Share your horror stories with other leftists

Share your horror stories with other leftists.

Seriously, I hate insufferable dogmatists that insist on ripping rhetoric right out of the manifesto and get triggered by jokes online. Their heads would probably explode if they saw this place.

this, honestly easier to steer less radical groups to be more radical than the other way around

don't have a super long story just remember some randos coming into our group while we were discussing local activism and sperging out over how we were all "liberals"

we think these guys must be some hardcore left radicals to be this buttdevastated

turns out they were from the fucking green party


its like you want to be disappointed, see like me if you never have standards you can't lose.

Damn dude what shit hole do you go to school in? My condolences

Usually at least the leadership in one or two groups are focused on local labor movements

I'm in the Southern US, so they at least have a valid reason to cling to idpol in the face of shit down here. By that I mean it's excusable in some ways since most of them are fighting state and local governments that want Jim Crow back, to legislate women back into the kitchen, and make homosexuality illegal.


What he said next made me cringe so hard, my stomach hurt
This is actually, literally what he said, word by word. He was not joking. He even argued with me over his definition. We drifted apart and met up a few years later, and he was preaching to me about Elon Musk and how great "regulated capitalism" (social democracy) could be if people were 'just educated enough'.


Is the southern US that much of a shithole?

It's getting worse by the day. It was getting better for a while there, but now it's getting worse. I'm expecting Christian Sharia to break out anytime down here.

I live in a pretty deep south state and imo it seems to have gotten a lot more liberal over the last decade. Really I don't think its anything special in comparison to any conservative-leaning European country. To be fair, I don't leave my house much since I haven't been employed for about 6 months, so I have a hard time gauging whether its "worse" plus I don't use normiebook either really.

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In my state the Republicans recently took over several branches of government and are busy gerrymandering districts and rewriting the constitution to favor themselves in all subsequent elections. Short of busting out the guillotines we aren't coming back from this for about 20 years, and I shudder at what they are going to get up to in that timeframe.

It wasn't quite like that, thank fuck. He wanted people to be educated in fighting corporate incursion and privatization, and against pro-right propaganda. I tried explaining to him that anti-capitalist sentiment has never stopped any of the socdem states from moving out of social democracy, but he's not the listening type.

Dad tells me that he knows some hip young leftists at his work I should meet. I go to an office party of his to do just that. All Hillary supporters, Muh gorillions when socialism comes up. One of them starts telling a story about how they had to defend their drinking of Starbucks against some hipster and really they "aren't a bad company." I almost died from awkward laughter and silence. Dad looks at me at the end of the night like I should be happy about all this.

North Carolina? not FBI just curious

Arkansas. We're doing the same shit, it's just that NC got the jump on it first.

Are there any REAL anarchists left in America? FUCK THE MAN! My day is coming and when I'm ready America is in for a reckoning.

Southern US is the biggest counterpoint to Islam being different. Somehow some vast swaths of rural area manage to be almost as dangerous for civilized people as bombed out shitholes in the middle east without at least having the excuse of being bombed out.

NC isn't even deep south though, didn't they have surprisingly similar results to states like PA this past election?

Join an anarchist group.
Good god I hate this world.

If you're not going to Wal-Marts, killing everyone inside, and then burning them down you don't even know what anarchism is kid. Death to the man, death to capitalism and all who enable it.

Yes. I grew up in Houston and a shitty suburbanized(formally rural) town outside Houston and the classcuckery is extreme. We can maybe get the urbanites and lower class suburbanites to radicalize but quite a few of the hipster urbanites are drenched in ideology and idpol liberalism. The rural folk are classcucked to the max and upper class suburbs are bastions of the petit-bourg so they're a lost cause.

If you want a practical example we pretty much banned abortion by making abortion clinics have surgical standards only found inside hospitals, as well as a 24 hour waiting period and a requirement the pregnant woman stare at the fetus while the doctor describes it. Now there's only a select few clinics that can do it, and as harsher legislation is passed there will be fewer and fewer. Also liquor stores are closed on Sundays and fag marriage was forbidden in the state constitution before that supreme court fulling.

Oh myle happy merchant meem that sounds horrible. What kind of world is it where you don't see gay people fucking each others asses and shitting in the streets, you can't get an abortion at your local pharmacy for free, you can't get wasted on sunday? Texas is a true shithole, I'm glad I live in such a diverse place, I would absolutely DIE if my city was so shitty that gays weren't even having orgies in front of elementary schools.

