideology and ignore everything thing else. Perhaps your failure will be noble and your gods will judge you kindly. Meanwhile Porky wins by expanding the reserve army of the unemployed.