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I just don't understand why it's specific. At that rate, why not just allow the player to select any character followed by any other character? The only combinations it doesn't let you use are Tails & Tails, Knuckles & Tails, and Anybody & Sonic.
Might as well just open it up.

Because it's funny.

1. It's a meme
2. Play Sonic Advance 3
3. Sonic & Knuckles was the lock-on cart, not Anyone & Sonic: The Game, so that's what this is in reference to.

Mark did nothing wrong.

Oh fuck. That is so fucking old. shit was creepy

I distinctly remember being of drinking age when that show was airing.

I know 4/v/ is full of underages, but even here..?

It doesn't feel like it was on that long ago. I watched it when I was a young kid. Frightening to think that I'm 20 now

26 here… it's been 7 years since that show aired. Just take that in.

Im 19 and i watched it when i was in 4th grade. i legit liked it though

user, Flapjack Premiered June 5, 2008. People who watched that as kids are becoming adults now. And you're growing old

Then you're cancer. Flapjack was part of Cartoon Network testing the waters on how far they could take "LOL SO RANDUMB HUMOR". Along with Chowder, and Adventure Time.

except getting 12 game overs

I wouldnt call flapjack "random". It atleast had structure to its episodes unlike modern CN. maybe we should get back onto sonic

He's not growing old, He's growing a cool moustache, or a beard.
or both!

It's 2017, not 1950

Soundtrack download where/when? This music is baller af

I actually have no idea what the fuck this thread is about. Is it a romhack or something?

An officially sanctioned and commercially sold romhack, essentially. Many anons love it because it's an old school platformer in current year. Not that there is anything wrong with that mindset



Oh, okay. It seems pretty cool. I might have to give it a pirate, especially since someone above said it has good music.

It's also the best Sonic game in decades.

Nigger, CN has been testing the waters for "lolsorandumb" since the inception of original cartoons. Cow and Chicken is one I can name off the top of my head. Flapjack and Adventure Time were the age of RANDOM YELLING AND SILLINESS!!!!
It was a far cry from some of CN's good shows of the past, like the originality of Courage or the slapstick hilarity of the Eds.

Good luck with that, even the people who paid money for it on PC aren't getting it.

I don't know user, Shovel Knight Specter of Torment was a pretty good sonic game

Best Sonic game ever made, has bugs, got stuck in fucking floor in redacted zone, apparently there are a ton of bugs in the game, people suspect that it was rushed, kind of obvious, at least one of the bosses was mismatched to their zone, maybe a stunt zone was needed.

Playing it with a friend, I've experienced a LOT of bugs playing as Tails, but haven't seen much in the way of bugs from Sonic.

In particular, during the Metal Sonic boss fight Tails will simply disappear entirely and respawn a few seconds later with no explanation or reasoning if he's being controlled by a player. Doesn't ever happen to NPC Tails though.

Definitely rushed, I clearly like it but it's faults are numerous, still in spite of bugs the best sonic game, the performance on the bonus levels on the Switch version is not 100%, when you access a the console menu in Switch it has this delay that isn't present on other systems.

There's also the level transitions, they are either cheap, the ones where you are warped into a new zone, or it just fades to black, I'm surprised that not every level has one, it doesn't even have to be ultra logical, in Chemical Plant Zone you just go out that pipe, but the level before Mirage Saloon just fades to black and suddenly on Tails plane, but then mirage saloon has a good transition, what the fuck.

I've noticed a few telegraphing issues, I was watching someone else play and they jumped down a hole that looked like it lead somewhere but it wasn't obviously a bottomless pit, in Oil Ocean at the first boss I thought I could dodge his attack by hiding beneath the oil caps but instead I hit a bottomless pit, and in the second oil Ocean boss I'm not sure if when the platforms descended I rode it down or if it pulled me down, and in Air Battery Zone I saw this spot that looked to have an obvious secret but I ended up being crushed,, that's about it though, no complaints that it's hard, it's actually very easy, I think it's easier than the original few Sonic games, the only times I've died is because I misinterpreted the rules, I just feel like they could have done a better job to to telegraph these to me.

Where did Mark get a gameover and lose like 14 lives?

He got 12 shoahs in a row.

It's that new?

