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nasa.gov/eclipselive/#NASA TV Public Channel


We will need all the mememagic we can during the Eclipse so let's post the copypastas and memes during these first post to obtain power for Kek.


Funny how they don't like to force the shitty meme when its an "ally" fucking up

Anyone else familiar with the cereal box method for viewing an eclipse? It seems that somehow everyone is sold out of eclipse glasses but at the same time nobody actually has them. So I have to do the cereal box thing instead.

It begins…

Reposting my OC

Check out Oyaji. It's about an ugly, stoic father who returns to his family to fix shit up.

Took me fucking ages to find because I confused it with Oton.

I'll just be looking at it indirectly. That's how I always see the sun.

Not for another two hours for me. Anyways, time to watch the airwaves and see what shit goes down.

This is the part where we go berserk?

Shall we post our wishes now?

Do you have your sacrifice ready?


Look at what you did to Bioware, GamerGays.


Wait, does fapping count?




I got a bucket of the Colonel's chicken, does that count?

Already read it and Oyaji is best dad.


Archive of the bread before the eclipse :

The story until now, #TorrentialDownpour news related and not.

> NISA is trying to fuck with Ys.NISA has fucked Ys
- archive.is/X1omT
- archive.is/wiJV9

Our Holla Forums and cuckchan /g/ made a replace for nyaa after it was taken down, make sure to use it… Now Approved by Japs.


As a troll move they put the fakku doujins you have to pay for in download state.

Fakku 0001-1000: files.catbox.moe/129di9.torrent
Fakku 1001-1100: files.catbox.moe/h3l457.torrent
Fakku 1101-1200: files.catbox.moe/47batv.torrent
Fakku 1201-1300: files.catbox.moe/c9ntlr.torrent
Fakku 1301-1400: files.catbox.moe/rkuheo.txt
Fakku 1401-1500: files.catbox.moe/ce8oor.txt
Fakku 1501-1600: files.catbox.moe/nmqh3d.txt
Fakku 1601-1700: files.catbox.moe/60v3p6.txt
Fakku 1701-1800: files.catbox.moe/3ii6j8.txt

Jesus Christ, we have been here for three years now, just fix the goddamn website already.


Fuck stability, more meme formatting.

"Joss Whedon news"?

JWNN: All Joss Wheaten All the Damm Time!

Truly strange times.

Solar eclipses grant wishes?

I wish for world peace

I wish for a waifu.

Every time.

I wish for happiness in the form a wonderful wife.

Ironically your pic wont load for me, thanks site.

Alright then. I wish for me "heart's desire" to come true (Which is a wild card for me as I have no idea what exact that is).

I wish to make good video games or music, either is fine

Did this gif make me into a sexist?

you forgot

There's a difference between tolerance and gullibility. Don't be like Action Points who always preaches that "kill your enemies in kindness". That thing doesn't work, will you kind towards people who wants you dead?! Consider that as you tolerate the intolerable.

Can I be kind to people who deserve kindness instead of my enemies?

The true tolerance is when you tolerate intolerance.

Since the eclipse is imminent, how many anti-Trump witch covens/mystery cults do you suppose have come out of the woodwork yet to attempt to harness the lunatic energies to power their hexes?.

Of course. Kindness is always recommended, but don't hold back from being bold it if the situation calls for it.

Probably en masse, they will go all out to make sure he dies a horrible death.

A lot. Probably all gonna be broadcasted as heroes on CNN. Vile evil women.

I would love this Joss shit to be true more than anything, but this reads like the worst kind of tumblr fan-fiction: archive.is/FXOcc

May vidya one day be free from the grasp of agenda-pushing ideologues.


Anyone know a good stream to view the eclipse?

nasa is going to have the best stream of it.

Sounds logical, thanks.

Ask and ye shall receive

Grats to Bananazi for making it to the top of Indy100 by a huge margin.

I wish for people to start discussing things rationally instead of using violence and political strawmen.

For the tiddies, full of hopes and dreams.

So, are you all going to agree that the time of tolerance have passed and time to put our feminist and SJW opponents in their proper place?

Are you ready to unleash your inner Suzuk/v/-gun?! Are you ready to wreck havoc into their hearts and minds, striking fear into their heads even further? Remember, we are Suzuk/v/-gun. ICHI-BAN!


The police shot the Barcelona attackers dead. Link to follow soon…

Smells of shill.


I just want the clouds to go away so I can see the goddamn thing
and to live in interesting times, too..


Oh shid




Have a nice day anons!

fug gilda

Oh boy, can't wait for feminists like Laurie Penny to cry "muh poor and oppressed Muslim refugees!" over this.

I wish for the destruction and despair of only self demonstrating pathetic ugly and arrogant existences that will not leave in peace life and hometown, girls loving girls, delicious 2D brown, semen demons, loving mistresses and lewd devoted 2D sisters. The morally obnoxious and authoritarian insecure of whatever worthless and willfully blinded breed will perish and trouble man and woman and our world no longer.

It's one of those deals where it ended up being as much about socialism as the People's Republic of China was about being a republic.

There's something missing in this image, but I don't know where to start.

Oh that guy, same guy who "Schooled" Paul Watson while telling him that the modern left dindunuffin, and they were socialists and he's conflating the "Fascism" term to mean something else

The argument was that "It wasn't real socialism" and that fascism is worse than real socialism, if you want to go to the cancerous tweets, most of the people retweeting were antifa and commies, yup.

I was gonna use the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as an example, but I guess that works too.

Why the fuck hadn't he left the city?

Anita/Zuckerberg/Google logo instead of Big Brother?

Yeah, I know this faggot. This thing supports the feminist named Mary Beard who constantly writes on how Europeans are originally Africans.

I wish for our waifus to become real.

reported for cyber bullying

That and the "Listen and BeLIEve" narrative that they often spew.

He also defended the BBC depiction of Romans with the small amount of the exception to the rule of the Romans using their foreign auxiliaries as a point of "Romans were diverse!" argument while conveniently forgetting how the Empire and Rome fell.

He's right tho.

That's not a waifu

He's a prostitute. Not your waifu.

Look up the tweets leading to that here archive.is/GWWgH, it was during the Charlottesville Death Rally and the argument was that Nazis were worse than Socialists who keep trying to empower a terrible system, he's a dipshit libtard teacher who virtue signaled people by telling them to "Learn from History" while advocating for more censorship, so no, he's a dishonest prick who complains about his pay while living like a hipster hack.

Cults always give themselves weird names.

You're right, he's best waifu.

Stopped readding there.

I could be convinced the Romans weren't racist toward blacks, but trying to convince me that there were "totally a bunch of niggers everywhere and it was normal" just makes the person arguing look like a retard.

Romans were racist to any nonroman. Also, besides being auxiliars, they wouldn't let some darkskinned foreigners get in the legion, the most respectable roman institution.

There wasn't, the Romans were more anal about immigration and citizenship then japs are nowadays.


The word "barbarian" literally referred to anyone that wasn't a roman; "bar bar" was their onomatopoeia for any foreign language.

do any of you know how to make eclipse glasses

Didn't the Romans have African slaves?


Use some welding goggles if you have them.

user, just don't look at the sun. Even WITH eclipse sunglasses you aren't supposed to be looking into the sun. Just take a camera or phone camera and watch the eclipse through that, maybe even save yourself some pictures for later.

or just stare right at it
The eclipse going on right now niggers, max point at ~1:19 central

They also had slave armies

And nordic slaves, and semitic slaves, and whatever they could reach slaves. The thing is, even if it wasn't illegal to kill or mistreat your slaves, it was incredibly frown down.

Yep, and as was common they were allowed to buy themselves out of slavery, should they work up the money somehow.

That doesn't mean that free blacks were in any way common or not subject to racism.

pretty sure they had slaves of everyone they interacted with

it is actually worse in the eclipse because your eyes dilate though you can look at it when it is completely eclipsed

I want the moon to fall.

1. Take a cereal box
2. cut two quarter sized holes for your eyes.
3. cut one dime sized hole on the opposite end for the sun
4. fill the inside walls with tin foil: dull side facing the wall
5. take plastic wrap and tape it over the dime sized hole
6. draw over the plastic wrap with a colored marker
7. enjoy that sweet, sweet eclipse

But those are the tweets I had already seen. And there's nothing wrong with censoring fascists anyway.

