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thats just plain poppycock


And he's oh, so good,
And he's oh, so fine,
And he's oh, so healthy,
In his body and his mind.


Chinese cartoons are for kids.

haha that's cute


Now I'm stuck listening to a track.



I remember this one way too well
nice choice tonight gogs chan

Meeting starts at 13:30
If I go by bus, I can leave at 11:45 and be there at 13:12.
If I go by train, I can leave at 11:15 and be there at 13:00

Walking from the final station to there takes 10 (hurried) - 20 (relaxed walking) minutes.

wat do


I recall watching the first harry potter when I was small and trying to concentrate really hard to make things levitate.

Thankyou, beautiful-Bard.


I still reach out to somewhat-distant things like the remote or my phone, in hopes of it somehow flying towards my hand.

But I really hate these trains.

train uwuu



You don't?

I believe I came to realise when I was much younger that the world wasn't as magical as I had once thought it was. That and out of the plethora of multiverses, this one had nothing like that.

zo wait

Of course magic and stuff doesn't exist, but haven't you ever been so lazy as to lazily gesture in the general direction of the thing you want?


fine fine ill go by train

I think I've done that once. But that was more of a leisurely grasp at the sun because I was lying down on a grassy knoll. Or if you mean when you're trying to reach at something and you realise it will be impossible without shifting a little?

Mainly that.

Why move an additional 20cm when you can try?

I have to go to a place for a thing. Bye.

Because moving would leave you feeling alright rather than overexerting to stretch uncomfortably to obtain the object.



have a great day gogs

See ya

I love stoners
They completely overcompensate for that first asshole who gave me 73 cents

stoners love you too pizza dood

I do Jimmy Johns


Where are all the good posters at? I only see Emily




I am not liking this you posting here. Gonna close this.

Freaky fast!!

Yes I agree, I will see you around later.

this is a little too sad for me

It's custom in America to come up with an excuse to not pay your employees

They are really good sandwiches

do you make them? ;3

Proletariat uprising when


There's a button on a computer that I push to tell the system that I'm delivering a sandwich or a set of sandwiches
Until I press that button again, I get $4.50/hour

Computers be scary.

I like computers


I still don't get that button.


you mad e an7thing tasty for yourself to eat yet?

Today at work I asked the manager who a was also the taco gyuy to hook me upo with a doritos locos fire taco and he put a chalupa with all the cheese around it
smartedt idea ever lol

Well the computer has to know that the sandwich gets delivered, and the button I press to say I'm delivering the sandwich bumps me down to basically half pay

i want her grown up form! of vampire girl


I only have lolinobu.

That's ridiculous.

You don't get like up to like 5 or 7 dollars of free foood not even on break?

I've had a couple interesting sandwiches
One was salami capicola turkey cheese lettuce tomato cucumber onion pepper oregano sprouts oil&vinegar
It was really good, took a couple hours to eat

It's the American way

I don't get anything free just a discount

Also I'm part-time so I don't get breaks

hi revy

Hey boo
Still bullying trannies?

Should I take my laptop or not

That's what happens when the proletariat don't control the means of production!

howd you know i was bullying trannies?


maaaan I wish we had something more than subway here

That sounds so good jimmy johns is greata as heck

do you like it there?

You told me?

wow really?
that's pretty harsh
I'm part time too but they let us take breas if we want

What are you working for anyway?

Revys never ignored me before and I don't know how to deal with it.
What do I do?

It's mostly easy work and I'm allowed to pop in the back to have a bite of sandwich or sip of drink whenever it's not busy but otherwise I'm occupied with the constant upkeep or making sandwiches

Not complaining or anything, but is someone going to take care of the "maybe illegal" spam in the pinned thread?

i mightve
i was having fun but im not really anymore
trannies are depressing

im actually only posting because i really missed talking to you

i can be your revy tonight ~

But you don't have big enough hips and a soft lap

but lady looks soo pretty!

huh you probably do live in a larget city though huh

hree in a smaller town it's a liiitle slower
we have like up to 10 minutes of so of down time when rushes arent around usually
I cook up larger batches of food all at one time so I have alot of time oin kitchen upkeep which is pretty usually I can find alot of standingaround time

how much do you get paid oper hours?

probably not

Sorry I was distracted

Uou're sweet

>~< how are you going to make it up to me?
-puts my face right underneath your hand-

Ah.. to be fair, maybe whoever is in charge is just busy. Let's give them some time.