Aside Advance 3 you can also try Sonic Classic Heroes.

why is sonic mania so good

that was 9 years ago

The Mega Drive was released in 1988. That was nearly 30 years ago. Sonic & Knuckles was released in 1994. That was over 20 years ago.

As long as you're not a fat, brittle, weak piece of shit, you're not old.

I'm pretty sure it is Knuckles Mania & Knuckles.

He got 12 game overs on one level…

Anyone archive it?

But is the game good. I somehow managed to get ahold of a Switch despite having 12$ in my bank account and I feel dumb having a console without a single game.

it is here:
Mark also replied to that post.

I heard the bugs are coming from the Switch version. That would be understandable seeing that it doesn't have a strong CPU compared to the other consoles.

Get the game. For one thing, it's a pixelshit platformer that actually tries to do somethig with the pixel graphics like smooth animation unlike other pixelshit that do it for nostalgia. Though, I'm not sure about the Switch version. But from what I heard the bugs are rare and its mostly the home screen delay. Unless noted, I'm gonna wait for the PC version.

I've already crashed the PS4 version, which fucked up my save file, and now I don't feel like starting over.

Seriously how'd that happen?

Pressed "start" when I missed a jump in a bonus stage, as the screen went black. Force closed the game because I couldn't see anything or do anything. Erased my save because it dicked up my unlocked abilities, and even that didn't help. Now I have to purge everything, so fuck playing it now.

I don't think that not having a strong enough CPU has to do with bugs in the game. Yeah it might effect performance, but if it can play the Zelda game, then it is probably bugs in Mania.

Maybe all the bugs are why the PC version was delayed? I dunno, maybe there was an even worse bug somehow, I don't know how programming for multiple platforms works.

the pc delay was to "prevent" piracy at launch, in hopes that people would buy the game for consoles first.

This thread gives me hope that Sega actually did delay the PC version to fix bugs instead of adding denuvo.

I imagine the PC delay is due to the huge array of hardware a PC game needs to be able to run on.

New Knuckles rap


Here you go, user.!pxdXxCJL!9Sf1m5JzQUzV5Bz7D4WIXacyNkf249LtjjwS_gV16xs

It happens on other versions, but the Switch port was also the only externally developed version of Sonic Mania, and it was definitely rushed to get it hit that same launch date, from a business perpsective this makes sense, Sega themselves have admitted that Sonic sells best on Nintendo systems. The Switch isn't so behind computationally that something as simple as Sonic Mania should have problems running on the system, The Switch version is the only ARM release of the title but the engine itself has already been ported to ARM and runs perfectly fine on much weaker systems.

It's probably Sega fuckery hoping that people double dip on purchases.

Nigger, it ain't that fuckin old. Get the fuck outta here.

Very good. Contender for GOTY.

i was in elementary when that show came out. Its been nearly a decade

There's bugs in all versions right now, I haven't had any save erasing ones but it does crash every time I try to access leaderboards as well as this bug which fucked up a time trial run.

What bugs are there in the PS4 version?

THIS is the post that got the quad 7s?

I'm playing the ps4 version. I've been recording my time playing which is how I got that above clip. I'm not sure if there's any ps4 exclusives though, I've been sleep deprived like Mark for most of my time, but I did notice the Tails disappearing glitch happen, especially on bosses. The crash upon accessing leaderboards might not be version specific.

Nice quads

Nah it's just been delayed until the 29th of August. It's 13 days away and while I kind of want to play it now, I'm okay with waiting just a little more since I've been waiting since it's initial reveal. Besides I get to experience the "OH SHIT IT'S CLOSE TO RELEASE" hype all over again. This the first game quite some time I've actually been excited for that actually looks like it'll be fun; the last one was Monster Hunter Generations, and I enjoyed that game despite some of it's flaws. Mania looks like it's going to be amazing though and from what people have been saying, it is.

Shit's gonna be good. I've been saving a bottle of berry soda and a couple cans of vanilla cream, too. I have some leftover snacks I haven't gotten to yet either so I'm planning on going all in and having a great time with it.

Most notable bugs I've seen on the Switch version are camera errors in the special stages and audio errors. I hit a ring box in the special stage and the camera locked into the top-down view you get when you win, but I wasn't close to winning and it didn't correct itself until I ran off from not being able to see where I was. The noise produced by the magnetic bits in Flying Battery Zone would carry over between deaths too. Some enemies would do the same thing.

