Muslim immigrant cabbies say they face discrimination in Quebec City job market

* Many immigrant taxi drivers are overqualified for their jobs, can't find work in their field
During a break from picking up passengers outside Quebec City's airport, Karim removes a piece of cardboard hanging on the wall of the trailer and places it on the ground, he stands on it, and begins evening prayers.

Across the small, narrow trailer the television is broadcasting Thursday's funeral service in Montreal held for three of the six men murdered in a mosque across town.

Taxi drivers such as Karim, 53, who didn't want to use his last name, are thankful for the outpouring of warmth towards the Muslim community from people across the city since last weekend's shootings.
Karim, who came to Quebec from Morocco in 1991, completed a master's at Laval University in 1996 in management.

"I sent hundreds of resumes, he said, about his job search after graduating. "I got two interviews.
Government and private-sector research over the past 10 years consistently indicate immigrants, particularly visible minorities, have higher unemployment rates in Quebec than the rest of the population.

The left-leaning, Quebec-based research group IRIS, indicated in 2016 that 43 per cent of immigrants are overqualified for the jobs they hold.

'Nothing ever changes'

Couillard spoke about the need for employers to hire people not based on their last name, but on their competence.

"A lot has been heard this week,'' Couillard told the funeral gathering in Quebec City on Friday, regarding the kind words from citizens expressing love towards the city's Muslim minority.

"Let's hope a lot has been learned.''

Tell me your opinion about this.


So stop importing them for Gods sake.

Why do we need these people? Automation is already hurting the average worker, why flood the labor market?

Liberal voting farms. The exact same reason as the US.

But how can we be sure that immigrants vote to the left?

A segment of the proletariat is being singled out by discriminatory practices and all you can find to say is "hurrr we don't need 'em".

believe me they do
t. BC resident

where is the evidence that they are being discriminated against?

It's almost like we've been overrun with Holla Forumscucks

"I sent hundreds of resumes, he said, about his job search after graduating. "I got two interviews.
The left-leaning, Quebec-based research group IRIS, indicated in 2016 that 43 per cent of immigrants are overqualified for the jobs they hold.

Quebec is touchier when it comes to immigrants because now it's not just us damn Ontario anglos threatening their "culture"

Whatever part of their gutter french variant of north american consumerism you can call culture

Why dont we have UBI yet? Why dont we have free schooling up to the PhD level yet? Why dont we have unions for every job? Until we can fix this shit, people are gonna hate immigrants because of muh jobs

Because socdems keep stalling the revolution.

This, pretty much.

UBI is an appeasement and does nothing to tackle the control over rewardable labour that the bourgeois has. UBI + Automation will hilariously give the bourgeois COMPLETE control over currency flow!

Free education to whatever level isn't going to deal with existing ideological and teaching issues that exist - on the contrary, you're just ensuring those that otherwise couldnt socialized to maintain state ideology in the past, can now. The state still controls education, no matter how free it is, so nothing gets fixed.

Unions under capitalism all turn into liberal human resource management firms that need to rake in a buck like anyone else.

Socdems sure are dumb.

How is it any different from bourgeoisie already having complete control over the currency supply right now you dumbass? Capitalists make up a large bulk of the demand and currency flow within capitalist economy, not the people.
The state would not control education anymore than it does in Europe you dumb ass. The academics are still in charge of what to teach in academia, and conduct what research they wish, at best all they would do is receive more or less funding depending on what research they're conducting. Subsidizing tuition would be a huge boon for students who're spending upwards to six figures in loans to go to school only to get out and realize Raj is going to do his job for a quarter of the wage.
As opposed to the anarchist solution which is what?

Gee, it's like ancoms are fucking retards who don't understand the historical process of socialism. gibs gibs gibs pls!

Isn't coming here to work something that harms the native proletariat and exacerbates the already bad situation?

Is it possible he is exaggerating? Could an explicit described "left wing" research group be bias in some way?

Because all labour isn't automated? Did you miss that very fucking important part of my statement? Currency still moves between the petit and the prole, and there's significant risks the bourg are faced with if suddenly deciding to move from wage slavery to complete slavery.

It's like you have no idea how modern universities work

And what finances they receive is exactly how research is decided upon…

He's gonna get out and have no job in automated socdem fantasy land

He's gonna live a life drunk and passive unless he turns to bootlicking or organized revolution

It's almost like it's completely wrong!

that's where revolution comes in then
pray tell, because as far as I know that's how they work here
The point is UBI removes the stress, and burden on an individual in needing to compete in cutthroat capitalist society

Isn't being born and later competing for a job something that harms the existing proletariat and exacerbates the already bad situation?

It's a terrible kind of life. And it's unlikely I'll my work will be stable either and I'll need to immigrate

Nice to know the real left wants me dead. But I'm already dead inside so tough luck

You fucking moron, they're not going to drive you to revolution - they're going to keep you stupid until they can kill you all.

How? Academics do whatever they want? The capitalist doesnt direct research by funding only shit and people they care about? You're gonna go full Holla Forums next and tell me universities are actually full of marxists right

and so you lessen their desire for a revolution - you appease them, not motivate them

>a bunch of failed states

but mebbe ur actually just feeling commie inside so we dont want you dead

I like the idea of socialism but I don't really believe it's possible. Either way it doesn't make a difference to you because I have never been eligible to vote anywhere

So you're solution is to make everything so shit for everyone that they rebel and magically form an anarchist society? How fucking crazy do you have to be to think what won't happen will just be a repeat of the Fascist coup's that are going on right now? You do understand that the only way we'll ever be able to achieve revolution is on the backs of a military coup. Good fucking luck trying to rebel against a state that has possession of drones, tanks, attack helicopters and other significantly advanced equipment.

The proletariat has no country. This is pure nativism.

I oppose all discrimination

But at the same time we should support state atheism

You're really wise

Do you even metapolitics bro?

Then leftists need to do a better job of getting people to oppose nativism instead of compromising on principles.

No he isn't. He's a cunt who is willing to screw over his friends and family (and himself) to welcome greedy little pajeet who just wants those big Western bucks

My friend who is born and raised here only knows how to speak english and he can't find or keep a job neither, it's unfortunate but it's how it is. Either way i'd stuff em all in a container and ship them back if they don't want to integrate.

Canada is so fucked, Trudeau wants 100m population by the end of the century for the 'economy' lel

It was sarcasm.

wew, what a glorious plan
fuck off back home if you dont like it cunt

He isn't going to get it, not even fucking remotely. He got cucked by our new minister of immigration who is unironically Somalian.

It's going to happen once climate change really gets going. People will be fighting to get into Canada.