I'm more a fan of teenobu. Scour the internet for kiss-shots?

id be more sweet if we talked more tbh

no i guess i dont
im pretty manly

WHO!!!!! the HECK!!!1 are you?


You can't just take a headpat from me, they have to be given

That's dope as hell and tips on top of that


It's Friday. I'm excited ^^

But it's payment for you being a meanie to me! Please???

... If i answer Cera, will it answer your question?

We talk all the time

I only get tips when I'm driving


I wasn't being mean

really, it is?
why's friday exciting for you?

like barely
and not enough for me tbh :/

probably not but still better than nothing I suppose
What brings you heree fella

Friday is a short work day

-giggles and curls up in your lap-

Total posts count piqued my interest.


which corner do you work at?
how much for an hour?
i might pay you a visit

[ anxiety attack ]

I'm in CT

I understand your pain
My best friend is going to school way out of state and I haven't seen him in like months

I did


That's like the best thing you could've done
Now everything else will be downhill

i dont want to drive all the way to connecticut just to pay
do you give freebies? for friends?

pretend we're best friends and im feeling the exact same pain?
see how much it hurts?

straight up autism

Kya I wanted to ask if the game is still good

It is, I only played like another hour into it or something though. I don't really expect it to get worse.

Sail a v

I just said I understand

^^ thanks mordin

Doesn't that mean goodbye in French?

Well I hope you enjoy your time here

at least we share the same pain then

Not as far as I know
"C'est la vie" means "that's life"


that webm is just silly

Oh right ^^




fucking Weeb lmao




would u mind

not easy to find with such an absurd name..

ded tread

i understand but maybe could ya at least have the decency to spoiler these things pls

a lot of times i do. I'm just trying to coax people into posting.


this is a comfy looking thread



reasons. It sucks being awake right now and nothing going on.

moar seal webms pls


sleep tight


theres so much you could do


If they had a fight I think the seal would win it.



i just hate dead thread sometimes.

But that's an otter.

The dog is just too nice

have u listened to whores. ?


Morning, Cup.


seals a best


how's it going?

hi kisoko. up late as usual I see

yeah, i guess it is. And i thought i stopped gettin them confused.

only when they are too loud when they're getting fucked.

Shitty, but nothing I want to talk about.

dude zoe what up

kinda have a similar outlook this morning. I hope your thing works out for you. still waiting to see about mine.

Kiss, he's not bright.
Just let him know so he doesn't make too much of an ass of himself.

no this youtube.com/watch?v=Tw9IUB7cr60

Hop on Steam.

I asked zoe about coming back here. apparently not enough people like him around these parts.

so bossy

shut the fuck up you dont know what im thinking faggot freak

Yes I am infuriating Darwin and Mordin with my wonderfully awful gameplay.

let him know what even
I've told him I'm not zoe and he denies it so I just ignore him now

make sure you keep tabbing out to reply to me so it's even worse. I'm proud of you.

He has the head of a potato and the brain to match.

Can I join your discord ^^

Do you play OW?

I will make sure to do that. Mordin and Darwin love it when I post and play.
What are you up to this average evening?


You are infuriating me with the kisoko shit.

Who are you?


Oh, dear lord.

that's flan

it's almost 4 in the morning. I just woke up a little bit ago. I slept a bunch yesterday because I had a stomachache, so I guess I'm caught up on sleep for a while. not bad right before the weekend, actually. gonna be fun. this will be the first weekend since I stopped feeling like total shit all the time, so that's nice.



luka dont be a meme mule

darwin you have so much and I have so little. just let me have this.



