I dont understand the division

leftypol hates bankers
anarchists, Asserists, stalinists - marxists of all types , mutualists etc you hate bankers
bankers make the state the exploitive consumerist shithole it is
this unites us all
why fight each other?

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Not only do we hate bankers, we hate the bourgeois in general. Bankers just happen to be a special kind of scum. With that said, division usually boils down to strategy and end-game with different left wing groups.

We don't "hate bankers". We have a problem with the whole bourgeoisie, of which bankers are but a part.

Blaming the problems of capitalism on a handful of greedy bankers is for illiterate, populist crypto-Fascists.

without bankers there are no financial markets
and without fin markets capitalism can't into large scale investment

so market socialists or mutualists or socdems or whatever-the-fucks will defend the banker

freedom spirits of all stripes will defend the banker too when they'll get the hint of what is the alternative
so anarchoshits and anything that has liberty in it will defend the banker de facto, by declaring their policy of neutrality you're both shit, in plain english

also, what to do about the investment banks of corporations?

I hate the propertied classes. Not just bankers. Not jews.

Banking is one of the most exploitative subsets of the bourgeois though. They produce nothing and take advantage of poor people through usury. They're essentially glorified loan sharks. All bourgeois are shit but if someone put a gun to my head and made me choose who to gulag [the banker or the small manufacturer] I'd choose the banker.

can't you fucking read?

again, how are you gonna facilitate large-scale investment without the financial markets?
SU style?

Are you surprised that the people who promote class-based tribalism and race-based tribalism are also themselves tribalist among themselves?

no. we have credit unions

Just, don't do it.

We hate the bankers too.

The banker and the small manufacturer do the exact same thing, they push paper around in order to appropriate surplus value. It's just that the small manufacturer wish he was as successful at the task as the banker.

No, you only hate allegedly Jewish bankers. The Nazis oversaw massive privatization of the banking sector, and they even came up with the term "Reprivatisierung" to describe their policies.

cool story, bro

so we primitivism now

Do you have down's?

I personally hate all bankers, and i'd like to see their money forcibly removed and distributed evenly.

Other than that tho I'm full fash

Trust me. There's nothing left wing about specifically only hating a small part of the bourgeoisie for no good reason, and wanting to equally distribute everybody's money.
You're the cancer you're most paranoid of.

expected from a faggot whose ideology is essentially an ideology of peasantry

specially for you
modern production requires large scale investment
also eat a dick

Except no. It doesn't.

The majority of bankers, the people who work for banks, are proles.

I don't hate bank-ers just bank-ing as it currently stands. I have no problem with mutual credit banks (until we get rid of money entirely)

Off you go back to Holla Forums now these are the people who grow your food you ungrateful cunt

then why don't you start producing those wonderful 3d printers, so that everyone can at last have their personal universal constructor and don't have to rely on others engage in hierarchies to produce shit?


Do you even class struggle bro?


more like

yea, no shit sherlock
3d printer is not a universal constructor…

This is the very very basics of class struggle my man. Bookus openus


so typical proles without the MOP?

what you buy inputs with you retard?


This is a peasant. People who work for Monsanto are peasants. Keep digging this hole fam.

Credit unions you dumb faggot.

They're both exploiters but the manufacturer only exploits his workers, whereas the banker exploits both his workers as well as random poor people who may need a loan to get through hard times.

Anarchists refuse any sort of structural hierarchy, organization, planning, theory and institution building. They just want to autistically "act out" against those that administer the bomb.

They are not our allies. They are useful idiots and, quite frankly, a gift to the surveillance state.

oh fuck off

Monsanto just employs proles on their farms
they are just agricultural proles

I've had enough

good luck accumulating those funds from poorfags

"small" profit, huh?

they are just agricultural proles

Lol okay, so they are proles. So you were using 'prole' as an insult earlier?


I was using 'peasant'
as in human who owns small plot of land and basic agricultural MOP and also sometimes part of peasant commune

That's not what a peasant is

not necessarily anyway. Peasants could be slaves, serfs, indentured servants, free tenants etc.

They never actually really owned land though, it was always leased or rented. Still very much proles



nope, proles don't rent MOP

because any form of totalitarian "socialism," is fucking cancer and will be subverted the moment revolution ends by opportunist shits.

Because anarchists live in a fantasy world where people will suddenly become altruistic angels if there's no government in place to enforce laws or build infrastructure. After capitalism is toppled, any socialist/communist state we try to establish would be met with equal opposition by annys.



they do.

not mutualists, no

>>>Holla Forums


1 2 3, fuck the bourgeoisy , 4 5 6 fuck the bourgeoisy.

Leftypol hates people for the sake of hatred. You will often notice that they are like animals, taking orders from their pack leader.
Not because it understands that the pack leader is right, but because if they dont, they will get rejected by the group.

Ive talked to many leftists, and often they dont have a good reason to do the things they do.

