You are charged with jogging in the wrong neighborhood.The sentence... is death

You are charged with jogging in the wrong neighborhood.The sentence... is death.

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>>133623053Wtf now I like judge dreed!!

>>133623053no wonder they caught up to him so easily, captain falcon is super fast

>>133623053I wish I could be a Judge. I heard on some podcast that if you're white and move to China they just let you be one.

>>133623053don't waste the iso cubes on joggers

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>>133623625Lol these guys are gonna get off. Imagine being the disingenuous left and OP

>>133623690dunno bro they really dont want niggers rioting like they did last time. anything can happen.

>>133623690Nope, they're fucked. They didn't meet the legal requirements to confront and detain the dude.

>>133623690>Lol these guys are gonna get off.Probably not. This case is a lot different from Trayvon vs Hernandez. Their probable cause to detain him is patently flimsy. So while a Holla Forumstard will sympathize, a jury almost certainly won't. Also, Hernandez was getting his ass beaten in during his case. That was not happening here. So Hernandez had a decent claim to self defense. This new case is more flimsy.Both will be found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment probably.

>>133623744Yea honestly this is true. Imagine being a business owner in that city and on the jury. Who could blame them for throwing the boys under the bus?>>133623744Says you

>>133623872It not being the same as hernandez(??) Doesnt mean much

>>133623872>life imprisonment lul no, involuntary manslaughter at worst if this case isnt rigged. all you need for a defense is a screencap of the nog trying to steal his gun

>>133623957Except not. If some dude points a gun at me and I try to wrest it from him or try to get him to point it away from me, that doesn't give him license to shoot me and murder me you retard. You have no clue what the fuck involuntary manslaughter means because it's impossible for it to apply to this case.

>>133623757How so?

>>133624045What if citizens are trying to make a citizens arrest after witnessing a crime?

>>133624045>If some dude points a gun at me next excuse redditor

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>>133623954It does when a lot of people try to compare it to that case. Hernandez won because his case for reasonable suspicion was stronger, he did not pull his gun before the fighting occurred, and it wasn't until Trayvon tried taking his own gun to use on him that Hernandez used it himself. And this was, again, after he was getting his ass beat.These new chumps had no cause to pull the guns to begin with, and don't have a case. They'll be serving at least a decade in prison.

>>133623360Damn, it's beautiful. I guess that's why he visited the same site at night as well

They were all probably like>HURR DURR RHODESIA N SHIEEET>HURR DURR MUH BOOGALOOO>*gets arrested* >b-but pol told me im allowed to kill joogers

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>>133623957>a screencap of the nog trying to steal his gunThe whites were illegally blocking his path with their guns drawn, so that's at least unlawful detention. The nog was entitled self-defense/stand your ground protections.It will be manslaughter or felony murder.

>>133624045it pretty much does because you got physical with him

>>133624111The fuck are you talking about? Zimmerman?

>>133624099For one, they didn't witness any crime. That's part of the problem. You have to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN a crime was committed in a citizen's arrest. They merely suspected something.And even then, no. There are rules for killing people like that. A citizen resisting a citizen's arrest is not one of them.

>>133624140Why didn't the black guy just wait for the cops? Seems a lot better than attacking someone with a gun

>>133624140>The whites were illegally blocking his path with their guns drawnlul next excuse redditspacing nog. also i already posted the screencap that shows they werent even pointing their guns at him

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>>133624109I mean the video does help the whites

>>133624099They didn't witness it. They thought he was a dude they had seen earlier on video trespassing, but you can use that as a legal justification for a citizen's arrest.

>>133624109Congrats on your cherry picked screenshot. It changes nothing. Trying to keep a shotgun from being pointed at me when someone drives up with guns out is not a license to kill me, dumbass.

>>133624224It unironically is

>>133624180What if it turns into a self defense situation? Say, he tries to take your lawfully open carried gun? And how do you know they didn't witness a crime?

>>133624158It’s a zoomer who was most likely 7 years old when Zimmerman did his thing so he’s trying to be funny. Or it’s a seething nigger; spics trigger the hell out of em for some reason

If he was just jogging and not doing anything why didn't he just wait for the cops and tell them he was jogging? Why would you run straight at a gun if you were just out exercising?

>>133624045There's no evidence of a gun being pointed at him before he started fighting with the father.

>>133624198They were brandished, that's what guns drawn means. That's illegal.Sorry pol, your boys are fucked.

>>133624148Wrong. You can have whatever personal feelings you want, legally speaking you cannot just impede someone's path/hold them up and threaten them with guns and then shoot them if they don't comply with you. Nor can you stalk a citizen with guns out.

>>133624224Why didn't he just run away thou?

>>133623625Guy was just jogging. Seriously wtf white people.

>jogging indoors

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>>133624224my nigger you are bending over backwards to defend this nog when the video shows it was self defenseare you being paid to post here>>133624266open carry is legal. dilate

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>>133623053Tough but fair.

>>133623287Cum Town episode 18

>>133623690Unless someone can prove he committed a felony crime then unfortunately they didn't have the right to chase and confront him like they did. Not to mention because he was unarmed their force was not warranted. It always sucks when some people are just trying to make their neighborhoods a safer place, but it ain't looking good for these guys man.

>>133624158>>133624254Look at these seething retard. I'm calling him Hernandez because he's a random hispanic, and it's funny to me. Zimmerman makes him sound white, so I just say Hernandez. The media tried to make it out like Zimmerman was white, and Zimmerman sounds like a white name, so I use Hernandez.

