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Sorry, Squashems :(

As with most things he does it never felt complete, though.

And that's coming from someone that loves the guy.

Maddie, will you tell me a spook story?

I can bootleg fanfic lore


you should try and piece together what remains, and don appropriate robes

Kanra remains one of my best friends. I do miss him.

hows my ban today?

Write a fanfic about me.


pretty good, today was the last day of the summer for me so i'm gonna have a lot more free time.


I wouldn't want to exacerbate your insomnia.

There is still a chance the HD in my old computer still has gems, but I can't get it out of the case lol

Archmage robes, obv.

+100M, +100%Mregen, -15% cost of all type, nig

got any plans?

Hi thread!

You posted last thread.
You can't do a hello post now.

shouldnt be too hard, i saved swords old stuff with a £10 dock and a phillips head

I'm glad you give me that much credit, lol.

It's not as if mine's all that bad.


Can I ?

oneday ban was considering what to do today and making thrad seemed like a good idea but the 4chon mods were nefwafs and banned thrad so ban made thrad on Holla Forums and linked thread in new thread on oldchan and even made a new board and everyone came to the board because the middleboard was overrun by newer newfafs than the modnewfafs of 4chon so newnew board was made and ban became the knig of knigs saviour of thrads

exercise and alcohol

Just fucking watch me ._.

Heya qt. Still sticking with the bully queen I see.

I almost got a trip I really liked but the part I searched for was not at the front and there was a capital in the middle.



Well I may have gotten overzealous one night with a hammer. It's pretty jammed in there now.

All of my stories are actually really terrible and more anecdotes than stories. I get made fun of for it :/

wat is "VELOCIOUS"



wat is google


rip, its gonna take one determined welma to get at it now i imagine


I-I'm not really even bullying right now!


That is a spooky story.

This thread is jewish

Go for it.

So i'm a god king now?

And my hairs kinda fucked up so thats gotta be fixed.

It means fast.

The home page of Holla Forums keeps track of all the fastest threads on the site and we're always on the list.

Go to the home page and have a look.


Name a second poster to pair with you

rip bans hair


oh kewl

thanks :)

If I knew for sure my blood folder was in there I'd have it out by now. The mystery remains.


woof woof


god knig

Getting bullied! *bullies*

*Wags tail*

Oh my god I've hit rock bottom.

@[email protected] what's this?

someday youll muster the determination to get it out, i believe in you





You promised not in public...
We don't want them to see the marks...

Iunno. It's been sitting here for like 2 years now, so maybe not.

Pick someone.

The chlorine turned it blond-ish and my ends are dead.

I am no knig


what it do

someday, welma, someday

rip bans rip hair


not the knig we needed nor wanted nor deserved but the knig we got the knig we have the knig we love forever and always

is the dog happy?


We'll see.

This is actually a decent info graphic.


I never asked for this.

The dog is snide.

I am marking my territory


Don't think you can talk your way out of this, scum!

If you're going to mark me then you need to piss on me like a dog.

Mark me, you bitch.
Lift your fucking leg.
And. Piss. On. Me.

I hope you like guero


How's your day been Maddie?

But when you talk to me like that, and beat me...



and everyone libved happyeil every after the end

ur playing right into his hand

It's been okay. Slept too much and just waiting for my laundry to finish so I can sleep some more. A glorious waste of a day off^^


but comparing that to the autism posting cupcake and neru do thats lightweight

You might as well not even make it then.

The only ant I ever wanted to dick.

Until the next book at least.

I had one of my, as cupcake calls 'em, nerd dates today, so I was out for a fair bit of it.

I have another one tomorrow so that's a thing.

Other than that, nothing super remarkable.

Kinda rude family

Tried hooking up my hard drive to my brother's computer externally and it was freezing and making the screen go black every time I tried opening the disk in explorer. I don't know what to do now i am so fucking pissed.

maybe dont try complicated stuff when youre retarded?

What's a nerd date~?

IAM not an autism

When I go out to do nerd stuff.

They aren't even dates.


you would likely only try that once

yo wtf nerus a sweetheart take it back

But using a USB to E-sata Power isn't really that complicated.

i'm not that familiar with the snide emotion... so it easily doesn't come clearly to me.
i can't tell when it's there
i'm oblivious to it! since it's not familiar to me...


