Gaming Mysteries

What are some unexplained mysteries / secrets?
Zelda has a lot of little details that seem to have no purpose. One of my favorite examples of this is the infamous book in Mario Sunshine

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my dad works at nintendo and he's the one who put it there

Why all nintendrones are fucking autists?

Because the autists are slow and easy to catch and fuck.

Why does Sonic have such a gigantic massive autistic Fanbase? It was just a regular Platformer.

My best guess is that he is a) relatively easy to draw and b) acts as the cool kid that every autist desperately wants to be.

IIRC Sonic also had multiple cartoon shows.

Why is Doom the only game worth playing anymore?

Because it never gets old

There has to be some other game that's fun, right? I like its contemporaries, but I don't play them as much.

Not unexplained, just interesting

there was a mission where you were supposed to go down into the bottle to fetch the book that the old noki dropped in there (some how), but it was cut.

Heretic and Hexen

mario games have a lot of weird shit tbh

Not even those games can keep my attention though.

Was that giant black spot at the bottom of the ocean in Morrowind ever for anything? Can't find it on the wiki, not that I'd really know what to search for.


Than just play bad games instead of good ones.

wow, that's actually pretty cruel.

Happiness is unattainable.

It's Mario's Quran.

You're supposed to dive into the water to pick it up just like a United Caliphate cop but work on it was cancelled to release the game.

Holla Forums the webm

the switch and lazer fence puzzle in the right side of the first fire room of the quest gallons treachery in phantasy star online has never been PROPERLY solved. I solved it with a walk through walls hax and it triggered a rock to break open revealing a hidden box that was empty. it has never been solved in sequence after activating the quest flag that starts the fire when you play it properly without hax which actually might lead to a different outcome entirely. its pretty much the only mystery in the game and its mostly undocumented.

mario fanbase is pretty bad too

what was this paper airplane for?

i heard that if you noclip into this coffin, there's something inside

yeah i just saw that shit today playing MM3d, its still there


does real life count?

I completely forgot about those claw marks, there are a some unfinished things on Ocarina.

Anyone? It's in Solsthiem, or however you spell it, off the northwest coast a good ways. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

gta5 - look at the symbol that appears in the oil drop when the sunlight fades

that shark still gets me evrytime

its just a game theory but…



Why does it make you laugh?

in development solstheim was moved closer to vvardenfell to make it better fit within the game's minimap

it is canonically more to the northwest and some mods restore it to its canon position

you may have found a remnant of where it was cut and pasted from

cause you dont expect it

It's way too small to be anything like that I'd imagine since it's about the size of a house. I seriously can't find anything on the internet about it but it's definitely there. Even the official strategy guide™ has it on the map but fuck trying to get a pdf of that thing.

the GOTY edition strategy guide btw

Is it the one on emuparadise that can be found from 2 clicks on google?

Because the games are exceptional with the exception of 1 that was at the zenith of peak hipster cancer and from now on until the end of time because of history revisionist bullshit around aways of all the Black americans that made up a considerable amount of slave owners and that slaves were not a luxury that exceedingly few americans even could own and various other media campaigns that were meant to cement the purity of the left in america still hot after nearly everyone was pissed off with their Nazi supporting WORST BERLIN loving shit during world war II
Sonic is the vidya pinnacle of progressive shit leaking into videogames, because it's the foot they used to push into the door.
Now pls go.


Its not really an unsolved mystery anymore but
In the Gamecube game Phantasy Star Online Episode 3 it was mentioned that Principal Tyrell, the father of Red Ring Rico and the leader of Pioneer 2 in Episode 1&2 went missing and you never find him in the game.

For the longest time people had theories that Chief Red the leader of the Arkz faction was actually Principal Tyrell since he would always talk about his daughter. And in episode 3 the military had created resident evil tier biomonster clones of Red's daughter. And some people said that the Pollux clone resembled Rico.

