Religion under socialism

How would religion be treated in your ideal society?

Should secularism be the default, or should the state actively repress religion and encourage atheism?

Would religions be able to freely preach?

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organised religious institutions should be crashed
in school religion should be regarded as a superstition and presented in the context of mythos development


nah. lemme lone.

religion is good, it gives people principles, hope and determination.

this is what the left in the west lacks right now

No institutions. Hard ban on Islam and Judiasm.

Make it a personal matter. If you want to believe fairy tales then go ahead and believe it but don't force your bullshit upon others.

I wrote this for the other thread, but I'll post it here because the other thread got culled.

I understand THAT SPECIFIC FUCKING POST was irony and shit posting, but there are millions of people that hold the view of that post. Which was my point that //you// seemed to have missed. People see passages that expound on the virtues of genocide and killing innocent people and they interpret that as something they can also do.

There are whole sects of people that interpret their religious texts literally or they interpret the text to say things that the majority of other believers in the same text don't believe. This is my point.

All of those, save what God B says are a sub-set of "God A says to do X."

I expect people to do whatever book they want and use whatever interpretation as an excuse to do horrific things. You and I argue the same point, interpretation is key. The problem with interpretations of RELIGIOUS texts is that they also have the weight of omnipotent being and promises of gold streets forever (or lakes of fire) behind them.

I completely agree, but my point still stands. Even Buddhism is not immune to bad interpretation, and it holds the same promises that all other religions do.

The interpretation issue has even fucked over socialism, communism, and Marx so badly that they are dirty words in much of the West. Certain strains of leftist also promise some of the same things that religious texts claim, a utopian society at the end of a struggle.

I don't think the ideal of fully automated gay space luxury communism can be realized (save for superhuman ability AI). I do however think it's the best social and economic system to strive for and it will be forever be a struggle to keep even if we accomplish revolutionary socialism.

Your problem is not with atheists or secularists, it's with your own theists. //THEY// aren't interpreting your holy text in a way you find correct. That interpretation seems to be the me the more humanistic, let's not kill the jews/gays/outgroup and do socialism side. Which is great, but then you deride people who don't interpret it the same way you do and do it literally.

ideally the state religion would be Orthodoxy, Trad catholic, or Mormonism

Is it just me or has this thread been reposted several times these past few days?

Ban christanity too
Its not a big issue right now, because barely anyone gives a fuck about it (in europe), but might as well

We must ban christianity, all the other religions are fine.
The patriachal christian religion has done absolutly awful things, i can't believe people are still allowed to practice it, they don't even have to pay taxes on the money they collect in churches! What a waste! What have christians ever done for humanity! nothing but death and destruction, thats what.

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Why? Passive religions do not undermine socialism.

The founding fathers didn't have a lot right but their view of religion is basically the best solution

What, deism? I found it appealing as a liberal.

I meant strictly defined freedom of/from religion

As in secularism ?

Well, sure. I didn't say they were the only ones to come up with it. But I mean 90% of Europe still has state churches.

Only about 15% of world's population consider themselves Atheists/Secular/Agnostic. If you think you're going to have a revolution without religious people or can just suppress/eliminate them afterwards you are delusional. Even in Europe Catholicism and Orthodoxy are doing fine compared to liberal protestantism which is really what's dying.

State atheism or strict secularism as in the case of France.

It would be left alone. They would have to pay for their buildings (if they weren't content with just using their homes) if they wanted churches/mosques/etc. Also any reactionary pro-capitalist religious elements would be thrown into the gulag immediately.


The reason why they wrote the first amendment the way that they did was because each former colony had its own "state religion" (usually some form of protestant christianity.) The idea was to prevent the state from endorsing one religion over another. It wasn't a secularist idea.

Religious people will be sent to gulags.

What part of: NO GODS NO MASTERS don't you understand?

Read a book ffs.

That's a good thing though. Protestantism is spiritual justification for capitalism.

So, how will you impose your punishment again? You'll have no authority over me.


again, religion is served better by secularism IMO. Politicians get out of my church!!!

As personal property.

Proselytism is intrinsically imperial and also bourgeois merchanting, so that would have to be severely regulated.

Solicitation in the form of pervasive evangelism is not passive and does undermine socialism far more than, say, sex workers. So prosecute the pimps.

What if I read the Good Book? :^)

Religion is fine, it's mostly just an aspect of culture and trying to eliminate people's culture is both a disgusting idea and self-defeating. Religious institutions are corrupt, though, and should not be pandered to or given exceptions.

Complete separation of Church and State.
Size/influence of organised religion serverely limited.
Reactionary/fundamentalist elements gulagged.
Encourage individual thinking as to the question of God's existence and spirituality as opposed to organised religions.

Basically keep religion but more as a personal matter.

But what about the Nazbols? Niekisch was inspired in part by Prussian Protestantism.

How so?
Who do you consider to be reactionary/fundamentalist elements?
For what purpose?

Secular or my own religion of my making.

Secular, complete separation of Church and State.

Religious organizations will be taxed just as any other organization will, with deductibles available for doing charitable work, just like any other individual or organization.

Counter revolutionary religious organizations or individuals will be dealt with just like any others.

I don't think you understand what "personal matter" means if you think the state openly professing a preference on religious belief doesn't contradict making it a personal matter.

Part of me wants to say "Leave religion alone, keep it to yourself and you're cool"

But objectively, look at all the bullshit people do in the name of religion. And at the end of the day, people don't keep religion to themselves, they impose their morality on others, they try to get into government and impose their will on others. Unfortunately a few bad apples is all it takes to spoil everything in my eyes.

Orthodoxy is ok. Catholicism and Protestantism can both kiss my ass


In my ideal society religion would slowly shrivel away voluntarily since it is no longer needed. Violent fundamentalists and violence-invoking religious rhetoric should be repressed.

This is my problem with many socialists. If they won't allow me my religious freedom I am automatically against it. Makes me sad to think liberal crapitalism would be better.

Religion is the heart of a heartless world, and does nothing to aid the revolution. It rather prefers the working class to be pacifists, and the abrahamic religions promote the idea of accepting the oppression in your current life, in hope that you will recieve something better in the afterlife.

Religious people are not the problem, religion itself is.

Oh wow how idealist of you.

We need to emphasize liberation theology above all else. For too long has religion been used to enforce bourgeois idealogical supremacy. When trying to raise class consciousness, there is no reason not to utilize the tools we have. Religious comrades should definitely incorprate a leftist perspective when discussing theology with others.

Don't forget Islamic Socialism.


Spirituality should exit the privacy of one's home as seldom as possible. Organized religion should be unheard of.

Religion either shouldn't be a part of the curriculum of compulsory education at all OR it should be taught at universal theology offering a neutral view on each major religion.

Churches et al. should be collectivized and religion shouldn't receive any funding from the government.

Religion has no place in media, political office or upbringing of children.

No wonder secularists have basically failed everywhere since the early 20th century.

No one's beliefs are attacked. Their influencing and brainwashing is prevented instead.

Yes, and state atheists haven't. Look at DDR. Look at China. Their policies have succeeded in increasing the amount of irreligion in their societies.

It really depends on the pre-existing conditions, in my country the church is actively using the conservatives as a tool to further their own agenda, those shits have even attempted things like a law to ban abortion in case of rape(more than once). I don't see how they are anything but a threat where I live.

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