All I want is no foreigners in the UK and a comfy welfare state. Is that too much to ask?

All I want is no foreigners in the UK and a comfy welfare state. Is that too much to ask?

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No. Socialism in one state is comfy as fuck.


So did Syria, then you put your dick in there. Now you have to take em.



Nah, you might be interested in the SWPE. They sound like they'd fit your ideas pretty well britfam.

Yes, it's part of the deal of muh sovreignety.


So you're a racist socdem

aka labour

Holy shit, they'll resettle the Pakis! Fucking count me in! I'm not really a full socialist but I'd gladly vote for them

Yeah, exactly. What's your point?

I actually know the guy who runs the party if you want to hit me up on steam I can see if I can get the two of you networked online. It's up to you though, I know a lot of people don't like to give out their steam info.

The fuck is this shit?

If the price on one homogenous country is getting called racist once in a while then sign me up

Well it explains why you're hated around the world, but it doesn't matter now as the UK is soon to be an irrelevence. Good luck with those trade deals!

But that is impossible. Someone has to work. In this case the foreigners. It's impossible to have a welfare state without immigrants. Someone. At least someone has to work! HAS TO!!


Yes, as long as your welfare state is perpetuated off the backs of poorer nations.

When are you gonna give the crown jewels back to India, nigel?

Is that supposed to be some kind of counter argument? You basically confirm what I said-foreigners work, locals receive welfare

As soon as you go back my friend rasheed

Kys disgusting racist scum

social democracy is inherently unstable so yes it is too much to ask. it will always either fall back into capitalism or advance into socialism

haha typical thieving anglo scum
don't worry we will make you pay one way or the other


lets be frank. it's the same as lolberts pretending their ideology isn't based around the fact that they just don't want to pay tax.

those pakis bought their properties fair and square

Depends, what is your ideology?

National-Syndicalist (Sorelian/neo-Strasserist).

Sure, I'll hit you up. How do I find you?

So literally IngSoc?

hello there /brit/

probably. tough luck, buck.

here's a 10 minute email address:
[email protected]
send me an email within the next 10 minutes and I'll send you more permanent contact info.

But for a comfy welfare state to work you need cheap imports made under questionable conditions.

If you don't have moral integrity fine, but don't cry when the imports cut off once the Third World rises up

What if we go back to what the Greeks had.

All English citizens own land in the countryside, which migrants from the EU work. We take a gross profit percentage from the sale of the goods produced, and give them a patch of land to live off.

Good workers can come and live in our socialist mansions, while English citizens have more time for things like politics.

How about you get a job you crooked toothed shit head/

Fuck you nigga, you live in a democracy

I've already got one. Would you like to do it for me?


Wrong. What's produced in China can be produced at home. Social democracy doesn't need cheap imports to function.

A world market does however.

Wrong. Free trade should be kept between countries which have reached the same level of development. The richest countries can pour foreign aid/investment into the poorer ones so that they can catch up and any trade deficits/surpluses should be abrogated by an International Clearing Union. There are alternative globalizations to the race to the bottom one the neoliberals love so much.

Gave you a reply, not sure if you saw. You need to be more specific, I'm getting dozens of results.

I hope you're okay with the pay and conditions in China then

So how do you produce stuff for the same prices then when you have a SocDem state demanding minimum wages? Stuff would be more expensive to equal out the minimum wage.

Face it man, capitalism doesn't work

i assume that by 'foreigner' you mean brown people

weird, did you get the message I sent with my actual email?

Wrong. Free trade should be kept between metropolitan wealth centers and underdeveloped industrial nation states. The richest countries can harvest cheap labour surplus and reinvest that wealth into its social democratic principles. Any trade deficits or surpluses should be stuck under credit interest repayments by an international monetary fund. There are alternative globalization to the race to the bottom one the neoliberals love so much.

Yeah I did, but steam doesn't let you search by email. What's your display pic?

I meant, just send me an email on my real email and I'll send you my steam info again. Anyway, my picture on steam is a roman aqueduct. Either that or you could just send me your steam name on my real email (not the 10 minute one, that's expired) and I'll find you on there.

It's more expensive, but since the products are created by workers who have higher minimum wages than those working in China they will be able to afford it. China only started with special economic zones in the 70s, how do you think society functioned until then?

IMF can go to hell

If you care about diversity of human ecosystems or the voluntary ability to choose whether to participate in multicultural/ethnic communities you should start studying and advocating for communalism instead. This also prevents stagnant national leading culture. Social ecology is all about maximizing human flourishing along all axis of diversity. And in turn enriching the world through non-conflicting and non-infringing diversity of societies. Which means you can have both multicultural/multiethnic places and also mono. There's no top-level authority on who to participate in communities. This also addresses the worsening political friction regarding multicultural societies.