NIHON FALCOM THREAD, "Solid as the Rock of JUNO" edition

Don't forget to support the games (or not if it's a NISA release) and spoiler the spoilers!

Specially Xanadu Next. That masterpiece deserves bigger sales.

Cold Steel Undub Patch Here For Those So Inclined:

Jap voices for CS:!WkUyhDbb!B8dXNO2aBwNHibQ7tjTCyQLrX-bbBUV2jkZVUYxJ0Q4

Dummy files:!AoVmhDoL!h7fYCD14LQD14Ema9zWVvqHZegYJX2PF9EYWbn3x-DM

Just dump it in the voice folder. Easy as pie.

You need the dummy files or the new Audio XSeed added will be in English because the nips never recorded that much.

- Trails of Cold Steel I is out on PC on both Steam and GoG; ToCS II is also confirmed for PC with no release date available
- Tom on ToCS for PC: has its own separate launcher, "far more feature-rich than any other launcher we've ever had in any of our PC games to date" " There's not much you CAN'T do in that launcher." "You can tweak bloody EVERYTHING." It's also got a turbo mode that lets you speed up the game 4x, which is pretty sweet. It also runs butter smooth. Seriously, this port is great.
- Trails of Cold Steel III is on track for a Japanese release on September 28th of this year, confirmed PS4 exclusive. Check and for further details
- Tons of Falcom/Kondo interviews with some interesting details, will eventually make a list and a tl;dr

- Zwei II coming this Summer. Check this blog post to discover the game ( )
- The full Trails in the Sky trilogy is finally on English, available on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store
- Tokyo Xanadu brought by Askys, Vita version has already been released, and the improved Ex+ version for PS4 and PC on late 2017, although Amazon has November 24th, 2017 listed
- Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana brought by NISA, If you wish to complain, do so to Falcom, not XSeed (they're upset about it too). Good Japanese grammar is extremely recommended

- Trails to Zero fan tl at 25%. Ao is 51% translated, but not edited at all yet. A beta of the Zero TL from 2015 was leaked. It is full of typos and sounds like robots are talking, but it is at least coherent from start to finish. Play only if you are desperate. Machine TL of Azure has also been released, and it is as terrible as you would expect. It is completely unintelligible.
- The Legend of Xanadu I & II Dub Project announced, English tl patches coming in the next months ( )
- Also in the works: Zwei!!, Dinosaur Resurrection, Vantage Master Japan, Dinosaur Resurrection and Brandish 2 Renewal (PC-98)

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What is this madman's motive in the series

The thing about the Ironbloods that I want to know is what the heck motivates them to stay loyal to Osbourne? His final goal? Because he picked them up from the streets? Performed genetic engineering on them? In Lechters case I can only see it him having fun and will only stay loyal as long as he is entertained, he did mention his loyality is quite fickle to O-man himself. Him being some convoluted quadruple agent like Ocelot is also a possiblity.

Yeah I just don't know, this series can do whatever it wants at this point and it would probably make sense.

CS3 on PC when?

3 years after cs3 comes out




It'll still look like the models are animated by interns though.

That mech is way too big for any of the carriages in that train.

Things are always bigger on the inside in JRPGs.

I doubt Falcom can ever do anything as bad as their Adol's walking animation which I've seen in Ys 8 gameplay on jewtube. His slow walk is so fucking flamboyantly faggotlike, so cum-crazedly cocksucking, I'm starting to think this was done so on purpose as a hint for why he never cares for any girls in his games.


user… the truth is that you are projecting your faggotry on a video game.

Okay, I'm searching and starting to think my memories are from when I was watching Ys vids drunk and the animation I thought was Adol's actually belongs to Laxia. She really moves effeminately and almost looks like him… Well, when your vision is a bit off due to intoxication.

That makes sense. How do you think this cunt slayer could be effeminate in the slightest?

Adventure is the only girl for Adol.

Yeah I remember now, I think I thought the armour was a bit yellowish because of video compression or DLC. T-that's all Falcom's fault anyway. They shouldn't have made a second redhead with a similar colour scheme playable, she looks like Adol with low colour saturation because of shitty video quality

ITT: user's secret homosexual atraction to Adol is discovered and he poorly tries to make excuses to cover his faggotry.

Don't worry user, I would go for Adol's butt too if Adol looked like Laxia.

Speaking of butts and red haired swordsmen I've noticed Agate has quite the butt during his Beat Down s-craft.
no homo


There's a part in Tokyo Xanadu where a bunch of girls from the school are lying on the ground unconscious and you can see tons of pantsu.

Can you see any of the other girls' in Sky?

>tfw Rixia being Yin was obvious to me because I've played Cold Steel 2 and she has the same weapon/attack animations

39 days until the Japanese release.


It's only a mystery for one chapter anyway.

>tfw it releases on my birthday but I can't learn Japanese

Part of me wants to just pick it up in Jap anyway, but I know I won't truly be satisfied by that…

Same. Part of me just wants to get the Japanese release and play through it. I'll be able to understand bits and pieces but it'll probably leave me unsatisfied.

Rixia is hot.


Ao/Zero PC when?
inb4 it's already here and I'm retarded

Zero has an official JP PC release, the Ao PC release also has a JP patch.

It will be the irreplaceable memories of adventure




You're the journanon from the previous, yes? How are the impressions so far? No change, so pretty much like Xseed's, but slightly more stiff in translating?
What does stiff even means in the context of translation? Like, not taking risks, being more literal? So the stiffer it's basically less like localisation, more like translation?

dude game share with me haha

Are these taken from the same location? The name and icon are completely different.

You can, and if video games are any significant part of your life you'll have to at some point.

If anything, I'd think playing through a version that other people scribbled over with "this is totally what the game says, trust us!" would be wholly unsatisfying.

Yeah but not my picture. I'd say what you said is accurate.

More like they threw it into google translate and touched up on a few things here and there.

Yeah, now that I think about it I've seen a similar picture somewhere before. I remember a blue rectangle with text, at least.
Anyway that's some really good news, if the port is good too then it'll be basically the same but without waiting 3-4 years until it's ported it to PC and then they charge me for DLC anyway.