Also not sure how it happened but on my first run I encountered the boss of Press Garden Act 2 and the barrier for the fight wasn't there. I just walked by the boss and hit the capsule. Haven't managed to replicate it since.


This was remixing levels & music before Sonic Mania.

Am I the only person who owns this?

I think some of us have emulated it at least, it's not bad. I'd prefer it if some one were to make a Sonic 2 hack version of it, honesty. Sonic 2 hacking is fairly easy, comparatively, and since it uses existing assets from the Genesis games you can just port them over with minimal difficulty. It would certainly give you something to do and more people would probably play it.

Nigger you high. A pocket color is still like, what, $40? $60? Just buy one. They even made a flash cart for it recently.


people who have been born on 1997 are now 20 years old
and people who were born on 1999 are 17-18 by now

Is this why all the reviews mention how blue sphere is "impossible" & "the worst thing about the game"? Is everyone playing on monitors that lag too much? On a CRT blue sphere was really hard, but it must be worse on modern displays right? It's either that or they're casual as fuck. Maybe both.

The new Blue Sphere levels are hard. They're optional though, so I dunno why they are complaining.

Remember to lock it on with sonic 1 for the optimal experience.




Reviewers are shit, blue sphere is just about one of the best parts of this game. Good challenge, good pacing, totally optional. God help them if they try Mania's blue sphere gimmicks.


Is it going to be the remaster of Sonic 1? isn't that only for mobile devices?

The emeralds are in the Sonic CD-esque special stages. Blue Sphere are the bonus stages that lets you unlock emblems, though.


I'm kind of upset that the intended Team Rose has a dead character instead of Big the Cat with a moveset based off Umihara Kawase.

Fat chicks can stop complaining about not being represented in the medium.

It's bits and pieces of the old games cut and pasted together with a few new levels/gimmicks thrown in. It's not bad, but I wish I had waited for a sale to buy it. It's "meh"

I just realized that you can have tails fly you around when playing as Sonic & Tails, even when playing 1 player. Hold up and press jump while in the air and he will start flying.

Haven't figured out how to use the insta-shield and peel-out attack that I unlocked though.

You need to use no-save mode if you want to use them.

That's dumb.

Yeah, that's pretty dumb. It's not like anything is stopping the devs from enabling unlockables outside the no-save mode.

It's probably a safeguard to avoid bugs
Also why do you need save mode in the first place you goddamn casuals

Because playing a long game in one sitting when you have limited free time makes the game into a fucking chore, thus making you hate playing it, you turbo-autist.

You can complete any of the genesis games in a couple of hours or less without trying to hard. 3D Sonic games usually take roughly twice that time, but its still perfectly doable in a single night.

Speaking of that info page, it's weird that outside material implies eggman built the heavies as eccentric robots when the opening cutscene clearly shows five generic eggrobos before the first warp and then the heavies in their places afterwards, which implies that the eggrobos were transformed into the heavies by the purple gem.

For real though anons, is this anygood? I recently played through the 3 classic sonic games, dropped CD, and am still sorta in the mood for some fast, is Mania worth 20 bucks?

Is there any super secret unlockable stuff like Amy and Cream from advance?

Were you the user who was asking if Mania had any Pocket Adventure references?

Yeah, it's pretty good, worth the $20. It does have some nice unlockables, but no new characters.

Leaking with malicious intent, Mark, I knew you were a bad enough guy to steal 40 cakes but leaking with malicious intent…
Shame on you

Thanks nigga

When is fast too much anons?

That was my impression from the cutscene as well. Guess that makes the female ones even weirder. Trannier, if you will.

No, why, does it?


>Cake 12 times Golem.webm

Not that I'm aware of.


I'm guessing they delayed it because of the bugs we're seeing in the consoles version.

why this image look shady?


No bully pls

That's pretty good, user. Got any lewds?



Can someone make a Final Fantasy version of this.

both are shit

Act 2

Just drew this pic just a few moments ago. But I want to draw more poses for her.

Genesis does what Nintendon't.

you can't do that on nin=


Just drew her moments ago. But I'm gonna draw her in more poses.

Hey, that's pretty good. I'm with the other user. I need 50cc of porn STAT.

Sega fans still salty after all these years

Do you have any idea what salty even means, or are you just picking up ghetto slang from your coalburning female relatives?