Anyways 10 years later someone figured out that there is some scrolling text on the title screen of the game. And if you isolate the texture and translate the special font that its written in you get the following message:

I received news that my daughter Rico was lost
almost certainly by the monsters lurking
in the underground ruins of Ragol
After much contemplation
I decided to leave
behind my responsibility to my ship, my people.
To save my daughter I left for Ragol.
Defeating monsters as I encountered them
I frantically searched for Rico
Then while in battle with several enemies
A blast of light engulfed me
I watched in silence
as the creatures ran for their lives
my body started to slowly disintegrate
And now only my soul remains
Some entity has started to eat away at my body
I am no longer what I once was.
Since I can no longer do this so I ask of you
save my daughter Rico and tell
Irene and my unborn son that I love them.

with this we finally have an idea of what happened


That second one is a made up creepypasta myth.

tfw Holla Forums never talks about silly creepypasta games.

Didn't paper mario on the N64 come out really close to majora's mask? Probably just an easter egg.

Total oversaturation of the creepy video game myths caused everyone to quickly grow sick of that shit. They all follow the same pattern anyway of HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD AND GORE WOAH.

==IT WAS PURGATORY THE WHOLE TIIIIIIIME== got dumb after the third time I saw that theory for yet another game.

I like unexplained shit in video games. Pretty comfy

Technically an unexplained mystery because (((Toby Fox))) couldn't be fucked to give us a satisfying conclusion.

I think it was one of the many things he just gave up on working on and shoved to the side, because he's a talentless neurotic hack, but when people latched onto it like it was some big secret, he couldn't bring himself to turn against "the fandom" or reject any attention and indirect praise.

Gaster was added at the last minute intentionally and was probably just meant to be dummied out from the start. Most things relating to him have their data as some of the last entries in the project, ie lines in text, so it was all probably added in within the last few weeks or something to be spoopy.


Maybe it's just me but that's what can be fun about them, the delightful cornyness of it. You'd think Holla Forums would enjoy it since there are often threads digging into the cringe of the medium. I get it though they're loose their "charm" once you have seen the same quality too many times.

The issue was the fan theory is almost always "it was a dream/it was purgatory/dead the whole time." The best DEEPEST LORE post was the autist who wrote about the imprisoned thwomp.

Hi, Larry

This shit keeps me up at night.

holy shit it's so bad it's good. any others like it?

post it

I had to go through reddit to find it again. It's become even more cancer than I remember.

Mostly for the beginning.



Oh also if I remember right
Ed said something about gaster being in the Demo too.

What the fuck did I miss?

A lot of retarded shit involving a fatfur who donated to the game threatening toby throughout the near entirety of development if he didn't get his way.
And eventually coerced and apology out of toby after the game came out.
Tumblr, being tumblr, fucking through a massive shitfit when people pointed out their totally original and not lifted from normalfaggot youtuber opinion theories basically being unmanagable within the context of the game, and the whole "they" shit which was being used to refer to someone of indeterminate sex and not muh pronouns.
It was a massive mess.
And bonus. Undertale is technically banned on Holla Forums because of autistic retards throwing a shitfit every time a thread came out, vaguely starting after youtubers got around to playing it, because it was full of waaaah tumblr propaganda despite the threads on Holla Forums basically being sanitary of tumblrshit making them stick out like a sore thumb.

Are you talking about this? I just noclipped over to Karstagg and then looked around underwater, it's pretty close to the shore. Seems like it's just a lighting error, unless you're thinking of something bigger/further out.

Are you talking about this? It's not far from the northwest corner of Solstheim. Just seems like a lighting/shadow error, unless you're thinking of something bigger/further away from the shore.

Nigger the undertale generals at that point had devolved into genesis posting, G O A T, and nigger sans and gook chara. There was nothing left to discuss.

The only Undertale mystery is why people think it's good.

Gaster was designed to be a fake hidden unfinished character. His ties into the lore are vague in a way that suggests there's no particular intended interpretation of the things that aren't revealed.

In the original Soul Reaver there are lot of places that serve no purpose because the game was butchered before release. Some of the areas can be accessed normally and you can access some of them by fucking around with cheats. I spent probably something close to hundred hours as kid trying to figure those places out. To further make me confused the pre-release comic showed the undercity and priestess under the human city. On disc there is also sound file where Elder God explains that you have used the sound pipes on top of the silenced cathedral and killed all the remaining vampires.

I would give my both legs and my other testicle to get to play the finished version of the original idea for the game.

No deal. Instead you'll get another nosgoth themed 4v4 pvp-only game that dies before leaving early access.

whomp's soul also transformed into a 1up shroom that mario can then devour



What's his name again?