>>133624140His path wasn't blocked, he decided to run at the guy and go for the shotgun.

>>133624266In GA? The original DA said they were legally open carrying

>>133624271I love left wing Twitter lawyers. They had some bang up arguments for the Gentle Giant of Ferguson and Trayvon The Toddler too

>>133624280so. much. this! why cant we brothas just jog through peoples garages without being discriminated against

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>>133624244It wasn't lawfully open carried, they were out of their holsters and they were trying to illegally detain him. And they admit in their witness statement they never witnessed him in the empty lot that night.>>133624201>but you can use that as a legal justification *can't

>>133624257It wouldn't matter if this was true, because the evidence is shitty either way and you can barely see anything from it. Either way, if you try to pull a shitty citizen's arrest, your reason for doing it sucks shit, and you wind up shooting someone you were trying to detain on flimsy reasoning, you will be charged with murder.


>>133624255You have to stop thinking like a rational human being.

>>133623360This whole thing freaked me out, because I legitimately stop at abandoned houses, construction sites, and random places like that during my run due to some weird autistic curiosity I have of looking around places while I catch my breath before running some more. Good thing I'm white and well groomed I guess.

>>133624292Open carry doesn't mean you can take your guns out of their holsters for no reason. If that's their defense, they're going to jail.

>>133624330No black man should have to worry about being shot while committing a crime. Its blatant discrimination.

>>133624310Yea you also said Trayvon had a gun. Again, the fuck are you on about?


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>>133624331>And they admit in their witness statement they never witnessed him in the empty lot that night.its immediate knowledge of a crime not just witnessing a crime. >>133624379>Open carry doesn't mean you can take your guns out of their holsters for no reasonit quite literally does>>133624375so. much. this! fellow white person, we are the problem

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>>133624292>the video shows it was self defenseIt shows no such thing. You don't get to bring guns with you everywhere and if anyone resists you at all you just have a license to murder them. You're a complete retard. They'll be found guilty and rot in prison and you Holla Forumstard fags will cry for decades about it.

>>133624375You do it in the middle of the night when you can't see shit as well, fellow jogger?

>>133624331A shotgun isn't a handgun, it's a long gun, you don't holster a long gun. You can walk around with it legally in an open carry state.

chapocels will defend this

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>>133624331What night?

>>133624396>Yea you also said Trayvon had a gunNo i didn't. Learn to read you illiterate faggot.

As one of the many lawyers and PhD sociologists that post on Holla Forums, I think we should let the investigators do their job, wait for it to go to trial and see how a judge and jury respond to the cases that the prosecution and defense put forth.

>>133624068not him butcitizen's arrest in georgia requires you witnessing a felony1. there was no crime, let alone felony, committed. he was not trespassing, and he did not steal anything. the owner of the home under construction confirms that nothing was stolen.2. neither the killers nor anyone else witnessed what they thought was any illegal activityhere are the 911 the first call the 911 operator repeated asks what the person is doing wrong and the caller simply says "he's running down the street"

>>133624190And go peacefully into the oven like the Jews did?

>>133624319He recommended that in a letter while recusing himself because he knew one of the shooters. Not exactly legally valid.>>133624314Legally speaking, it was>>133624419They did not have immediate knowledge, they had second-hand knowledge and thought they recognized him from an earlier burglary. Both of which the state supreme court has ruled does not constitute "immediate knowledge"LOL pol, your boys are so fucked.

>>133624327Don't worry, when they're found guilty I will be ready to screencap all of the Holla Forumstard tears.

>>133623625Wait, did the nigger just try to take the guy's rifle? What the fuck?


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>>133624444Open carry mrans literally that

>>133624516they did have immediate knowledge why else would they call 911 you stupid fuck>>133624524shotgun but yes

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>>133624481I wouldn't use either, desu, surely he has a more up to date picture that's not a mugshot?

>>133624414>>133624419>>133624455No obviously I'm not directly comparing myself to this guy to try prove his innocence or something, the dude is there at night how can you explain that? I'm just saying it weird to me to have been doing this for years and then see this story all over the news that's all, calm yourselves.

>>133624524He did. But since the shooters were committing an illegal citizen's arrest, they're fucked too.

>>133624551erm.... I guess we could use this?

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>>133624586Zoom in and crop, sure.

>>133624596photoshop the middle finger out and replace it with him holding a bible and we got our picture

>>133624419LOLwe know why they weren't arrestedthe police had probably cause to arrest and tried to do so less than a day after the murderbut the father used to be an investigator that worked for the local DA, and the local DA instructed the police not to arrest themthe DA subsequently recused themselves for conflict of interestahmaud aubery was defending himself from an attack against himself by armed criminalsthe self defense and no duty to retreat laws protect ahmaud in this case because he is defending himself from the illegal aggression of the murderers

>>133624545you can't just citizen arrest whoever you want you fucking jackass

Bros, you got it wrong. He's an aspiring electrician

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>>133624545>they did have immediate knowledge why else would they call 911 you stupid fuck"the fact that they did something is proof that they had the right to do it"pol logic, everyone.

>>133624628>ahmaud aubery was defending himself from an attack against himself by armed criminalswhere was he attacked anywhere in the video? he initiated the struggle>>133624636>>133624641based discorders replying at the same time


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>>133624583Them boys are in real hot water this time

>>133624583Not really, if the guy is running directly towards them while he has a gun pointed at him he probably isn't collecting donations for Toys for Tots. He's either mentally unstable or actually guilty of something, outside of political pressure there's no way someone would find you guilty of murder for shooting someone that tried to grab your gun.

