Are u allowed to be depressed in communism

Are u allowed to be depressed in communism

Lenin, the top communist ever, was suicidal.

Why not? Communism can't fix mental ailments or personal issues such as loss of a loved one or heartbreak. Now the causes for depression will be reduced however

yeah dw

At least in Communism it'd be easier to get help I'd imagine.

I'm chronically depressed as fuck, I feel like most leftists are.

Kind of sucks having to reinvigorate hope in beaten souls constantly.

Keep it up. A lot of leftists are leftists as they see the true horror of the world, and it's very easy to get down about things. I do all the time.

Source? Or is this just common knowledge. Never heard that before.

At least Porky's gonna have a hard time scaring us when shit does pop off.

Holla Forums dare to die squads

Revolution is not around the corner. Every protest is covered in rainbows or just random smushies.

This is a daily struggle. Talk to people outside of left circles, start discussion with people living in false consciousness. Most importantly: Stay woke.

We lefties may disagree on the symabtics but we're all comrades in a history long ideological fight.

I like your edits, but somehow her original face seemed more fake. You cant win them all.

Thanks, I actually can't tell reality from fiction anymore. Please send help.

Yes you are. You are also allowed a way to treat that depression better than in capitalism.

so how would depression/mental illness be handled? i guess it's the same as asking about healthcare in general, but i'm in america, and i went through a few psychs before getting really lucky with a really good one and basically having my life saved. the other ones couldn't have given less of a shit they just wanted to sell me pills

Don't worry, comrade, not all of us are depressed. In fact, I was more depressed when I was a complacent liberal throughout college than anything. Becoming a socialist reignited the fire I had as a lad.

I don't want to sound like one of these hippy dippy types but I control mind with weed and mushrooms. These substances help my mind at ease and help me focus on work that fulfills me.

I know this isn't for everybody but I feel like different people suffer from different types of depression.

One thing that's also helped me immensely is the study of philosophy.

i wish i knew how to access mushrooms. i really would like to try psychedelics

Ideally you'd have a whole new worldview first of all. The current state of the world is that you grow up living with parents, go to school for years, get a good job just to survive and that's it. That's all there is in life aside from the occasional distraction like entertainment.

As for how it is handled? I advocate for pragmatic changing of Healthcare relative to the current societies we live in so ideally it won't cost a fortune to find a good psychologist or to get prescription drugs. That would be the first good step.

Ideally the system would change over time to not require money to get any of these things.

I just grew them. and a reputable spore provider. I might pick it back up this summer. I sold a bit too, was a fun little project.

Mycologyfag here. Where do you live?

american east coast

he was never known to be suicidal.


Literally check his wikipedia page, he became suicidal after the assassination attempt and asked Stalin and his wife to get him cyanide.

Unless you live in Saudi or whatever you can get free spores from the internet.
Check your local laws though.