For anyone interested. Someone streamed NISA's Ys VIII yesterday.

I don't understand why they have a VA for adol if all he does is grunt.
I'm kind of on board since it means less script to mash through but it still seems to me like a waste of money. I'm all for sword swoosh sounds.

Grunts has been a thing in action games for a long ass time.

I use JP voices in Trails 3rd, and Steam just downloaded update for DX9 support. I can't launch it anymore, it crashes on start.

Do I need updated patch or something, if the crash is related to JP voices?

Run the D8 version

Not too bad yeh. I looked at and didn't notice any glaring issues (I didn't try to look too much since I don't want to spoil myself too much). Only thing I'm a bit worried is they haven't announced a beta test yet.

It crashes in gameoverlayrenderer.dll. I can start it after now restarted steam but without steam it wouldn't cloud save.

Yup, restarting steam helped. don't know why it failed.

Actually it still crashes, but i had disabled overlay render and then it works with both DX versions.

I'm no programmer but it seems to be on steams end, not the game.


Yeah goes all the way back to Morrowind.

TitS 3rd had issues for me on GOG too. When I disabled the overlay all was good.

Porting to PC is pretty easy. Although I do think some of the PC gamers are ungrateful little swine.

I saw complaints about the price and lack of included DLC on Steam while it simply matches the price on PSN.

It predates that shit by a fair bit son.



Dammit, Laxia.

why? did it lost priority after CS poor sales?

It wasn't going to make 2017 anyway.

I went and got the original, and another as a bonus. :^)

I don't understand what the issue is with the CS clip.

It really isn't.

Stop daein this, ya' wee bam!

Cuckanese, not even once


There's nothing wrong with the CS other than it being funny.

Close your eyes and listen to it.

It's not even that big but it's suffering being an ass man.

Oh shit. I have vids on mute by default.

Why were the 3D models so shit compared to 2D? Can't they pull this shit off with cellshade rendering?

Jap companies have been struggling with this for years and I think they're only just now starting to get it.

3D is always PD

Falcom doesn't put as much budget into its games as other companies, like Namco, Atlus or Square.

I really wish JRPGs would have character models that look like Guilty Gear Xrd's but I feel like that's a ways off.

This company has never made a good game.


CS2 is way better than CS1 right? i really hope they focus on the lore/politics and tone the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP way way down, those "i can't live without Class VII now, they are sooooo important to me" speeches are so absurdly childish.

maybe it would if CS had sold more than 15k

Expecting Xseed to follow industry's standards is not a sign of being an animal associated with filth, it's common sense. Let them get away with bullshit and only more will come. Other companies might learn too that the consumers take it anyway as the more retarded ones and shills try to shame their fellows for their lack of "gratitude", so let's all port regularly priced 4+ year old games with no free DLCs.

Buying games is a simple exchange. You can feel grateful if the deal seems good for you, others can too, but expecting everyone else to feel the same way is stupid, and insulting them for that is even worse. Someone being displeased is normal and the concerns should be voiced. Complaining gets shit done sometimes whereas blind fanboyism only leads to disasters and companies going worse.
People complained at NISA and Ys 8 is done quite well if posts and gameplay above are to be believed. Some misguidedly hated 3d Sonic and Sonic Mania came to be, and before that the disgruntled righteously striked TWarhammer's Chaos preorder and CA's improved the deal a bit. Even normalfags disliked Treehouse's FE Fates butchery, and FE Echoes is relatively unpozzed and well done. What I'm saying is that a company has no reason to improve if it can get away with not doing so. This is why you shouldn't be defending bad practices or attack those who don't like them.

The first third of the game is gathering up Rean's friends after they're split up at the end of CS

The 2nd third is about finding the ore to make Valimar more ready for battl, while simultaneously dealing with each of the noble's strongholds.

The final third is about Vita's Phantasmal Blaze plan, stopping it, and the results that follow.

There's not so much focus on lore/politics than there is the current fight that's going on right now.


is Zwei II +


they fix the bloom

so 2/3 of the game is fluff again? what the fuck. For the looks of things Zero/Ao will truly be the only ones i really enjoy playing as they didn't tried so hard to force me like the cast like TitS and CS do or maybe it's because i find the political situation of Crossbell far more interesting then a fake military school, hell Zero could sometimes be boring but learning just how corrupt everyone was and how despairing the city situation really was made me care a lot more than high school lazy drama and a complete charade of "pick your waifu" since Rean only makes a pass on Alisa after the dance while the rest either hit on him or just are subtle about while he acts dumb. I really wanted to like CS more but something feels so off about it.

who cares what you like

pussy slayer
I can't tell if the bosses are simply too weak or if it's because the streamer is playing on normal.

What a pathetic butthurt reply. Not that i could expect better from a fanboy mongrel.

Probably because normal. When I played the demo on PS4 the two bosses in the demo felt somewhat easy.

I don't own a console or play most of these games. You markpost you get called what you deserve to be called.

Do we even know what the reasoning behind the plan was? I know she needed a specific fight to happen, but not why.

Something about cycles requiring Divine Knights to do battle in the Infernal Tower. Then Osbourne somehow hijacks it. I think we've only seen part one of the plan. I still don't know what Ouroboros was doing in Liberl fucking with the land with the Gospels and Ragnard. That was just unesscessary to Weissmann's goal, unless I forgot something.

Getting the Aureole was the point of the Gospel plan. So they succeeded. That's it. Everything else was Weissman fucking around basically. The Phantasmal part of the Phantasmal Blaze was completed after Ouroboros got their hands on someone who could remake the Mirage treasure. So it stands to reason the purpose for all the plans is to collect the Sept-Terrions.

Thing is, did they retrieve the Treasure of Mirage or has it just stopped existing? I know they got space because of the Aions and the Demiourge

Space is from the Aureole. The reason KeA could use time and space magic was because of alchemy bullshit, but the main element of Crossbell's treasure was mirage. The original Demiourge killed herself. KeA was saved by the SSS and lost her powers, but Mariabelle joined Ouroboros as the 3rd Anguis and she knows how to make another one. Also Vita implied the events in Crossbell were necessary to start the events in Erebonia too.