This fucking boss is pissing me off.

Maybe I'm misinterpreting things but Sega Mega drive was 23 years ago and Sega fans still can't leave it behind, there are still threads comparing that to Snes, as if they need reassurance that their parents made the right choice one christmas day 23+ years ago.

Come on, he's not that hard.

Yeah, that's a toughie until you find out it can't do anything as long as you jump on its ass repeatedly. Keep it disabled and wait for a pole so you can launch it into spikes.

Now Im curious. Whats the source of this?

Here it is. :)

oh btw the guy's humor is shit but he talks about the games in depth so that's cool. :3

Go back to reddit.

If any phrase is suitable, it's that one would be "staying over past victories", as the Genesis let SEGA take over 55% of the US console market, thanks in no small part to the audacious plan to include Sonic the Hedgehog with the Genesis as a pack-in title to move consoles. Nintendo fans would be salty at having lost the console war at the last stretch of the 16 bit era thanks to a blue rat and a fox with a birth defect, claiming that "Sonic was never good". Not that I didn't have a Super Nintendo during the 16 bit wars. Loved me some fighting games and RPGs, but I think that the Genesis had a wider variety of games that were fun to me, while the SNES had more games that were awe-inspiring (Final Fantasy 3/6, Secret of Mana, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Star Fox, and more).

Go back to 4chan. :^)

Snes sold more overall, had the highest selling software and Nintendo generally made more money overall, by most metrics it won, although Sega cut really deep quite fast, they did a good job. but yet again I'm just saying it keeps coming back to those gens and you jump in and feel the need to scrape together whatever you can to claim your console of choice held superiority, of course subjectively, you're literally doing what I just talked about while not asking for it, I don't care if you like either console, I'm complaining that like furries Sega fans can never not bring this shit up as if I care about it. I was probably wrong I guess in that not living in the US and never hearing the phrase "sega does what nintendon't" hasn't embedded it as a meme in my head that I guess I thought it was just a haha Nintendo thing when it's probably just a meme.


fuck man, that game was the shit. I need to get my neogeo working again

Fuck that gay amiibo shit. I used to adore Nintendo and I stuck by them rather passionately until 2015 or 2016. They've lost me as a customer and I've more or less moved to caring more about SEGA now due to enjoying a lot of their games.
SEGA is also more than just Sonic so it's not furfag shit
You got NiGHTs, Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Virtua Fighter, Ristar, DAYTOOOONAAAA, Vectorman, Alex Kidd, Phantasy Star, Puyo Puyo, Yakuza, Project Diva, and a bunch of other shit.


I don't care how much you hate Nintendo and love Sega.

Sega was HUGE in the US during the Genesis era, user. You had a system that was putting out fun stuff like the Spatterhouse series, where Nintendo only barely allowed anything exciting overseas and usually by mistake. Sales metrics don't mean anything when you've come in second and given the console scene in one of the largest markets in the world a taste of what it's like to not have to deal with a monolithic NoA or Atari.

I didn't own a Genesis, but you really can't downplay how it affected things over here.

I already said Sega cut deep and did a good job at it. what's your point? I never owned a Genesis either I owned a Mega Drive, Genesis is a stupid name, Cuckistani's need not apply.

Why are you people trying so hard to dox him? What did he even do to us?

Short version if you can, please.

Dude, you brought it up in the first place, I'm just replying. If you don't give a shit, don't bother carrying on a convo about it.

Hello newfag, please lurk for several months/years.

thats because it is Hydro-city.

Yes, I did notice that they all had slightly different shapes. It was still pretty annoying.

Aw shit son. Shame there's no official release so far beyond fucking vinyl which didn't even have all the tracks so why even fucking bother so we can get it in lossless.

That sucks user, i am sorry for you.

its not so bad. because ive always been colorblind since birth, there's nothing for me to compare it to, so I don't really feel like i'm missing anything.

t. different colorblind user

There's that lad
Ey hey hey that lad alright
user do you even know where that image is from

no to me it's just a greyscale ambient art piece

but really no I don't

Mirage Saloon act 1 also has a callback to Sky Chase in there.

It's usually not a problem, but certain color combinations trick my eyes. So there are a lot of puzzle games I can't play. I've ordered a special pair of glasses that are said make different colors more distinct, but I still have my doubts that they actually work.