Nope. Romans didn't had slave armies. They had Auxiliaries, which are foreign troops or troops from the land they conquered who could serve the Legion, promote fast and get the roman citizenship for himself and his family after 20 years. Also they would be granted a land to use as they seemed fit.

I wish to kek that my enemies become far more ridiculous than they already are.

Trips of truth.

Slave in latin means literally "war prisoner".

Then, how does Ben-Hur get it's tale?


They did have slave armies, but they quickly turn into Auxiliaries as you say, there were Roman Generals and Politicians who would buy a lot of slaves and offer them a deal to fight for Rome with loyalty and get rewarded with citizenship and land, but they still aren't trusted to go up a higher position in the hierarchy.

>>>Holla Forums

Ben Hur was a galley slave before he got his freedom.
It's also fiction.

>>>Holla Forums1997259


Have fun living in a tyranny then.

The few text I read about makes it hard for me to believe. The Legion was the highest institution in the Roman Empire.

But yeah, I agree anyone granted citizenship didn't had enouth status to serve in the senate and in politics, but wouldn't be strange to have some foreign descendents be part of the senate.

If you mean black African slaves, these would be very rare.
See, there is this big huge area called the Sahara full of heat and sand where no sane people ever go. This area neatly isolated Subsaharan Africa from Europe for a very long time. The Subsaharan area the Romans had any real contact with would be Nubia (or Meroë or whatever it's supposed to be called) just south of Egypt and reachable by the Nile. This country did have a black population and was culturally "Egyptianized" though they still had their own language. (This is where the vaunted black pharaohs came from). However, this place was never conquered by the Romans. Not that they didn't try, but their expeditions were rebuffed several times and Nubia remained free and independent. Their ultimate undoing would be economic in nature. Unlike Egypt Nubia didn't have fertile floodplains so they made their money on something as unlikely as heavy industry producing steel for export. But without fossil fuels and living in a dry savannah they would soon denude the entire country of firewood collapsing them back into poverty and international irrelevance.
So, no. The Roman empire did NOT have a persistent source of black slaves though there were probably some here and there.

"Barbarian" was originally a Greek word. And yes it pretty much meant anyone speaking a foreign unintelligible language.

>tfw when can't because of weather

Sounds about right.

I wish for my waifu to become real


I wish for the end of the world

Or have all my genetic disease healed and make a family.

It's not a matter of people I don't like, user, God knows there's plenty of other groups I wouldn't mind silencing. It's simple preservation of democracy. Fascists have always used it in order to dismantle it.

Good thing he and his contemporaries had the luxury of little opposition after independence to the democracy they built.


Diabetes, hypotiroidism and Celiacy.


Have you guys seen this?

If they fight eachother, which group will the Media suport?

When the Empire expanded, they would usually have some shortage of manpower and so they have auxilia to be conscripted to help the Legions, they were also used a cannon fodder.

Bit hard, Romans were very harsh on implementing their own citizenship system and keeping the noble class bloodlines pure, they have quite the disdain for bastards, especially the foreign kind, but there have been exception to the rules, as long as they can claim citizenship from their fathers, know latin, and is loyal to Rome.

The fat fuck used this as the argument that the Romans were diverse while "schooling" the "alt-right" while his dicksuckers can go free with their headcanon that the first Europeans were black, and Europe was always "diverse" in fucking skin color.



Holla Forums talked about it. but you won't hear the MSM talked about that minuscule "White Supremacist Free Speech Rally" in Boston or Antifa vs BLM rioting and forcing Riot Gnome to bash skulls.

They'd probably go by Progressive Stack rules and throw Antifa under the bus.

I wish to get my life sorted out, to find a wife, and to start a family.

BLM, no questions. They're deeper into identity politics.


I keked.


This is where we're at now, huh?

But user, after the rebelion of Spartacus they forced by law a limitation in the number of gladiators that could be inside a Ludus just in case someone could make some private army under the eyes of the Empire.

And Julius Caesar precisely used his private gladiator army to subdue some rebels in a civil war.

Black Lives Matter because they're black, and Antifa are white, therefore it would be racist to support Antifa according to retarded leftist logic.



Why do I have more sympathy with drawn characters than for regular humans?

At least some people realize you can't let antifa faggots be present at your protest. The BLM guy realizes the masked faggot is only there to start shit

I refuse to believe this is anything other than satire.

Praise KeK

Give us meme magic for our cause.

Because the characters the artist draws actually have emotions and aren't just blankly staring unfeeling robots trying to destroy civilization.

My dad made a cereal box thing that works really well. It was like it reflected the sky into the box. It was amazing.

Romans, brutally pragmatic and efficient, still didn't save them in the end when degeneracy and societal corruption was rampant.


It's real user.

Praise Kek. May the antifa salt mines never run dry.

It was the fault of jews and christians.

In Quebec, Canada there was a peaceful rally by Quebecois (french Canadians) who were protesting immigration of criminals (specifically war criminals), and they are also opposed to Islam. They even said "we're not racist, we don't hate these people because of their race, we just don't want Islam in our neighborhoods) and the media still called them racist. Then they mention how Antifa showed up and they didn't specifically mention who got violent… But they mentioned that some protestors got violent.

Why didn't they mention sides? Because the right-wing immigration protestors were peaceful, and got violently attacked by the left-wing protestors. This isn't some retarded Gaven McCinnes bullshit where the right-wingers then went to town and fought them. They continued to be peaceful protestors. But the media is all like "and the problem is clearly these fucking racists" and it's like, what?

Need to stop using gas and batons and start using bullets. Then we'll see how many Black Lives Matter and Antifa faggots there are after a month.

I think it's funny that since we don't have barbarians just outside the boarder waiting to kill us that our governments have to actually import the barbarians to destroy western civilization this time.

Praise Kek!


Are there more of these? Like a series or something?

Praise Kek

That was one of the most amazing things I've seen in my life. Gotta say watching the sun fully go out makes you feel pretty small.

It doesn't read like satire, but can anyone even tell anymore?

how dare you show your spongy pancreas round here again



Here we go

which is the best booru?

So NISA "mistranslated" the Isios Blade from Ys to "Isis Blade".


B-Behead those who insult our princess…

Avoid danbooru like the plague, not sure about gelbooru sankaku's fine as far as I know.

How the fuck did they even get the Ys licences in the first place?

They've been trying to get their hands on falcom games for a long time… and XSEED is a small publisher. NISA pretty much offered more and won.

Fucking wat

What happened with danbooru?

Yeah, the eclipse is dark enough that you should be able to see it with regular eyes now.

Thanks a lot user now my eyes are bleeding.

Only if you're in totality.

please make her real

praise kek

I heard that someone high up in falcom is friends with someone in NISA. I don't know how true it is.

I swear South Korea must have some sort of school for teaching K-pop girls to act cute, they've got it down to a science.

Why does this arouses me?

After such low points are we reaching a high point with antifa and #BLM eating eachother for relevance?

The CEO is.

jesus Milo lay off the makeup fucks sake

Oh shit, they're still alive? How long until Twitter bans them?

Sorry user, you can cry all day about how "you're intolerant unless you tolerate my intolerance" until this reads like an Abbott & Costello script. It's as old as fascism itself. Still no soup for you.

Romans were far more degenerate at their apex than at their fall. If anything, adoption of Christianity severely eroded Roman identity.

Sankaku seems to random redirect me sometimes. Meanwhile Gelbooru is somehow still giving me popups from time to time.

Falcom's CEO is buttbuddies with NIS' CEO.

Suck it up buttercup. I'm the one wearing prescription glasses.

Praise Kek!

Its a pain watching lewds on those sites in a fuckinv phone



Depends how much quality control you want.
Danbooru is good for image/comic translations, but not porn.
If you're going to browse it, get betterbetterbooru, it lets you access some gold-account images. Loli and others are locked behind this. Guest browsers are limited to searching with two tags.

I stopped browsing Gelbooru since they were a bit picky with porn and interrupted browsing every few pages for ads. I don't know if that's changed. They also have some translation for images, but not many. They don't allow western at all, not even if it good, I think.

I use sankaku a bit, it's gets the least moderation in regards to content and you'll see more variety, but you'll also come across a bit of western, furry and mlp stuff. They only let you browse up to 25 pages, but it can easily be worked around by adding a date tag near the limit.

e621 for furshit, little quality control as well. Paheal is complete cancer.
There are other smaller boorus, but are a lot slower for new content if they are specialized.

In the current year, it's not hard to believe this is a serious article. If this isn't satire these idiots need a visit from Sam Hyde.

