Tfw you watch the american empire implode in your lifetime


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Feels good

Trump reminds me of some of the crazy Roman emperors

das it mane👌

The fact that they'll bring the entire planet down with them is slightly unfortunate, but hey ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ life goes on

Start adapting your home countries before the fall. I'm planning on leaving the states, reform or revolution cant save this place.


America was a mistake

apologies on behalf of britain

Reminds me of this.


All you had to do was listen

Guess what.. Other nations has much stricter immigration laws. Unless you have a million or two lying around or some rare special skill Australia and Canada aren't going to take you in.

It's different for refugees

Well I would never want to live in Canada or Australia for one so there is that. I have known some pretty worthless fuckers that made their way to euro countries I'd actually like to live in. If you want it, it can become a reality and I aint sticking around to see America become the eastern bloc 2.0

To be fair it is really hard to efficiently funnel money to modern aristocrats without knocking down a few pins.

Europe is making a turn towards the right also, user. If you wanna remain unaffected by changes in the USA, Europe is the last place you should go.

If he's white he's okay

that's what they say about every empire collapsing

it'll be fun to see though

Maybe they do, but - unlike Sparta - America actually has the weapons, global reach and insanity to do it.

you should move to New Zealand

Fuck off we're full too

Peoples idea of the "world" was more limited in earlier times. People were aware of far off lands and things but only in a vague sense the fall of Rome really did feel like a decentering of the world around the people that inhabited it. The fall of the Arabic/turtkic empires also felt really devastating for the progress of the Muslim world. You can say in some ways China still hasn't recovered from losing it's footing as the main power in it's own region and the principalities that used to exist around it still lag with it's progress.

The fall of the American empire will have world wide consequences and some of them negative, but chaos leads to opportunities for a new order and that is always exciting.

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Dunno, I wouldn't say it's the implosion, just that it's past its peak and it's now in the decline phase. Rome took a long time to fall.

Yeah but it coincides with climate change reaching the point where it's definitely gonna turn half the planet into desert and put major population centres underwater.

But America has an "immature" national psyche, in the sense that they WILL have a tantrum after realising that this century they can't simply get their way any more.

Well I suppose Trump definitely fits the bill.

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Yep, also those immature morons have nukes.
The downfall of America will literally be end of the world.

The American exceptionalism meme has to die to avert it. Can't really hold Trump responsible for that.

America is doing nothing to help that in fact their oil empire is the biggest stumbling block to solving it.

Is there a single time in history of which the same couldn't be said?

Of course, so this time they really will bring the world down with them.

Thanks for fucking everything up whitey

Can someone post that "Working man's bomb" lyric?

dis gon b gud

how's the left wing there kiwi?

At least I can run away to central or south america