What the fuck? I never knew about that.

there's a lot of things you didnt know about mario 64

Post more?


Yeah that's it.

The shark always scared me when I was younger so I would just close my eyes and hope I would get the heart piece.

This is actually explained. Penguin blinking is tied to the global timer that does not stop while the game is paused, so they blink through the pause screen.

because it's an animated texture?
if you pause anywhere there are animated textures, the animation should still work on the pause screen right?

I still think it's an offhand reference to Beksinski's art

having watched this, both have horrifically bad autistic bases but marios gets a meatshield protection of Nintendo's money


Hello, you.

that's easy, because they are faggots and faggot sympathizers who like when media panders to their braindead tastes and beliefs, an undertale is more faggot pander than an actual game, that's why they like it.

Not all animated textures have their animations tied to the global timer. Plenty of them do but some do not.

This was probably written by that new bot that tries to mimick Holla Forums anons.

there is a bot for that?

we may never know



Where is the fag pandering in le cuckertale XD?

most Holla Forums posts are spouting bullet points or pasting walls of rants. the only surprising thing is how a bot wasn't made sooner

Huh, well that's pretty odd.

Is that supposed to be reference to something?

Mew was never under the truck, is inaccessible without exploiting oversights, and is too far off screen to actually see from the playable area. So why was it ever even there?

Lesbian main characters who kiss on screen in a drawn out sequence, and a very drawn out sequence in a mandatory fight (which you have to play out to the end in order to get the "best" ending) where you get two guards to come out of the closet and admit their love to eachother by rubbing them and stripping them.

The other route is outright genocide, but the only real fight in the game is the last one and was intentionally made unsatisfying except for the final boss since you have to grind a hell of a lot to clear out each area.

That's clearly an M over there. No idea why does it exists though.

It's just something to make the area look nice. It's like seeing a tree sprite. Even as a kid I was calling bullshit on the mew in a truck rumor.
Though I was in jr high by the time Red/blue came out so I would like to think I was smarter than than. I still have a bad habit of pressing up and mashing A hoping it will increase the capture rate so I'm not sure I was smarter during that time.

True, but that only brings me back to the last point.

I still press A or B and various D-Pad directions out of habit too.

Oh, you mean those two things played for laughs? The first one's not funny but it's intended to be a joke about forced shipping and all that.

You know, shit that was cut but somehow left in the game as a dumb easteregg at best and laziness at worst.

One of the artists probably expected the pier/dock/whatever to be a larger area than it ended up being. Maybe.

If you think that is bad, check GTAV and it's UFO / Mount Chiliad mystery thing. That thing is fucking perplexing.

Oh that makes more sense, I'm just bad at reading coon runes.
As an explanation, once a gangster - always a gangster I guess?

That's really cool, actually. I wish more menus and title screens actually tied into the games, like Ace Combat menus looking like software you'd use for remote access to the briefing and satcams when you're getting ready for sortie.

Looks more to me like Mega Man Classic fighting Guts Man in an over exaggerrated way. The rest of these are pretty neat questions though.

Wow, I'm retarded and just realized that's Juno's first form, I really only remember the crazy spinal form.

Because it's kids-games and they stay in a perpetual kid-state.

They aren't really autists, you're born with it, it's just they behave fucking weird because their father never smacked sense into them to behave like people and grow the fuck up and stop doing kiddy-stuff.

That explains some posts in /vp/


In Star Fox how the fuck did these nebula come to exist? Aren't nebula formed from star death? This shit confuses me.

Nebulae arent formed from star death, in fact they are where stars get formed

Okay I remember now. I guess they're just remnants then.


Anyone else remember king bob-omb and how he turned into the third black ball/dud in that half pipe thing in the first level?

This game has a surprising amount of attention to detail I never noticed until half-A-press autists on Youtube made videos about it.


another thing is you can actually kill koopa the quick in tinyhuge island

Duke 3d.

Do you have one about the sunken ship in Jolly Roger Bay and how the fog/dark sky disappears?

of course. who do you think made all these images

He got zombified?

I always wondered what those blue flames were about.

So the castle uses natural gas lighting and in OoT you manage to bottle a flame from a natural gas vent.