You know they have special glasses you can get that lets you see color properly.

only for specific types of colorblindness though

I died 2 times on that level trying to jump onto the train and falling through it, why the fuck did tails stop catching me at that point, please fix Taxman.

Is colour blindness in the eyes or the brain?

All you have to do is FOLLOW THE GOD DAMN TRAIN CJ

I know. Like I said, I've ordered a pair. Hopefully it'll work.

It's in the DNA. The X chromosome is deficient in some way, so almost all of the colorblind people are men.

Women have the right to colorblindness too!
GamerGate did this, I'm sure of it!

Man if that fuckin tails wasn't being a bitch and not catching me I would have been fine.

I'm sure it will be patched at a later date, fucking early access hominids, still at least we didn't jump in on pre alpha

I think gamergate have actually been implicated in charlottesville by some news site. I wish I was making this up.

Fuck are you sure it wasn't 2009 or something

Gamergate is implicated in everything

I think it was gamergate who fed Mccarthy his ideas tbh.

I hope the Sonic was never good meme will always haunt these assholes for the revisionism. Egoraptor's even saying he liked it, but I bet it's because of the bandwagon loving Mania, despite the hate bandwagon starting because of a licensed tie-in game.

Anyone got a torrent for Mania?

despite the piracy defense force, you people are cancer.

What is best music and why is it Press Garden Zone Act 1?

If you're talking about the PC version, that has been delayed to 29th.

I've been burned before. If I like it I'll buy it.

Is having fun supposed to be something controversial? besides on Holla Forums

If I draw porn outright, then it wouldn't be special

It is Hydro City, Hydrocity was a confirmed spelling error that they just stuck with.

lol like he could animate anything better.
the guys a fucking hack who has a wife who controls him like a puppeteer with her hand up his arse.

Even from the thumbnail that guy looks like a prick.
When was the last time Arin animated anything? What little he does now is largely outsourced anyway because he's a lazy hack and makes more money from being shit at games.

Nice work. I was only half serious about the lewds anyway, just curious to see if you actually would've done it. Keep at it.

Oh, it's something more sinister than you imagine.

so you are implying Arin animates the dead.


Robotnik has the other 2.


>Supporting (((developers)))
Kys mate.

thanks for sharing your autistic e-celeb.






Holy shit that made me laugh more than it should

And holy balls the new special stages are really proving a shit to me. I'm pretty sure I've blown it for a 'perfect' first run through, but with the game as fun as it is, that's not bothering me as much as it should…

Mega Man 6 did that with Flame Man's stage, but it was more a fuck-you for not killing the enemies that sprayed fire before it hit the oil.

Jumping when going around tight corners makes them a lot easier.



noticed that only now, nice touch

Funny how all they did was finally listen to the original fans, and suddenly they're relevant again.

Shouldn't they just call it "Don't get red spheres"?

What goes on in a Chink's insect brain when they construct something like this? Do they think popularity and appeal are somehow additive properties, like upgrading your gear in an RPG?

They probably can't read roman letters and just used Google to find the most frequently used phrases and words. It's like those people who don't know kanji and get a tattoo thinking it means "strength" or some shit when the tattoo artist just scribbled an obscenity on them to make them look like a tool.

though it applies to Sonic Mania as well, that's not Sonic Mania in the video.

Is joke.

See also bootleggers in sweatshop don't get much time looking at the original, and they don't know the letters or meanings of words.
it's like you'd try writing Chinese symbols or kanji without knowing even the stroke order

There's an exploit that lets you build up retarded speed without collecting any orbs. I couldn't get it to work because I have no desire to play video games anymore.

hmm interesting will have to try it.

You got a blog or twitter or something to follow? I wanna follow to keep an eye for more of this magician

Nice design

It was gimmicky shit when I was a kid and it's gimmicky shit now. I got 18 medals on the "not retarded" stages and now every time I jump into a star ring I know I'm going to get retarded design layouts that requires you to psychically know not to jump and hit the bumper behind you except when you do have to jump and giant fucking rings of spheres you have to jump over with a majority of these miniature trials giving you less than a second to pick a direction and go with it.


You have opened a pandoras box that can never be closed. I both hate and admire you.

