The left wants to go backwards

Postmodernism really did ruin everything. Fuck.

place for recruitment by white supremacists, paiarchs, &c &c
I'm reading t his article called silicon ideology that got linked earlier and I ran into this sentence. Firstly the lefty author likes to use irregular characters and shit like &c (so nerdy) but like do you guys believe patriarchs are something to recruit?


oh nevermind he goes on for a page about gamergate lol



tbh by creating what libtards call "post-truth", postmodernism has fucked everyone equally.

Except for those who lack moral code, of course.

Oh shit stormnigger what are you doing?

We tried to warn you. You cannot start revolution by writing literature reviews and buzzfeed articles. Also when you debase the concept of truth for political expediency you are essentially enabling totalitarianism.

This. We never had any truth to begin with so it didn't harm us.

Postmodernity is responsible, postmodernist thought is a symptom.


give me a single truth

You're just too edgy!

Those who the gods wish to destroy they first make mad



boy howdy that's some potent revisionism right there

your preconceptions of what is to be defined as edgy are built on the conceived social constructs of what is deemed taboo and outside of the realm of normal social conduct!

wow man that's just, like, soooo deep!

"There is no truth" is self-refuting. So there's at least one truth.

wrong, that statement is nothing, but purely descriptive. There exists no truth insofar as there is no objective way to live, there exists no objective truth to model our life after and never will be. No matter how advanced science becomes, and the amount of problems our technology can solve; it will never say anything about how we ought live. That's where objective truth(meme) falls flat.

You could have said there is no objective scientific truth and that science fails to cross is-ought, which is a statement that is trivial and (should be) uncontroversial. You're just equivocating. "There is no truth" is literally just a meme, it's nonsensical.