What should be our stance on the People's Republic of Donetsk and the People's Republic of Luhansk?

What should be our stance on the People's Republic of Donetsk and the People's Republic of Luhansk?

They are, after all, anti-Oligarch. Sure, they are being supported by capitalist Russia but the YPG gets support from the USA and nobody here has a problem with that.

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They're basically NazBols and puppets of Russia which is close to fascism. They deserve no support.

They're alright

Much better than the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine


Russia is not fascist

They are faggots using nationalist rhetoric, but so do Ukrainians, so let them kill each other, I'm not going to "support" either group of retards.

yeah, no
who do you think owns those mines?
Russian commies are still butthurt that they got purged
but of cource you will be purged if you're only a cannon fodder

How the fuck are they using nationalist rethoric? I mean, they are not really a nation themselves.

Sounds to me they are more about self-determination.



actually some idiots do

A movement/organization getting fund by a foreign power is different from a movement being set up by a foreign power. They're puppets of Russia.



Tankies dismissing the Kurds as tools of US imperialism but defending US support for the Soviet Union in WW2 or German support for the Bolsheviks is one of the funniest things this board has to offer


Supporting either side of the war is retarded, as does not help the left-wing cause in any way whatsoever unless you're either a tankie autismo who wants some mythical balance of power between imperialist powers or a paranoid suckdem sucking off Brussels.

You realise tankies are helping the Kurds right?

Literally, Hoxhaists are there fighting for Rojava


Close to it. Nationalist authoritarian state run with input from corporate interests. Not quite there yet, but one of the closest things we have to Mussolini's Italy nowadays.

so who owns those MOPs mate?

Russian seperatist fighting for a ethnical cause. Nothing to do with socialism.

nah, it's just normal bourgeois democratic republic. Stop eating american liberal propaganda

Not Holla Forums tankies. Ours are indistinguishable from just full stop nationalists.

It depends. The Phil Greaves school of tank-ism is definitely anti-Kurds.

look at flag in background

kek, is that ancom flag?

its Ukr flag with their new amblem and Right Sector (neo nazis) flag with new amblem


You fuckers are so confined within your own ideology, so that a bunch of anti-imperialist rebels get mocked as nationalists only because they didn't use explicit left-rethoric and don't want to be purged by Ukrainian corporate NATO nazis

Meanwhile YPG gets praised because they have the luck to live in the fucking desert with means of production existing anyway so they can't piss off /leftypols/ band of liberals by enforcing policies that are necessary for economic transition but hurt your feels

with no means of production*

I'm a tankie and I like them

what an awful post

Phil Greaves is on unimaginable layers of tankiesm tbf. Makes Stalin looks like a little baby.


I was a little aggravated, I admit this was shit but I had a shitty day

Well guess what, I use the flag

They are essentially "Follow UR Dreams"-types. I don't share their political ideology, but I have mad respect for their will to power.

The world would be a better place of more people would stand up against imperialism in such an all-out manner.

They've been scaring the establishment shitless, the propaganda against them (not reporting on hospitals that have been set on fire by Western Nazi Batallions) has reached peak level in 2014 that even surpassed the agitating against Trump.

Are they really nazbols?

no they are Russian's. Russian nationalism has many stripes the most common of which takes on Stalinist characteristics and symbols. They just see these symbols and think about the victory in world war 2 and the USSR empire first and foremost and not anything about what Marx or Lenin said about anything.

OP, or anyone unaware here really, in order to understand these bodies you need to understand the context in which they came to be. Here's the quick rundown:
>Russia sends equipment and army/bureaucracy personnel indirectly people are so convinced any evidence that proves this is CGI edits by the pentagon
>inner power struggles begin and any local official is replaced by a Moscow appointed shill admittedly this piece of information I got from Vice, but the footage is legit

The main difference between this and the Kurds is that the Kurds are genuine, this is Russian puppet, not just "support".

t. Russian

я уже год с половины не слежу за этим, что то изменилась?

Their only socialist bridge (the Prizrak Brigade) consists of only seldom 1% of the Novorussiya army and the communist party has lost all 11 of its seats in the "People's Soviet" due to a loss of confidence.
Not the best example of socialism you've got there buddy.