That sounds like something that would have played on MTV back in my day. Wikipedia says Noise rock, sludge metal. Sound like normal grunge to me.

well not like you can do anything anyway. kisoko and I have a special bond.

Why not make up a new nickname instead of recycling?

please no.


er no definitely not grunge



so special. we stay up all night giggling and reading fashion magazines and talking about boys we like.

Cupcake is the one using it, not me.

I had that last night and this afternoon I feel better now though. That is good that you get a weekend you can enjoy, I will be spending the first part saturday at a 5 year old's birthday party and the second half at some loud dark bar where I am working the merch table for my second mother's band. Sunday I should be free though.'


You told him to, and you will stop it.

Oh my look who's not in on the kisoko thing.


i just wanted to talk with you guys while playing.
or at least be able to communicate

stop ;-;

saturday is gonna suck hardcore for you it sounds like. make sure to get in lots of goofing off on sunday to make up for it.

I'm very curious why the nickname kisoko is triggering darwin so hard. is it just his usual petty jealousy, or is there more to this?

I'm not in on a lot of things, mordin. why would I be? I care so very little about almost everything.

I don't know.

It is out of my hands now.

Petty jealousy. He wants all the special names for me to himself.

yea the one u just pushed


You are my new mistress.

I'm just saying it literally sounds like the music I listened to back then when it got big. This is an example

i wont RP
itll be just for games.


It should be clear by now that he is a fucking imbecile.

i think...i get a say in this.
im in charge rtight? i didnt agree to this..

You have no choice.

tsk tsk. you should give me that tripcode to further infuriate him.

my goodness.

oh yeah sure
this sounds a lot more grunge than whores tho
sort of like a mix between whores and soundgarden is what this sounds like
maybe it's just the song comp though

true. alternative might be a different way to put it too.

While tempting I think I will keep that one to myself.

of course, if you change your mind let me know.

by the way this betty folder is pretty big now. over 550 images. the show isn't done airing so I don't know how much more I can end up getting, but I'll keep you posted.

Too bad all of them are gay~

yeah it is but alternative is a massive unwieldy umbrella term so


betty is not gay. betty is pure.

Pure loli trash~


even if she was trash, she would still be better than all of your avatars.

bettys a bitchy awful character
i think genuinely the worst character in any anime ive ever seen


that's very nice, sci. I'm glad you decided to add your input on this incredibly important issue.

dont be a betty at me cupcake

I have changed my mind about the nickname we shall find something else.
The fallback from it is not worth the amusement it gives me so far.

she is not


works for me. let me know what you come up with.

u g h

Call me Gourdin

gourdin. hmm. I guess that works.


If you say.

I will just tell him your real name.

I will bust out the pouting vampire lolis and be very upset.

as long as something ends up working without causing you such distress. I just want to stop having to remember a new name every other day. I'll just call him kiss shot if that would work. at this point it's just retarded how you are acting about all this. I don't even know this person, you don't have to worry about me stealing your side girl away.

You are making ME upset.


you know what, I'm just going to keep calling you kisoko. this whole thing is very stupid.

Darwin is cute when he's bothered.

Do not call him that.

just let darwin also call you that.

if there was a reason why, I would stop. like I did with hot chocolate. since instead of telling me you'd rather just act like an ass about it, I see no reason to stop.

Alright fine, Darwin you can call me Kisoko too.

You are pissing me off more than cupcake is.

Lol darwin is being funny flustred


he's being rekt


I'm going to come up with my own nickname for you, kissshot. I'll get back to you.

That is acceptable.

im melting, melting, oh what a world, what a world

Kiss ass?



You are so mean sometimes.





Do we really need nicknames for everyone?


May I call you mormor?

that's the swedish word for grandma...

My request stands.

You're not allowed to.

Alright then no nicknames are needed.

Brushy Brushy time

kisskissbangbang. rolls right off the metaphorical tongue.