>>133624640BTW he went to school for becoming an electrician in 2012 and dropped out. White twitter liberals are fucking deranged

>>133624636in literally every thread about this nigger you type this same thing. last thread you typed asshat instead of jackass. youre literally being paid to post here

>>133624628Based running up to someone across the street and struggling for their gun self-defense

>>133624494>requires you witness a felony No it requires a reasonable suspicion

>>133623053Stories that will NEVER inevitable be made into tv movies...

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>>133624640>he was looking for workImagine being a leftist and telling yourself this

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cant Trump just pardon the both of them?

>>133624654He was illegally threatened and unlawfully detained. More than enough to justify self-defense. Granted, it was pretty stupid to go for the gun...but then again, it was pretty stupid for those hillbillies to form a posse and try to play cop.

>>133624655It's been years since 80 IQ liberals have been driven to hysteria by a cherrypicked white on black crime story. I knew we were missing something with all this coronavirus shit

>>133624666Unless, of course, you pull up on them with a truck full of firearm wielding hillbillies that have no cause to perform a citizen's arrest. Then trying to protect yourself and take their gun from them seems quite reasonable, actually.

>>133624666>some hick rednecks drive up to you with a shotgun and pistol out>trying to defend yourself against them means your guiltynow the guy was dumb as fuck because there was no chance he wasn't going to get shot after trying to grab the shotgun but that doesn't mean he was in the wrong for it

>>133624697>he was a good boy didn do nuffin just joggin and goin to church erry sunday we need more money for dem programs


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>>133624725he wasnt detained, he wasnt threatened, even you dont believe this why the fuck are you typing this stupid shit

>>133624640multiple times in the middle of the night???

>>133624654the two armed killers initiated the struggle by trying to illegally detain an innocent mani know you cucks just naturally submit to anyone and everyone but us americans have the right to live our lives unimpeded

>>133624725Attack man with gun orExplain to police officer I was jogging?I'll attack the man with the gun lol

>>133624741>EVER inevitable be made into tv movies

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>>133624666He was running away, you idiot. They chased him down. He only charged them when confronted by men with guns who were in front of him and behind him with guns. They had no right to do any of that shit, so that's why they are culpable for what happened in the confrontation.

>>133624701>No it requires a reasonable suspicionWrong. It requires you to witness a felony being committed. You cannot just detain people like fucking vigilantes as a regular ass citizen under SUSPICION of criminal behavior, that's fucking retarded. Nobody would want such a law in place because then the dumb fucktards on Holla Forums would just roll up on whoever they wanted and start shit with people they hate under "suspicion".You're just wrong. They will be found guilty. No court is going to say their vigilante behavior is fine, because it isn't.

>>133624769im going to stop replying to you, you get paid for the amounts of posts you make

>>133624729It's sad that this is our comfy normal. Thanks jewish media?


>>133624794That's not what the video shows, at all.

>>133624701and the 911 tapes prove there was no reasonable suspicionthere was no suspicion of a crime (they said so to the 911 operator)there was no crime committed as a matter of factwhich means the detention was an illegal assault, and ahmaud was more than legally justified to defend himself

>>133624794what was he running from do you think? did a rival jog member try to cap him?

>>133624767Ahmad wanted to know what a house was like with no electricity, it inspired him to become an even better electrician

>>133623053>be supposed physical specimen bbc>get flexed on by uncle Cleetus

>> literally say that they saw him trespassing in the 911 call please go back you redditspacing nigger

>>133624800no, you are going to stop replying to me because i am right and you are wrongi am stating facts and lawyou have nothing to justify your opinions but your preconceived biases

>>133624857Niggers aren't known for their intelligence.

>>133624771The men with guns were going to unlawfully detain me and were more than willing to shoot me. I'd go with not being a cuck and standing my ground.

>>133624837>what was he running frommaybe some rednecks pointing guns at him

>>133624835Reasonable suspicion is a low bar. The fact he looks like a guy that has been breaking into places in the area is enough desu

>>133624805Remember they stopped for a time because Black Lives Matters members assassinated police officers in Dallas during a protest

>>133624794>He was running away, you idiot. They chased him down.

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>>133624898the guns were never pointed at him and in the 911 call they say that he started running because someone saw him

>>133624741should fucking hang niggers like this

>>133624640“People trespass all the time, bro.”

>>133624861>OMG HE SAW THE MAN RUNNINGThat's not reason enough to play superhero.

>>133624861Trespassing is not a felony.

>>133624886Black hands typed this

>>133624769>Boop bleep boop I must repeat what I see on facebook and reddit boop beep

>>133624481They can't

>>133624940trespassing and stealing is, they suspected that he stole

>>133623053i knew there was a reason to keep browsing Holla Forums

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>>133624886You think it may be more likely he didn't want to be connected to a string of burglaries in that area so he knew he had to flee?

>>133624920>the guns were never pointed at himDo you expect him to assess the situation with the same level of comfort as a pasty neckbeard sitting behind his gaming pc, as opposed to someone getting blocked by rednecks brandishing guns?

>>133624725>He was illegally threatened and unlawfully detained. More than enough to justify self-defense.

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>>133624966They had no reason to suspect he stole anything, nor did they witness him stealing anything. Sorry, you're just wrong. They do not have a valid reason for a citizen's arrest and everyone knows it.

>>133624863You can even see you're wrong in the short video dummy

>>133624915in that picture, the reason the media doesn't mention rape in a highly publicized case like that is so the victim doesn't have to deal with everybody knowing she was raped for the rest of her life

>>133624975Show me in the video where he was blocked.