I hate the Special Stages too. No feel for control at all. The worst is falling off the stage while going Mach 3 because you lose all finese in the controls, so you fly off despite holding the opposite direction hard.

I have spent the past several hours shuffling between two save posts to get these fucking virtual hunks of metal.
>inb4 why not all gold goyim

I'll take a lewd pose as well.

You can do it m8, I know someone who used to play the original on a fucking black and white TV.

Speeding tickets?
Medical conditions?
Sonic in court?

What the fuck happened to saving little animals from being turned into robots?

Since when is Sonic the Hedgehog a "pro" game for "pro" players?

It's a pretty fucking casual series.

Evidently not, since it's too hard and needs to be dumbed down


Isn't there a big wall on the first stage of SA2?

what are some new concepts for levels they haven't done yet?

We need an entire junkyard level with rusty robots & collapsing badniks.

Wasn't that a stage in sonic unleashed?

well fuck me then, I don't have any original level ideas then. Someone come up with something, cause I clearly ran out of ideas.

A fun and memorable level that isn't repetitive arse.

Flying battery 2

A level with CD-style time travel that actually makes use of the mechanic and doesn't fucking suck
Many of the backgrounds from those shitty special stages were really cool and reminded me of chrono trigger, so that could be looked to for the theme

An inner-city black ghetto.
Negro Nightmare Zone.

Zimbabwe Zone
Detroit District
Coon County
Negro Neighborhood
Sub-Saharan Safari
Patio Primate Park

So, genocide city

Feels good, man.


Nice quads! Checked!

It's a Super Sentai reference. The Yellow and Pink ones a girls because Power Rangers.

(((You are the true casual here, user.)))

Looks good.

Just hit him with enough momentum into the spikes, it's not fucking hard.

That's how it's pronounced, though.
(((HIGH-drow City.)))

KYS, fam.

Man, is there anyone more instantly hateable than this fucking chode?
(((Adopted progressive values.)))
I hope those fucking cupcakes gave him cancer.


If they did that, dumb fucks would just try to get the silver ones and keep whining that they make them go backwards.

DarkspinesSonic is fucking great.

A carnival/food themed zone. It starts out outside, and there are rollercoasters and lots of carnie food in the first act, but the second act takes place in a kitchen with knives and forks that hurt you, badniks based on food, and underwater sections in sinks. I haven't thought of a boss.

git gud

I like the Advance games, though 2 is the worst one

No, it wasn't.

Cool. Even though it is Tumblr, but where else would you put them? DeviantArt?

Admittedly, I haven't used this one for a long time.You ever heard about Writscrib? It's supposed to be a new website for artists that's like Tumblr but without Tumblrites. I'm planning to move there.

A day and night cycle that changes DURING THE STAGE not that abomination that was werewolf sonic. And have some transforming badniks that change along with the time of day or have the whole stage change as well.

It's like the entire Internet is teasing me.


Apparently this was planned for '06 before development went to shit with Yuji Naka leaving and the team being split into two to make Secret Rings.

Not an excuse. The game's selling point was that it was developed as if it was a Sega Saturn game. You know, the console from 1994

Did you mean

Are there any good sonic romhacks?

There are, such as Sonic 2 heroes and Sonic Megamix, but mostly sonic romhacks are shit,

Wait so the fucking leak was real?

jesus fuck man, you made my day!!

I feel like that was a good thing considering 06 was an abomination, but if done well it can be really great for changing the dynamic of the stages.



Lucky bastard.

Hold on let me see if i can explain what I mean by this because I don't know how to explain it very well.

Like, imagine a jungle area where it starts off dark and gloomy with the moon out and there plants all around and you see these vines that sort of reach into higher areas of the stage but sort of stop halfway. Now imagine the sun coming out and bringing all those vines to life and making them grow at an accelerated rate to the point where previous unreachable areas are now accessible(sp?). Where previous stumpy bumps on the ground grow into mushrooms you can bounce off and the badniks around the area change into more dangerous versions of themselves depending on the day.

Fuck that just give me back Sonic CD's turbo time travel

A finished version of genocide city

Jesus Christ how do children find their way on here?

TF2 is also nearly a decade old, it's hardly some retro classic.Get a bit of perspective.