I thought cellshade was a lot cheaper to do because you don't have to worry about textures as much.

I more meant how they're able to utilize the power of space in the Aions, specifically how Aion Alpha literally erased a missile and Garrelia fortress from existence.

That was a combination of mirage, space and time magic, pretty sure. It's how KeA was able to alter timelines.

It was necessary for the third phase of the plan. We do not know exactly what but considering that at the end of CS2 the trial system became glitched due to the Vermillion awakening, we can only assume it has glitched up something else elsewhere.

Get out

Maybe we get to go to the Heimdallr cathedral?

I can't remember where exactly I saw it, but I remember reading something about how Xrd's style does require a lot of work and is probably more expensive than it seems. It's also somewhat resource demanding as well, but that makes it easier with fighting games that take place in small areas.

I don't know much about that so if someone could correct me that'll be great.

You're right.


Only a dev team with a AAA budget can pull off this shit on RPGs in the scale of Kiseki.


You might want to level up your reading comprehension, kouhai.

They're getting there. From Software used to be AA, but look at them now.

This week's dengeki is Ironbloods as well as ARCUS info.

>ARCUS now supports two master quartz. The second quartz only gives half the benefits of using it in the main slot, though. Still, this seems to fix the biggest problem of all those master quartz just sitting there being unused. Also it will probably break the game in half again and then once more after that.

A little under halfway through NISA's Ys VIII translation, and it's actually decent. Not perfect, but definitely not garbage.

For reference I actually did play the Japanese Vita release. I'm pleasantly surprised this translation is ok.

I'm not sure how to react to this…


He has a review copy, user. That's his job.

Ouch, that's gotta be a nightmarish job.

I played it in moonrunes first, so it's not like I can't into moonrunes. Also, what said.

There's a few quirks here and there - but ultimately it's a very "straight" translation. My guess is they were preoccupied trying to translate it as quickly as possible that they didn't have time to meme it up. So none of the cringe-y shit from the Tokyo Xanadu translation.

That was part of why I asked, yeah.

They're still AA?
You get out of the house much?
I don't think you realize what AAA is, go outside the internets and your own home and see for yourself.

They're AAA. Dark Souls 3 was Bandai Namco's best selling game, ever, and Sony's first big PS4 exclusive was Bloodborne. Both of those games had huge budgets.

They're very much AAA now.

Now if only they'd get back to their real job: making Another Century's Episode 4

You're completely delusional and stating misinfo.
The only thing I can believe is that DS3 was Bamcos fastest selling game, and thats about it.
Bamcos best selling game is PacMan.

DS and BB reuse a shitton of assets and had around 20 Mil in their budget.
An AAA game has around 100 Mil

You have no idea what you're talking about.

Not like I had any hope for falcom to unfuck the balance anyways.

I think to be fair the guy who was doing all the memes isn't part of NISA anymore thankfully.

What about bugs and the supposed extra content for the PS4/PC versions

How the fug would that work with a Master Quartz like Aegis

I haven't run into anything yet. Seems fine on that end, too. The extra content is still there in the PS4 version I'm testing. Suppression battles are the shit.


What about performance? Any hickups?

PS4 version is unlocked framerate, but I'd say most of the time it hovers around 40-50 FPS. Performance tends to dip in similar places to where performance dipped a bit on the Vita version. From what I've heard from folks that imported the Japanese PS4 release this is normal.

ASW really is a gift from godsuke Ishiwatari with how they made it, I'm still impressed by how great the game looks. I also love how it's obvious Ramlethal was influenced by another footfag, with how her intro shows little but her feet it's more than clear

Source? I saw that mentioned in one of the previous threads, but I don't think anyone gave any proof or asked for it before. Is it an assumption, inside knowledge or just a case of something one user said so others repeat it forever?

How is Falcom so bad at optimisation? The game doesn't look like it should ever be going below 60 FPS, from the gameplay it looks worse than Gothic 3 in every single way except shaders (for obvious reasons) and that's an 11 year old game. Sure, it required a rig above its time, but still. Maybe Falcom should be paying the starving Nip who optimises their Vita ports more than three kilograms of rice per week so he starts giving a shit. Their games are good, Ys8 might be the best yet, but come on, at least give the Nip some sauce with the rice.
I now start to understand where the PC version's requirements are coming from though, now that they're reduced and not insane Radeon Furry X.

Difficult to find source, but from what I read around it was Nick Doerr. Originally in NISA, then joined Idea Factory International to help edit Rebirth2, 3 and U. Then he left to make Undead Darlings with his own indie company.
please use
Here's a proof I could find. There are probably more around, but it would seem like he was the one memeing up Neptunia and I remember people being mad about what he did to RB2 and RB3 after RB1's translation wasn't memetastic.

are you worried about performance on a game that runs on intel hd graphics?

I take it you haven't seen the system reqs for Ys8?

They got revised. The old min spec is now the recommended spec, and the min spec is now much more reasonable.

Holy fuck you just put my concerns over the port to rest. Thank you.

Don't direct link sites of this sort, the link gets screwed up anyway and they don't deserve views. Use archive site, though I bet this page's been archived already. Don't be lazy
I believe now it's not just a claim made from another user's words being repeated but something that might be true though

It's not bad really. Sure, ~30GBs, but dual audio can do that, sound files and movies take up a lot of the space, usually the vast majority. Attached pics for comparison with Cold steel. Considering one title is a port from PS3 and the other from PS4 where it doesn't even get 60 FPS according to posts, the difference is understandable.

Shit's going to be ridiculous. I've got to admit, I'm fond of finding ways to be gamebreaking.

He said only an AAA dev can pull this off with an RPG on the scale of kiseki.

He didn't say that Arcsys is AAA.

She's pretty good. Time for the fan art of Claire dressed as Ryouko from KLK since they now share a VA.

Happily? It means a formerly shit localization company is getting itself together. Things can get better user, and it's good to acknowledge.

