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What is one supposed to do when dealing with a smug "I read books" leftist who uniorically thinks North Korea is socialist or communist ?

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You sound like a butthurt torsk or anarkiddie that doesn't read books and couldn't stand debating with a well readed tankie.

Read more books. Duh.

The "death camps" are literally made up. You can't find them anywhere. Koreans are totally free to live, work, and believe what and how they choose to. There's simply no reason for them to stray from the thought that granted them liberation, Juche thought.

Not sure if this indicates sarcasm.

Do you think Kim Jong Un is a trap

I don't know, are you ?


He dresses as a school girl in private. It's a secret Shhh

He is not a trap.

He's a big girl

No he is not a big girl either.

When you're head is that full of spooks nothing can get through.

DPRK sells it's people to Russia for manual labor and extracts profits from that labor almost exclusively for the State and the heads of State who are undeniably a hereditary line of absolute rulers. The supporters are worse than Holocaust deniers at this point though, they deny literally everything. Every story about people collecting grass to supplement their starvation diet is imperialist propaganda or S. Korean propaganda. Everyone who has escaped and has been interviewed or wrote their story is an agent of some kind, everyone testifying to labor camps and video of enforced labor is propaganda that can't be trusted. It's almost as if they were trained in DPRK itself to deny reality.

There are DPRK supporters outside the DPRK?

I am certain that it isn't as bad as it is portrayed but calling it a communist paradise is going to far.

Just make them realize that on-the-spot guidance and the Chongsanri Method are bullshit and you're retarded if you don't see it

btw I never knew anyone that fits this description, most of the people I knew that supported NK were obviously the kind that doesn't read and didn't want to appear otherwise

I ran into a Norwegian that supports it and claims to b well read in socialist literature.

Unruhe unironically supports it as well so…

Have a source on that I can use?

Reddit /r/communism, lots of them there

DPRK>capitalist US puppet South Korea.
if you disagree you are a crypto liberal

There's a short VICE documentary on it, it's all over generic liberal media too.

For who, Kim Jong Un and senior party officials? It probably is better being an authoritarian monarch than a wage slave in south korea, if can stomach a nation of starving brainwashees.

I agree, II want to be ruled by a fat trap

I think there are a LOT in hispanic circles… or maybe I met with all the wrong people
there's the infamous forocomunista for example, sadly where tons of spics go when they want to learn about Communism, they even whitewash Cambodia

North Korea is nothing but a Chinese security measure

It is cringey. You can be against US imperialism without being in favor of brutal dictators.


nice meme

they are pissing off China too m8.
sure China keep them around as a buffer but DPRK sure as hell aren't a puppet

You really should just change your flag into Maoism

I often like the play the Devil's advocate for the DPRK because, well, I like being edgy. the Khmer Rouge was better

Vice has multiple documentaries on North Korea so Im not sure which you mean. I doubt this guy will believe it but at least I could know more about the country.

No, he is a steady father and epitome of junche manhood.

What is the key difference between NazBol and Maoism? NazBol seems to be the logical conclusion of Maoism - especially if you aren't in a 3rd world colony or pseudocolony.

Maoism=/=Maoism Third Worldism. Anyway National Bolshevism and Juche are a lot closer than either of them are to orthodox MLM(ie not Maoism Third Worldism). hird Worldism is comparable to Maoism in a similar way as National Bolshevism is to orthodox Marxism Leninism.

Why aren't they socialist?

Hit them in the head with Kapital.

It would be pretty funny if this whole time NK being a shithole was just a facade to stop people looking further into it and trying to stop the greatest communist paradise this world has ever seen.

not a popular stance among norwegian socialists.
But maybe in the future it will be, given that a norwegian, Jørn Andersen is now head coach and manager of the north korean national soccer team.

Also, 70% of south koreans would support north korea over US in a fotball match.

A liberal who denied he was one once told me that denying that DPRK problem deniers exist is worse than denying holocaust deniers exist. You'll probably deny this story is true.

Are there any good sources about how economic decision-making works in North Korea? And I don't mean Vice pieces by that or that book about how they are all super-racist.

Weed is legal in North Korea. Weed is illegal in the US. The US literally has less freedom than North Korea regardless of how bad North Korea may be. Think about that for a minute.

By reading books.

tfw state capitalism my friend


That is fascinating and also depressing that the US still is far behind legalized weed… Oh well. Fuck the law, they can eat my dick, that's word to Pimp.

there is actually nothing wrong with meth if it is freely available. Addiction is caused by scarcity

They literally just pointed out 1/4th is addicted. That refutes your argument.

Main argument was is it socialist rather than is it a total brutal shithole. It seems only the edgiest tankies want to think it's socialist.