Try metal sonic hyperdrive if you haven't yet

Holy shit this guy looks like a huge massive fucking faggot, he looks like he's wearing make up

That's because valve keeps "making improvements" to bring it in line with modern "gamers", though all they're effectively doing is just breaking shit that didn't need fixing in the first place, and driving away the majority of people who still played the fucking game.

is this edited or did Trade Chat actually go on a screed defending the dumbing down of modern game design?

PS: I would stick my penis in that woman's vagina and fuck her until she begged for more. It would be very consensual

That rant is 100% legit and unedited. It's from her Switch review video, IIRC.

That's what happens when you marry a dye-hared "Girl Gamer"

Yeah, he's wearing make up, far more better then the girl is.


What a stupid cunt; she literally does not know how to use her brain. What makes it worse is that she is treating that guy like an asshole for expecting higher difficulty and challenge.


Anyone know what the comments section was like before it got bombed?

Holy shit it's a fucking rainbow haired cunt version of DSP.

All these crazy cat ladies need is a man to put them in their place. Not all hope is lost, no need to become a fagtow.

No thanks. I want heathy kids, not autistic ones.

their level of insanity is genetic, do not stick your dick in those creatures

all women are crazy, they just need a strong dick to keep them in the kitchen.

Damn you are right, cutting it a bit close. Good rule of thumb is older then 30 is too old. But that doesn't mean I can't keep her as a sex slave

You still need to give a year because the baby has to develop. She'll be 30 or close to 30 by the time its born. If anything 28 is the cutoff.

depending on the woman to be honest.

sage for off topic.

Egoraptor's right tho. It's just unecessarily fluid animation of sonic tossing his limbs out and spinning.


what is this hell


I don't understand how a guy can hate the previous games and just love mania. They're basically the same game, especially with revisiting some of the old stages and shit

The earlier games can be kinda shitty compared to 3&K, especially 1 and CD

He's riding the bandwagon, but doesn't to embarrass himself and admit he was wrong when he said Sonic was never good, so he just says Mania is the only good one. There are many like him.

You're a faggot.

No it's because it really isn't that old a game, Left 4 Dead was released a year later and got very few updates, but you wouldn't think of that as some really old game either.


It would be if the console generation it was a part of didn't go on for almost a decade

The current one has a similar problem, the ps4 and xbone still feel brand new despite being almost half a decade old themselves, probably because they've had so few worthwhile games

Aaron Webber reposted that last post. I wish they would not give a hater a voice because it looks like they are acknowledging shitty Sonic games, which do exists, yes. It is unprofessional though. I also don't like how Sega has employed amateur teens to manage Sonic nowadays. I will still buy Mania though, can't say much else for any of the other titles or Forces.

Agreed, the rest of the game looks great but that title sequence just screams "we wanted to one-up the original title screen for the sake of it".

I mean what is he even fucking trying to do with that spin? What was wrong with just poking his head out and wagging his finger?

That is a valid criticism if you're trying to replicate a certain era of games.

Era, not console
Even Shovel Knight took a few liberties, and that was aiming for actual hardware accuracy

1999fag here. Blue Sphere is one of my favorite parts of the game, from the music to the gameplay. I seriously don't understand how someone can be bad at it; the patterns are very easy to memorize and I'm pretty sure once you get a gold medal for a stage it disappears off the rotation until you gold medal every one.
I apologize for my generation being so fucking shit. I really do.

I still to this day carry great shame over not being able to beat the last one in 3&K to unlock hyper sonic
I'm 2 slow

Cause fat chicks and cross dressers didn't exist in the 1950s.


In their defense, they're doing a pretty good job.

Ed Wood was a cross dresser and made a fucking movie about it in 1953.

Yeah but was he a trap
Would you describe Ed Wood as being the owner of a boipussy


Asking for people's opinion of Sonic might as well be the litmus test of whether or not they suck at video games.

That actually might be good.

My theory though is that perhaps these cunts only ever played Sonic on emulators, shitty ones at that, and so the input lag and other bullshit fucked them up.

what is this cunt? Cyber Sonic?

Is Sonic hard I mean maybe to get all the emeralds and stuff. However just getting through the games isn't that challenging if you just take your time.

Sonic 1 felt a little clunky, but 2 fixed that with the spin dash.

silver sonic from sonic 2 for game gear

Is it the one where you hit a bumper, go back two 'tick's and then have to rotate on the second and then go forward to hit a bouncer?
Because I immediately went "Oh, it's THIS one." when I saw it in Mania. It seared itself into my brain, it was such a fucker.

