Hi. Libertarian Nationalist here

Hi. Libertarian Nationalist here.
I heard you guys approve of Antifa. If some of you are literally Antifa, I have a personal question.

If I came up to a group of handsome antifa boys, what could trigger them to bully me a bit, but not kill me?
I want to have a discussion with them, at the end of which I want to be embraced in a group hug with them.

So any ideas?

probably nothing, if someone is actually dressed in antifa gear and protesting they're probably itching to punch anyone that even vaguely disagrees with them

This is the most ridiculous thing in your post and that is saying something.

you heard wrong. Though we do like watching the fash getting bashed, they're deeply rooted in idpol.

But if you want to trigger them, stick your ass out and beg for their cum.

just start things off with a heil hitler and I'm sure you'll get what you want in the end. Remember not to bend that wrist

While I am bisexual, I am of the strict dominant/top variety. So this is not a rape fantasy.

All I want from them is hugs, cuddles. At the very most get kissed, but that is getting a bit far.

No, Holla Forums, don't look at me like this! RREEEEEEEEE

Well then seduce them, you slut

Okay. Other strategy.

My goal is not to be bullied. Scrap that.

Can I befriend them and make them give me hugs without lying to them about my political beliefs. Should I just say I am an Anarchist and dropping the capitalist part?

You should try and dress yourself up with a burqa.

Do not interact with them. Form a Freikorps. Billy clubs are easy to buy. Buy a lot of them.

Dollar is losing value we're heading towards the Weimar days.

Don't listen to the BS, I've been involved in antifa demos irl and trust me they aren't looking to beat up random bystanders. Yeah if you tell them you're an anarchist they will probably like you.

But I am to intelligent to be a neonazi footsoldier.
Also you know this doesn't further my goal.

but I am a guy and they'll probably think I do this for a joke

okay they will like me, but I want to be grouphugged

alternative is being bullied like paperboy on the HWNDU stream with maybe them forming a circle around me, dominantely putting their arm around my shoulders, but not attacking me

Why do you want attention in the first place, are deprived of physical affection?

is this a sexual thing OP

Drop the capitalist part. Most antifa consider ancaps fascists. I consider them a contradiction

just call them 'fellow anarchists' they'll like you

That's like asking how you can kiss a spinning lawnmower blade without hurting yourself.
Don't try to have a conversation with people who know the practical effects of your ideology will mean less freedom for them.

watch out, they're carrying needles full of hiv/aids infected blood now!

Oh man I hope so that'd be great.

watch out for the caltrops too!!!


t. reddit

Been here since 500 users and the anonymous anarchist board alternatives are better because you're trying way too hard to push the whole
>don't alienate the moderate nazis reee

I think you should alienate them btw

well technically no, but I wouldn't mind if it went there

like for example if there is a group of girls and you all do a grouphug, it's platonic right? But you wouldn't mind if it went beyond that.

What can I say? I am bisexual with a preference for boys.

well … yeah

well obviously, I don't want to get my head smashed against a wall

b-but it's the opposite

jesus, that is just downright evil

who do they try to infect?

If you're an ancap just tell them and they'll either laugh at you or tell you that can't exist.

how does that further my goal, dummy?

You could read the bread book and join them.

okay, back to the original strategy

have them be antagonistic towards me, bully me a bit and come close to me physically to intimidate me, but not reach that point where they would want to hit me with a glass bottle

Lenin was right to imprison you idiots.

Hair dye is counter revolutionary though for sure.

My problem with that criticism of this place as it were is it implies that socialism cant exist free of heavy idpol shit. Also the criticism of idpol here generally extends to the right wings brand as well.

Unless it's being posted by tankies, who for some reason still think tattoos and hair dye are significant detriments to anything, at all.

Tankies are a joke my man. The sooner you see them as an established form of trolling the better. I go to real protests and events when I can I have never met a tankie in real life.

It doesn't. You'll be all "debtors prisons don't mean corporations are the state", They'll be all "nah" and the cycle will continue until you get bored and wander off.

and then they throw a bottle after me and injure me in a way that permanently makes me retarded D:

Only if you run in front of a nazi

Okay, how do I get them to slightly bully me in a semi-sexual way?

just LARP as a Hillary loving liberal, that'll get them to hate you just enough without wanting to kill you

You definitely have to commit hard to the bit though. Remember to be extra smug

can you a write a little story on what would happen?

I'm not here to write your erotica, go out and live them instead

Just remember to take a "stronger together" poster and they'll just get really frustrated with you but not hit you

Okay I actually live in the Netherland though.

Any suggestion for me here? They won't exatly get angry at me for that.