Oh, by quality control I mean content moderation, not necessarily quality.

I wanna stuff that Flan like a turkey with some "hot beef."

The problem is that you assume you will be the one determining who is a fascist.

Would you trust the politicians to only silence the right people? And never ever abuse that incredible power to their own ends, political or otherwise?


Man I shocked the EU isn't burning to the ground as we speak.

Spain's "king" comes out and preaches tolerance for sand niggers after they Truck™ his citizens. Police remove any from protest with wrongthink. This from a country that brutally conquered the new world and ruled with an iron fist for about 300 years. Talk about how the Mighty have fallen. Spain was beautiful, so were the women, and the food was good. Loved your dried meats. Had a good time when I worked for Gemesa, even as a dirty beaner. To bad the country is fucking shit and I'm happy Gamesa was going under, which let me transfer to a better company, Siemens, which let me come back to the US for work at the time.

The shit you can get away just for being a sand nigger in the EU boggles the mind. Exp; that one sand niggger that raped a little boy because he had a "sexual emergence" and the courts lets him off.

Val translate pls

Full Taliban

Praise Kek

Thanks for the eclipse. One of the weirdest and coolest things I've ever seen.

How is antifa not recognized as a terrorist organization yet?

Left-wing media, left-wing terror group.

Not val but according to google.

N-Nazi false flag. Antifa is a movement of peace

Apparently they are in one state, forget which though.


Why have you forsaken me, Kek?

For that matter, what do you think will happen when it ends up formally censored?

You'll end up with generations that never saw anybody argue against it fairly, and paired with the forbidden quality that always appeals to the young, there will be people who learn about it and only see the unfairness with which it's been treated instead of the actual logical reasons that it's a bad idea, because nobody is allowed to discuss the point by order of law.




How long before he gets caught?

You would think they would have learned after that blm chimpout that ended with the perp getting literally blown the fuck out

There's one in 2024 fam.

Because real people smell and are icky, so you have your waifu, who doesn't smell.

I honestly think that Josh is the one Male Ally that isn't a sexual predator. Seriously, look at his body language in this picture, he's not even Beta, he's Omega.


Holy fuck is she so fat and even uglier now.

Because 2D > 3D

Never judge a book by it's cover.

we're probably gonna dig out that he did bondage with Anita between videos.

Why did I write this I can't get this image out of my head now.

Are we absolutely sure it's the same person? Because as a rule of thumb there's always at least 5 other people with your exact name running around somewhere.

I…hmmm. Does that make sense to anyone? Because it doesn't make sense to me. Better wait for Val.

Because they're the violent arm of the political establishment.
https:[email protected]/* *//mcmaster-purged-nsc-trump-supporters-radical-islam-7ae8200e1f35

you have? Why? As a guy with a rape fetish that shit turns me on.


Knowing how deranged some of these Antifa types are, they'd probably would have timed it to wipe out some of their own protestors along with it. Then the media would try and claim it was a right wing extremist attack.


It's a tumblr account that they draw on. They came back around a month ago, so far that's all they drew.

It's making fun of Macron, saying he's thirsty for power, crushing everything on his path.
Then every bubble is

The other page is the one at the end, Charlie Hebdo always shares quick, funny quips on the news, and a series of random political cartoons. The bigger one, for example, it lots of people standing up on their beach towels, with a panel saying :

I saw it though the clouds just fine.

This guy at my apartment complex had some glasses. Let me borrow them real quick. Holy cow, the cereal box just does not compare. You can very clearly see the eclipse and it's just plain incredible.

Lucky you.

It would be extremely painful


And if those were pictures of women he would be saying the opposite.


Yet they cry a river when they aren't allowed to mutilate themselves.

No eclipse for me, total cloud cover. Can't see shit.

I can see it but the uv is too high

Gee, what a coincidence? Also, in Bloodrayne 1, there was a bit of banter between Rayne and the Nazis when they weren't busy shooting at her, and/or trying to protect themselves from everything else that was trying to kill them.

All I got was a lousy partial eclipse.

What a good goy.

Yeah it was pretty amazing. Lifted up my mood a bit.

I'd recommend getting some welders goggles real fast if you can find some.



I want to be a baby elditch god with a doll mother, so I can control the world to make people happy.

Or reverse time to save all survivors in Bloodborne.


Slavery needs to come back

so did anyone's waifu become real?

There were a bunch of grocery stores selling them where I live.


Nah, it's not even going to be as intense here.

I don't know, all I can tell you is that her name is something like "Galko?"

Columbus was a cunt but no man should have their monument tarnished. Even the vile marxists of history.

That's sad to hear.

Everywhere over here seems to be sold out on glasses and goggles. They expect a lot of returns on the goggles at least.

Very clearly they're BLM and Antifa, very clearly they're doing it for political reasons. NOPE, we just call them "vandals." THIS IS CLEARLY NOT RACIALLY OR POLITICALLY MOTIVATED, IT'S JUST SOME FUCKING KIDS VANDALIZING THINGS LIKE KIDS DO, IT'S TOTALLY FINE!

very good



Just finished looking at the (partial) eclipse, got really lucky with the weather.
It's a radicool feel

Her names Galko, I hope you're into shaggy butt hair.

That new age hippie idea of Natives always pisses me off. All it takes is just one wikipedia page search of the Aztecs to disprove that mindset.

How many more statues need to go down until normalfags realize that these leftists have to be stopped? They're clearly doing Maoist techniques & are trying to make America into China 2.0.

Nobody wants their culture destroyed and replaced by some other place's.

"It's a shithole, but it's our shithole".

Columbus wasn't even the first European to "discover" America. He just got the most credit for it. Still, destroying statues is shit.

Especially when they're targeting Columbus and Lincoln.

Very good points.

The trick is to keep the censorship "informal" and passive, so to speak. Not have a law against this or that content specifically, but police regulations to get people put on a watch list. You don't arrest and prosecute everyone defending fascist ideas. When it's on a low level, you can let them operate and watch them. It's good to build up intel, in fact. If they start getting too antsy, then you use active measures. The FBI has operated this way from the start, and it has worked pretty well.

Another method is to simply make these opinions intolerable by most of the people. In times past, German or Italians that didn't agree with the fascists simply ignored their campaigners, until it was too late. Now, mercifully, people know better, and fascists meet large and open opposition. Popular reaction against fascism is even better than a democratic government's reaction.

But I agree with what you say about politicians, this isn't the sort of thing I would want to trust them with. All it takes is one of the fuckers to abuse the laws and we're all fucked. These two methods I mentioned help sidestep this issue by literally keeping the censorship "off the books"; since it always remains in a legal grey area, a democratic State can act against it in case it gets abused. If censorship were explicitly enshrined in law, then not even democratic courts could do much. It's pragmatic, cynical even, but I think it's a good concession between the proverbial vigilance and liberty, and it's more or less how America operates now. Not perfect, of course, but still. Also making the State more participative and open helps too.

The thing with not arguing against it openly and whatnot is, I think, avoided with the informality of the censorhip. I've seen it argued that outright banning discussion on given topics inevitably backfires, because that prohibition automatically gives value to that information. This is to be avoided with the informality of censorship; fascists can talk openly until a certain point, enough to defuse cries of unfairness, but not enough to let them take root.

The Justice Department is already subpoenaing the logs of antifa sites, I'd imagine that they're doing some quiet investigation behind the scenes as well.

And he didn't kill shit.

Just got done with the eclipse. HOLY SHIT it was amazing and unsettling. I can see why people might flip a shit in olden days and burn down the city. Even knowing what was going on, I was still filled with a deep unsettled feeling.

People that told everyone to do the cereal box bullshit cucked everyone else out of an amazing experience.

Who is this testicle testifier?

Columbus doesn't have nearly the reputation he did when I was a kid. Lincoln, however, is still viewed as a hero.



What else dangerous ideas do you think deserve to put you on a watchlist? What about discussing communism? Does that deserve to be put on a list?

it's a pretty old pic, user. She's actually somehow lost some weight but I guess when you're raking in victimbux and doing expensive talks you can afford a personal trainer/dietician.

The two men in that photo are the interesting ones. Josh bent over in supplication to that schlubby hooked nosed armenian lecturing him while holding onto her latte. And theres that tall dead-eyed Abed-from-Community looking mawfucka in the background who looks like he might weight 90lbs soaking wet and never saw a women he wouldn't white knight for.