You need to kill the porky PIGS who are doing this. Diversity is our strength, solidarity is our weakness.

I unironcially agree with you Holla Forums. i think that me need more abortions and gay ass orgies

we not me but same thing really

I had a conversation with TheFinnishBolshevik, he is quite a character.

i think you're on the wrong board, your homoerotic fanfiction can go somewhere else

was he nice ?

If you're gonna bait at east put some effort in.

no it wasn't he thinks, that I think all Marxist- Leninists are tankies , even though i don't think that. He seems to have alot of prejudice of anyone who is even slightly critical of Stalin.

I think that lenin was pretty sweet, trotsky had good ideas but was too autistic, stalin was a bloody handed tyrant and mao was a crazy person. am i a tankie?

of course not, to be a tankie you have to like stalin.

if anarchists want to destroy the system right now why do they run around cities and break random windows and cars?
Why dont they bomb power substations and train tracks?
pls no v& cia im just neet

No, all tankie really means is that you supported/are positive towards the Soviet Union's interventions in 1956 and 1968 anyway.

In theory you can dislike Stalin and be a tankie but you'd be hard pressed to find such a person. Tankies and MLs in general hate the Khmer Rouge btw.

I have a bad experience with Maoists too.

I never mention them and to my knowledge have only fucked liberals and a few lolberts. How well does that line work for you?

Lenin wouldn't have supported the military action though, considering it was basically imperialism.

don't advretise your politics on Tinder, you will get crazy that only cares about politics

I'm too old for hook ups at this point and politics in a relationship are important to me. I also suck at meeting people in person. I met a syndicalist on there and we dated for a while. It works okay.


I'm probably easily a decade older than most here, so I have some experiences.

Other quips like this, actually did make me realize, a lot of leftists with their minds ridded by idpol, actually do fucking hate white people. They are ashamed of being white and internalize that shame, so then they basically engage in noble savage shit all over the place. I think this is also the same problem on the left, where the left circlejerks over Islam, despite Islam as an ideology is insanely woman hateric, genocidal, imperialist and sheer anti-humanist at it's core. I have no idea where this idea came from in the left where all religions are the same or should be respected. I respect Buddhism more than I respect Christianity and Islam is right at the bottom of that pile with Fascism (as a political religion).

But it's not only this, Idpol for all intents and purposes has been fucking Cointelpro on our movement. It has torn apart so many groups and organizations I've been apart of.

This probably is the major problem with the left in the first world. No organizational drive to actually get into positions of power or seize power or even use modern PR tactics to push a cause. It's all "Mass movement" shit and on the street protesting and radical action… that doesn't do anything every time. I don't even know what they expect? Liberals will see you march and then be like "FUCK YEAH, I AGREE" then all rush out of buildings and join you? Here is the truth from me talking to liberals "God they are so fucking annoying, I'm just trying to enjoy lunch and there are these fucking annoying protesters yelling about crazy shit nobody cares about". Even when you have a mass movement of liberals, all it takes is the establishment to slightly moderate itself and then all the liberals go "OKAY JOB DONE" or even worse, the Establishment can just go "Lol no" and then protest fatigue sets in.

Trotskyist orgs are always a mass of useful idiots, being used by a secretive central committee to carry out that committees own pet projects. I know so many activists and socialists who have become so jaded from activism, largely because of their experiences with Trotskytards.

I agree, that's why its stupid to consider call Leninists "tankies".

call all*

I've been on there for over two years and can't do more than fuck for a few hours.

answer me im serious

Nazis are always whining about their trash cans and windows, so we figure they really care about them

I've been dry on there for a little while. Mostly because everyone is boring as fuck or ghosts me. I feel you man

Odd, I joined mine (Midwest YDS) expecting everyone to be a socdem and it turns out the membership is divided between crypto-Marxists and Anarchists who actually get along. Most members are tired of liberal idpol, too. I was pleasantly surprised!

Damn it feels good to be popular front!

Maoists are absolute shit especially if they're in Western countries where an agrarian revolutionary model makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It wasn't World Can't Wait or some other RCP organization was it? God those people fucking suck from that nutjob Bob Avakian on down.


Adjust your tinfoil cap, they'll still need us for snoo-snoo


I just don't date leftists. current gf just accepts whatever I say about politics.