>>133624954>Boop bleep boop I must parrot what Holla Forums says boop beep


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>>133624966>stealingThe police department already confirmed there are no reports about these alleged burglaries.

>>133624738How else he gun afford electrician tools? He gotsta steals dem.

>>133624971so you'd be fine with some hicks rolling up on you brandishing weapons?

>>133623625ayo im tryna jog gimme that shit cracka

>>133624975youre really running out of arguments now youre playing on emotion>>133624990except that someone who matched his description was seen stealing from houses multiple times. I would say that constitutes suspicion >>133625012unreported crimes are still crimes sweetie. now stop replying to me chapocels

did they both shoot him?

>>133624971Let's say a couple of niggers accost you because you kinda sorta look like a guy who checks out construction sites out of pure interest. Would you bend over and suck on their guns because "they might be right"? Or would you contest the very nature of their behavior by actually defending your fucking self?

>>133624940>Trespassing is not a felony.

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>>133624375The nigger also stole a gun few weeks back, so not the same thing dumb fag

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>>133625006Yes, we've all seen and read the opinion of the recused retard. That will not hold. Thanks for posting it for the billionth time you hick retard.

>>133624975I've been around people with guns because I unknowingly went on their private clubs property where they previously had poachers. They also were on phones and radios as they checked me out. I didnt rush him...

>>133624794So he turned around and ran toward them?

>be """jogger""">the neighborhoods you jog in all have someone who matches your description burglarize their houses>be caught on video multiple times trespassing>one day go on your normal ""jog"" routine>get seen, SHIIIEEEEEET gotta jog outta here>two white trash hicks get in their truck and chase you>your jogger genes for stealing kick in and you try to steal the hicks shotgun>get shotNOOOOOOOOOOOOO WE WUZZ LYNCHED

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>>133625026i'm not a burglar

>>133624774>>133624741>>133624706Purely socio-economic factors

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>>133625002I assume you play a lot of video games and you figured he could clip through the vehicle, or run around the truck without a bullet getting lodged in the back of his head.

>>133625003I've not been to pol in years and have stayed out of this but even the short video shows you're either retarded or you're lying. Go away

>>133625026If someone pointed a gun at me and said to stand there until police arrived I would do that. Difference being is that I would have nothing to fear from the cops as this dude absolutely did. He's obviously an opportunistic thief and he'd hit the same area too many times

>>133625097answer the question directly, would you be fine with some hicks rolling up to you brandishing weapons?

>>133625115you already used the "divert argument by calling opponent a fat gamer" strategy

>>133625056yes of course i will deflect their bullets with my fists then pull out my trusty jogging hammer to defend my own life

>>133625069>i didn't attack guards at a private businessI hope you do and die, because your cope has nothing to do with what happened here.

>>133624910The guy who killed cops in Dallas? That was a few years ago, surely there has been an attempt at rousing the lower IQs among us since then? I can't think of any off the top of my head so I guess they weren't successful.Which, if one had any shred of honesty, is the problem with the whole narrative when you think about it. We could easily find cases of black on black, black on blue or black on white murder in the intermittent years but despite the efforts of the largest and most powerful media companies in the world there hasn't been any big chimp out BLM movements since...when? When you consider there are, what? Thousands of police/citizen interactions each day, if what they were selling were true, we wouldn't have to wait so long.I suppose DRUMPF has kept them busy in the past few years. He certainly satisfies their apparent need for a boogey man

>>133624861i linked the exact same audio you retardthey say themselves he did nothing wrong>is someone breaking in right now>no its all open, its under constructionby law, he was not trespassingthe homeowner confirms nothing was ever stolenhere is the georgia trespassing had no intention of committing a crime, he was never instructed to leave, he didn't deface the property, and he didn't cause any damageBY LAW HE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN TRESPASSINGnothing you say, think, or do will ever change that factbut let's assume for a second that someone ran up and told him to leave, thus making him guilty of trespassing>A person who commits the offense of criminal trespass shall be guilty of a>If the offense is a felony and the offender is escaping or attempting to escape, a private person may arrest him upon reasonable and probable grounds of can only citizen's arrest IF THE OFFENSE IS A FELONYeven if he was trespassing (already proven he wasn't), that isn't justification for a citizen's arrest, which makes the attempted detention by the murderers illegal and ahmaud's self defense justified

>>133625056>Let's say a couple of niggers accost you because you kinda sorta look like a guy who checks out construction sites out of pure interest.You are dishonest. He was the guy who was trespassing at the construction side.>>133625056>Would you bend over and suck on their guns because "they might be right"?If I was lurking around a construction site which I know is trespassing and also against all regulations, because you are supposed to wear steel-toe boots and a helmet, I would acted surprised when people try to stop me. I wouldn't aggro on them. At that point it's time to have a chat.

You guys are brave as hell. If a couple dudes pulled up to me with guns telling me they just wanted to talk and/or that police were on their way, I'd either shit myself and stay put right there in the middle of the road in broad daylight or, at most, try to run. I'd be too scared to punch one of them in the face and try to take his gun.

>>133624583>committing an illegal citizen's arrest, they're fucked

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>>133625056Well, not being a retarded chimp with a room temperature IQ, I'd probably try to verbally defend myself or simply ask what the problem was before I bum rushed two armed niggers and get my organs splattered all over the street.

>>133625134It's happened to me. You wait for the police you absolute fucking moron.


>>133625006>A private person may arrest an offender IF the offense is committed in his presenceNope.>or within his immediate knowledge.Also nope.