I would unironically fuck the shit out of anita. She's a 5 or 6/10 at best but the idea of nailing her from behind while she simultaneously calls me shitlord and demands to be fucked harder is enough to make a man want to go full SocJus (temporarily) for the opportunity


Anita and Quinn's weight seems to fluctuate wildly, based on what I've seen. They seem to eternally be gaining and losing like 50 pounds.

Even if people don't like the guy it makes more sense to keep him because discussions of him & his actions can still be talked about even if you have no internet access whereas his disappearance will eventually make people go "Who the fuck is Columbus? A foreign country?"

New Jersey I think.

The cereal box thing was the only option for most people after the glasses started selling out everywhere almost immediately.


And yet I bet if someone wanted to censor you commie rodents and put the lot of you on a watch list you would cry oppression, fuck off.


I guess I'm not a man, so I will now identify as a computer. My pronouns are data/information/flop.

Two things:

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.


Shit son

praise kek
please don't get any more co-opted by normalfags


I love me some DFC.

what dfc stand for???

Isn't that a sign of drug use?

Delicious Flat Chest

flat chest pig disgusting

The excellent fighting game Dengeki Fighting Climac


I see now, I couldn't figure out the D. It happens often to me that the D confuses me.


I only said I was a titty lover.

Pic related, fam.

Does this mean Gilda >>>> Danielle?

Man I love that game's gameplay but a absolutely despise the roster outside of the sega guest characters.

I have the impression Josh has a serious hang-up with his sexuality, probably related to daddy issues. It wouldn't surprise me if he came out as (yet another) tranny, that didn't do so before simply because he was scared of sexuality in general.


If they're talking about overthrowing a democratic and legitimate government, sure. Tho as far as I know, no democracy has been overthrown by socialists.

Not really. Still, if they want to destroy a proper democracy, they should receive that treatment too. But communist movements only really prospered in countries which were undemocratic to begin with.

I bet if you did studies it would be a symptom of being an online drama whore too. Quinn and Sarky have probably convinced themselves that they are in as much danger as they pretend to be, so I wouldn't be surprised if they stress ate all the time and possibly starved themselves other times. They're crazy, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were delusional enough to believe their own bullshit.


Muh nigga

Please don't save or post pictures of SJWs.

Thanks to the powerful stigma surrounding their past actions, their philosophy is already naturally stigmatized in society. I don't see why there should thus be any need for censorship, formal or informal, when their own historical actions are sufficient to damn them in the eyes of the people.

Said actions are literally the primary root of opposition to fascism; were it not for their atrocities then the only ideological discussion on the matter would be similar to the one we're having now: the ideological merits of freedom vs statism.


Ravioli ravioli don't lewd the dragon loli.
Lewd the ara goddess instead.

DFC are only good looking in insecure adult girls.

no homo

Exactly, that's why eternal lolis are the best.

What ever you do don't watch the dub, they turned her into a tumblr feminist whining about the patriarchy.

Colombus' statues are a testament to what you can accomplish with the power of sheer retardation and ignoring people who know better than you. You'd think Antifa would praise him

I wish for meteor to glass San Fran, Mecca and Jerusalem.


I'm not lewding shit. I'm not posting the full manga of this. I don't even have the other images saved. But I will fuck with you.

And she's not even a real loli, she's a thousand year old dragon disguised as one.

And still managed to piss off tumblr because they also removed most of the yuri undertones.

Etna is a shit!


Holy shit, Lucoa is fucking hot.

>ywn save her

What are you talking about? I save her every time someone posts a picture of her.

I know about the dub already. I can't believe they can ruin her like this, it's like the french dub of Hokuto no Ken but not funny.


Yes, she is.
Flonne is better.

What they did in french dub of Hokuto no Ken?

Oh, and I forgot to mention. On top of all of that, just before they found land, the crew on the ship were begging Columbus to turn the ships around and head back to Spain. They were at sea for 80 days (The longest anyone, ATT, had been out at sea without seeing any land), and were planning to kill Columbus, and throw his body over the side claiming that "He was taken by a storm" because they were that scarred. He caved, and asked for 3 more days before declaring it a "Hopeless venture", and they found land on the morning of the third day.

Why would ANYONE want to go on a run, and wipe out and enslave, the natives in a foreign land after such a grueling trip?

8 Attributes Of Great Achievers Volume II listed it best:

Fuck them both, Pleinar the best.

I blame the education system.

At the time, many of the shows weren't given any budget to translate anything, so a lot of them were basically voiced on the spot by the VA team.
It gave us frogs a lot of… memorable lines, to say the least.

Flonne is Love and Justice.

If you like /ss/ then you will definitely love her even more, even in the Anima/Manga she lusts after Shouta's cock.

I knew the American education system was bad but not this fucking bad.

user, don't cocktease.

It's in french anyway, you wouldn't get it. Unless you can already speak french, then search it yourself on youtube, "doublage hokuto no ken"


They actually had to change the title cause Antifa whined.

She is fine. I guess.
She was godly with guns.

Examples or benis.



That's why Jeanne/Joan Alter exists.

I didn't even save them originally, I'm posting pictures from someone's observational feed.

So is any crazy shit happening in burgerland right now?

NASA livestream w/t view from the ISS

nasa.gov/eclipselive/#NASA TV Public Channel

Ever since Donald Trump got elected there hasn't been a moment in America where a protest hasn't been going on somewhere. You can always tell the difference from when a left-wing and a right-wing president is in the white house, because left-wingers don't have jobs and can protest 24 hours a day, while right-wing people only protest sometimes because they have jobs.

i'm sorry you committed sudoku

You see? They always claim that nobody stays in your way, that men's right are not needed, but people constantly get in our ways.

Did Falconia or Castlevania appear anywhere?

I think I've read explanations a few times now but I still have no idea what the fuck a Milkshake duck is or what it's supposed to belittle the term just sounds so fucking stupid like some forced meme


And we ended up with vid related.

You know, Wallachia is a real place.

That slip of the tongue.

?!? What the fuck was that dub? That shit is amazing




I lost it at "and you are the man with the seven knives?"

Why am I instantly reminded of this clip?

So Venezuela is the perfect place to make a cheap money pool?

That question she evaded.

I've seen gaggles of women literally cat call and make men feel self-conscious about walking by. Women think it's perfectly fine and acceptable when they do it, but the moment it's a man doing it, it's sexist and offensive and there should be police around to fucking arrest those sexist misogynists.

I've seen women say unironically without batting an eye that men are incapable of doing any intelligent work, and they're only around to do all the real world, objectifying men as nothing but slaves to their whims. But it's okay, because our society has taught us for decades that this is the norm.

Holy shit, you're right.

No , WoW gold is worth more then Venezuelan money and no i'm not joking.

What he meant was, take $500 to Venezuela, get $500 in Venezuelan currency, put money in bags, come back, fill swimming pool.


I know, but looking at the picture it looks actually cheaper to have Venezuelan to bath in money than just printing it in a printer.

And rare pepes is a rising currency in that hellhole.



No kidding, A colombian can go to venezuela to buy a new car and he got it almost a 60% cheaper than in our country.

That was several months ago, wasn't it? I believe it's worse now.

Good thing Venezuela is a tropical country, otherwise they'd be heating their houses with the stuff.

Pretty sure it's from months ago, yeah, I'm just going through his twitter feed and saving images I think are funny or stupid enough to post. "Cherry picking" as they say.

Don't worry.

Holla Forums gave me an autist girl fetish.

wasn't Ike a republican?

Hey let's use pictures of men who died for our freedoms to justify our violence.


It was worst non-english dub I ever saw.
It was funny as fuck though.

That's because milkshake duck is forced meme.

There's another image where they call some war vets sitting in a line in wheelchairs "alt-left thugs who fucked up the nazis." Most soldiers during WW2 were right-wing, but sure, if it makes you feel better to associate the ridiculously glorified WW2 with leftism to get you through the day, go for it.

I love how their only retort is "B-BUT YOU'RE NAZIS, THOUGH!" Yeah, like that's not going to backfire on them hard.

Yeah, it's Romania.



I think I repeat this question over and over when something like this happens.


That's a pedophile in the making if I ever saw one.


The girl looks more like she's raised into a psycho killer tbh.

Spoiler that shit. What if some user's mom walked in?


When did child abuse because a fashionable thing to brag about?


Marxism truly brings us glorious wonders

fug, and I even read the goddamn title, I'm a dumbass.

Stop that.

Collect gibs for niggers and/or muds.