You say that as if there's such a thing as a non-shit localization

Color me surprised. Maybe the taboo on characters with dead VAs is starting to die out. Now we need to see if Claire becomes apart of the Reanbowl

I'm not sure if we should be happy. If they get money because of this, they're sure to shit on something else.

Yeh I forgot, I hadn't linked a site for several months. If you ask the nepfags they probably can tell you more about him.

There are. We wouldn't have this thread if there weren't.

Why would anyone want to talk to them?

That's really the only people that'd know about him the best. I mean if you want to know more about the things he's done you should consider asking them. I'm not a nepfag myself, so I can't help further than that.
Since you still didn't link it properly, here, I found the full archive on with full posts of the guy. I forgot if nichegamer is one of the good sites you shouldn't archive or those bad ones, but I only found an archive of it anyway.

TL:DR from what I've quickly skimmed

Seems like a typical source of cancer to me, but I might've been skimming with more suspicion because of what you posted about him. It's obvious he won't admit when he's guilty because nobody would ever do that. Judging from when the post was made though, if Ys8 really is translated well, it might mean he honestly was the cancer.

Having one not total fuck up doesn't mean shit, user. You're too easily swayed.

I'm not saying NISA's now perfect and forgiven for all the shit they pulled in the past, but if they did a legit good job with YS 8, then maybe it's a sign of good things to come. Wait and see if they keep it up, but if they did do good, it deserves to be acknowledged and supported so they keep doing it. If they stop doing it, then immediately revoke that support, because then they wouldn't deserve it.

Thomas and Rosine. Get hype.



Nigga it doesn't fucking matter if they do a good job on one game. You throw money at them you give them the chance to fuck up more. You're feeding them. They just want to impress Falcom by saying "look at those mean gamers who said we're shit. Give us more of your games to prove them wrong". Pirate their games.

You are going full retard now. If they do it right I don't see the problem.

Come on, Falcom.

Why change perfection?

I'm not going to pirate it if NISA did well with Ys8. If I get at least a comparable end result and I don't have to wait 2-4 years more than consolefags as Xseed still tries to jew me with 20 Euro of in-game DLC afterwards, I'm obviously going to be pleased. I know the 4 year old screencap, I know they have had tons of fuck ups, but if they've sincerely improved and will keep porting much faster, I'm fine feeding them with my shekels so they keep going in that direction.


I guess you kinda got me there. Same with Laura, too.

I was kinda expecting more? Like she's in her uniform most of the time, so a little change over the course of a year or more would be welcome.

They won't keep going in that direction. That's what I'm telling you.

Oh shut up, with the exception of Criminal Girls 2/Criminal Girls (with really do seem to have been a rating concern considering the games ultimately ended up getting banned in Germany even with the changes), NISA haven't actually fucked up anything for a few years. It's understandable to be worried, but I'd argue that there has been improvement recently.

I think some people in Holla Forums just want to feel angry at this point. My real issue with one of their recent release (babel) was the short abbreviations and not the tl. Though checking the jp version it might have been spacing issues…

I'm a nepfag so i can go into a bit more detail.

Also to this day NISA is still holding Nep stuff they still have rights to hostage (PP will never get a PC release and the app will never be fully translated). They are a fucking horrible company and anyone that supports them is just funding them going around ruining more series.

Oh stick your head in a god damned garbage disposal you supporter of literal fucking cancer. Ignoring all the shit they've done recently but somehow bringing in CG. You're a shill, nothing more. Trying to sweet talk people into actually supporting their shit. It doesn't fucking matter if they do well on this. That money you hand to them with your asscheeks spread is going to go right into another release that'll be shit. Hell, we're going off the word of some random user saying he's a journo. A site of anonymity. He could just as well be feeding us a fucking line as a NISA employee and anons are jumping on his dick taking his word for it. Fuck off.

This is why you don't give anything to the deranged NISA fanboys. Now they're getting cocky and think they can lecture anyone. Go eat a fat one you stupid shit. Maybe when the kikes you're worshipping finally patch their unplayable broken games we'll talk.

I'd appreciate if you didn't call me a NISA fanboy. I'd love if XSEED got all of Falcom's games too, but I'm not going to instantly assume a game's translation is gonna be bunk just because NISA has done it. Demon Gaze was good, Fairy Fencer F was good, Stranger of Sword City was good. I played the game in Japanese to begin with and fucking loved it, the last thing I want is a garbage translation for it.

NISA is worthy of skepticism, but acting like failure is an inevitability when there is demonstrative proof that they have been improving at the very least is crazy. I'm letting folks know that so far the translation seems fine because I've actually played the fucking thing in Japanese, and so far the worst of this translations problems is it might be TOO literal in spots. It's not filled with memes, it's not filled with bugs (I did run into a small text error at the end of a sidequest, but that's it - and XSEED have made mistakes like that too. Parts of Rune Factory 4 weren't translated at all.)

If you want to assume that everything that NISA touches is the devil incarnate, that's your prerogative and I highly doubt anything I say will change your mind. Just don't shit up the threads when I'm trying to let others know what's up with the translation.

Man, the second half of cold steel 1 is being a complete chore.
The bosses are uninspired, the dungeons are plain as hell, the field trips barely have anything interesting happen.

Is CS2/3 better than that? i will probably pirate the next two before thinking about buying them.

Towa is best waifu

CS2 is overall better, but has some pacing problems as well.

After the intermission which was pretty explosive, the second third of the game is a bit slow and repetitive, up until the end.

I thought the game didn't pick up until these parts,myself. I can see not liking Roer due to the Alisa focus, but there's at least some interesting political stuff going on.

A localization by definition changes shit for no real reason, and even a translation is, at best, someone else reading the game to you, but it's totally what the game really says, honest, and no you can't look at the game's text for yourself. Never trust anyone's translations but your own.

What ISN'T banned in Germany at this point?