Idk be a Rutte buttsniffer or something?


why are antifa even active in the netherlands rn? antifa here didn't get going until after trump win and the election is a couple months out

they are active in the entire core western world

free market capitalism is globalism

it's in degrees, of course they exist all the time but they become more active during a relevant event

that's sort of the whole point to identifying with a group that has "anti" as part of its name

Sure, because Anarchists and Stalinists share exact same ideology

someone needs to change the CPUSA guy to look more like a fed

that has nothing to do with me getting grouphugged either amicably or antagonistically by antifa, faggots


Tell them that anarchism ruined the original idea of the antifascist action founded by the german communist party in order to unite all socialists and socdems and made it an echo chamber rather than a unity front.

okay what will happen?

What is the point of this comic?
Is it suggesting that a unity front doesn't do away with differences besides the one issue it's supposed to unite them on?
Woah, what a revelation! I never realized!

you fucking imbecile


They're likely going to smash your head with a bottle for advocating racism against minorities by saying that Nazis should have free speech.

What if I smugly intersect how they are going to accomplish that without having a state, since they are anarchists and all.

you'll be fine

She seems like she could be alright if she wasn't so fucking dumb. It seems like she realized what would happen if she followed her own words and was hesitant to follow through when the choice was presented before her but wasn't willing to take back her stupid comment.

in the end I asked her if we could just leave it and a handshake and we did, and then she flipped my cap as she walked off.

Can you hit someone for flipping your hat?

picrel, a big guy

she looks tomboyish which is cute

Oh that was you? I wonder what she would think of you for objectiving here literally as a webm titled "blackblocqt", hmmmmmm?

Sounds like she was just being a bit tsundere tbh

yeah I did about 20 "interviews" at the london trump protests last week.

fug :-DDD
I hope she doesn't want to kick my ass X-DDDd

I imagine that she wouldn't be happy with that, she probably thinks she's really tough, telling me "I really think you don't want me to hit you"

what promted that btw? did you put a maga hat on or something?

wait in london? I thought it was weird why she had a british accent.

dunno why they protest in London, but okay

Also can I request something? Can you interview some cute twink antifa pls?

So did she hit you? What are you getting out of these interviews anyway?

it was probably the

international butthurt, and they wanted theresa may to say something denouncing him I guess

I was mostly interviewing people with homemade signs, which tend to be grilles, what would you want me to do with a twink?

Nothing. I just want to look at the eyes of a cute boy who is obfiscated with a hood and scarf and hear him talk.

my dumb ass forgot to change the flash settings for the first few interviews, but this kid was pretty cute I guess

no, she just flipped my cap while walking away after a handshake. I don't think it would be legal for me to hit her for that.

also I hadn't really left the house all week and decided to do something interesting. I did want to fight her but maybe next time huh

So basically you are going to protests and goading people to punch you so you can fight them? Again why are you doing this?

post more pls

this woman was p.smart, asked me who I was with and my affiliations before agreeing to an interview

forgot to ask her about how she felt about letting refugees into israel

good vids man. I remember visiting Britain in 2002. Nice time (though holy shit even the restaurant food was bad).

I want to see either femboys, twinks or tomboys, if it has to be girls.

Anything more that caters to my fetish?

watch me drop bog pills like they're hot

But they didn't beat you up. Even if they did, you would be whining about them resorting to violence or something. Do you get off on victimhood? And don't say you are there interviewing when ur answer for them rioting is "international butthurt"

I can't really whine if I started it willingly can I?

I guess I would have enjoyed hurting her, and intimidating her into walking away was nice

I did do actual interviews, like the one with the jewish woman, I also used it as a nice oppourtunity to meme on some normies

woah mate

that british accent really gives a false sense of professionality


anyway I am, still waiting

I also enjoy caring for women and being a gud boi too, but I really would have liked to introduce her face to that wall

here's a bunch of homo men and a jewess tomboy I guess

why are you interested in this stuff, r u a gomosexual?

are you cute yourself?

I guess dominant bisexual (preference for boys) describes me best with the fewest words.

Dunno, probably not in the femboy sense. I look masculine, but still young. My undereye rings do give me a bit of a mean/zombie look though.

meh, she looks like an egghead

anything with boys, no homo of course?

Women who smoke will be first up against the wall

I don't have anything more with boys sorry

lmao, the grill on the right though asked for my FB so I could send her the vids/pics

what about antisocial smokers like me?


Keep that in mind though when you do another interview.

sure thing
might b cool

wow I was kinda caught off guard by how nice she was. I kinda expected antifa to be more self-righteous cunts. she's cuuuuUUUUUUUUTTTTTTEEEEEEE

that's because she was on her own

had she 3 or 4 guys with her, you can imagine that something more fun might have happened

It's technically assault but it's really on a who gives a shit level.

don't have an ideology worth bullying.

So, you're a Liberal like Rousseau then, nothing Libertarian at all about you.

Stop. This victim complex is fucking pathetic. She probably thought she was talking to a fellow traveler and wanted to act tough.
Only thing the British left has done recently that's really "violent" is storm a Tory HQ half a decade ago.