>>133625115>in the back of the headIs this you admitting they weren't blocking him?

>>133624990A citizen's arrest in Georgia only requires one to observe a misdemeanor or a felony in your presence or with your immediate knowledge. Him trespassing is a misdemeanor and one of the guys saw it. The 911 call proves it.

>>133625056I have an IQ over 100. I would wait for law enforcement to arrive instead of risking my life to show how tough I am. Why does virtue signaling require such stupendous levels of obtuseness?

>>133625137And I'm going to keep using until you understand that you have no frame of reference to make such retarded claims. Real life isn't a fucking video game. If someone parks their car in front of you and they have guns, you're not going to have much of a chance. They're already set to kill you.

>>133625153You can't read. Go away

>>133625158you can trespass on property under constructionthe owner of the house from the nighttime surveilence said that $2,500 worth of fishing gear was stolen from his boatyou can make a citizens arrest on a suspected felony.dilate chapocel

>>133624954i repeat the factsyour feelings and biases conflicting with the facts do not negate themahmaud arbery was an innocent man, and his killers had no justification to stop himthey did so illegally and murdered him in the process

>>133625115He, um, could've went away from the vehicle? From any direction other than directly towards it?

>>133625202This is me telling you that white racists interpret escaping as an admission of guilt. They would've shot him the moment he was out of their reach and going faster than a hard jog.

>>133624297as soon as he ran at them it was warranted

>>133625212watch the video little nigger you may not agree with the citizens arrest but you know its not murder>>133625232the niggas name was literally armed robbery

>>133625153That's pretty much the same scenario except user reacted reasonably and Ahmed acted like a literal chimpanzee.

>>133625134would you be ok with it if i went up to you and started pulling on your shotgun? answer the question directly yes or no

>>133624991nothing i said was remotely incorrecteverything single thing i said is borne directly from the facts of the casethe two murderers illegally attempted to detain an innocent man and murdered him when he defended himself from their aggression

why is the media so evil?

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>>133623757the funny thing about this case is you think if there is a conviction it will make people just be completely ok with joggers jogging all over neighborhoods and not being stopped by anti joggers. nothing changes and it shouldn't people should be suspicious of joggers trespassing.

>>133625108>Purely socio-economic factors

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>>133624375so you admit you trespass on private property? ur dumb ass should be shot

>>133624997You know other than the expirience of being rapedRetard

>>133625237They would've shot him. >umFaggot.

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>>133625212You live in a 2d world? Were they in a tunnel?

>>133625257You dont know that. But thanks for admitting he wasnt blocked from leaving

just the usual jogger stuff

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>>133625273nope. no ones denying the guy's a retard for trying to grab the shotgun. we're talking about his motives for doing so and if doing that makes him guilty of something or if he's just a dumbass trying to defend himself. all these hicks that bring out their guns in situations like this should have full responsibility of whatever happens next. they escalated to that point first

>>133625265>That's pretty much the same scenario These were a boomer and his faggot son playing cops and robbers, not hired security guards operating in a business, you fucking moron.

>>133625061>opinion>video footage, his autopsy proving he punched them, tried to grab the shotgun and got his hand blown off, as well as the 2nd and 3rd wound for still trying to take their gun after punching them proving he wanted to further harm the two, with video footage shownlmfao you're such a sad nigger loving cuck. End yourself today. He even had prior convictions for the same shit. Nigger got what he dished

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>>133625232You're repeating feelings lol. Its pathetic. Wrong hill to die on fag.

>>133625306How do you know that?

reminder that this nigger brought a loaded gun inside a school

>>133625223>the owner of the house from the nighttime surveilence said that $2,500 worth of fishing gear was stolen from his boatblatant liethe homeowner flat out stated nothing was ever stolen from his only reason you would post made-up lies like this is if someone was paying you to do so

>>133625056only a retard such as yourself would even attempt to grab the guy's gun

>>133625306Prove it. Why didn't they shoot him immediately then, when they had numerical and terrain advantage? Why did they wait until he was within grappling distance?

>>133624989>she burned the coal>she paid the toll

>>133624640I worked at construction sites before the only reason you would have to be in there is to steal shit or squat unless you worked there

>>133625321>>133625348>How do you know that?>You dont know thatHe's dead because they did shoot him.

>>133625306Literal retard. Someone helping you type? No one can be this stupid can they?

>>133625346the truth is the wrong hill to die on?i'm the one speaking the objective truthyou gave up a long time ago when you realized your pathetic feelings and emotions could not compete

>>133625364He almost took it away. They were two fat fucks in a pick up truck. I'd say he was fucking based.

>>133625206It requires a felony, sorry. No felony was committed or even suspected. They're fucked, sweetie.

>>133625237georgia has a no duty to retreat lawahmaud had no legal duty to run away from an illegal assault, and could defend himself from the attack using any force necessary

>>133625390You can clearly see what happens in the video how is you twisting that the truth

>>133624375>This whole thing freaked me out, because I legitimately stop at abandoned houses, construction sites, and random places like that during my runThen you should damn well know that you aren't supposed to be there and if someone sees you doing that they might want to approach you. So talk to them instead of going aggro like an animal and you'll be fine. Or, stop trespassing.

>>133625369>Why didn't they shoot him immediately thenBecause they had chased him and had a faggot lawyer filming their "citizen's arrest" for their sick pleasure. They ended up blocking him and that's when the black guy confronted them.

>>133625378Your being disingenuous. They shot him bc of the struggle for the gun. Your saying if he ran away they would have shot him. How do you know that?