Story wise i understand, but the gameplay takes a big dip on the second half, the enemies start becoming immune to 70% of the debuffs, bosses all keep spamming AOE attacks and have even more immunities, the strategy side of things get really formulaic.
The story didn't really captivate me as it's basically a budget shonen highschool plot, but the gameplay was really good at the start, being able to tailor the chars to make cool strategies and all, but then the game goes "fuck your creativity, play like we want you to play!" and that type of game design bore me to no end.
I sincerely hope CS2/3 don't do that, because i really, really liked the gameplay design at the start of the game and it's battle mechanics are pretty rare in the genre, or even outside of it, with debuffs that actually work on bosses and play a big part of the strategy.
Gonna wait until they release it on PC and see if it gets better.
Between that and Ys8 being done by NISA, i'm really sad in regards to nihon falcom right now.

Talking about legend of heroes, does TitS uses that same gameplay mechanics, with focus on debuffs and such? i have yet to buy/play them, but Cold Steel kinda made me curious about it.

Fuck, that post got too long.

The field trips are mostly for explaining the setting and exploring the politics of Erebonia, which is kinda understandable as it is a trilogy. The dungeons won't become any more complex than walking in a straight path with some smaller paths leading to treasure chests, a bit of a shame really.

how do i sort boards by image count?

Oh, you haven't played other Trails games before?

The first game in each Trails subseries is usually slow burning, all about setup and meeting/fleshing out characters and setting rather than being straight up exciting. It's mostly set up for the second game (second AND third in the case of Cold Steel).

And yes, the gameplay is similar, but in Sky, during battles your characters move on a grid.

The part that irks me the most is the fact that you can't use all characters, even more so when Laura/Emma wasn't avaiable.

I understand that pain, at least. In an case, it's obviously done to explore certain characters more. I've seen plenty of people say they prefer the way CS1 breaks down the parties because it gives characters more time to shine. In CS2 you get to pick your party for the most part, and while that is nice it doesn't mean there's a lot less scenes where characters get to have long talks on missions with each other for character reasons. It's mostly just single line quips except in parts where the whole team is together.


I dunno about that, characters like Jusis and Machias were barely used when i was playing, only used jusis to delay enemies rean wouldn't be able to, or machias to impede shit, jusis is getting even less action now that 80% of everything that's worth delaying is actually resistant/immune to it.
Also, breaking up the party like that makes equip management a nightmare.

user, I was talking about plot. Obviously in gameplay terms being able to select who you want is preferable. But RPGs are equal parts gameplay and story. Honestly, if you're just playing Trails for the gameplay I don't think it's satisfying enough by itself. It's a fine RPG series and more interesting than plenty, but it's world and characters are the real draw, because basically no other JRPG universe has this level of continuity and interconnected story.

As for gameply, Machias is actually quite useful. His basic attack had a pretty sizeable AOE, and his large amount of art lines is indented for you to load him up with status quartz.Give him the juggler MQ and he'll be a walking debuff machine. Jusis is kind of a jack of all trades, master of none. He's actually way more effective as a caster than an attacker. His main feather in his cap is noble command is a really great buff. By the way, strength buffs stack.

While i don't think this has the most amazing plot in the genre, i do like it enough to keep playing even after the dip in gameplay around the middle of the game, the characters background stories, with the exception of alisa, were cool, not mindblowing but cool, fie and gaius probably has the coolest backstories in the game, i just finished Garrelia Fortress so i think Emma and Rean are the two that i have yet to see WTF they are all about.

Gonna see how machias feels with juggler, though seeing as debuffs are barely worth at this point in the game, even more so in a slower characters, i don't think he will be of much use aside from common enemies that die in 2 attacks anyway.

You'd be surprised, actually. Giving him chaos is a good compliment too, since it extends debuff and status ailments by two more turns. Granted, it's not going to beat the team of Rean, Laura, Fie and Emma for sheer utility, but he really isn't bad.

I find it hilarious that all the best girls are also the best party members. Seriously, why even bother making the other characters if the ones you know people will waifu also turn out to be the most useful in combat?

It's true, and Sara is amazing as well. Granted, she didn't fit quite as well into the niche as the other four I mentioned but she was great to have on hand as a striker.

I don't know what's going to happen, but if you guys want to do ANYTHING to avoid this worst case scenario (NISA getting its hands for future Falcom games) I recommend you all to fucking start right now.

If you are worried in the slightest, you better start taking action right in this moment. Or don't complain if/when it happens.

I was the user who warned you about NISA getting Ys 8. Let's hope I'm wrong this times.

And even if they don't get Sen 3, you can count on them going "even beyond" with Calvard. They've been dying to get their hands on Falcom games for a long time. And worst of all, if XSEED no longer can't release Trails games, they won't have a reason to work on Zero and Azure. Of course, NISA doesn't give a fuck.

One last thing. Be wary of Aksys.

You people really need to calm down and stop shitposting. If a translation is fine, it's worth supporting it (at least in my opinion). Stop getting mad if people don't agree with you. If you still don't want to support it, that's your choice, just don't bitch at people for not doing the same as you.

Sorry for the typos, I'm really tired and I should have been sleeping a long time ago.

NISA taking all the shit was pretty convenient for Aksys, because let's face it, if NISA had released TX on Vita with the very same translation that Aksys released, people would have been gone mad over it. I'm just saying not to focus on NISA exclusively.

You don't have to give specifics if you can't, but can you gives us an idea why we should trust these sources?

Aksys has a surprising bit of cross-over with XSEED, when it comes to freelancers. I'm not surprised they're going up to bat too.

Oh fuck, we get to fuck up Arianrhod again

Arianrhod's been confirmed for months, user.

Hope to god she has the same voice actor.

Aya Hisakawa, so yes.

I remember a lot of people complaining about Aksys translations being bad lately. Especially for their otome VNs.

You have no idea what you're talking about. A localization, ideally, translates the intent of the source material in a way people outside of the culture can understand, while staying faithful to the meaning. A straight 1:1 translation from Japanese to English doesn't fucking work.

Yeah, you're going to have to wait until CS2 for any real answers on that.

I've only played the first Agarest War game from them, and text in that seemed alright, unless I'm missing something. What's their history?

I think it's a bit recent. I think I did feel the Arcana Heart 3 translation was fishy. Not to mention they imput a fair amount of memes on the official website too.

