Why won't jimmy talk about the black bloc, antifa, etc

why won't jimmy talk about the black bloc, antifa, etc

will TYT not let him?

has he actually done and i haven't seen it?

for real

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Perhaps Jimmy "arm the poor" Dore, was amongst the anti-fa crowd?

I think he disapproves of them. If he liked them he'd mention it in order to spread the word

He does a podcast weekly and that is where all his vids come from. His last podcast was a live on on the 30th so he likely hasnt had a chance to talk about the blakely antifa thing, although I think he does premium podcasts so he might have talked about it, it just isnt part of the stock for his youtube vids.

he is just an "edgy" liberal

Just like you!

Aren't we all?


I like edgy liberals. They got more in them than the average joe.

Because black bloc and antifa are two stupid tactics.

This, why would someone focused on real problems (Neoliberal Dems co-opting progressives and leftists) focus on dumbasses throwing bricks instead?

GJ, you brought Milo back into prominence and out of the limelight. GJ, you armed and prepared neo-nazi reactionaries, GJ you look like whiny faggots who will never amount to anything.

Get real, that will never happen.


He somewhat brings it up in this video and honestly his responce could have been a lot worse

Why don't any of these edgy black bloc guys ever go after the actual powers that be instead of low hanging edgy conservatives? If they want to break shit at least target someone like Joe Manchin or whoever the fuck.

how the fuck could they sit those women on the edge? Can't americans into basic etiquette?

because black bloc guys are only equipped to take out low hanging fruit?

At least they're actually doing something to oppose fascism while most of this board just sits around in their flat collecting books of leftist philosophy as if they were D&D wizards amassing grimoires

TBF aside from preventing milo from screwing people over and scaring spencer what HAVE they accomplished

Scaring neo-nazis and making them afraid to promulgate their ideology openly >>>>> shitposting about Lacan in your underpants

Did history begin in 2017?

alright got any previous victories over say the past 10 years


Because he is counter-productive…

I like his views, but he is keeping calling out liberals for productive things just because Obama did them too…

I mean what's the point?

I get liberals did nothing to push Obama to do anything, but now discouraging them will only lead to fighting Trump less.

Isn't the goal more important than the journey?

The crowd isn't easy to control… they are like a stream, you shouldn't talk with them with common sense, stuff like "now you are anti-war, when you were in Obama days?".

Obama days has gooone…

He also wanted Trump to win so the left will wake up, the left has woke up. Why put them to sleep?

Any pressure on the Establishment is a good pressure.