Fuck leftypol tankies. Death to fascism

Fuck leftypol tankies. Death to fascism.


Being a tankie is a mental illness no bully, they cant help it


Fuck you faggots. I can't wait until tankies and nazbols purge all of you into the dust.


Anarchism is an infantile disorder, get help.

Neither tankies nor nazbols leave their room, what makes you belive they can form a proper political movement?

When was the last time your kind did anything?


No need to kill them, just give them some legos and computers with minecraft installed, it will keep them too entertained to bother us real socialists.

Ironic coming from the armchair critic

You mean other than kick over a trashcan?



How did you enjoy getting rolled over by the falange and the nazis? :^)

We were doing good till you tankies tag teamed us with the fascists and republicans and fucked us

How did you enjoy getting rolled over by "ex"-tsarists bureaucrats :^)

I mean sure but there are thousands of other instances where anarchist political and economic theory have been implemented

I understand you guys are fucking clueless, but at least try to learn about the topic at hand

Yes in Mad Max and the entire scenery was horrible.

Sorry Nihilist, injuns don't count.

The only people who were rolled over in the USSR were revisionists and traitors.

I feel sorry for all the trash men :((

Fuck you too, comrade. Kronstadt was great.


You can have anarchy once we are fully space faring, have fully intelligent AI and can make people eternally young.

Before that, the technology isn't there.

do you mean communism?

holden pls go

its sad that all you can do to defen your failed ideology is memes, similar to cappies, marxist

Hoping you aren't one of those dumb fuck anarchists that thinks any socialist that supports states (or Marxism-Leninism) is a "tankie" but I'll try to give you the benefit of the doubt on this.

Reminder that Kronstadt was a good thing

opa did nothing wrong

Define fascism.

you're all LARPers IMO