Does this series have miniaturization tech that allows them to carry their weapons in their pockets? I asked because Rean said they should drop off their stuff at the hotel but no one is carrying a bag like Crow when you first meet him and their weapons appear/disappear whenever they want to.

Then again, they also clump up together into a single body like this shit was made from the 80's. Is this actually just hardware limitation in their part?

People have different tastes? Some like them young (Millium) some like them mature ( Sara). Some like boys (Elliott).

Basically there's something for the whole family to waifu.

Well, the party used to go caterpillar style back when the games were isomeric, but in 3D that shit looks super retarded. Having the party follow means you start running into pathing problems. See Persona 3 and 4 about what kinds of goofy shit can happen there, and that was just narrow corridors without having to worry about some of the bigger maps Kiseki does. As for weapons, yeah the hammerspace ranges from silly to downright crazy. Then again, how are they lugging around all those potions and ingredients too. RPGs have always had this issue, really.

I'm just asking because the game has weird tech because of the orbal stuff, I thought I missed a lore dump or something.

The conservative Christfag party is in power in Germany.

Frankly though Germans have always been humourless no fun allowed cunts. Except for a few enclaves. But Berlin is not Germany. Just as New York is not America.

Ah, no. You're just supposed to assume they're holstering their weapons. Rean kind of makes sense because he has a sheath. So you can just assume he's wearing his sword and you don't see it most of the time. It gets much sillier with people like Laura.

Damn. I really thought the ARCUS had that power because Gaius had his spear wrapped up during the first part of the game then never again. So you're telling me near everyone in this game is armed to the teeth all the time? I guess it makes sense because of the ridiculous amount of monsters in the highways. Shit, no wonder Laura and Sara doesn't have any boyfriend.

I think TiTS did it in a clever way, from what I could tell everyone in the party moved exactly like the leader did, only with a slight delay. I'm talking exactly, that's why when you zigged and zagged it looked pretty nice.

Like I said, that's called caterpillar-style and it works perfectly fine in games with an overheard or isometric perspective. It looks retarded in 3D games.

That's not something exclusive to "localization". A good translation already strives to do this. A "1:1" translation from and into any language isn't a translation, it's being shit at your fucking job.
"Localization" is a retarded meme created to allow greedy fucks like Nintendo of America to hire bottom-of-the-barrel "writers" for minimum wage and tell them to make up whatever the fuck they want on their games even though they don't know anything about Japanese. Not only that, but allow them to boast about it on Twitter for everyone to see.
No technique used in "localization" isn't already covered by a translation. Stop buying into this.

What said - "localization" is a neologism that appropriates some aspects of translation to justify censorship and rewriting. Localization - or really, foreignization - is a completely cancerous practice that has no place in translation.

Sexual content usually isn't a problem in Germany. If the game got rated, it would have easily gotten a USK16 rating. The problem is, that the USK refused to rate the game.

Germany is a dictatorship.

Calm your tits. We should be happy that Ys 8 is looking good.

Nobody notices Laura is carrying a HUGE ASS SWORD until she pulls it from her WAIST.

So does that mean it's safe to import or will customs cockblock you and throw you into the gulag?

Oh yeah I try to remind Xseed haters that it was Xseed who brought Falcom games to the West. Nobody was lining up to localise Falcoms PSP games.

But gamers are not the sharpest tool in the shed, right?

Will Aidios hate me for wanting to fuck one of her handmaidens?

Bringing games to the West is a terrible idea though.

they are actually one of the dullest.
i never in my life saw a community that loved to eat shit like the gaming community does.

Even the 100 million dollar AAA western games have trouble with showing gear on characters. So I don't expect Falcom to get it right.

Germany is part of the EU so it is very easy for Germans to import games from across the border. There's no import tariffs or customs check if the package comes from another EU country.

For Germans who can't into English the Austrians are a good option since they share a language.

Probably! I thought she was cute too, but I don't know if her utter cuteness and embarrassment in that sidequest in the first game was an act or not.


They even offer the PEGI version as import on German Amazon. Theoretically you have to be 18 to buy unrated games, but the reseller doesn't seem to care.

I should hope even if they did that no one here would ever have a problem because of an age limit of 18

Do you guys think NISA will have a Steam LE for Ys VIII or should I just buy the PS4 one for collection purpose?

A Steam what?

They've done that for Disgaea, so I thought maybe they'd do it for Ys VIII.




Sorry about the spam, but these file sizes were ridiculous.

Are there any Master Quartz that are better than the basic ones you get in CS I?
Like what's even the point of not using Canon? it gives 3x healing (even on AoE arts) and access to all non-AoE healing arts. And Brave, as far as I know, is better than any other damage increasing quartz since it gives you straight up +100 strength and a 5 turn +50% buff on str which shits on the the damage buffs Tauros or Orochi give.
Is there any point on levelling some of the later quartz you get?

Aries is amazing for Emma. Regain HP and EP from offensive arts. Both are a percentage of damage you inflict, but given Emma's a powerhouse when it comes to offensive arts, PLUS hitting a bunch of enemies for massive damage with AOE arts, you'll never really run out on EP, even on a boss fight.

Pandora is also decent for raw arts power, if you want to be doing 2x damage at the final level, for more EP spent. That's the huge downside that made me not use it.

Vermillion is amazing for any physical fighter. I had it on Rean at the end of the game Double your physical damage if your HP is high. This also counts for S-Crafts like Rean's or Laura's.

Megalith isn't really great for any character, but it's good if you want to level up slightly faster, or equip it on a character that needs HP/EP/CP regen while running around.

Scepter is great if you want to be swimming in sepith. Also increases EXP gain when leveled up fully.

Moebius increases the range of items and gives items an AOE. So if you've cooked a lot of food you can easily restore say, a ton of CP to a bunch of characters in one go.

Brave is in general one of the best MQs because of the strength buffs.

This is neat.年表

Murakumo is fantastic on Fie, even moreso in cs2. Juggler was made for Machias. I prefer Pandora on Emma because for regular mobs she'll kill everything in one shot anyways and as long as she has an EP recharging quartz the extra EP consumption doesn't matter. But Aries is great to switch to for Boss encounters. Criminal is also pretty good for Emma or Elliot, if you plan on using fire arts. Megalith isn't a good quartz exactly but because of how fast rank 5 megalith refills CP (it takes like 7 seconds in turbo mode) you can just s-break every mob.

