Capitalism is great

It lets me stay at home in my comfy bed while my mummy goes out and works and brings home tendies for my NEET treats. Can't do that in communism.

But what happens when mommy dies?

It only does that in the West.

just become a socdem if you love the welfare state so much

Ill just go to the mummy store and get a new one

He'll get a new mummy(the state) to take care of him.
God bless the welfare state.

Capitalism and its socdem enablers made you a leech.
You'll be a man once we're done with you.

Silence wagie, back to the factory to pay your tax that buys my tendies

I'm still a student, no wage-slavery for me just yet.

It's like you never read critique of the Gotha Programme.

Never gonna happen, neets will live forever and wagies like you will be our slaves.

NEETs are the result of capitalist waste

That's exactly what you can do in Communism.

Maoist Rebel News said that's wrong, and that we are too rich

The best part about being a neet is you can visit wagies house and fuck his wife while he's at work

You gonna listen to a fat fatty?



Wagies will sacrifice themselves to protect us

Then when the war is over we will breed with the surviving women and create a new neet master race

no they won't. your mom will be dead, and by the time that anyone remembers she had a retard son your house will have been firebombed in a food riot.

Then what will happen to my tendie stash?

this will actually happen. Or more accurately the wagies will sacrifice themselves for porky, but the end result will be the same.

you will die in the crossfire between wagies and porkies

Gonna eat my big box of kfc tendies mummy got me while looking at photos of starving african children


I can never forgive you for getting tendies instead of a box meal with popcorn chicken and a leg.

Not enough food in that, I need to eat until I throw up then drink mountain dew and block the toilet up with neet poo

Jokes on you I don't have a wife

That ain't gonna happen friendo