Actually, it's supposed to indicate that this game has a higher level of animation fidelity/quality than the previous Sonic games. It has one job and it does it perfectly.

It's not, that's why it's the litmus test.

I couldn't tell you, I've blocked out those memories

Older than youfag here. I'd think most of the complaints come from 32 levels, more than double the amount you'd need in S3&K to get all the super emeralds, so there's much more gimmicky shit, the worst one I think is Sonic's Track & Field where you first have to guess that all you do is press left and jump or lose when you jump over the first red sphere and then there's 3 speed ups over collecting about 64 spheres and a couple rings, and the worst part is how the jump is structured; you have a blue sphere, a bumper, and either a ring or another blue sphere after that, so you have to be pretty precise to get both items on either side of the bumper, if you miss a single one it's almost impossible to double back and the last speed up is only when there's a couple of spheres left so you don't have any time to get used to jumping that fast. My second least favorite level is a tie between the one where you have a series of gold sphere jumps between four square chunks of spheres or the repeated spirals one that ends with you looping around a cluster of 3 blue spheres that are enclosed by a bumper that you have to perform a Sonic 3 opening cheat level of fast inputs of right jump and left to win. These stages are harder than the original S3&K stages, and the design mentality seems to assume that the people playing are the sort who regularly play blue spheres with the sonic 1 lock on.

also yeah when you complete a stage, silver or gold, it doesn't appear again until you've completed all stages, at which point it loops between stages that you've got silver but not gold on.

Should they let you just pick a stage and do it outside of the game. That way you could at least practice and memorize. I mean the stages just come up far too often while playing the game and it really breaks up the flow.

But it's entirely optional to jump into the portal, though I do think that there should be a separate Blue Sphere mode.

Yeah and that's what I'm doing now. However if you want to actually get everything it would just be a pain.

That scanline effect is shit compared to Kega Fusion's crt/vhs filter effect.

You are one of the faggots enabling the death of animation in the West and replacing it with flat potatoes.




The second pic would indicate that Sonic's actual eyes are the two black dots and the white part is just colored fur.

In the US that makes you at least 30 (take your meds grandpa)
In a place where it's 18, that's at least 27 (mid life crisis)
In yurostan for beer and wine that's 25 (upper end of the average age, I think)
When are we going to have 40-50 year olds complaining about underages?

We probably already do.

Is this implying that making the graphics muddy as fuck is a good thing?


that's not the point, the feature is to simulate classic television picture quality.

If accurately simulating an old TV makes the game look much worse, why the hell would it be desirable to do it?

What a great question.

Well it's a game based off of that point in time and that's why it's there, it's just there for an extra feature, you don't have to use it.

How fucking stupid are you?

its not a generational problem its a normalfag problem

From what I remember, he stated that he thinks Sonic 1 and Generations are the only good ones, and that Sonic Adventure is as bad as Sonic 06.

Hey Arin.

It's only really hard when it either goes fast or has you rebound off of those silver bouncers. Fuck the pink/blue special stage.

At least Aaron Webber isn't some normalfag journo with a thin skin; he delivers the sickest burns. See (((Jim Sterling))) and, of course,

Is that even a thing? When has that ever been a thing?

It's Silver Sonic from Sonic 2 on Game Gear/Master System.

I genuinely don't understand this meme. I never enjoyed scanlines and I don't have nostalgia for it, and I thought most everybody was glad that graphical bullshit like that was gone.

But that's the way the developer intended it! only because they didn't have a choice

Most people are glad it's gone. But I guess some people want the experience worst parts of playing games in the 90's as well as the best.

as I explained in the other sonic thread, playing without that filter made it seem like I was playing some sort emulator where the resolution was artificially enhanced. It just looked bad to me.
The one i'm using there is soft-scanline not the sharp-scanline and it looks good to me on my display especially when in motion.
The capture device seems to make it seem more pronounced than it does look to me on my display as I am playing the game.

Isn't there a pixel perfect mode?

This is actually really good

I'm confident it just needed MORE frames, and the hands not going out to reach you

lmao, playing it at 480p

Will this run at 240 on PC? I ask, because it would be interesting to hook this game up to a frame-meister.