Ask (((hollywood))).

Who the fuck asks a milk company about politics?

What kind of response are you even expecting?


There were witchy wiccans at the Boston protest doing some creepy shit while clad in black. Some anons posted two pics of them in the last thread if I recall.

I was about to say that it was probably before it was officially recognized as child abuse by behavioral psychologists, but then I saw the date.

Spreading truth.

Fuck you, Tomoko is for headpads and breeding.

Also, archive you faggot.

Wait, why are they listing the people's sexes if we're suppose to be "Gender neutral" these days?

When the first world countries were forced to be progressive because of companies afraid of losing profits because they weren't progressive enough in the eyes of crazy people. So now it's been pushed for too long to the point that the madness has infected the average human just in day to day life. Thinking they're some heroic member of a radically positive moment in human history. Not even considering the long term consequences for humanity.

tl;dr - When the media decided it was cool and you had to follow the crowd to be cool too

Once again, I didn't make these images, I'm not doing these screenshots. I'm just posting images from a feed.

She's right traps are 100% gay.


Irrelevant, don't post it if you can't be assed to find the archive.

Go find it yourself you lazy piece of shit.

Sauce or it didn't happen.

Oh fuck, this is real isn't it? Its all over already.


Didn't they set entire forest on fire?
Probably they were so retarded with fire usage.
No one should use fire in rituals at forest.

One more reason to hate normalfags.


Okay then.

Can you please explain to me what it is though? What's a GG-style attack? Did they internally boycott a food company until they stopped bringing certain food stuffs into the break room?

This. People keep saying the media has no influence, but media has had the power to sway popular opinion for years. Even normalfags now are acting like libtarded SJWs (except they're still capitalists).

Probably "sea-lioning." You know, that term that they made up to try and make "polite disagreement and attempts at debate" sound bad.


user, I…

A plane flight with no survivors.

I too can attest to this. I know people you would think as smart and rational people who are so fucking inundated and indoctrinated with this shit that they can't even critically question things anymore. You try to help them, and they resist, because the control is so strong that the very idea that what they see on TV might be wrong is like telling a 6 year old that there's no Santa Claus.

I said that as a joke. Did they really burn down a forest?

Have an anime girl for a profile picture.

Sending a tweet they didn't like, maybe calling them a faggot.

It's like the Hokuto Shinken, except you harass the vital points of the enemy so it explodes into salt.

I know, I'm just confusing the newfags, don't blow my cover.

If Socjus didn't overreacted when we started, we wouldn't have this much power and influence right now, they only have themselves to blame.

We could always blow something else.

Is that still acceptable these days, are we allowed to keep using the word faggot? Do I really care if the answer is no? These are questions I sometimes ponder for about half of a second.

Being ironically gay is still gay.

For fuck's sake. Hide your powerlevels!

Of all the places I expected us to be invoked, that wasn't it.


/ss/ is tricky. I only like it when there's an element of corruption or especially temptation to it for the shota when they have an idea of what the girl or cake wants from them.

Like that doujin where Tails knows full well what Rouge is actually trying to trade for his Chaos Emerald before she pounces or this faggot learning to embrace the /ss/ this beauty is trying her damndest to get him to accept along with a waifu.

He did that on purpose to see if anyone would even care.

He didn't put much thought into that tweet.

Who said anything about being ironic?


Well, you're alright with me, I suppose. Just don't be like those freaks at pride parades who feel the need to show off just HOW gay they are.

Or when he knows what she's trying to do is considered wrong, but still likes it and her.

Basically, it has to be hot, passionate corruption or hot, passionate romance.

No, they didn't. Thankfully.


Why were you browsing hiroshima-chan?

Oh good lord in heaven no. I'd never ever wanna be like one of those prancing fruity faggots. Even if I wasn't a hermit, it's highly doubtful I'd even act close to the typical gay outside of the internet.

What, there's a quadruple A? Fuck, I thought AAA was as small as it gets.

Its only a matter of time till one crazy assholes succeeds and the media glorifies him as a hero, then you're gonna see some serious shit.

Because on very rare occasions I actually want to discuss games instead of endlessly shitpost or talk about the same shit endlessly in this dead imageboard, I have no other choice but 4chins.

I fucking hate those "Pride" parades, I might enjoy sucking dick but I will NEVER go to those degenerate full parades nor do I want to associate with faggots who do.

I know that feel, shame if I want to get laid I'd have to weed out those guys. I like twinks, but a good chunk of them are parade gays.

I'm tempted to cap and tweet this post.

Should be a bannable offense. Not archiving because the shit got deleted before you had a chance to archive it is one thing, but deliberately not posting the archive and then insulting others is just gay.

They're just revenue tools for a city at this point.

They get smaller

It's even worse online where the average gay guy is a massive degenerate. Even this one nice christian boy I knew was a leftist anarchist that wanted fuck a mudskin. Then there was this other guy who was almost perfect to me but wanted an open relationship. Where are all the good gay men?!

They're straight, married, or genocidal maniacs.


I met one guy who I thought was perfect, and I think I ruined it, not giving out specifics in case he's browsing the thread now. I made a horrible mistake, but I wish he's happy now after that happened.


I actually found the shirt the other day while browsing for chinkshit. Surprising to nobody, it's a bootleg.

I probably should have been born a girl or something, would have made things easier.

I went to a public school first then a private christian school as a kid and there were more whores of both sexes at the christian one then the public one, I never really understood why.


TV and films definitely play a huge part since media that's even news or debates are now 80% politicized. Even fucking cartoons go out of their way to shill or virtue signal some new political trend, and even though TV and films have kind of always been like this, they're now more blatant and in your face about it, but the real problem lies in social media like Facebook and Twitter which act as echo chambers where this kind of bs becomes inflated and given unreasonable level of importance, like if some TV show did something like adding a muslim tranny into its cast then its now a bastion of revolution and new age ideology, and everyone circlejerks around it so much that anyone who might speak a contrary opinion on it gets muted, blocked or flooded by white knights and fantards. And then there are the celebrities who abuse their overglorified statuses to tell people what they should think on matters of politics, culture, religion, society and education, despite having no formal training in any of these fields other than pretending to be someone important on the big screen; for example pic-related

Because it's more forbidden, hence more enticing.

That's really upsetting. Maybe it has something to do with them repressing their sexual feelings too much.

As long as you don't go full tranny, where you think mutilating or chemically destroying your body will make you happy, then that's a fine thing to feel. Everyone's unhappy with themselves in some manner. But you have to make the best of what you have currently. Hopefully finding happiness with someone else along the way.

I wish they'd fucking secede and immediately collapse up their own asshole already.

That is why they want it. It would give them all the power to fuck over the rest of the country with their retarded policies.

Even conservatives didn't whine this much when Obama got elected twice, are they seriously going to keep this up throughout his entire time in office?

I believe looking into doujinantena should be a bigger priority since LWND seems to be uploading stuff from there.

Forgot links.

I bitterly remember in my last days on cuckchan-without even getting the full authentic 4chan experience like my brother-when I was vainly trying to slowly fix /u/ me and another user ran into a couple of retards asshurt about us hating that shit and baselessly calling us homophobic despite my fucking post that started the argument showing visible disgust and irritation for how cancerous and dangerously misrepresentative of homos it is.

It happened in some thread involving teachers or age gap in general when a story broke about some decently beautiful woman fired or arrested for seducing her favorite student and a bunch of shitposting and jokes ensued about too much meming. Then I find out they go into a fucking "parade" as a "Fuck you" against perceived homophobia.

Just try to get one of these fags as your bf, dumbass.

It's a site make by the chinese as far as I know, I think to get money through piratery like they always do

Tbh, It makes me miserable, but with that said, I'd rather take a bullet than go through the surgery shit.

Holy shit.
Veganism is a retarded idea from the get go, but many of this "vegans" are basically pasta eating fat fucks.

Didn't that cheer-leading show Hellcats also have that topic as a plot point (And, handled it rather well)?

Asian 5XL, what is that, a large?

Meanwhile in Canada, where they do use the first-past-the-post system, all parts of Canada that aren't Ontario and Quebec want them to abolish the FTPT system and go with an electoral college, and Trudeau said he would but then in the face of an impending provincial election season chose not to, defying his own mandate.

The whois site is giving different results. According to the IP addresses it's hosted in Japan.
I'm more curious with Hong Kong being on there, especially the ONE HEART TRADING ASIA LIMITED organization.