>>133623625imagine thinking putting down a feral nig is a crime

Maybe he was one of us and wanted to show offJoking aside, this nigger was wrongfully killed. Absolute racists and people in denial can't say other. Also the video was recorder by some neighbor trying to prove the need for "citizen arrest"

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>>133625047He probably shot himself by pulling the shotgun.

a dumb aggressive nigger animal got put down in the street? not on my watch

>>133625433He wasn't attacked, there's no evidence of an attack in the video. He was the aggressor according to video evidence.

>>133625445Why do you all talk the same way? Are you part if some hive mind?

>>133625437yes we can clearly see itwe see two armed attackers drive up onto an unarmed jogger who attempts to defend himself from their attackthe killers still succeed in killing the innocent manwhat biased bullshit do you think you are seeing?

>>133625405i'd say you're a retarded nigger like arbery was, this isn't about "durr showing who's tough". if this shit happened to you, you'd be pissing your pants kek

>>133625405not based enough to avoid getting btfo

>>133625358thats not the nighttime footage from the different house I said you retarded ape

>>133624491People only care about this because they want to see to southerners get hanged. They couldn't care less about the jogger.

>>133625445I'm sorry, but the video shows absolutely no blocking.

>>133625453>They shot him bc of the struggle for the gunBecause they literally blocked his path. He was way within his rights to defend himself. You don't seem to understand that these people had absolutely no authority over him; no matter how many times they might've explained it in their broken English, the guy was being chased by crazy people with guns.

>>133624331>It wasn't lawfully open carried, they were out of their holsters and they were trying to illegally detain himOpen carrying a long gun without a holster is completely legal in GA you retarded fuckwad. At least put in a modicum of effort in knowing what you're talking about.

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>>133625344Yes, it is a legal opinion, and people have already torn it apart. It was a kneejerk statement issued following the incident, retard. It is not some official document declaring their innocence.

>>133625296He's right, why would the media need to reiterate that she was raped. It's like when you read about someone who "died at home in mysterious circumstances" and they finish the article with one of those hotlines for suicide prevention

>>133624835>the detention was an illegal assault, and ahmaud was more than legally justified to defend himself

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Is it just me or is Holla Forums seriously losing influence? Seems like the rest of 4chan has turned against them.

are we getting raided or something theres no way anyone actually thinks the nigger was in the right even the people saying hes innocent ITT cant defend him

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>>133625445So they were attempting an arrest and filming it....Not attempting a homicide as you said they were. Seems like our hero Ahmaud should have waited 2 minutes to explain to the cops he was simply exercising and he could have possibly sued these two guys in civil court

>>133625488So you're playing stupid until I go to sleep? Pretty annoying tactic but I guess it's all you guys got

>>133625335It's entirely possible those alpha chads are better trained than any random goon.>Nooo only those empowered by a business can defend themselves waaaaa



>>133625286>>133625168>>133625057>>133624989>>133624915>>133624774>>133624741seeing this stuff makes me sick to my stomach. all kikes need to hang and all niggers need to fuck off bad to africa or die.

>>133625484>no argument Kinda sad to be defeated by a hive mind already, isn't it?

>>133625556owwwww >>>/pol is that way

>>133625057Imagine buying your daughter a pair of $1,000 nigger sneakers only to have her be killed by two niggers for those same sneakers.

>>133625500>People only care about this because they want to see to southerners get hanged.Wahhh wahhh poor widdle wacistsThe opposite as just as true. Holla Forumstards don't give a shit about this. They're just rushing to their defense becuz muh guns and muh niggers

>>133625480they attempted to illegally detain him at gunpointby definition this is an attack and an act of unjustified aggression>He was the aggressor according to video evidenceaccording to the law and the facts of the case the two murderers were the aggressors and he was defending himself from their aggression

>>133625515That's because you think he could've escaped into the bushes and the couple of rednecks would've been content with letting him escape. By the way, when you assume he could've ran away, you're admitting these people had no business blocking his way.

>>133625520But you said they would have shot him in the back of the head if he ran away, meaning he wasnt blocked in. Also the video shows him not running away but trying to fight know what why am I bothering? You've already proven yourself to be a disingenuous faggot and I don't care that much

>>133625535I think it's a raid or just some bored people trying to annoy us. I'm going to sleep anyways not even my idiot normie friend who falls for everything fell for this one.

>>133625484theyre from a discord>>133625557every single one of the arguments used to defend him has been discredited, the only semblance of a point you could make is that the citizens arrest wasnt legal but thats a stretch

Reading this thread is almost cathartic. It’s actually really comforting to know that you dipshits are only a loud minority.Stay in 4chan and never come out.

>>133625356To defend himself from rampant white on black violent crime, obviously.


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>>133625546Who exactly are you trying to impress with this gibberish?

>>133625548Obviously his path was blocked. His path was blocked. He had to attack because the path was blocked. They had no authority so he had to grab the gun. He had no choice!

I honestly wish there was an account system here so I could track you Holla Forumstards.

>>133624586There you go CNN approved.

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>>133625591This is how the media will portray this, in the sense that despite this retard being caught in basic logical errors again and again, he'll re-circle back to the start once he runs out and keep repeating the media's line.

>>133625571Seeing innocent people raped and/or murdered makes any sane person sick. Kill yourself jew, if you're not a jew then kill yourself golem.