Sounds excellent to me. It is also a nice parallel to my typical late night romps.

It is the name of that Shane Black movie.



That was so cute.


S-shut up

this I will be watching soon. I did know there was some reason why kisskissbangbang would pop into my head.


well alright then guess I'll watch it right now.

You are all bakas
I am going to bed goodnight.

goodnight kisskissbangbang.



mornin' rin.


Please, have the courage to link me if you're talking to me.
Or just don't talk to me.



you're right. I'm so sorry.

darwin how could you


How are you this morning?

mixed bag. feel pretty shitty about...something. but other than that I guess I'm alright. friday, so that's nice.

I am no coward.

oh, and how are you?

link for courage

Cup feels bad because ryū ga waga teki wo kurau.


Only a Shimada can control the dragons.

Can I know about that something?

Nor am I.
It was just a thing Bard said to me in his recent shitfit.

I'm doing... fine.
I just woke up, and it's Friday.


I decided to distance myself from the drama there.

oh wait, I have seen this movie before, but I'm betting it was during my "fall asleep during movies" phase.

of course, but since it involves something I have bothered you about excessively you might not care very much. skype if you'd like.

...fine is a lot less convincing than fine. maybe you'd like to share details as well?

It's fun to call people on bullshit in green text.
Especially when they give such golden responses.

You've bothered my excessively about a lot of stuff, and I'm not complaining yet.

I just woke up is all.
I was up a bit earlier, but I went back to sleep, but still.

yeah. waking up and going back to sleep again is part of my issue too.

Try harder, Rin.


I just hate waking up.

[Smug response]

the best kinds

me too. waking up is death.





I hate the part of waking up, where the nothing just kind of goes and stays go for 16 hours.

So, what's up wit'chu, Squash?

the nothing is pretty much the best, I agree. although I guess it's not all bad being awake. just most of it.

ayyy lmao

Going to shower probably in a sec.

fuck you, you fucking idiots



shut up

make me, I suppose.

i'll slam my dick down your throat you whore
now the fuck out and take your autistic friend with you, you slut

oh my. I think I'm going to like you, anonymous. keep going. what else will you do to me?

I'd honestly rather never sleep.

Enjoy it.

But, Daddy, I love you so much.

I have a feeling he will not comply and eagerly await punishment.

sometimes I feel that way, but I think I'd really go crazy if I didn't have at least some part of the day where I didn't have to find some distraction.

shh user, don't ruin this for me.

You're probably right.

I usually am.


ded thread.

ded community.




for dinner tonight we are having disappointment and NOTHING


And then Yan thought
"I bet I could make them fight to the death for my attenshuns"

You need to play the Ace Attorney Investigations series. NOW!



nope. but don't spoil it or I'll be mad.

Your loss, but the ending of the second one blew my fucking mind!

I'm sure someday I'll get around to it. you didn't even play them I bet. just watched them like a nerd.

Just you and Squish anyways.

does squash even care about your attention?

Well, the second investigations game is a legit excuse not to play since it was never released outside of Japan, so I'd never get to play that on a genuine DS anyways.

the only AA games I played on an actual ds were the first and the last. the rest I emulated. I have no qualms doing that, and find it so weird that some people do.

It's a running joke that we're in a secret committed relationship so he might pretend to.

I was unaware of this. it's hard to keep track of all your joke relationships because you're an even bigger flirt than I am.

At least you'll always have the edge when it comes to flirting with death.

Let's make a thread where everyone just goes full Luka all thread.

who knows. as much as I pine for it the actual dance is something I'm unfamiliar with.

or not do that.

Let's... not.. ever do that.

yay anime! :)

I hope they plan on releasing the second most recent Ace Attorney game at least. It takes place in the 19th century and features ancestor versions of several characters from the game's present time.

I resent this statement and take offense.

stop it rin. you stop this right now.

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Loli is love. Loli is life.
Fuck off tumblrtale faggot.