It gets even worse if you dig, apparently
>his crime: pointing out that California has 144% of its adult population registered to vote, and that 75% of those voted in the 2016 election, meaning 104% population engagement twitter.com/salilstatistics/status/894370683983147008

Piece of trash. I hope the military eventually gets sick of this shit and suddenly tears down the government as spontaneously and destructively as possible.

I gotta ask, what is it with pride parades? Why are they still a thing? Other fucking groups I've seen irl in my lifetime just keep that shit in front of a city hall or courthouse, and when they do parades they don't nearly get as much attention or as large a size, but pride parades always bigger, louder and instead they just go around the streets making fools of themselves or wanking off in public. And I also thought faggots only did that shit for their shitty marriage right. They got it, so why are they still ruining the streets with that shit almost every other fucking Tuesday? Couldn't they just do that shit in front of court houses or city halls like regular annoying hippies used to do? Every other fucking week its just cringy sounds and banshee screams coming from outside my apartment building.

That's good. Don't be corrupted by this insanity to ruin yourself.

Never heard of the show till now.

Already taken by men who are better than you.

Just like how it is with straight men looking for women.

This feels like something I once read in Weekly World News… We are literally living in the parody universe of that newspaper now.

Because the vast majority of the faggots that go to those things aren't gay, they are leftists.
There was a study in Europe that showed that over 60% of all pridefags was just leftists.

Not even actual fags want anything to do with that pedophile acceptance rally.

There was that story of a guy who fucked a dolphin and ruined his dick, similar shit.

I wonder if he killed himself by now, most trannys do after they butcher themselves and realized the advice their (((doctor))) gave them was all horseshit.

Whining is what spoiled kids do best. This will never die. Mark my words if they end up actually being the "right side of history", a century from now people will write off Trump as some mistake or a false prez and re-write it so Hillary was the true prez in the hearts of the people.

That was only in March of this year, they'll stick around for at least 4 more years until it alienates them from all of their friends and family, and then they will kill themselves.


Great, America will have a blind president now.


Come on trump, you know better than that

Do liberals make fun of the blind?

Apparently yes.

I wouldn't think so since I imagine they put Helen Keller on a pedestal.

Guys don't worry. He's probably used to this kind of stuff after getting uv tanned all the time. Even though it's probably spray tan.


I remember someone telling me that Trump definitely has cancer because of his skin tone.

No, because that would associate Trump with being a hero, and they don't want to associate Trump with anything good.

She's a stronk womyn though.

Thanks for bringing back a repressed memory asshole.

Fair enough.

Not really, there is high chance that you would catch socjus aids.

4XL in burger size. It seems.

Never heard that one before.

Burn it all.

I'm half-remembering a SunTzu quote:
There's a reason why when ancient nations raised mercenary or slave armies to fight some great threat, the regular army would kill this mercenary/slave force at the conclusion of hostilities like they were the enemy; as people who's whole life consists of fighting, the war may never end.
If allowed to live, they'll just cause trouble or foment revolt until they topple existing order for lack of better things to do.

Left wing identitarian "warriors" are just the same, the "war" is over, and they "won", but they can't-not keep fighting as tools and useful idiots for (((some unknown group))).

This is why Leftist Revolutionaries get the bullet too after the Glorious Communist Revolution is over.

Really? I didn't think Asian clothing went up to even 2X, nevermind 4X.

Whatever it takes to get thrm thorugh the day. If the idea that Trump might die prematurely of cancer is what gets them to shut up, let them think that.

Reminder, the seven deadly sins

Who does this remind you of?

The Clintons

He put on the glasses later. I saw them.

Any person in power ever?


Honestly, unless you force yourself to keep your eyes fully open without squinting or the what not, I don't think you could forcefully destroy your fucking eyes in the first place.

Yeah, I don't understand how someone could be retarded enough to actually blind themselves during the eclipse.

So you too saw pride parade too young.
I had 12 years at THAT time.
Thankfully I didn't meet them, but I can't look at these people without disgust and frown.

It was like that in USSR.

Journalists and socjus faggots.
I can even post write how they make them.

That's a beautiful wall.

And thank you for reminding the rest of us of shit we didn't want to remember.


Is that what we are doing now when there is not much to discuss? Try to trigger eachother?

Look at the faggots as what they are as people and not just whatever in the brain: obnoxious as fuck and whinily spiteful. Probably chose to willingly start shitting on heterosexuality altogether like only retards would thinking they're special and part of some new era when like the "SJWs" (fuck you, I'll never even stain the name of justice and warrior fiction poetically showed me without those visibly humorless quotation marks) and not realizing how annoying and progressively worse as people they're getting until they're the absolute worst shit you likely and I absolutely do not hesitate to refer to dehumanzingly.

There's something both reassuring yet bitter about little memories like seeing that stupid parody magazine at Meijers one night when I was younger turning out to not be lost forever, but just faded out until something resonates with and triggers them to come back.

After jumping onboard GG near the end of 2015 and seeing how shit things really were before Brexit and then Election Night, I wanted to give myself amnesia with carefully written down preserved memories of things I've thought up or took inspiration from along with explaining what happened and giving instructions and reset everything else I ever knew.

I'm morbidly curious how you all might have reacted to finding out a fellow user deliberately erased their own memory and no longer knew anything about themselves aside from liking nice big titties. How funnily you might have fucked with me while catching me up on shit and sending me off to do whatever like an uneducated kid.

Celebrity mothers are truly the worst.



Radiant beings need no protection from the sun


Don't say that shit about Nico. She's way better than anything 3DPD shits out. Anything is.

Pic related.

Quinn is a troll and Anita is a con artist. they are dealing with shit fine.

probably due to most of them being retarded as fuck

Evening, niggers

They don't admit to being wrong.
Jealous of alt-media for losing readers to them
Sometimes they just copy articles from other outlets
Numerous sex scandals
Getting triggered from almost everything that isn't their narrative TM
No idea.

They refuse to stop.
Of everything which they don't have.
They just REEE on twitter and another places they had stolen.
Numerous sex scandals from male allies.
Getting triggered from almost everything and destroying/subverting everything.
They eat way too much. At least female specimens.



That's funny, I forgot about greed.
I think that one doesn't need any explanation though.

Christ I can't imagine doing that to my ding dong. Christ Almighty that hurts to read, that sounds like absolute torture and hell.

lol you mean almost nobody

Congrats, Kotaku. You've guaranteed that within the next few days, the lobby will be filled with nothing but "ELIMINATE GAYS" and Mike Pence memes


They look like the lesser apes under Caesar opening up their hands to him.

Least they stopped at the 'T'.

Setsuna Ogiso. I already know Yoko blows her the fuck out.

And that's just off the top of my head. Don't underestimate the true shits in 2D world.

First furry now tumblr, and all of this after they replaced best girl with an Octonig and culturally enriched her shitty cousin, that's some marvelous unintentional social commentary.




They're going after sports again? This'll end well I'm sure.

Are they forgetting that almost any story ever nowadays will always feature a leading female protagonist? Even dumber, those females are added for the MALE audience.

It's Katherine Trans who's writing that shit, which means >she has absolute no idea what >she's talking about

If I had a splatoon game for each gender

He does have murals to Apollo

It's not a religion, guys. Really.

No, really. It's not a religion. Why do you keep saying that?

Like… where? Where have fascists achieved control by free speech, without accompanying it with violence in the streets? I'd like to know, because I don't.

Meh being a tranny isn't so bad if you keep your dick. I kept mine and its great, I was already a trap beforehand so I pass even better now and I have tits to play with. The people who chop off their dicks are fucked though


Let the retarded emasculated cultists turn everyone against. In fact, make it happen.

You aren't tranny.
You are shemale at best and at worst you are ambush.

I've always wondered for the longest time if Sensitive Joss Wheldon ever fucked Buffy (both movie and TV actresses). Now we know.

Probably cast couched a lot of the actresses he worked with early on in his and their careers.

Out, demon. I will not hear your lies.

This would be depressing, if it wasn't a faggot being eaten by a culture he helped create.


So are trannys only the ones who get their dicks cut off? If so then great I'd gladly differentiate myself from them

I wouldn't really call myself a trap anymore, besides I know of like 3 or 4 other shemale types that post on Holla Forums, a couple on smaller boards and a couple of us on Holla Forums and Holla Forums

Was it a car of peace, or did the driver just decide to stare at the eclipse while driving?