>>133625586kek holy shit this reeks of reddit

>>133625611nah its a lot more than that. im on this board all day and ive been in every single one of these jogger threads and the people that defend him all say the same thing in each thread with the same defense and excuses. its something more than people shitposting they all get in the thread at the same time

>inbred hicks shoot some niggerNot interested

>>133625529Because liberal power kinda waned a bit. Everyone was sick of their shit 4 years ago and the appeal to the hatred of "clown world" kind of shit appealed to a lot of frustration people were having with the left.After 4 years of exposure, we realize the main people complaining about most of that leftist shit are even worse. Just rotten angry basement dwellers that contribute nothing to anything and are even worse people than insufferable censor happy libtards.So yeah, people have kinda turned on Holla Forumstards and incels more lately and it will continue.

>>133625651>go in pol thread>complain about poltards

>>133625603>meaning he wasnt blocked inHis path was literally blocked. Two meatheads brandishing guns were parked in front of him, and a faggot lawyer was closing in from behind filming the whole thing. What do you suggest? >DAE THE NIGGER COULD'VE RAN BETWEEN THE HOUSESHe would be filled with bullets.

I understand being annoyed that the media is trying to make the "jogger" out to be an angel, but some of the arguments here in defense of the hicks are just pathetic.>why didn't he just run away from them?He did, they blocked his way, he turned around and ran. They then drove and blocked his way again. At that point any reasonable person can assume they aren't going to be allowed to pass without incident. Some of you are clearly aware of this flaw in your argument, and keep trying to focus the discussion on the video and not on the hicks' account of the incident.>why didn't he just let them detain him and wait for the police?Imagine yourself in that situation. Reverse the races if you can't empathize with a black. Would you trust armed strangers who have been cutting you off with vehicles with your life?The point is not that the "jogger" is some kind of innocent, it's simply that the hicks actions resulted in an unnecessary death because they gave the "jogger" no option except to fight for his life.

>*taps mic*ahem...I am very, extremely ugly and homosexual. I sucked obama's tiny nigger pee pee to lead us into a losing culture war and now I am facing execution.FUCK POL AND FUCK WYPEPO. wH*TEBOI'S LINED UP AGAINST THE WALL IS A DREAM I WILL NEVER SEE.

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>>133625594>That's because you think he could've escaped into the bushes and the couple of rednecks would've been content with letting him escape.He could have walked around them or talked to them. What he did was initiate violence against them.

>>133625654Please add Harvard Degree in Electricity. Muhfuggin Ben Franklin and shit

>>1336255294chan is always contrarian to whatever the prevailing norm is.

>>133625293I don't live in the US and I'm white, sorry to let you down.

Is this why the media pushes interracial couples so hard?So the one or two retarded white girls who fall for it get butchered?

>>133625675you know if you want to astroturf properly you should try to fit in, I suggest removing the reddit spacing from your post so people actually read it

>>133624886more likely the jogger would shoot the men, they would have no way of knowing he was un armed.

Makes you glad not to be American huh

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>>133625529most internet communities dont have any real influence

>>133625594>when you assume he could've ran awayI'm not assuming, I'm seeing that he had every incentive to leave the area. He did the worst possible thing in that situation.>you're admitting these people had no business blocking his way.You're still on about this "blocking". In the video, the negro isn't being blocked in any way, he's running directly towards the redneck who has a gun. To a rational person, running directly towards someone with a gun (let alone two people with guns) is a bad idea. Who is to say the rednecks weren't justified when an actual retard tried to bum rush them and take their guns instead of doing pretty much anything else (running away, arguing, simply waiting until police arrived, etc.)

>>133625693>He could have walked around them or talked to them.He did. You assume the entire confrontation is three fucking seconds of a struggle because you refuse to admit these people had chased him for a while and were not willing to let him go.

>>133625296go back and read that post you are replying to again, slowly this time, smoothbrain


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>>133625525>People torn it apartNo they didn't retard lmfao. When do the random people of the internet's opinion matter more than someone who looked at facts. Eye witness testimony that all collaborate the two men's accounts of the events. The unedited full length footage of the events that also collaborate testimonies and their accounts. As well as the injury on the man's face to prove the nigger struck first AFTER he robbed them. With the nigger's injuries to prove he tried to grab the shotgun after striking. There was also prior robberies where someone stole a 9mm. The nigger also was arrested for the same offenses, as well as brought a gun to school.Little jamal was just jogging on his way to church, picking up donations on his way. dindu nuffin as always. Suck aids nigger cock

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>>133625499what the fuck?are you fucking retarded? i'm seriously asking - do you have a learning disability or something?you are arguing that>he was seen at another house at some other time>the other house reported a robbery at some completely different time>during the daytime he walks up to a different house and commits no crime>these 3 completely unrelated events somehow combine to create suspicion of a crime even though no crimes were committed or witnessedby your logic, anyone who lives in dallas could be citizen's arrested (and subsequently killed like ahmaud) for the assassination of jfk

>people are actually defending the subhuman neckbeardsJust nuke americawhole place is a shithole

>>133625611This. Fuck this, I'm going to bed. My hugbox isn't full of only my own opinion? God damn, fuck this shit. Going to slam some Z's in my fart bunker.

>>133625675Not even a quarantinefag will believe you’ve been lurking here for longer than a week lol.

>>133625669I've been super busy last couple days but yeah that happens every few weeks or so. Guess it's the discord that was mentioned. Pretty funny they think it works. Reminds me of CTR back in 2015-16.

>>133625700>I don't live in the USwhy do you talk about like you know about US laws then?

>>133625757>jogging in his own neighborhood where people know himYeah, no shit they didn't call the cops.

>>133625757>"Honey why has Jeff been filming himself running around the block for the past hour?"