Ooh. I see.

I'm not sure what to think of that then. At least you went outside today~


Anyhow, get in game.

Why? am I gonna lose my head?

just a suggestion
dont get angry

its complicated for a braindead like kitten


one of them at least

It was fun.
It was probably one of the funniest days we've had since I joined.

Kitten's actually fairly intelligent from what I remember.
Regardless of if she chooses to show it in any given moment.

mfw boo can't even get into college
but he thinks we'll belive he can get into a trap's pantsu

thatis a totally normal post




youre pretty stupid also honestly so i dont doubt thats your opinion

got accepted to col state tho

I'll just come back as a weird looking cat girl if I die though so its okay.



The group.

You don't even know though, lol.


nobody said anything about you dying


i see you post all the time


Oh my mistake.

These faggots, they been doin' too much flexin'

And they about to whore the wrong attention

And I don't got no replies, no more testin'

I sneeze how I want, don't need no blessin'

Shitposting niggas ain't nothin' to mess with

Nobody stoppin' us, oh no, we destined

And everybody playing OW is so basic

I'm gonna make america great again, I'm like a racist

I don't drink my liquor with a chase in

That (boi)pussy is the only thing I'm chasin'

And some dope dimes on some coke lines

Gimme head all night, cum four times

Baby girl just wanna smoke a pound

Do an ounce, get some dick

Tell your friends about it

besides, there are better uses you can put that to


Soto bro we should make a mixtape

just about, yeah

Just wanna point out, the Felt on the phone is facing the opposite direction.

That's not the camera.
That's a wallpaper.

I have a group.
That I go out with.
And do nerd things.

I refuse to contest this, but I will leave off with the caution that if you truly will to believe that, you are a larger fool than you appear.

oh.. kay..

Like what?

not too beat up about the queen retard's opinion of me tbh

That shit would be so fire

Wow rude

spooky fireside camping stories

So I guess my preferred genre is R&B

What is Holla Forums favorite genre?

You can only choose one



That's so cute. :3

I tl;dr'd it because you refused my headpats earlier.

ohaiyo erio

Apparently I'm doing acid on Monday now.

And what else?

Erio, hit me up in DMs and let me know what you think my GPA is (or more accurately: would be were I an american student.).


I fucked up and fucked this chick to my fav song and now everytime I listen to it and remember all the lewd stuff

Got me all smilin and shit


R&B is good tho

Its better doing it without music tho
You can hear everything so clearly

I thought that was Tokai
So confusing lol

Country flags, man.
They get'cha ev'ry time.

oh yes lots of excellent r&b out there
you have to dig a little bit tho cuz there were so many artists in the like disco era but only a few really big ones leaving the rest super obscure mostly

ay gurl

Have you done drugs like that before? :3

Why are you asking me to mediate? And what is "DMs"?

Not for mediation purposes.
I'm just curious as to what someone who usually pays an actual modicum of attention to what happens thinks.

DMs is literally direct messages, but I've gotten lazy and use it to refer to IMs in general.

how you doing daddy


sending a tired qt to sleep
nini ban

heres the webm version for more convenience

thanks fam


I don't really pay much attention these days, but I guess I've known you long enough. Anyway, there you go. :3

Alex Jones is a great meme.

Had a big family dinner and kind of ended up eating too much, so that was painful for a while, but prety good now. ^^ You?

Longer than Boo anyway.

Also one of the people I've been the most "real" with, and who I'd trust to give an impartial answer either way.

whatd you eat fam?
im doing pretty good

my weedmans coming later tonight and i just got out of OW with my buddies
also they got like 7.2 liters of fluid out of my mom's lung
kinda crazy


What would our rap names be?

I've done like all of the drugs

you still deserve it tbh

Boy do I have a problem lmao




that huge inheritance I'm getting tho



Boo seems to be e-bullying a lot of people; I like him but I think he might kind of need a break from threads. :3

"Potato chip chicken," roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots... My grandma tends to make a lot of things at once.

I actually quit weed recently; it's likely I'll have to pass drug tests soon.

Why was there fluid in her lung?