Great…what does that mean for us? Will these wishes come true then:




I hope animal shelters wised up and didn't let anyone adopt any black cats at least. And any edgy cultists in the woods went home disappointed or dead by demons draining their life force. This though, this is really tragic. Probably preventable though unless this was a truck of peace situation.

I didn't know it was possible to suck your self off this hard.

…wait, are you just visiting or are you a regular in the GG breads?


Alleged accident

That goblin is arguably worse than Hillary when it comes to Pay2Play. Plus he's got a triple-digit friendly fire record, yet calls himself a war hero.




those burns, nice


I put up with people saying Hillary's good because "Trump's Hitler", but expecting me to think McCain's a hero is too much.

Most straight guys are grossed out by the dick, I guess I'll hope I magically transform into a qt girl someday.

Are they available?

Damn. Like I said, could've been prevented. If it's actually an accident that is.

Looks just barely above Capcom quality in terms of models. Those environments look really nice though.

Ryo looks like shit

I really hope the game wraps up with no cliffhanger. I don't care if the game doesn't turn out good; I just want the story to be complete.

The faces aren't great. Ryo's face is frozen stiff. I hope they fix it, but otherwise it looks great.

Is it just me or does he look like he's made of plastic? even his eyes look like dolls eyes.

Great sign.

Here we go again
>>>Holla Forums855556

That wasn't the image I uploaded, how the hell. did that happen?

How indeed…

Does anyone seriously care about Miley? She's almost naked on stage at times anyway.

I want to see all the people that defended Miley back then defend this. What they going to say now? Is this still "artistic"?

He looks like Megaman X in the newest Marvel game.


Last I remember, the series was suppose to be a trilogy since the first game.



Have we started the fire?

Gee, I wonder why a reporter would say he considers reporters to be heroes

I'm a regular, I have quite a few posts in this very thread I'm just proxy hopping since I don't want my other posts tarnished by my shemale admition. Normally if I do reference my personal life at all I just take guise of a simple gay and hide my true powerlevel

Yes but they're as big of autistic NEETS as most of the people on Holla Forums so good luck with that.

Thats your keyword there, my fiance is straight I guess? He's the type of guy who likes 2d lolis, and traps and 3d shemale and petite girls but then you run into the are traps gay question. The answer is kind of

They did it
they started
the only thing we did
was to keep laughing about it…


far away from it. Even here in Germany where politicians consider antifa and the violent left as problematic, nothing is done to stop them. They are not labeled as terrorists or even a illegal hate group.

Don't underestimate my desperation!

Maybe thunderclap a better hashtag.

Does anyone have a digital version of the book they can share?

Do they even bother looking at those?

downloaded that shit from one of the previous threads, anyone knows if that one got finished yet?

I noticed how he doesn't move his eyes as much as the original Dreamcast game.

If it get's the 100K signatures, they have to make a response on it. Although, I wonder how many signatures it will get by the due date since it already has the double number required in just 4 days.

Hollywood Reporter - Media Companies Just Got More Bad News in Gawker Bankruptcy - Decision from a New York bankruptcy judge that California's free speech statute conflicts with federal rules could have the effect of making it easier to sue media and entertainment companies.





And Holla Forums is raiding us, a very low effort one I might add.

Sample those to make some dank music.

In other news, this weekend we had 12 murders in shitcago.

Only 12?


So something like what Disney & Apple have been doing? Buying a lot of lawyers to win cases most of the time?

I hope it looks like that forever, that's just wonderful.
Wonder if it's gonna have QTEs.


It's funny how they always neglect to mention that billionaire who "secretly" funded Hogan was a gay guy they publicly outed while he was on a business trip in Saudi Arabia where being gay is a crime with the penalty being death.

Didn't they make a documentary about that where they said outing him was doing him a favor?

Archive, nigger.

The context to this is even funnier.
Some guy posted the shirt and some guy dared him to wear it outside. A while later some random person found the guy in the shirt.

So you exclusively eat pasta and bread and spends 10 minutes walking on a treadmill at minimum speed?

Meanwhile the japs get lewds.

I would hope so as well, but a lot of shelters are so overcrowded they probably don't care.

Clearly, people are looking for information on the 16th US President. They should list the ticket he ran on, not the party he never did anything with and only got involved with after he won anyway.

pls no billy

Look at the fucking post I'm quoting dumbfuck.

Look at the post he replied to

I hope you have a mildly unpleasant next hour

Which makes him a Republican.

Did they actually say that in the shitty documentary?

Yeah. The supply of animals in shelters is ridiculous. Most from owners who couldn't keep giving a shit about a living creature for one reason or another. It's heartbreaking.

That's the excuse they ran with, and they ignored the whole "Saudi Arabia trip" thing.

Oh, and even better, they listed this fucking thing on the "critically acclaimed films" section on netflix.

So, how have been the eclipse? Already harvesting meme magic?

Hey guys, I'm still working on the service for archiving threads for posterity since the autist who was doing it manually (bless him) is kind of gone. I slapped an UI on top of it for fun. At the same time I am calculating some metrics to help diagnostic a thread that might be under heavy shilling or low quality post. As an example, posts are tallied by ID (but this top 10 is not shown), if an ID would go beyond a certain threshold it might be flagged. Unarchived links are tallied too, posting too many unarchived links in these threads is bad form anyway. Another one I was thinking of is how recurrent the word 'trap' is. Anyways, the main goal of this is archiving the thread and adding the archive to a repository automatically which somewhat works so far but I have to tidy up the code.

I was thinking of maybe adding them to a page on the wiki or a searchable database, but this last idea would require to save the whole thread as JSON which could become voluminous, especially if the images are saved with it. It could be an invaluable tool though, making multiple threads searchable with query syntax. Well, I'm due for a long train ride to DC soon so I'll have tome to think about it… if I don't get crucified by violent leftists on the way, fucking liberals I swear.

I know. Google is lying by omission.
It's not even a real party. The National Union Party is the Republican Party with a few extra democrats thrown in who were unwilling to secede.
Hell, Grant ran as a "National Union Republican" in 1968, but if you look at Ulysses S. Grant's wikipedia page, there is no mention of "National Union" on the page at all, and if you look at his Google description, it doesn't list a party affiliation at all.
What's most interesting however, is Andrew Johnson, Lincoln's VP. Google lists

Gilda; built for anal


Thank you taking the time to create this, DS9anon.

Shes a butthole

Maybe ask again after the anniversary.


Looking good so far, mane.

this is Holla Forums after all

Fucking destroyed

This was my home for the last 5-6 months so it's not like I have much entertainment. While I can't partake in Twitter shitposting and salt harvesting I try to help anyway i can.

Yeah well you're right, though I wish I could detect twitter screencaps with no comments in the post, this would be useful… or Kaname posting.

I guarantee you that Felicia Day and him were an item for years, considering how many fucking things he put her in. Dr Horrible, Buffy, possibly Firefly but I can't remember (nor do I want to).


Looks comfy as heck

She wasn't in Firefly. And honestly, Firefly was pretty good. Call it the exception that proves the rule. Or if it makes you more comfortable, remember that Whedon co-made Firefly with Tim Minear, who was an X-Files vet, despite history only remembering Whedon.


Yeah, okay, but all of the stuff I'm talking about was in the early-mid 2000s. That's like 8 years later.

Yeah well, if you don't mind the cold it's a pretty nice place. The inuit population can get violent sometimes but it's because there is fuck all to do there. Before I came back last week I had forgotten what anything above 10 celsius felt like on my skin.

Is Felicia Day still being shilled by SJW? I haven't heard anything about her in months.

They go back and forth between her and Wil Wheaton. Speaking of which, Wil Wheaton is such a desperate fucking narcissist that he actually narrated his own unofficial biography and tries to sell it online as an audio book.

She hasn't had any new gigs, so there's not much for them to shill. If you're an actress and you get out of the spotlight it's hard even for SJW press to keep you relevant.

Anyone else remember when country flags were activated on Holla Forums for several hours? It was like the motherfucking rainbow coalition came out to play. I was astonished how worldwide this thread is and yet somehow we talk about American politics half the time.


Pathetic, he should have got a real career, maybe he wouldn't have ended like this. In fact this is something I realized pretty fast, most SJW who practically live on Twitter have no real jobs, no real goals, they wander from causes to cause to virtue signal for so they can feel like they do something with their lives, but they simply rant on Twitter hours on end.

tumbling down, tumbling down

You consider THAT to be comfy?