Because star fox isn't realistic.

What is the first start in the jolly roger bay about?

You dive underwater to the bottom of the course, go into a sunken ship and open 4 chests that drain the water out and grab a star. The ship floats on the water for every level afterwards

That McDonald's Building is the last boss of Twisted Metal: Head-On.

In the future but before X, Wily legitimately reforms. But then Wily from the past (Rockman World 2) comes to the future, disguises himself as his good future self, and tricks and reprograms future Rock, to make him go back in time and kill his past self. Instead, the past version defeats the future version, and due to his failure, he is abandoned by Wily. He doesn't want to be evil, but can't cure himself of the bloodlust programmed into him by past Wily, and nobody in the future can defeat him, so he goes back in time again and challenges his past self and Bass to make them team up and defeat him. So that's how Mega Man dies. And this also means Bass achieved his goal of killing Mega Man. But I guess that doesn't explain how he and Roll died.


I'd kill for a Mario game where the hub was connected to the actual levels logically, like Isle Delfino but without invisible walls or loading zones

dude mc hotpants

Watch the skies.


Anyone got pics of the recently discovered thing from the DS version of SM64? I think it was a red room or kill room or something. I only took a glance

where did u see that?


You'd rather swim for 10 minutes straight or wait for a gondola to come around and pick you up for a real life 5 minute ride every time you went to Pinata Park?
I'll never understand open world fans, why don't they just go play walking sims if they're so allergic to loading screens stitching together properly designed self-contained areas?

the blue fire was just a landmark for players so they don't get lost.

It's doing a terrible job, only the last sentence actually has a period in that post. Plus it's syntax is weird i know there is Anons (like me) with bad english but the way it's spacing it's posts comes off as really strange.

And it's mishmashing too many things together, Holla Forumsacks do keep some consistency that this bot fails to maintain.

I'm disappointed the later Star Fox games never had anything like this.

I thought Zero just killed them.

Faggots like you caused the instant fast travel cancer that infects every game since Oblivion.


it's all for laughs goy! xD

Brojob! Brojob! Choo choo



Creepypastas based on a certain kind of style always appealed to me. Ones where it seems like the game is just slightly off, things getting progressively worse as time goes on. I suppose of the reasons this has always interested me is because I recall that my sister accidentally stumbled onto the Glitch Dimension glitch in her copy of Pokemon Gold, which resulted in massive color pallet issues. It seems like with old games, you could easily stretch the truth and make it seem like you encountered something you shouldn't have. Lots of times leftover or debug rooms would be left behind with just a bit of trickery needed to access it.

And there was one creepypasta that really pulled me in. The utterly dashed my hopes with a tremendously poor finale.

Didn't GTA5 have a whole bunch of wierd shit in it?

the guy just didn't know how to end it. It was 10/10 until it became a generic anime.

I still wish somebody would make an alternate ending.


has anything ever come out of it? I dont come here too often, do you have threads about this type of shit? I remember some of it springing up on my first and only playthrough but I never gave it much thought

Probably just a reference to the UFOs in mario land for the game boy.

Got any more info?


It's a shame since it's obvious he put a whole lot of work into the screenshots and everything. But the ending still gives me blue balls each time. I can understand having difficulties coming up with an ending as good as the rest of it though. At least we got Solomon out of it.


What are you hiding? Who are you protecting?


Looks like dagoth ur

I went back and checked it and thats false

I dont see anything

The only weird things I can remember on Starfox were the warp zones.
They were really unnerving since no-one in the team said anything at the end of them.


Alternate ending by guys making the game a reality is on the way.


Wasn't Gaster supposed to be a tease for another unrelated game he was planning on doing?
Anyway, I'm sick to death of that game but somehow Gaster remains intriguing.

The mountain thing was already solved I believe. It's very convoluted but the reward is a light show on the mountain.

I still like jvk1166z (´・ω・`)

Maybe the hard mode update will actually be all about finally fleshing that out?

… maybe?

I really liked this "Zelda 64" one, which was much less about this haunting/overt supernaturality angle and was instead just about this infeasibly complex, impossibly labyrinthian game stumbled upon by its narrator. It reminded me of this novel I read as a kid, The Broken World, which presented itself as a walkthrough to a similar kind of game.


Do you remember the author?