In CS2 Tauros becomes hilarious because the damage cap is gone, so having Luara just kill everything including bosses with one s-craft is perfectly easy. Megalith is majorly nerfed though, as the recharge rate is super slow. Also Force is nerfed quite a bit in how much cp you get back for attacks.

Ah okay, so it's just me not seeing the optimal setups again, mostly.

jesus christ zwei when?

Ok, forget what I said about the translation, I've got a few complaints later on. I'll post more details after the embargo lets up.

Are they going to make the quartz paths actually mean something again, or is it still going to be longer lines = pricier, but bigger EP gain?

Lines basically determine two things: how much EP you have, and what kind of quartz can be put in specific lines. For example, you can't have two status causing quartz in the same line. But if you're asking if they're bringing back "sepith count determines arts" then no, they aren't.

Forgot to add, though, that having two MQ will increase art variety.

While I did know that, I never took the time to think about orbments with different lines allowing for different status effect quartz, thinking it applied to the whole orbment.

Still, that system just feels under-utilized.
Admittedly, I didn't even realize the whole "sepith only in the same line determines the artes you get" thing until maybe halfway through Trails in the Sky. But it makes me wonder what sort of awesome shit I could pull off with Emma, since her orbment features just one line for all her segments.

>Lazy's a prostitute and the ninth dominion

It's Wazy, user, If you're going to to spell it the other way you need to use the polish Ł symbol. Either way, it's always pronounced Wazy.

I was too lazy to look up the Ł and knew people would understand what I meant.

post something to make me a heart or a penis boner




Hot damn. Look at the detail on that wall.

He made one tile and then copy pasted it.



And this is why I hate this industry.

Limited edition and digital are mutually exclusive. Digital can be infinitely reproduced.

Falcom pls

I was distracted by Laura's huge trails in the sky.

What? Is it memes or something?

Opposite problem of Tokyo Xanadu, too literal in the sense that sentences feel really… off when read, even if technically accurate. Stuff like "it seems similar to that Variant Beast that attacked Sahad", or shit like Reja and Ricotta calling characters "Brother " and "Sister " Also, some translated area names/character titles specifically make me think at least a few of the people on the project didn't play through the game in Japanese before starting the translation.

No memes, but that doesn't mean it's a stellar translation.

Actually I meant limited edition physical for Steam.

As long as it's not memes I'll take it.

That's not constructive, but ok.

Looks fine to me. I mean they didn't use "Onii-chan" at least.

The area names/titles are admittedly the worst part. They changed Crevice of the Archeozoic Era to Archeozoic Big Hole.



Some nice stuff in there though, nice to see Olivert back with his lute, combined with earlier pics of him drunk it seems we're getting 'Olivier' back. Also gotta wonder what that was with Sharon lying down as other prepared to battle. Honestly too many points to cover in that vid, at least it points towards the game, indeed, being ridiculously big.


We'll probably be able to choose again so she'll be left in the dust. Again.


If that Ironblood shit is anything to go by, this game's gonna be insane.

Oh shit, guess you found memes or censors-

Wait, you describe the exact same thing you've been saying for all this time, even in the thread before, except now that two anons called you names you find it more negative? You suddenly find that worse now you got mean posts? I think you're just being a pussy right now, got sad and try to go the opposite way to make the guys who screeched at you like you. The only thing this is gonna do is make you seem like a journo user who will easily "adjust" his opinion when under pressure, and that will cost you reliability if you do that frequently. I know it's not pleasant when fags call you names, but come on.

Especially with those examples. I don't really see anything wrong with the sentences you've pointed out, especially not sister/brother calling.

I thought that he had a hole where his chest was?

Did you not play cold steel 2? If so you should probably go play it and avoid this thread.

So what do you folks want to see in the calvard arc?
Hard mode: Gameplay wise.

Why have you not played CS2 yet.

Bring back lines for the love of god, and make battles a little more complicated

I did, but I lost my data half way through the game. I think I'll finish it when it comes out on PC.

Funnily enough the shadow that's part of the effects/transition looks like Laura. If so the trailer literally show Alisa being overshadowed by Laura as it should be

Normal mode
Circle around back to a female protagonist
Impact of excessive refugee influx in detail

Bonding returns. So I could get forbidden love with cakes
More complex quartz customization. It was streamlined for Cold Steel, but now it's time to make it complex again

I'm not sure if I want characters who fit into more well defined roles in battle (making all of them useful in some way) or characters who aren't so you're able to tailor them how you want.

m8, that overlay is the outline of this

A block button would be nice, for fucks sake. Along with and indicator of where a character will stand after a craft and the ability to choose if possible. I got screwed too many times by the character moving in some odd and stepping into AoE range when they could have just as easily not.

IIRC in CS1 and CS2 you do get an indicator of where your character will end up. It's usually an arrow.

My cautious side is screaming that NISA made an attempt to not ruin their chances of getting future Falcom titles by doing this, then will later ruin them like their other localized titles. Just going to import the Japanese version when I get the chance. Not giving NISA one cent.

If they forgo the multiple ending route in favor of this fucking pair, it will be the biggest blueball moment in gaming history. Fucking hell Japan and their shit taste in waifus…

Any word yet if Claire is playable this time around?


Oh right.

Steam code in a box.

No memes, no Burger politics and no niggers? Not bad Nisa.

Does KeA still have any power or did she lose it all? It's never really said in concrete detail during Ao

i warned people months ago and they just dismiss it as "NISA won't want something with so much text" when they can and would just cut it out
There is nothing you can actually do anymore, unless you have direct access to Kondo, the whole decision is based on money alone not quality, so long NISA provides them more money, better support( PC ports), Better marketing and far faster releases, if YS 8 far surpasses Xseed releases their fate is sealed and they will probably lose Sen 3 or anything NISA want. Xseed has no one to blame but themselves, their incompetence is becoming something like a joke in the industry, while they are great at translating stuff the rest is a disgrace, non existent marketing, bugged/broken PC releases, poor decisions on price and release day. To make thing worse NISA is working really hard in "building a healthy relationship with Japanese developers" and they had great success with Kondo.

