Tim Heidecker is into WHAT!?

I enjoy reading fucked up stories from prostitutes and shit. I was reading this blog from 2007 and noticed something strange.It's a "phone sex operator" talking about a weird client named Tim who makes TV shows. He wants to, and I quote "he wished there was a way he could shrink down his size to be small enough to, actually, crawl inside my actual ass. He wanted to live in my ass as my miniature ass slave.". "For entertainment he’d explore my intestines, which makes sense. During these explorations he would eat the more “vintage shit” found there. Or bring in a miniature shovel to haul it downstream. We both agreed going into the stomach would be too dangerous."Later she describes he has an antropomorphic dildo. And it's named Eric.You may call me a faggot now but I'm 99% certain I just found something huge

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>>133621319Isn't he Jewish?

macro fetish? he just keeps getting more based

>>133621319big if true

Listen HERE you little butt goblin.. Ur HERE TO MAKE PAPPA PROUD.

>>133621319here is the blogradicalvixen.com/he-wants-to-live-inside-my-ass/

>>133621433it is, I forgot proof but posted it above

>>133621319why do you think he ran to a gay bar to feel safe after being stabbed

>>133621319Who fucking cares faggot

>>133621548Why are you mad when hollywood kikes are getting exposed? Have a stake in this?

>>133621579"Exposed" for nothing. Its literally a hypothetical situation, nobody gives a fuck about someone wanting to be shrunk down because its impossible.

>>133621319Sam, do you not realize this would just make most people on this board like him more?

Tim is a bad bad person

>>133621634hollywood kikes are getting exposed for having legitimate scat fetishes and all kinds of fucked up shit and you're getting angry.


>>133621634Found the person ITT who enjoys eating "vintage shit"

>>133621319I know someone who interned for the guy. Massive prick

>>133621713He looks like a fat bavarian pig you blindfuck, this is your white race under american education fucking deal with it faggot.

>>133621473I believe it

>>133621319>Be a dark humor obscure comedian>Do shows of dark humor obscure shows>Be surprised he's into dark obscure fetishesWow

This is fucking gold HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH what the fuck is all this? Hahhahahahrrrggh!

>>133621788Well, what are you waiting for? Tell the stories.Fucking shit.

>>133621319If this were Bill Gates you would have something. This is Tim heidecker though so, this is something people would just expect from him.

Anyone know where I can score a free VPN that's not complete ass?

>>133621473>He would have the ability to change size, growing back to normal when I scooped him out of my bottom with my fingers. He’d sleep in my ass and feed off my shit as it passed by, as one does.

>>133621634t. Scat fetishist

>>133621707Bro there are scat threads on this website and every new fetish I ever found came from here.If you don't want to be associated with degenerate pornography you better get the fuck out of here and quick.

>be tim>fuck hooker>she asks what im really into>try to come up with the weirdest thing you can think of to make her laugh>she writes it in a blog>retarded autists take it seriously and think its "exposing" me.

>>133621890No, free VPNs are all shit. If you want quality, you need to pay.

if she said he'd actually eaten shit this would be somethingbarring that, he improvised more fucked up shit than this in The Comedy

The Delgados and their lackies are at it again.

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>>133621932>as one does

>>133621988>"exposing" me.>meGOT IM

>>133621319hi Sam still at your moms?

>>133622026It also says he talks for hours at a time about eating shit while dildoing himself with the Eric dildo

>>133621634hello broken numb person

>>133622053the jokester strikes again!

>>133621319>no source

>>133622180WAIT A FUCKING SECOND, this is PHONE SEX?????fucking hell, this is nothing, literally just fucking talking

>>133621634brainwashed fag

>>133621988it's clear you didn't even read it before doing damage control.Tim Heidecker talks to this person for hours about EATING FECES

>>133622284source >>133621473

>>133621319Good thing only one guy named tim works in tv.

This is obviously sam hyde calling saying he is tim and saying fucked up shit to smear his good name. Let it go Sam, you lost.

>>133622345-is a producer-he has a dildo named ERIC-fantasies all line up with subject matter in all his content

>>133621707speaking of poop fetishes..

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>>133622371Or it could a double agent scenario. Possibly Tim himself.

>>133622371>sam did this in 2007 so he could mildly embarrass tim heidecker in 2020also>hours at a time>a great regular

>>133622430It's called dedication. Sam is the most dedicated man in the world when it comes to fucking someone over because they hurtied his fee fees.

>>133622395Serious question: Why do you care? Is your life so empty you have to fill it with banal celebrity gossip?

>>133622470because I'm sam according to that faggot above

>>133621319So some random anonymous person called a phone sex hotline, used their real name for some unknown reason, used the real name of his comedic partner for some reason, disclosed his job for some reason, and then spent long hours describing embarrassing scat fetish stuff to said operator.And you believe this for some reason.

what a shitty thread hee hee

I wrote them an email in hope they have email archives from 2006 and we could contact this sex phone worker

>>133622395You'd think Sam and Tim would have bonded over their common thread of degeneracy

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>>133621319He seems like the type to have odd fetishes but hides it behind satire and irony.

>>133622371Unless there's evidence he whined about his back pain and not having medical insurance I am doubtful.

>>133622529I believe it, Tim was a nobody then

>>133622529Yeah? It just sounds like a joke

sounds like a classic gag

i have a scat fetish

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>>133622587So you're an idiot, then.

>>133622573Like this guy forgot to add(coke bottle etc)

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>>133622402could he be any more based

>>133622627ur the one

>>133622717did you ever post on the imdb forums?

>>133622561as if the pedophilia and tranny fucking wasn't enoughdiaper shit? holy fuck

>>133622529He wanted to hear his own name when she talked dirty and after calling her for a while, he told her some things about his life. same thing as simps with camgirls/onlyfans nowadays. whores always make their best money when they get a john who's looking for someone to confide in

>>133622529>used their real name for some unknown reasonone thing I've learned about phone sex operators (I've read almost every story on that site) is that they're often real prostitutes and get very familiar and even physical with their clients after a while

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>>133622886Years of hardcore porn addiction like Sam experienced will probably fuck you up man. Sam had to take steroids and somekind of Indian cialis knockoff just to fix his dick.

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>>133621319If this is surprising to you then you haven't seen anything Tim Heidecker has ever done. This is literally nothing.

>>133623463you already tried that line shillthere's a difference between satirical content and revelations about his actual sex life

bruh I just realized this happened 14 years ago. Imagine how much more fucked up his fantasies are now if they were that bad then. And has he put them into action? He must have.


>>133623709>you already tried that line shillSeek therapy

>>133623861>ma-ma! ma-ma!

>>133621798>BavarianNah he looks Baltic

>>133624984no such thing as baltic, just a genetic pitstop for everything around it