Mfw LePen is elected

its gonna be one shit show.
10 times better than Trump.
the Government will crash right away.
unlike Trump, LePen doesn't have a strong party to make a government with, even if other political parties wanted to deal with them (which they don't, they're still not enough.
the FN has at best a dozen of eligible people, everyone else are a bunch of hillbilly fuck up.
imagine Trump right now, with a gov full of Democrats.

the fact that she kicked her dad out the moment she got in power proves that shes nothing but a conservative moderate
the only "right wing" thing she'll try is ban the burqa or some useless shit like that. she'll be sarkozy 2.0

she wants to leave the EU and is the only candidate running who promotes that policy

the burqa is already banned

She's pro-Russia too.

she has to be because every bank in the EU refuses to fund her campaign (can someone explain how this works seems fucking wacky to me)

you poor idiot have already lost and have to ask for misery and destruction as a victory. look at you, look at how pathetic you are

I don't know much about the Russian money other than that she's getting Russian money.
I don't know why a bank would be funding a political campaign in the first place.

banks rule us, they rule the EU because they fund the mayor parties, banks are not going to fund a party that goes against the EU is that simple

So, do you welcome your russian overlords?

would be lulzy, but still pulling for melenchon like an idiot until them


fuck, not again

huh, I thought the FN wanted to reform the E.U aren't French farmer heavily dependant on eu subsidies?

That's a good thing though.
Western Russiophobia is getting a bit tiresome.

Looks like this will be the beginning and end of populism in Europe

in the us, if the electoral college elects a president and congress approves it, that is what matters in terms of power, you have a very-very hard time stopping a president from that point on, maybe you can rein him in through the judiciary but that is limited

she won't win. she's already backtracking from the promise of an eu referendum after seeing the clusterfuck the uk is in.

i havent heard about non-french banks but i imagine it primarily has to do with PR. of course, the EU is immensely fruitful to banks and credit institutions, from systems, regulations and rules standardization to opening up vast new markets. so leaving is not in the interests of big capital.

what do you think will be the practical politcial reality if Le Pen wins?

She promised to hold a referendum so as long as she does it it won't matter what she wants.
Also, I don't see how you can reform the EU.

LePen is less like Trump and more like an African kleptocrat. She'll say and do whatever it is that nets her the most profit.



… I'll agree with you on one thing, though. Marine Le Pen is in the whole thing for money and power and will indeed say and do whatever to use public anger to her benefit. This shows in her recent ousting of her father, an actual butthurt fascist, out of the party he founded.

unlikely to happen

RIP Melenchon, he couldn't keep the heat on

Fucking Hamon.

kek, I just realized his name sounds like the spanish word for soap



What are the real chances of a Mélenchon victory?

she borrowed money from a bank, never payed back.
they black listed her.

now she's playing the victim.

how come Macron does better than Fillon against LePen? the guy is a nobody !.