The Bogdapill


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That's literally the definition of what a capitalist is. Someone who owns private property/owns the means of production

Am I missing something here?

Oh shit guise, we've been found out! Shut it down!

The hardest pill to swallow

t. Rothschild monkey

Can someone give me a quick rundown on this guy?

Rothschild's aren't capitalist now or something?

Secretly in contact with Tiqqun

Tiqqun disbanded.


What's his full name? I wouldn't mind checking out some new texts.

Are they benevolent?

Is he making the phone call that crashed the Rothschild empire there?



are they dare i say /ourguys/?

Am I missing something

Who else would? Are you about to blow all our minds here rn?

Its a meme, you dip.

Someone give me the quick rundown

Why does Holla Forums have such forced memes


Quick rundown on them:

What about the Bogdabots?


Ehm, guys?
What should I do? How did he get my number?

Answer the call.

You know what to do.

But seriously guys, we can't let these guys control the nuclear codes.

Can't make this shit up

We all understand the super human power over society the Bogdanoff twins hold.

But the question remains. Are the Bogdanoffs allies of the international working class? Are they sympathetic to communism, or are we doomed?

If I wanted some shills forcing their meme to distract us from the important issues I would use Holla Forums.

Ah, but certainly, both are controlled by a third, outside force!
Capitalists and MoP are just pieces in the Bogdanoffs' chess game, that dance to their command!

Wonder 🍀🍀🍀who🍀🍀🍀 could be behind this post

You forgot

Did you stop reading before you got to the lil Kim-tier amounts of plastic surgery

Ow, the edge!

Satanic trips confirm we are doomed.

The Bogdanoffs shall forever enslave the human race.

If they were sympathetic to communism, Trotsky would have won, and we'd be living in socialism right now