I thought so. The fact that you don't currently seem to be addicted to anything is a sign of strength. :3

What are the best drugs?

its not gonna help if you keep raping everyone you meet

You're not even a nerd
You wish you were a nerd
Don't take it so lightly you fucking slut, you wish you had what it takes to be a nerd

You're just a filthy casual
You know nothing about being a nerd

i wish it were you

seriously though it's enough for me to buy a house straight up and not have to pay anything but property tax.

and NEETbux on top of that

I'mma live like a true middle class american

my grandmas are all great cooks too

really? you quit weed? thats so shitty. im so glad i'll probably never have to take drug tests

also i dunno, she had a collapsed lung from it. i think it mightve been from ammonia?
i havent been paying attention when everyones explaining it to me

Yeah man. I actually quit smoking cigarettes finally too ^^


pneumonia is fluid in the lungs, Boo.

He needs a 3 year break; they're becoming too real for him.

Yeah, you're probably right.

I forgot SotN's music was so amazing.

i hope you dont get it tbh
but at least you did a good thing raping ghostie

waow thanks

Nah I was just messing with you
I'm not a nerd either, Im apparently a normie

Manny is such a bitch for not getting a good shot of Jessiie coming out of the shower

I was like "Yo record that shit!"

This isn't even my ultimate form

Need dem nuggies

Who was the "naked loli cat girl coming out of the shower"?


I almost raged out similarly when it was like 230am and couldn't get my mcchickens tbh

fucking priceless

Some weeb loli I know irl
Shes pretty cool but tends to have her stuck up moments


very relevant to our conversation

Did you want to threaten to go super saiyan if you didn't get your chicken?

The more I watch it the harder I laugh at it.

Dude, that's like, the best part of it though.
They're just stuck up enough for that to apply, but not so much that you wanna slap a hoe.

M-more like golden frieza.

Like you don't understand how much I love mcchickens.

Pizza Hut's pasta isn't actually that bad.

Why not Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.

i really like it
its tasty

It was probably time to quit for other reasons too, really. Arguably past time. But I didn't know what the fuck I wanted to do with my life, so I guess it's different now that I've begun to have a plan.

I guess there's no need to pay attention if everything's okay now. :3

On what? ^^

What are your favorites?

I guess that can happen with people who post a lot. You seem to stay detached enough, though~

I don't want to be a monkey

Too bad my brother insists on pepperoni. Salami is a much better topping.

I didn't used to.

I used to take everything so personally.

there's no need to pay attention at all tbh
me knowing whats going on doesnt help the situation tbh

its kinda annoying having everyone talk so gently to me though

other than that im in a pretty good mood

salami is my favorite meat
i love it

at least my favorite regular meat

i like that steak that is called like 'filet mignon' or something like that

I don't have a favorite that I can think of. Wisconsin River Meats make these really good honey ham sticks though.

I feel the same way when I spill cappu

Poor cutie~

Aren't you worried, though? I'd think that would make you want to know. :3

I still don't understand that.

I always carry around a plastic garbage bin in case I need to freak out and throw something.

honey ham sticks?
are those good?

nope not really
no point in worrying about things you cant control


I know, I know, they sound trashy. They're really good though. I guess I like a lot of cured meats though.
P.S. Please don't make a Soto's dick joke in relation to "cured meats". Thanks.

they look exactly like soto's dick though

'aight, I'm heading to bed.
Night fags.

I don't put anything in my shopping cart that doesn't.

This spiced apple brew is also pretty good. Much better with food than on its own.



before you know it youre gonna be sucking his dick at AX like every other trap

Shes like 5 feet tall dude, and kinda flat chested
Shes like my dream girl

I'll have to turn into a trap really, really quickly. Unless passing isn't a concern.

I'm sorry Squish I can only do so much with no Bastion or a Pocket Zen/Mercy ;~ ;

You did fine.
I had fun.

probably not

Hard to explain; I guess it probably has to do with how you've been "real" with me, as you mentioned earlier. The realness inspires affection.

I think it's pretty natural to just be worried whether you can control it or not, though I guess I could probably keep it out of my head as well. Worrying is more of a gril thing.

Sleep well~

mfw six reinhardts at once and I kill half their team

nice picture.

good thing we're not grils then

I wonder what whores with lockjaw do. What an 'I Have No Mouth, and I Must Suck Dick' nightmare scenario.