Well, american politics affect the rest of the world.

Hold up. I don't want Wil Wheaton to get more roles, because that means more things that I don't want to watch. There are things that come out that I do want to watch, and I think "thank god Wil Wheaton didn't fuck this one up for me."

He can't act for shit, the fact that he even had such a major role on TNG is a point of contention and a lot of people allege that Roddenberry was a pederast, including some of the TNG cast.

The worldwide people should volunteer to translate GG digs and put them on the internet in other languages.

How can they do a Batgirl movie if they haven't even introduced any of the living Robins/Nightwing yet?

What did wonder woman accomplish? These fucking people

Bretty comfy, a few deaths already.

In an unrelated note, I believe the creators of Rick and Morty are so shitty they had Rick explain why we shouldn't like Jerry, Morty's father, because everyone just kept shitting on him for no reason.

Good, good. We need good meme magic for the next year.

Is the last one a tranny?


I meant that if after TNG he would have dropped that 'being an actor' retardation and gotten a real job maybe he wouldn't have ended being such a cuck.

It'll win best film. You can fucking bet on it.

That voice actor strike is still going, isn't it? Otherwise they could shill for her next lolrandumbquirky character in the next Bioware/Bethesda/Obsidian production. Funny how Marxism vs Marxism works even when they're not eating each other intentionally…

never pure enough

That's true. As an American the talk about American things with english speakers I can't see who write better than a lot of native speakers and are more knowledgeable than the average American about our own politics makes me unconsciously assume I'm chatting with Americans.
It's strange for me when I remember that I'm not.

Yes but what did it accomplish? They are acting like this is something new and daring


OH yeah, okay that makes sense.

It's not artsy enough for that.

Have a happy 22nd of August, Holla Forums!

There's two writers, Harmon I think was the pozzed one who kept pushing shit into the show.

Is that real?

I actually don't know. Ashley Burch sure as hell got new Millium lines in CS PC, so either she's cheating, that didn't count for some reason or the strike is off.

I'm not sure but I'm going to say yes anyway

Yes, he actually said on his twitter that that's exactly what that picture is.

Happy august 22nd
Tfw its my birthday too

Well, he managed to destroy their creation. In the first season Jerry was a dick but also redemable, now they are trying so hard in making him a weak coward loser they are causing the opposite effect.

Pretty sure it is.

I guess it didn't count because she is reprising a role? what new lines did they add to the pc version anyways?


These idiots think a strong woman lead has never been done before or ever been successful financially. They should be watching more films instead of bitching about them.

Happy Birthday user.

Here, take a Yokotako.


Bread title: The Last Angel Edition

Happy birthday, even though it's technically still the 21st here.

I believe they just push for the impossible because they need victim bucks.

Also, these examples are male fantasies or some shit.

They want to create something unoriginal and ugly.

y-you too

I can't imagine the Class VII students (besides Rean) getting very many new lines at all. For the most part, all of the new lines should pretty much be "any scene that has ANY voice work at all will now have voicework for ALL characters in it, even the nameless mooks."

And that got us Patrick Seitz doing a fabulous trilling noise in a high pitched voice every time he made an "R" sound for one particular scene. Oh, and Sean Chiplock speaking into a pillow/Alisa's boobs.
But it seems like Becky got no voiced lines, unfortunately.

crossity countery.

The first scene I noticed was when you go back to the dorms after finding her when she joins the class and Crow is there waiting for you. In the original Crow has one or two voiced lined and then the scene goes unvoiced. In the PC version the whole scene is voiced and Millium does indeed have more lines. I've noticed a few other times like this too. I was actually surprised, I wasn't expecting her to do any new stuff at all.

If you're talking about in general, the biggest change is all the times Rean was silent while at the school while everyone else was voiced is no longer the case. There have also been several previously unvoiced scenes that now have full VA. Also characters like Bleublanc who was voiceless in CS1 originally have voices now. Sadly, certain characters like Toval remain unvoiced due to inability to get their actors back. Overall I think there's something like 33% more VA than before. About 5000 new lines. They also rerecorded some other lines to make them sound better.


it's also mine

Hey, remember when they bitched and moaned because Trump made fun of McCain and said he wasn't a hero?

Not sure if I'm happy about this, I don't know enough about the specifics to cheer for it. But I do know that media need to be held a bit more liable to what they say nowadays. Tentatively looks good though.

This is some fucking 1984 level bullshit

They almost "mildly suggested" he was draining small children of their blood because he believes it would extend his life according to one user. Maybe I'll watch it later tonight and make some webms of the dankest shit in it.

Sounds like it could be interesting, throwing you balls deep into the Batman mythos, and doing origin/retroactive movies as they please instead. It probably won't be any good, but a man can dream

Jerry was originally supposed to be the "only sane man," but when the creators heard how pathetic his voice sounded they rewrote him.



I had a dream last night that someone Doxed me then posted my picture here and you all said I was ugly then someone said I was cute and then the next thing I remember is sucking someones dick for money

did this actually happen?

Oh yeah and the fact that you can't appreciate much of the open, since the whole area is simply in a ditch

Toval wasn't even in a voiced scene anyways, not sure if I could say the same for Bleublanc.

That said, there have been a few glitches with it as well, with some voice clips getting repeated, or inappropriately placed.

And then there's this cute vid.

Trump's address to the nation will be soon Anons. About a little over half an hour.



This has been a wonderful time for draws.

Sorry I didn't pay you in full.

Their kid has the look of a fucked up 80 year old jewish man who just raped three dozen children in his yacht club.

That shit is psychotic, that kid's going to be in the papers as a killer.

He's in one or two. The scene where Victor Arseid is first introduced and also the reveal of the Courageous.Though that scene is odd because Muller is also unvoiced, despite getting VA in an earlier scene (he was originally completely unvoiced in CS1). In fact, if memory serves the whole scene with talking with Olivert at the limo was unvoiced in CS1, which means they got Matt Mercer back as well. So they really did go all out.

This is true, I noticed it in two scenes. One at the end of Chapter 1 right around the time of beating the final boss and Claire showing up for the first time, and again in the first cutscene of Chapter 2 when Rean is monologing about Alisa. All in all I think there were three or four lines that were messed up. I haven't noticed a single out of place line since, though.


Oh yeah, I forgot, Toval resides in Legram. My bad, guess I forgot he still had more presence than just Bareahard. As for the "out of place" line.

DFC >>>>>>>>> old cowtits hag

If Roddenberry was a pederast then he had shit taste in little boys. He was wonky looking even as a kid.

Naw. DFC = DCT.

Did idubbz really fucking do that? Holy shit.

I want to bugger gilda

I have to admit that Danielle x Gilda is a very nice pairing.

Stop sexualising the Gilda you sick bastard.

We could have had even more cakes than we did…

Another 2 minutes if I'm not mistaken. Did I miss anything by chance?

Why? Sexualization is a part of making a girl realize the heights of her beauty.


One reaction image isn't enough

She's a little kid, she's too young for that!

It's on.


Did he just start? I just came back to my computer, did I miss something?


>tfw have libtard dad
>tfw he's going to try and 'punch Nazis' at the rally in Phoenix
>tfw he tried to invite me to go along

Nothing much yet. He's just passing out honor to the troops.

Will he say anything "actually" important

go and stand next to him yelling that he is a nazi and see if he gets punched to teach him a fucking lesson about being stupid

Thats when you wear your MAGA hat and go.


We're in Southeast Asia apparently, oh and full diversity.

I wonder how long it took him to prepare for that speech. I think presidents should not waste time on crap like this but have someone represent them. Instead of working he spends time memorizing that speech and then presenting it. Waste of time, someone else should do that.

Also he just called 9/11 a terrorist attack. Wish he would re-investigate that would thing.

And he cucked out. God damn it.

Is he preparing to announce war or is it just me?


So far, it's all old news (Video related). The only new thing is that he's said is that we cannot pull out as easily as he originally thought we could.

I hope not but it sounds like it


We need a new thread

Hifumi Togo was also planned as a party member, but they thought the story was too long already.

And yeah, it was probably planned that the protag would be staying with the Sae at one point, but then scrapped it.

For some reason, it takes my post a minute load.

Will people really care at this point? It's same problem as Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs. Even though the information has came out saying the CIA sabotaged the mission with disinformation, people still blame Kennedy.

India, specifically.



fuck off homer

It's okay, Satan. We're all angry.

lol, you'd fucking die

What tibetan flipbook is this?