>>133625686I know sympathizing with this guy is hard because you have to pretend to be retarded but these bizarre exercises in why you can't wait for a cop for 1 minute are fucking mind numbing. I can charge someone with a gun or stand here for 1 minute?

>>133623360I actually do this and it’s pretty common in my neighborhood. I just like to see the floor plan to the new house. Sometimes I even chat to some of the guys working on it. Guess I’ll stop that.

>>133625651>I honestly wish there was an account systemI heard of this hip new website with accounts, where you can even upvote posts you agree with and downvote posts you disagree with. It's called "Voat". Sounds pretty cool, you should check it out.

>>133625685Once again, you are assuming if get ran away (which you begrudgingly admit he could?) They would have shot him. Your reasoning for this is some disingenuous shit about how he did in fact get shot. God why am I responding to this? Just tell me you are b8ing, either way I'm leaving. There is no honest debate to be had with someone like you

>>133625538>playing stupidwhat are you talking about?i wonyou lostyou gave up arguing 20 minutes ago and are now just posting for the sake of wasting timeyou stopped contributing because your feelings and emotions don't count as arguments

>>133625744>I'm seeing that he had every incentive to leave the areaCould you guarantee these unhinged retards would've been fine with him leaving the spot, right after purposefully blocking his path to stop his escape? Answer this truthfully.

>>133625762>you are arguing that>>he was seen at another house at some other timewhere the fuck have you been?

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The only those fatasses did wrong was not killing more niggers

>>133625212how did they know the jogger wasn't going to shoot them?

>>133625644>Obviously his path was blocked. His path was blocked.No it wasn't. He ran around the truck, then turned 90 degrees to attack the man carrying the shotgun.

>>133625675>hello fellow 4channers! I'm totally one of you and I bring very reasonable opinions!

I wish that there was a way to discuss shit like this without flinging the words "racist" or "nigger". Why can't it just be "two men shot one other man, let's debate on the facts we know instead of guessing political and racial motives"

>>133625657>This is how the media will portray thisfacts,logic, and basic legal analysis?yeah that is how we would expect them to portray it

>>133625757we fucking lost, Holla Forums.....

>>133625693>He could have walked around them or talked to them.He literally did. Both prior to the video, and during the video. He clearly cuts to the passenger side of the truck when he sees the driver. The driver goes in front of his truck towards the passenger side to cut him off.


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>>133625780Which is funny because I've been here since literally 2005. I'm older than 99.99% of this board. But okay. I made paragraphs and I didn't blow Holla Forums, so I must be from le reddit

>>133624255Have a live gun drawn on you, retard. See how you react.

>>133625529Your entire paradigm is wrong.



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>>133625586ya, dude you won't even deny it.

>>133625813is that the construction property that i just quoted the owner of, who said nothing had ever been stolen?where no crime had ever been committed, not even (misdemeanor) trespassing?

the media is so fucked with this one, all of their claims of a lynching or murder can literally be disproved by screencaps from the video this shit is more retarded than trayvon

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>>133625686He wasnt in a tunnel, I dont remember seeing a fence on the edge of the road. What are you talking about blocked? You know you can go around stuff right? You can go in the grass?

Holla Forums lost.


>>133625818Why would the jogger be required to assume these rednecks pointing guns at him were making a "citizen's arrest"?

>be American>go jogging>get shotyou literally cannot make this up. and I'm supposedly live in a shithole. at least in my shithole I don't have to fear getting shot for no reason.

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>>133625811If they didn't shoot him on sight, they weren't planning on shooting him at all. Think about what you're saying, you're pretty much trying to argue that the rednecks were out to shoot him on sight, but the video clearly shows that they didn't shoot him until he was attacking them, and it shows that he had clear avenues of escape. There is no video evidence of anyone blocking his path to escape, but there is video evidence of a guy defending himself.

>>133625859Lurk more newfag


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>>133625877yes more security footage of the construction has been released, this time you can see the boat that the owner said he had 2,500 dollars worth of fishing gear stolen from but he never filed a police report on it

>>133625844I hear you, user.

>>133625675>reddit spacingNo one cares about your head canon, go back

>>133625901They weren't pointing guns at him. Look at the videos linked, the images or even some of the earlier posts in this very thread.

>>133625903that's cause all you do is post tranime on /a/ and never peak outside

This shit is such a farce. You can't even get any form of objective discussion online about this because 4chan faggots are gonna say that the nigger is wrong no matter what, whereas the Twitter faggots are gonna say that the white dudes are wrong no matter what.

>>133625922>If they didn't shoot him on sight, they weren't planning on shooting him at all.Yeah, they pulled up in a truck with guns just to "talk" to him

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>>133625844because the reason why they were brought on charges is "political". Accusing them of lynching poor little black boy who was just selling girl scout cookies, jogging and doing equations in his head to make a vaccine for china virus. HE DINDU NUFFIN AS ALWAYS

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>>133625922>If they didn't shoot him on sightI must remind you once again that the footage you've been spamming for days now was recorded by a lawyer following them, attempting to document the event. Once that went nowhere and the jogger was more than willing to leave the spot, they blocked him. They literally were the aggressors.

>>133625757Now he should try it in a neighbourhood where nobody knows him and then he should physically attack the first person that tries to ask him what he is doing. Then it would be the same thing.

>>133625686the hicks rightfully feared the jogger and had armed themselves reasonably with this fact in mind. There literally is no way of seeing this other than self defense, the two hicks were defending themselves from the jogger.

>>133625903He was actually planting flowers and handing out N95 masks to orphans. It's even worse than you think