I usually leave my hair down when Im being a NEET but when I go out I comb it back

Everyone sees me doing my hair and they ask me where Im going

God damn man


I'd prefer an Rx


Good afternoon

someone really cool most of posted it.

you like ocean man fam?
i love ocean man

I bet it was a fat faggy bitch.

I do. I really, really do.

Oooga Booga.

get the fuck out

b nice pls.


Is that really you?

You would lose a lot of money.

Is a mental breakdown occurring?

im in a great mood actually
hey badfox

I'm in the business of losing money.

Standard kaybe

me unga team bunga

Oh, what happened?
Hi Grim, how was your day?

Only if you ky

really who?

Sounds like a bad business.

Oh, don't fuck with me like that.
Little cunt.

Might be a while.

grim left
im boo
also nothing ive just had a good day

Standard Chalkwork.

Bad to the bone. Like a biker pirate.

Did Grim suicide?
And Hi Boo, sorry for the confusion.

I am using my brother's computer

damn shame

starting to feel sleepy butIstill have donuts left butI feel like I will not enjoy them if I eat them when sleepy and idk if they will last until tormrowo


he just had some drama and overreacted and left
he was at our TC last night though

I almost thought it was my real imouto.

I'm the only one with that trip
At least I should be

itis like defcon 2 tier crisis

I think that you should eat all of the donuts to spite your future self. That's what I do with anything nice that I get my grubby hands on.

I don't have all your trips memorized because I don't care.

I don't know why you'd think I was your sister then

such an evil ploy

I have hopes and dreams.
Foolish, I know.

A biker pirate just sounds like a mega faggot.

Sometimes you have to send a message. This is one of those times.

What about a biker mouse from mars?

Computer fucking froze
I can't win today

nini threaders

keep on keepin' on~


You're short so you can't even win at basketball.

You win at folders though so it's okay.

Sleep well Elma.

I don't what to say about this.

I am a beast at everything i do

Except when you have to reach something on a high shelf.

You don't have to say anything.

Shut up!

You fail to measure up to my expectations.


Ohai Luka.

Hi yan

it's been a while


How's Luka?

Golly gee
It sure has

Yay cute images perosn is here!

defeated ;~;

why has it been like this for the past while? ._.

my eyes are pretty heavy Iwill totobhrush and bed now IThink

How comes?


I do not appreciate dishonesty, though I might tolerate it.
I'd be more comfortable if you were just yourself.

I just watch the dragon ball super RAW and I don't what the fuck is happening but people are gonna die.

How the fuck can you stand Goku's VA
It's like nails on my autism.

I got used to it.

You are obviously insane.

Sorry but i'm only a sadist.

...people still like this?

*hufs warmly*

they had two snipers ;~;

i am myself tho
i dunno wat's got into u tho...

Only a masochist would willingly endure such horrors.

I am scared of accidentally stabbing myself in the eye or trout or tripping with a toothbrush in my mouth and having it slam the back of my trout hard like these are legit things Iam really scared of

Type faster~

type what faster?


If you want to keep playing pretend that's fine,
but I'm not obligated to indulge your facade, nor will I encourage it.
You should stop.

mhm ;~;

their widow and hanzo auto aimed at me inhumanly!!!



But Luka we won.

You got killed but we won.

Don't make things up yan!
that's not nice.
I'm me. That's all there is too it.


I was once running with a little toy American flag and it hit a wall and the end slammed into the roof of my mouth and gave me a nose bleed. It happens.

we did?






i sometimes have to wonder...

that sounds really spooky though itis one of my biggest fears

I thought they sniped us all and pushed in with reinhart!

is fox happy today?~

Wonder no more
I don't like speaking with masks

No that doesn't have any yellow or sunlight in it.

wish neru would put a gun to the back of his trout

Fine, tired and doing homework. What about you Luka?

I think Widow's pretty useless though.

i was only speaking to your mask then? ._.