KeA will never lose her power over my dick.

but i agree

Yeh that was my thought.

Same man, same.

This game can't possibly not be absolutely massive.

>We get to fight Campanella



The user who was saying NISA might do a PC beta because they always make them was right, there's sign ups already.

They've done a beta for all their games so far, so that makes senses.

I didn't change my opinion because of anons yelling at me. I changed my opinion because the shit that really stuck out to me as just not reading right or were inaccurate compared to the Japanese release just kept piling up. It's still playable, and folks can enjoy the game, but the translation is definitely not good.

He said it was stiff before, now he's saying it's overly stiff. Also, calling someone "sister " makes it sound like they're a fucking nun. Although there is a nun in the game so for her it would be appropriate. :^)

Not 1, just 2. (at least for autumn leaf cutter, don't remember if any others in 2 give you an indication)

My computer's so toaster there's no way they'll let me in. :^)

Seems workable and decent but not good if you really didn't get bullied into submission as it was said. Like, is it as corny as some 80s/90s animes as a result? That's the impression I got from the trailers, especially when Dana talks forever about a tree.
I want to see how they did it for myself with my own eyes now, this mongolian board has people who hate any changes from Japanese text as needless flavour, how did they manage to go so far with this a resident of this very board thinks it's too much? I know there are tons of different opinions here, but the fact remains

>calling someone "sister " makes it sound like they're a fucking nun
Ricotta doesn't look very civilised and isn't white from what I see, isn't that meant to show she's a primitive tribal with different speaking forms? I didn't play Ys8 yet in any language, I'm just assuming from the design which looks like a tribal mishmash of fifty random elements. It might not be a part of her character in which case it doesn't exactly work. No clue who's the other character and if the same applies, I couldn't find his (hers?) design anywhere.
Still, if I were translating that and wanted to make clear someone is a tribal this way, I'd just put "brother/sister" at the end rather than before the name, so it's not a good choice by them. Mine would be less awkward I think. Instead of having someone go like Brother Adol, I want to make sweet love to you it'd go Adol, I want to fuck you hard, brother .

That example just makes them sound like Hulk Hogan, not like a tribal.

That will happen when you play any foreignization for long enough.

Did those homunculi always have those odd pupils and I just never noticed?

Claire has them too. It suggests something very weird is up with the Ironbloods when they fight you.

Did Osborne just declare war on Calvard?
I didn't expect that before the Calvard arc, to be honest.

But in that case, maybe we'll get to see the border region of Calvard, too.

Yes. And it looks like the Railway guns are being shipping to Tangram Gate, so now they're aiming at Altair instead of Crossbell.

The ones that got erased from existence?

Both version made me want to fap to Ricotta.

But remember, stuff started reappearing towards the end of CS2, like the base commander. Or they could have just made new ones.

O-okay, it does sound a little bit like Hulk Hogan. I guess that was worse than initial, but I did something to compensate. I guess you guys should starting thinking about

Too bad Ricotta's regular design is probably the worst thing Falcom's ever done. Who thought it'd be smart to put every single possible colour on her? Blue, dark blue, purple, red, pink, green, brown, white, yellow, gold, orange all placed randomly, the end result looks like shit, there's tons of better lolis. Doesn't even begin to hold a candle to top tiers like Etna, though she's decent in that Japanese tropical swimsuit DLC I found when searching for her design

One of the problems with Falcom games is that they lack a certain eroticism. What if we were to bring, uh, all of the young female cast of every Kiseki game into the mix? And then that way, whenever Rean's not out busting heads because he's sensed killing intent, he's back at the train performing outrageous sexual experiments on their supple, young bodies.

Now here's the twist and there IS a twist: we show it. We show all of it. Because what's the one major thing missing from all JRPGs these days, guys? Full penetration.

Guys, we're gonna show full penetration, and we're gonna show a lot of it. I mean, we're talking, you know, graphic scenes of Rean Schwarzer really going to town on these hot, young girls from behind, 69, anal, vaginal, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl. All the hits. All the big ones. All the good ones. And then he senses the Noble Alliance again, he's out busting heads. Then he's back to the train for some more full penetration. He senses Ouroboros. Back to the train, full penetration. Monsters, penetration, ILF, full penetration, hostiles, penetration. And this goes on and on and back and forth for 90 or so hours until the game just sort of ends.

You must be a really horny and lonely person to want to do those impure acts to those girls. Sexual intercourse is only for procreation. The most we need is headpats, handholding, and kissing You degenerate.

I understood that reference.

Yeah but I'm serious.

Yeah, there are other arts that give you indication, like some of Ogre Rean's crafts.


Why are Falcom's lolis so perfect?

They're pretty great.

is Zwei II +
they fix the bloom?

Become one with the bloom.



Prepare your ass for 2 hour long 2D animated cutscenes at 1080p and dolby surround audio.


>tfw Western release 2021 at the earliest

And PC release in 2077.

How mad would you be?


Aksys has been disappointing with all the dumb "funny meme" shit they've done lately. I didn't remember them doing that several years ago, but now it's gone to shit pretty bad nowadays.

Jesus Christ. If you don't want to translate what's actually there, find a different line of work, you cunts. Take your shitty opinions elsewhere. It's not your job to put your own commentary into someone else work. In fact, it's the exact opposite of your job.

Are they implying she didn't have measurements? I don't get it.

They're saying giving a girl's measurements is "gross" and you shouldn't do it. Basically, they're shittalking the dev.

why do people like this exist

I'm not even sure if they're believing that, I think they just think they're being funny, probably. I mean Aksys has never censored a game so far. Not even Agarest 2 which was the infamous game with a loli getting massaged uncensored somehow.
But all in all, the Arcana Heart 3 Aksys website is an aberration.

Okay guys any changes needed for the next OP when we reach page 13 here in a bit?


Good call, thanks.