They know violence beats arguments. They are like fascists essentially

kek, who is this pack leader?
Rebel? Muke? Yui?

fixed gif

Tankies have a hard time dealing with the fact that every other type of socialist hates them and will put them on the wall when the time comes. So they lash out and shitpost all over the place.

Holla Forums does not restrict itself to opposing the rich bankers but instead the entire bourgeois class and the divisions here exist for a reason.

Unfortunately Stalinists and many ML's are of the opinion that having the state and it's bureaucrats take control of the means of production rather than the workers themselves is socialism. Unfortunately this only ensures that the state bureaucrats themselves become the new capitalist class, leaving the workers without control of the means of production and to just rot in a welfare state just like they did in the "glorious" USSR.

This lack of understanding of socialism often displayed by such individuals show that they are no more socialist than the very socdems which they heavily despise.

It's called the dictatorship of the proletariat. Do you not believe that after revolution there will not be a need for a repressive apparatus for counter-revolutionaries and their ilk? I won't make the claim that the USSR was socialist because it ultimately failed, but it was not due to any sense that the utilization of the state was the reason that caused it. You look across Bolshevik-affiliated socialist attempts across the world and you will find that much longer has communists been able to sustain autonomy and/or maintain ideological supremacy than anarchists.

Ignoring the material conditions that the USSR was created in, you still had a movement that posed the largest threat to global capitalism in the 20th century despite falling to revisionism by legit porkies later on. The point is that it was really only able survive and thrive by the organization of a state.

No one can really criticize anarchism in practice because pretty much all attempts got their asses crushed in their early–and most idealogically pure–state.


nod an arguement.

Lel, friemdly reminder the ussr failed not because of porkies, but because bureaucrats failed to implement electronic economic planning, there is a thread right now about that

It was not porkie , but the state structure itself that failed

Bordiga is a hack btw

Man, this is just an imageboard, don't take it seriously at all.

How bout u address my points rather than throw around conjecture.

there is nothing to adress, the soviet union was a failure, it managed to "accomplish" certain things by opressing the workers, and later on the bureaucrats failed to implement automatic planning

the soviets never abolished classes, they simply concentrated power within an even smaller and more powerful structure

anarchism does not seek to implement this, the historical necessity of implementing a state when the material conditions determine so meant anarchist had to implement one, however unlike marxism, anarchism praxis does not end there, if the bourgeoisie state is too difficuylt to directly abolish, then anarchists can try different methods as counter-economics, illegalism, workers co-ops and credit unions, all of which work outside the realm of the borugeoisie market

if communist were able to sustain autonomy aborad is due to repression, just look at all the totalitarian regimes in latin america and africa, that were once a marxists state

now how about you tell me why state socialism is incompatible with democracy?

if democracy can be implemented in one factory then why can't it be implemented in a socialist state which is basically one big factory?

oh, it's a whole bunch of nothing


just eliminate all the bankers and and stop their parasitic extraction of wealth. Its that easy b

Like I said, anarchist attempts has a history of being crushed underfoot by capitalist states. So not only is anarchism not able to defend itself from outside forces for more than several years, but its scope is "counter-economics" within the system itself that does nothing to subvert it. Like I mentioned, anarchist attempts always die in their idealogically pure state so they are always been idealistic as fuck.

You will see that they have lasted longer than any anarchist attempt though bourgeois ideology and imperialism traditionally won the day. I am not saying to repeat the mistakes of the past, but neither to pass up tools of power that works.

When you have a political group the most important thing is action and victory. If you cannot these right away attention will be drawn inward and there will be infighting.

holy shit that's great, who posted these

I have a Not Socialist friend, personally, and we both share a mutual hatred of the bankers, particularly Soros and Rothschild. I prefer not to call him a Nazi, because we mostly agree on the point that we're both inherently socialists, and he scorns the Nazi Party's antisemitic acts and other hate crimes, including the Holocaust, which was perpetrated primarily by Heinrich Himmler, all which happened behind Hitler's back, who never would have stood for any of that shit to happen because he always meant to specify that the Jewish bankers were the Third Reich's enemy, not the Jews in general. The Party was just infested with vicious, evil antisemite brutes, the very same kind you find on Holla Forums and in the alt-right today.

I'll never say in earnest that Hitler did nothing wrong, but there were plenty of things he did that were pretty damn great. He was just terribly misguided in his personal biases, failed to specify the enemies of the Party, and wasn't really that great of a military strategist.

Honestly, if all leftists can join forces with the Not Socialists to weed out the fascist fucks on Holla Forums and in the alt-right, we can accomplish some amazing things. Isn't one of the core virtues of communism supposed to be solidarity, everyone?

Remember, class division of ANY kind makes porky happy. Solidarity of the proletariat as a WHOLE will bring an ultimate end to the bourgeoisie.

*National Socialist, not Not Socialist