Ban completely negated Yan's attack!
He's invincible! What can we ever hope to do against such a monster?!


that poor fish

Widow is good if you are really good at head shots, otherwise she is the worst hero

Yeah, but ones that hacker and auto aim and are so far back that no one counters them hurt :(

i'm putting a yummy pizza in a oven!
and relaxing here in thread
thinking about what youtubes i'll watch today~

Please don't act this dumb.

where's her clothing ;~;



Watch konosuba.
Test loved it and he decided to learn Japanese so he could play the game that's coming up.

That requires some mad aim unlike Hanzo with his trunk arrows.

Could have been a pro.

Maybe you should intentionally inflict your fear on yourself until you overcome it.

Sell me on the story/plot/characters.
get me invested in it~

maybe ;~;
both of them hurt... i could never get anything set up.

that sounds like dangerous advices

re;zero but less serious.

Everything worth doing is risky.

OoOK bedtim nana

Could have been that, should take some cover though when there's a sniper on the field.

Sleep well Neru.

Clearly you have not read or watched ft, she is commonly spending at least half a fight naked cause either her clothes get destroyed or she was changing her armor. Erza cares little for being naked or not

Fun fact, Hanzo's arrows will be decreased in size but his speed when aiming and speed of the travel of arrows are being upped soooo gonna take better aim

Night bae

I'm at the opening credits for the first episode of SCHOOL-LIVE! and I already want to kill myself.

i aint touching re zero
i don't even kno what re zero is anymore.

tell me somethin better~

I saw that video about it.

Guy get sent to game world and he becomes a hero.
There he meets a goddess and mischief happens.

Happy that Soldier is becoming more useful again and Mercy will be much more viable


nana ♥
*hufs warmly*

their perch was perfect
their team was up front in the sniper ally
distracting us from snipers
and they were 2 pro
and our team wasn't good nuf

i know nothing about it...
i just like how pretty erza is With her outfits on

oh... just another NGNL SAO re hash? :|

smart girl

she's pretty i want her suit!

Don't know, never watched SAO.


She equips them via magic so for a short period of time she is nude in every fight ever

i watched the first half of season one

same story.

Soldier was pretty useful anyhow, kind of like a jack of all trades.

Then you just need to pull off the unexpected, that is what always gets them off their guard.

She's one of the few avatar folders that I got done this year.
I love her too, though she's technically 3 different characters throughout the series. Also there is no manga, this is an anime original, so there isn't really much to get beside from capping the show.

no way.

Hey luka

they don't show the naked tho~

my ult charge was pretty far tho... didn't wanna change and lose it all.

anything new, any new characters recently?~

video game boy another world all that same old trapped junk


Not after his nerf, 3 shot burst is not better at mid range peppering so as far as ranked goes Mccree has him beat by a mile right now. Blizz is after making everyone viable in ranked, like Mei's ult will soon be able to be tossed through Rein's shield

Yes, but did they have explosions?

They uh technically do, this is one of the more tame equips

Nope. I'm still working on the touko folder.
I have episodes 1-5 completely capped and cropped, but I still need to do episodes 6-8.
It's very time consuming, so I pretty much do one when I have the time, otherwise, I have enough images cropped and capped for the folder to be usable (as you've seen by my using it).
I don't start new folders until I finish the ones I'm working on though, so I'm not in any rush for a new character.

Go get something to eat sweetie

Just need to do something totally reckless to get them off their guard.

Saw a video of that too with the sombra thing.
Doesn't really matter with csgo aims.

i've already watched all that

because of the gif webm of her dancing on her wand to that kewl anime music synced with her mouth cutely.

Ecchi technically?

aalright >_<

hows red head with glasses doing~ :3

yeah i still have bad habit of dropping folders to make new and trendy ones... i'm all caught up in new designs of characters in newer animes...

I wish I was smarter, the arg sombra stuff is so interesting looking

it aint easy...
can't find windows of opportunity not clearly

You should watch it for her.
She really carries the show.

Yeah the manga is like more revealing than the anime but you still get a ton of ecchi stuff in it too, an example is when the demons torture Erza in the anime she's wearing that black shirt that you see her in as her child form but in the manga she was completely nude and there was inference of rape

Red Head with Glasses is who I was talking about.
Aozaki Touko.

Tell me what you get so i can rate


Same, but at least it's a whole lot of fun to look at.

You're not supposed to see any, you're supposed to try the unexpected.

Hello my precious friends

sleep tight reap tight