Holla Forums really needs an Social Democratic flag option because this train won't stop!


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pro-EU pls go

How about no ?

No, you leave, go back to Holla Forums with your low energy.


Is he pro israel

Please take this to Holla Forums and show us the butthurt

but there is one already

I didn't realize that the flag listed alphabetically, your Admins must be Anarchists xD

How else would you have them listed, by color?

Never forget what SocDems did to Rosa Luxembourg.


“For me, the new Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.” - Martin Schulz


Why is everyone on Israel's dick? Any other country would be sanctioned for their shit.
They must have some advanced infiltration techniques.

muh holocaust,and Jews in America have influential possitions

I didn't even realise he was no longer the President of the European Parliament

But he's not in the Bundestag so how can he become Chancellor?

Nice, new ammo.

Because the chancellor isn't elected directly but the parliament is chosen by the people.

Schulz was put on the number one spot of the party list of a SPD-favoring state so he will become an MP with absolute certainty.

In case of his win he will be elected to be the new chancellor by the other MPs.

Schulz is the German Hollande.
He only has a surge, due to the meme surrounding him, that was initially about mocking Trump (and not his own policies, which he has none).

I root for the guy to win, because that would be the end of social democracy in Germany.

They also killed Karl Liebknecht

OK, thanks

I would prefer Die Linke though, Schulz is just an EU shill

hue nicht schlecht

Die arme Rosa

If you seriously think SPD gaining has anything to do with shitty memes that 99% of people never even heard about you are spending too much time on imageboards.

similar things you could have said:

How can you be sure sure? Those shitters even survived Schröder.

EU is okay for you unless Schulz proves he's not just playing nice with the working class before elections and then doing the opposite after elections. Democrap would fit as well btw.

t. Linke supporter


What's wrong?

SPD: bourgeois-liberal/SJW
Linke: Social democrats, communists, retarded liberals/antigermans/SJW

i wish imbecile liberal SJWs would get bootet out of die Linke

Linke has the AntiGerman faction in it? I thought it would have the hardline version (forgot what they're called, only seen the terms used here recently).

There are even news paper articles about it.

Since when is reddit an imageboard?

Before Schröder they had 40%. Now they are around 25%. That's a networth loss of 15%.
If they get another -15% from Schulz, they will equalise with PASOK and the French socialists in terms of utter failure.

Lel. Anti-Germans are a minority compared to the Anti-Imperialists, but since they cause more lulz, enemies of the Linke portray them much bigger than they actually are.
Despite having actually more disagreements with the Anti-Imperialist wing, so occassionally while being batshit, the Anti-Germans are also depicted as the more sane wing of the Left party. So basically it depends on the situation at hand and the goal is to hurt the credibility of die Linke.

I expected nothing less from a Socdem to be honest. Opportunism will only get you that far.

Piss off socdem

Unfortunately yes. The youth organisation in particular is riddled with them.

May i have a guess by whom? Jungle World, taz, ZEIT, bahamas, perhaps?
Yeah that's exactly the purpose of the Anti-Germans, i'm afraid. They join die Linke in order to discredit the Communist platform and other so called "Fundis" e.g. Social democrats in favour of "pragamatism" and "progressivism" and whatnot. Pic very much related. This was a terrible assault on Germany's most popular leftist politician! You sick fucks! Yes i'm mad!

Hes so fucking based and a socdem so hes /ourguy/.

Kek. Globalism and EU is the answer for nazionalism.

I like how the press depicted it as if it was her fault.
Querfront is a meme that needs to die.

I require proofs for him being a socdem.

The only thing here that's low energy is the SPD and it's memes.

He's a schröderist, the German version of a blairist.

He looks pretty high energy. Hope he wins.

Why is he such a meme?

Yeah, nah, fuck off.


Do you want Trumpism to spread to Europe or something?


They straight up lied about their financial integrity and got burned badly for it. Don't blame the EU for Greece's shitty fiscal policies.